Ranma paced back and forth through the waiting room.  All the senshi and Mamoru were there as well, though not as nervous as he.  If Ranma had picked up smoking, he would have gone through five packs as nervous as he was.


            He ran a hand through his hair.  It’s not like this is my first kid!  Indeed not.  His first child, his son Ryoga, was off playing in the corner with Chibi Usa.  They were both five years old, and got along very well.  Serenity had joked that they should engage them to be married.  That was the first and only time that Ranma had been allowed to yell at the blonde and get away with it.  Ryoga looked a lot like his mother in the face, but had his father’s build.  Although Ranma swore that there would be no training journeys for them, he already started the boy’s martial arts training.  Luckily, the boy didn’t have the directional sense of his namesake.  Yeah, it’s not my first kid, but it’s twins!  I hope Ami is okay.


            The door opened.  “Mr. Saotome?”  The nurse spoke.


            Ranma snapped to attention.  “Yes!”


            “Mrs. Saotome is fine, and you have two beautiful daughters.  You may see them now.”


            Ranma rushed past the nurse and bolted into room where his wife was.  He found his wife holding two beautiful babies, both of them with remarkably full heads of hair.


            “You know this is genetically impossible.” Saotome Ami commented as she looked at her daughters.  They had been married for many years.  While other people around them had grown old, they had not.  At that battle so long ago, Ami had passed her energy into Ranma.  They were one in marriage, spirit, and power.  Ami had had her career as a doctor and now she wanted her family.


            Ranma smirked.  “Y’know I bet Usagi went home and laughed her butt off after that night.”


            Ami smiled and shook her head.  “Be careful what you wish for.  So what should we name them?”

            Ranma flashed his cocky grin that Ami loved so much.  “Isn’t it obvious?”


            They both looked down at their perfect daughters, one with black hair and the other with red.


            “You know this does bring up one problem.”


            Ami looked at her husband with a confused look on her face.


            “How are we ever going to find two men that will marry two bull-headed and violent women?”


            Ranma and Ami laughed.


            Ami looked up at her love.  “Any bets on their first words.”


            Ranma began to tick off on his fingers.  “Either:  Tomboy, Pervert, Jerk, or something along those lines.”  Ami laughed again and Ranma bent down and kissed her.  “It doesn’t matter.  We’ll love them anyways.”


            Ami nodded her head.


            As the two Mercury princesses grew up their first word was actually “Baka!” This was quickly followed by their first phrase, “Papa No Baka!”