Hi. This is my first fic. It probably isn’t very good but give me a little credit. I will try to recreate Takahashi-samas humor but I give no guarantee. This idea has been used and I’d like to thank whoever came up with it first. Also, these characters aren’t mine and I claim no custody of them. Places as well. Anyway, here goes nothing. Enjoy! Oops! And the three goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, are property of Nintendo. Link too.


{Chinese} [Panda] (my notes)


A Wrongful Wish


Ranma stormed in the dojo rubbing the growing, egg sized lump on his head.


"I’m home!" he called out. When no one answered he stomped up to his room and slammed his door. "Stupid tomboy." He mumbled. "How can she be so un-cute? All I did was say Ucchans cooking was good…" He slumped down on his futon and plopped his head in his hands. "Why?" he muttered.

 The front door slammed, shaking the windows in the house. Akane he guessed. He didn’t bother to get up to listen…she was loud enough to hear from here. "I can't believe that…jerk!" she shouted. Ranma guessed that someone else was talking because there was a pause. "What did he do? He hit on Ukyou. That’s what." More silence. "I don’t care. She might be his friend but I…I…" Ranmas interest peaked. He thought. He began to get up when Akane bellowed. "Because he’s a jerk O.K.?!" He fell back down on he futon in a huff. He heard more stomping and a door slam.

 "She’s probably in her room lifting weights." He grumbled. "How kawaiikune can you get?" He lay back on his pillow and stared at the stars. "Some times I wish I’d never even come here." With that he fell asleep.


The goddess looked down on the sleeping boy in fascination. Only hours ago he was content with his life and now he was wishing that he had never come here. "I would never have guessed." One of them, Farore, said.

"What?" Another one said. Her name was Din.

"That boy, Ranma is wishing for another life." Farore replied.

"No he isn't." The third, Nayru, stated.

"Yes he is." Farore practically shouted. "Look." The other two goddesses looked at the image of Ranma mumbling on his bed. "See."

"No," Nayru countered. "He wished he had never gone to the dojo."

Farore looked at her feet. "Got me there. But he did say 'I wish'. And it's about time for his."

"Yeah yeah. Hold on a sec." Din said, as she ran over to a corner of their room. "No! Not your sword! Use my fire, my fire! All right!!"

"What was that all about?" Nayru asked.

"Link was being stupid again." She waved her hand in the air. "Let's get on with the wish."

The three women linked hands facing away from each other and raised them. "By our power, give this boy his wish." They said in unison. A flash of light shot out of the circle and streaked toward Nerima, and a very unaware Ranma.

"Now," Farore grinned devilishly, rubbing her hands. "What about the authors wish?"

"What wish." Nayru asked.

"The one where he wished he was an original Ranma character?" Din asked. Farore nodded. "Well hold on, I'm hungry."


"I love you Ranma." Akane said. She wrapped her arms around his waist and set her head on his chest. He ran his hand through her hair. "I love you too, Akane." She looked into his eyes and their faces inched closer until…Akane began shaking him violently.

"Wake up!" she shouted. She sounded alarmingly like Shampoo. "Wake up stupid! Wake up!"

His eyes slowly opened and he saw Shampoo stand back. "Oh. Only Shampoo." He rolled over and then sprang out of the bed. "Shampoo? What are you doing here?"

"I live here stupid. Have dignity." She glared and threw his clothes at him. Ranma realized that it was a little breezy and quickly put his familiar black pants and red silk shirt on. "Now you dressed you do house work." She threw an apron at him.


 Shampoo glowered at him. "Are you deaf? Do house work. Cook clean." She shouted. "No wonder Shampoo beat husband. He stupid and weak."

Now it was Ranmas turn to get angry. "What?!" he roared.

Shampoo smiled. "Shampoo challenge you and panda and win. Panda run away but Shampoo easily beat you. Then find out you man and we marry." Her look of ecstasy melted into one of shame and disgust. "But you wea…" She stopped when she noticed Ranmas glow. She thought.

He thought. He turned toward Shampoo. "What exactly happened to oyaji?" he asked.

Shampoo forgot her fear and began laughing hysterically. "We chase him but he get away in panda form." She wiped a tear from her eyes before laughing again. "Was very funny." She stopped laughing when she saw Ranmas glow come back, five times greater.

"Figures." Ranma growled, clenching his fists. "When I get my hands on him…" He turned toward the door but found Shampoos bonbori blocking him. "Uh…excuse me?"

"No leave." She snarled. (My how our moods change.) "Do house work like good husband."

"No." Ranma said as he threw the apron down.

Shampoo attacked without warning but her bonbori glided through the air, but missing Ranma, reduced a nearby table to splinters instead. She whirled around and swung again but felt her feet leave the ground and her rear meet it. She stood and swung again with the same results. She hopped to her feet and glared daggers at Ranma. Just yesterday he did nothing more but stand there and now he was mopping the floor with her. And she could feel him pull his punches. She decided on lunging one last time. "You die now!" she shrieked.

Ranma saw the hole in her attack and decided to take advantage of it. He threw a quick amagurikan sending Shampoo to the floor unconscious. "I'm sorry Shampoo." He said. He opened the door and stepped outside.


 Cologne was happy. Happy with her self. Happy for Shampoo. Happy at life in general. Shampoo finally found a husband and that meant that she didn’t have to take care of her anymore. She had a lowly man to do it for her. Plus Mousse would have to leave Shampoo alone. The day before went well too. The guide brought the two Japanese men in to the village just like she'd instructed him to. But the fat one got away. He would have made a good servant. Oh well.

She debated on whether or not to check up on Shampoo and Son-in-law. The fought a lot last night…wait. Shampoo fought, son-in-law was beaten. She thought. She pogoed out the door and over to Shampoos house.

'Thump' 'Thud'. Cologne ignored the noises. The sounds came so often last night that everyone overlooked them. Her ears perked when she heard son-in-law shout something vaguely familiar. "What was that…" she wondered aloud. She heard another muffled thump and Ranma stepped out the door with a scowl on his face. She knew that they had been fighting but her Shampoo always won. Ranma didn’t even look harmed much less even tired. She decided to play ignorant. She sneaked up behind him, "Hello son-in-law." She said.

Ranma jumped and spun around. "Oh…uh…hi!" He was visibly sweating.

Cologne smiled. "How is your wife?" she asked.

Ranma began sweating buckets. He knew that Cologne could tear him apart if she wanted to. "She…um…uh…" he stammered intelligently.

"Mind if I check on her?" she asked and walked in with out an answer. "Thanks."

Ranmas mind told him to haul butt out of there and he didn’t hesitate. He knew that Cologne would be furious when she found Shampoo. He would have to fight his way out. After that he would run…

"Ranma!" Cologne bellowed from inside. Ranmas instincts took over and he sprinted toward the gate. He saw a woman throw a pail of water out her door and Ranma was heading straight for it. As he plowed through it he was grateful for the extra speed and the disguise it offered.

Cologne set Shampoos unconscious form on the ground and glared at Ranma. "Get her!" she shouted. Instantly a horde of very angry and heavily armed (swords spears and other various weapons of pain) women were chasing after the red head. Ranma panicked her hands in the Takahashi gesture of shock and bolted. She pounded the gate and its guards with a quick Moko Takabisha, and continued running.

When she stopped to catch her breath she recognized where she was. Jusenkyo. She shuddered remembering her fateful dip in a spring. But she was here now and that meant…she headed toward the guide's hut and knocked on the door. "Hello?"

The guide looked quite surprised to see her. So surprised that he forgot to speak Japanese. He caught himself soon enough and tried to act calm. "Oh! Y-young miss…sir. How can help you?"

Ranmas suspicion was aroused. "I need to get to the Nannichuan. Can you show me to it?"

The guide nodded a little hastily and left the hut with Ranma in tow. They finally reached the spring and Ranma jumped in…and cane out still female. "N-no!" she shouted, slumping to the ground, sobbing. Now she knew that there was no cure.

After the guide jotted something on a pad of paper he set a hand on Ranmas shoulder. He felt bad about betraying this boy…er…girl…person to the amazons. He would help him. "I so sorry. No know it no work. Can I do something for you?"

Ranma stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She didn’t care that guys weren't supposed to cry. She wasn’t a guy right now. She had no cure for her curse. But she remembered something. Akane. She could start over. "C-can you get me to Japan?" she asked hopefully. "And some hot water?" She mentally kicked herself for making that wish.

The guide smiled. "No problem."


People were staring at the large panda lumbering down the street. A panda loose in the city? "Mommy mommy look." The little girl said as she tugged on her mothers' arm.

"Yes dea…oh my god!" her mother replied as she picked up her laughing daughter. "After I call the zoo we're leaving."

The panda couldn’t help but overhear this and shook his head in dismay. He thought.

His wandering eventually brought him to a very large stone wall. He thought. He opened the gate and sauntered in.

The girl in the yard noticed him and came up. "Can I help you?" she asked. (Guess who?) The panda began to growl and growf. The girl stopped him. "I'm sorry but I don’t speak panda."

The panda seemed to get an idea and pulled a sign out from nowhere and began to scribble on it. He held it up when he was done. [My name is Genma Saotome. I'm here…] flip […to see Soun Tendo.]

The girl smiled pleasantly. "Oh my. What a smart panda." Genma face faulted. "I'm Kasumi. Fathers inside." She led him into the dining room and sat him down. "One minute please." She left and went into the dojo where Soun was bawling as usual. Akane was smashing bricks in a corner of the dojo muttering unprintable words. "Father?"

"Yes Kasumi?" he bawled.

"Your guest is here." She said. Soun stopped crying tears of happiness and began to cry tears of Joy.

Genma looked up and saw his friend prance into the room then freeze. Genma hopped up and gathered the man in an embrace. "Help!" Soun shouted. "He's trying to eat me! Help!"

For the second time that day the panda face faulted. [Get me some hot water please] he signed. Soun crept into the kitchen, to afraid to disobey a smart (Bwa hahahahaha) panda, while Kasumi was trying to explain something to him. When they finally got there he grabbed his daughter by the shoulders. "Kasumi. Go get your sisters and meet me out front." "But father…" "After I call animal control…" "Father…" "…I'll lock the doors…" "Father!!" Soun stopped yammering and listened. Kasumi didn’t yell like that for anything.

Kasumis smile was back rather quickly. "Father, that panda's name is Genma Saotome."

Soun began bawling again and ran back out into the dining room while Kasumi got the hot water. Soun wrapped his arms around the fat animal. "Saotome! It's so good to see you." He broke the embrace. "But you’ve aged terribly."

The panda face faulted again, as Kasumi poured the hot water on him. "Oh my." She said at his change. "Thank you Kasumi. Now Tendo…Tendo?" Genma noticed that the man was in shock. He slapped the thinner man a few times. "Tendo! Snap out of it."

Soun shook his head. "Wha…" he said intelligently.

"I was about to explain that." Genma started his story of how his son got lucky and knocked him into the pool and such but left out the fact that Ranma was still in china. "And that is why I change." He finished after a few demonstrations.

Soun was overjoyed. "Kasumi, go get your sisters. I have a surprise for you." Then he turned to Genma. "Where is the young lad?" "Tendo…" "I cant wait to meet him." "Tendo he isnt here." Soun stopped babbling and stared at genma. "Care to run that by me again Saotome?"

 Genma found the floor suddenly very interesting. "Um…he…um…he's still in china."

"What!?" Soun grew his Demon Head as his daughters walked in to the room. "How could you Saotome?! In your postcard…"

"Daddy, were here." Kasumi said. Akane and Nabiki were hiding behind her. "What was your surprise?"

Souns anger deflated and he began to sob. "I have none daughter." He looked at Genma who was on the verge of tears him self. "What happened to your boy?"

Genma burst out in tears. "He was defeated by a girl in china and then Married her…"

Soun paled. "Married? He was supposed to marry one of my daughters…" He then was distracted by a faint blue glow. "A-Akane?"

"You mean that you were going to give one of us to someone we don’t even know?" Akane growled, her gi tinted blue from her aura.

"Well…" Soun began, "Not really…" the girls looked releaved. "Two of you if I could…"

"What!!!" the three girls bellowed in unison. The two middle-aged men knew their day was far from over.


Ranma was tired, dirty and otherwise very peeved. After the guide helped her get to a boat, he disappeared leaving Ranma to the sailors. The women deprived men ended up in the infirmary at least three times a day. Needless to say she didn’t get any sleep until she revealed that she was really a guy. Still some of them…we wont get into that. Immediately after getting off the boat she had been splashed by a woman throwing mop water out her door. (What is it with mop water?) Then to top it all off she ran into Ryoga. After Ranma threw him into a fountain, expecting a small piglet come out, she was mildly surprised when a black hared girl did instead. She thought back to the incident…

"Ranma die!!!" Ryoga bellowed as he sprung at the aforementioned boy.

Ranma turned, and looked happy, much to Ryogas chagrin, to see a familiar face. "Yo, P-chan! What's up?" he said while casually stepping out of the way. Ryogas umbrella shattered the concrete where he was a moment ago.

"Don’t call me that!" he yelled. "I'm going to kill you for what you put me through!" He struck the ground again.

"And what might that be?" Ranma asked sarcastically. His mind played back.

"You put me through hell!" Ryoga shouted, his strikes becoming more frantic. "Stop dodging! You're supposed to suck!"

Ranma almost laughed as he tossed Ryoga into the near by fountain. "Well good bye P-chan. Have fun porking around."

He got a good fifty yards away when a distinctly female voice shouted. "What's that supposed to mean?" Ranma turned around and saw a very good-looking girl standing, dripping wet, in the fountain. Wearing Ryogas clothes. P-chan he could deal with, but Ryoga-chan. No. He turned and ran Ryoga in hot pursuit. After oh…ten seconds of running Ranma heard her shout, "Where the hell am I now?"

…and was very happy that a certain pig wouldn’t be sleeping with her fiancee. Then it had started to rain. Very cold, very wet rain. Ranma didn’t want to get to the dojo in her cursed form. She remembered where a near by coffee shop was and ran toward it. She opened the door and heard the jingle. For some reason it made her smile. She made her way to the counter thinking about why the place was deserted. she thought.

"Oh you poor dear." An elderly woman behind the counter said. "Let me get you something warm to drink." She fixed a cup of hot tea and offered it to Ranma.

Ranma was about to refuse when she realised how cold she was. She accepted the cup and guzzled it down, reveling in the warmth it brought. "Thanks!" she said as she searched her pockets.

"Oh don’t worry about paying." The old woman said. "Its on the house. You just looked so cold."

Ranma smiled at her and looked out side. "All right! It stopped raining." She turned back toward the old lady. "Umm…" she said sheepishly, "Can I have some hot water?"

The elderly woman filled a styrofoam cup and handed it to Ranma. "You come back soon ok?"

"No problem." Ranma said. "Thanks again Mrs…"

"Just call me granny."

"Thanks Granny." Ranma said and left. As soon as the bells chimed the old woman vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Odd." The owner of the store said as she came out of the back room. "I could have sworn I had a customer."

Ranma immediately emptied the contents of the cup on her head, reveling in the change. He'd been stuck as a girl for too long.

he looked around and recognized where he was. Furinkan High. "All right!" he shouted. "I'm home!" Ranma immediately jumped on the fence and ran toward the dojo. When he neared it he slowed. "What if Akane really doesn’t like me. What if Soun thinks I'm a failure? I mean, I lost to Shampoo. But that wasn’t ME. Well it was but…" His mind slapped him a few times.

he considered arguing with his mind but that would only make people stare. More than those who already were. he continued walking toward the dojo feeling a little better. "O.K.!" he said. "I'll make a good impression on her." Then a passing car splashed very cold water on him.


she thought. try to make a good impression on her. > She finally reached the gate and pushed it open a little hesitantly. She stopped at the front door and began to knock but remembered that she lived here. Or did… Ranma walked in and heard some one talking. Someone who sounded strangely like her father. She sneaked toward the dining room and caught the tail end of his speech.

"…and my ingrate son cant even fight. He has no honor anymore, marrying that Amazon." Ranmas vision turned red as she tried to keep her anger under control…and failed. She leapt over the table with a cry, picked Genma up and pinned him to the wall. He was surprised to say the least. "Um…hello boy…"

"Boy?" Soun asked, puzzled.

"You could have tried to get me out of the village, Oyaji." Ranma growled.

"Excuse me." Soun tried to say.

"It was your decision to stay." Genma choked out. He was vainly trying to break Ranmas grip on his throat.

"Please?" Soun asked.

"What!!??" Ranma shouted. She ignored Souns protests. "I'd like an explanation."


"Well…It goes like this…" Genma croaked, now afraid of his son.

"Excuse me!!!" Soun shouted. "I didn’t know you had a daughter Saotome."

Ranma threw her father out into the koi pond with unerring accuracy and turned toward Soun. "He doesn’t." she looked at the floor. "Can I get some hot water? I can explain everything."

On cue Kasumi left for the kitchen followed by a wet panda. Nabiki walked up to Ranma and studied her. "If Mr. Saotome doesn’t have a daughter then you must be his 'son'." She poked Ranmas breast for emphasis.

Ranma slapped her hand away as Kasumi upended the hot water over her head. "Please don’t do that." Nabiki backed away apon seeing his change but stopped to look him over. He looked around the room at all the amazed occupants. "I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry 'bout this."

End Part 1

 You might want an explanation on the goddesses. People on the FFML told me to give a reason for all this and they are the reason. In the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, they created the universe. Din, the goddess of fire and power, created the space and land. Farore, goddess of wind, created the plant-life, water and air. Nayru, goddess of love did the rest. What I'm trying to achieve with them is a reason to have Ranmas wish granted. About their personalities:

Din is careless and Brash. She tries to fit the power category and fits nicely. She is also very arrogant. She is clad in a Red body-suit with armor surrounding her body.

Farore is very mischievous. She will look for every opportunity to cause trouble and teach someone a lesson. She wears a something similar to a toga but with more fabric.

Nayru is very caring and very clueless. She seldom knows whats going on. When she does though, watch out. She can be too caring. She wears a long flowing pink robe adorned with lots of silk.




What has happened before…

Ranma and Akane had another fight (like this surprises us?) and Ranma, being the non-thinking doofus that he is, makes a stupid wish. The effects of this wish are less than pleasant as he ends up being transported back in time…and ends up as Shampoos husband. Ranma discovers that his father abandoned him in the village after a fight and that he is a lousy fighter. Ranma escapes, but pisses Cologne off in the process and then finds out that the Nanniichuan WON'T cure him of his curse. After a disturbing boat trip back to Japan, he finds his way back to the Tendo Dojo and introduces him self in a…less than appropriate manner.

So…without further delay…here is…


A Wrongful Wish

Part 2


People knew to stay out of Colognes way when she was mad, and she was in a very bad mood. After having her son-in-law escape, she was called into a very bad elder meeting. The meeting consisting of her being chastised for letting Ranma escape, her supposedly teaching Ranma how to fight, and her being generally yelled at. She tried over and over to deny those accusations, but they gave her no room to speak. Then, to top it all off, they ordered her to find the male and return with him. Dead or alive. And she was supposed to be the head of the council.

Some one who wasn’t watching where they were going bumped in to her and got a one way trip to the hospital. She calmed down after mauling the innocent bystander. Taking your rage out on something felt good. But her mood darkened as she remembered her conversation with Shampoo…

"Great-granddaughter, wake up…wake up dammit." Cologne shouted at Shampoo. She pressed a few pressure points to help wake her up.

Shampoo sat up suddenly and very groggy. "Wha…Great-grandmother? What happened?" she asked very confused.

Colognes glare softened but not much. "You let that weak Japanese male beat you. And he knows no martial arts." She shouted. Her fury was building.

Shampoos eyes took on a dreamy look. She had always wanted her Airen to defeat her, but he had been weak…too weak. But he had defeated her, and soundly. She sighed, "Wo da airen…" finally she was happy. A real man.

Colognes face took on a look of confusion. "You loved him?" Shampoo nodded. "But last night you hated him." Then she had an insight. "You let him beat you…" she said darkly.

Shampoos mind stopped thinking of Ranmas body and focused on her great-grandmothers anger. "NO! I would not ever let a man beat me…on purpose." She paused, "He was cute though."

Cologne needed to know what he used on Shampoo to knock her un-conscious. "Shampoo," she used her name, meaning that Cologne was serious, "What exactly did he do to you?" she asked.

Shampoo took on her far away look again. "He was so strong…and fast. I couldn't hit him as fast as I was attacking. And then he used an Omo…ami…amagurikan."

Cologne was deeply disturbed with this news. The outsider knew an amazon secret. How though? And what else did he know? She was prepared to ask Shampoo another question when a gate guard came in, slightly charred. "What happened?" she demanded.

She amazon guard fell to her knees. "Th-the outsider shot a b-blast of energy at us." She said before passing out.

Now cologne was afraid. This boy went from lousy to a master in one night. She needed to find out more. "Shampoo. Pack up. We are leaving for Japan tonight."

Shampoo just sighed dreamily…

When cologne had gotten back to the hut, she found Shampoo asleep again. "Come on Shampoo lets go."

Shampoo sat up and groggily followed Cologne out into the night.


When Ranmas father finally came back he got his explanation. It went something like this…

"Well…" Genma began. "After I found out that you weren't a competent martial artist…" Ranma developed an aura and Genma backed away. "…uh…I decided to take you to china. A place called Jusenkyo."

"But you don’t speak a word of Chinese…" Ranma interrupted.

"Yes but…never mind." Genma cleared his throat. "Well we fought and I defeated you…after you got lucky and I fllnthsprgfdrdpnd."

"Yes pop? I couldn’t make out that last part." Ranma said sarcastically.

"I fell in a spring." Genma shouted to an unflinching Ranma. He backed away when his tactic didn’t work. "As I was saying…you let you guard down and I threw you in a spring. Drown…"

"I know about my curse." Ranma interrupted yet again. He was getting impatient. He wanted to know how he got married to Shampoo. There was a long pause before Nabiki spoke up.

"Please continue. This is interesting."

"Well being the spineless boy that you are…er…were, you began crying like the girl that you turn into." Ranmas face twisted into a scowl but Genma continued, unaware. "After you stopped crying I chased you and you knocked a hapless boy into a spring." <Arrggh! > Ranma thought. <Ryoga! It was my fault…> "Then we went to the nearest village where you were defeated by that girl."

Ranma looked at his hands in deep thought. <If I was defeated, why did I marry her? > "Pop?" Ranma asked, no menace in his tone. "Why did I get married?"

Genma looked extremely confused. "I don’t know that boy!" Genma shouted. "Anyway down to business. Soun?"

Soun stood up and shook the sleep from his eyes. "Of course Saotome. Ranma, these are my three daughters. Nabiki, Kasumi, and Akane." Each one stood at their name and bowed, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Ranma did though, and he was going to start off right this time. "Please pick one for your fiancee." Nabiki and Akane screamed their protests but Kasumi just smiled. <Maybe in a few years…>

"Akane…" Suddenly the room was silent. "I choose Akane."

Nabiki looked relieved, Kasumi looked disappointed, Soun was crying his eyes out, and Genma was hugging Soun. Akane however was steamed. "What!?" she screamed. "I don’t want a fiancee! I don’t even have a boy friend."

Ranma opened his mouth to protest, but Akane continued screaming. "Having a fiancee will ruin my life."

"Don’t be silly Akane." Kasumi cooed. "He'll be perfect for you."

"No he wont. I don’t want a fiancee…especially not a freak like him."

Ranma felt the knife twist in his heart. Was that the way she really felt? As he watched her argue with their parents about the wedding, he felt an emotion not familiar to him. Disgust. As he looked back at all his memories he could see that Akane had always taken this approach. Something goes wrong…blame Ranma. Now he could see that she really did start from the beginning. Finally he could take no more. "God dammit!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. The room was quiet. "I came here hoping that this engagement would work. And I find that you Akane…the girl I thought was cute, is a selfish bitch!" the silence continued. Before Genma spoke up.

"Nonsense son. Don’t…" a foot connecting with his face interrupted him.

"Shut up!" Ranma growled. "I actually wanted this engagement. But I don’t any more." He shot an Icy glare toward Akane, who flinched. "I'm leaving. Good bye." He hefted his pack and walked out the door.

Everyone stood there in shock. Genma and Akane mostly. Akane shook her self out of it first. <He thought I was cute? > She thought. She shook her head one more time before running out the door after Ranma.

Genma was in shock because he expected his son to appall the engagement, not want it. He plopped down at the table and groaned. "Why Tendo?"

Soun came up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Don’t worry Saotome. Now, how bout a game of shogi?"


Life sucked for Ryoga. Having a terrible sense of direction was one thing but turning into a girl was another. Frankly, that sucked more than life, as far as he was concerned. And it was Ranmas fault that he was cursed as well.

Ryoga stopped and set his backpack down. "Why me…" he muttered. Now he was lost. One minute he was on the road to Nerima, the next he was in the middle of the forest. "That damn officer lied to me. This isn't Nerima."

He sat down next to his pack and extracted a bedroll. It was almost dark and he had nowhere else to go. After setting up a campfire, he began to cook his meal and think about the past few weeks.

When Ranma failed to show up for their duel, he had gone looking for the coward. It was hard enough to follow the two with his lousy sense of direction but with Ranmas idiotic father sneaking around, it got even harder. Finally the two stopped in china and he could avenge the bread thefts. But no…they have to sneak off again, and this time move inland. Ryoga wasn’t surprised though. Ranma was a selfish bastard.

When he finally caught up with them, they were fighting over a series of pools. <Great! > He thought. <While they're distracted. >

He crouched and got ready to spring, then noticed a large panda and a red hared girl flying toward him. Well…the girl was being chased, the panda was chasing. She looked familiar though, just like Ranma. But she knocked Ryoga over and right into the pool that the girl fell into.

"This curse is all Ranmas fault too." Ryoga growled. He smelled something burning and noticed that his food was on fire. "Crap!" he shouted.

Numerous burns and scrapes later, the fire was out but the food was ruined. "Oh well…" Ryoga sighed. He slipped in to his sleeping bag and dosed off, not noticing the NO TRESSPASSING sign right next to him.


"Ranma!" Akane shouted. "Ranma! Where are you?"

She looked around almost frantically. <Where are you?> she thought. <I didn’t mean what I said.>

A nearby fruit vendor noticed her and called over, "Hey! Need some help finding something?"

Akane looked around and then pointed at herself. "Me?"

"Yeah you." He waved her over. "Come here." He waited until Akane reached her before continuing. "What do you need help finding?"

Akane thought for a minute. How would she put it? "Did you see a girl, about this tall, with red hair, wearing a red shirt and black pants go by?"

The man rubbed his chin thoughtfully before continuing. "No I can't say that I did…"

Akane mumbled her thanks and started away. "Great. The only guy who isn't trying to beat me up and I have to run him off." The tears began to build when the man continued.

"…but I did see a boy dressed like that." He pointed down the lane. "He went that-a-way."

The tears instantly faded and Akane again thanked the man and ran off in the direction he pointed. She had to apologize to Ranma.

The man chuckled to himself in a very feminine voice. "You'd better appreciate this Ranma." He said before vanishing, with many astonished people looking.


 Cologne tapped her foot patiently while waiting for Shampoo. Their trip was terrible. The sailors were desperate for women and even though they were bandaged up (from a very feisty red head quoth the captain) they still were stupid enough to try for Shampoo. Even though she was sea sick, she still dispatched them easily. After the lot of them were put out of commission, she sat Shampoo down and asked her a few questions. Like, for example, what did you see in that boy, and, are you sure you don’t know what else he used on you? One thing she didn’t understand was why she let Shampoo marry him instead of kill him. That went against numerous Amazon codes, and Cologne was lucky to get them over ruled. She also didn’t understand why Shampoo wanted to marry him. Surely she saw that he was weak. "Finally." She said.

Shampoo staggered out of the bathroom, looking a little pale. Sea travel was no good for her because she always got sick. But only on the long voyages. "I ready to go Great-grandmother." She croaked.

Cologne shook her head. Such behavior from an amazon. Tisk tisk. She slowly helped Shampoo to her feet and began to walk. After all she did love Shampoo. "Tell me Shampoo…why did you want to marry that boy. You know the laws."

Shampoo nodded and fought the wave of nausea that came with it. "He was cute and…"

Cologne cut her off. "Looking cute is one thing but what have I told you about choosing you husband?" she asked like the watchful parent.

"Cute may be good but strong is better…" Shampoo recited, mumbling at the end. "But he did look strong." She persisted. "And he beat me before he escape."

Cologne nodded. Perhaps she was not all that hasty in choosing a husband for Shampoo. This male certainly lived up to his original expectations. He would make a good husband…after he was punished for escaping. "Well great-granddaughter, when we find him, after I'm through, he is yours. He did beat you that second time."

Shampoo jumped up and down and clapped her hands. She was so happy at this news that she didn’t care about the noxious feeling that came with it. He body did though. She turned and ran back to the bathroom.


Cologne shook her head again. "Shampoo shampoo shampoo…"


Ranma now knew how Ryoga felt. Depressed. And all the time. Akanes words had effectively killed him. She had called him a freak and said that she wouldn’t marry him. And that is truly the way she felt. He didn’t fight back the tears. After jusenkyo he knew that a cry could cleanse the soul and that it wasn’t girlish. He remembered his dad cry on occasions and Soun cried all the time. He tried thinking about good things but he could only think about Akane. Her scowl, her mallet, her constant yelling, her smile. He smiled at that thought. She really was cute, and he missed her already.


He missed her so much that he could almost hear her call out his name.


He smiled wistfully and wiped the tears from his face. He really did love her. "Akane I…Love you…" he said.

"I like you too but I wouldn’t go that far." A voice said from behind him.

Ranma spun around in surprise and backed away a few feet, not hearing her remark. Finally he recovered before that anger set in. "What do you want?" he growled. "And make it fast, I'm in a hurry." His voice didn’t match his eyes.


"What I said back there…I…didn’t mean…" Akane stopped short, and looked at the floor. "I mean you are…That is…"

"I'm not a freak?" Akane nodded. "You meant to call me a baka and a hentai and other things." He stated. He turned and began to walk away.

Akane looked hurt. "I didn’t mean that." She pleaded. Ranma stopped and turned around.

"Then what did you mean?"

"Ithinkyourecutetoo." Akane blurted out. She looked at the floor and blushed fiercely. "And I didn’t mean what I said…"

Ranmas eyes widened. She just said that he was cute. <Yes! > His heart soared. "Really?" Akane nodded. "Yes!" Ranma shouted and began to dance around. He looked at her again and admired her face, her eyes, her long black hair…<Long black hair? >Ranma thought. He kicked himself in the butt. His last words replayed themselves in his head…I wish I'd never come here…He realized that he had gone back in time.

"Shit…" he cursed.

Akane looked at him worriedly. "What?" she asked.

"I gotta go!" he shouted and turned to run. Akane grabbed his arm.

"What." She demanded. Ranma looked into her eyes. "I have to explain later. If I'm right, I'm in deep trouble." He broke out of her grip and ran off.

"I hope this isn't a constant in our relationship." Akane deadpanned.


<Finally. > Cologne thought. <We made it. >

After trying over and over to get on a train, the two amazons decided to walk. Unfortunately it was a long walk and Shampoo still hadn't gotten over her seasickness. She was now but she was still having trouble keeping her balance. "Shampoo, please sit down." Cologne said. After Shampoo complied she headed over to a nearby motel to get a room for the night.

"What?" the manager asked in a gruff tone.

"My grand-daughter and I would like a room for the night." Cologne answered.

He looked down and checked his watch. 12:01 a.m. He wasn’t about to ask questions though. "Cash up front." He demanded.

The withered old prune (smack! Owwww…) Excuse me…The charming old lady (That’s better…) pulled a wad of yen out of her bag and handed it to the manager. "You can keep the extra."

After he finished counting the roll his eyes bugged out. "Yes ma'am! I'll make sure you and your granddaughter get all the luxuries."

Cologne took the key and muttered something unrecognizable as she left to gather Shampoo. She had fallen asleep and needed to be carried to the room. It was no problem, seeing as Cologne was strong for her size. She laid Shampoo on the bed and snuck out again. "I need to find where the boy is staying. Other wise my plan won't work."

Just out side the room she heard someone muttering. "Hello? What's this?"

Ryoga-chan was wandering down the street cursing to herself. "Damn you Ranma. This is all your fault." She didn’t hear Cologne sneak up behind her.

"Excuse me miss?" cologne asked. Ryoga spun around and punched the spot where Cologne had been, cracking the concrete. "I'm a guy!"

Cologne was impressed but unfazed. "I couldn’t help but hear you curse Ranma." She asked a stunned Ryoga.

Ryoga nodded. She was suspicious. "Yeah. What of it?"

"You are strong…and I can help you get your revenge on him." Ryogas eyes lit up.

"You can?" She asked. Cologne grunted an affirmative. "Then count me in."

Cologne smiled devilishly. Her plan just got easier.


Shampoo opened her eyes and smiled as well. Now she could do what she needed to. She didn’t like going behind her great-grandmothers back, but she had to see Ranma. She needed to warn him that Cologne was up to something. She hopped out of bed and ignored the small feeling in her stomach and snuck to the door. She poked her head out the small crack and watched Cologne lead a cute black haired girl away.

Shampoo almost giggled. She left the room and headed toward the residential district, imagining Ranma holding her in his arms…and soon got lost. She grunted her frustration and headed toward the nearest police box to get directions. "Excuse me?" she asked.

The police officer tilted his hat toward her. "Yes ma'am?" he asked in his most charming voice. "What can I do for you?"

"Can you tell me where…" she caught a glimpse of a red shirt whiz by. "Never mind!" Shampoo said before sprinting off after it.

"Hey!" the officer shouted. He sat back down in a huff. "And she was cute too…"

As Shampoo got closer to her target, she knew that it was Ranma. She couldn’t put her finger on it but…she just knew. The thing that got to her was that he was moving very fast…over the rooftops and balanced on fences. And he was doing all this with no effort. (Effortless effort hee hee) She was hard pressed to keep up. Even though cologne had said she should have killed him after the duel, she was glad she let him win. He had become very skilled in a few weeks…

She tried not to sigh as she walked but could not help it. She tried to keep it down it though…and failed.

Ranma noticed as sound behind him and a distinct feeling that he was being followed. He shrugged it off. The sooner he got to the dojo the better. But the feeling wouldn’t leave. He sped up and leapt down to the street and sprinted as fast as he could. He needed to tell the tendos and his idiot pop the truth…even if they thought he was crazy. He needed all the help he could get in getting back to his reality.

He finally reached the gate and the feeling of being followed peaked he readied him self for an attack.

Shampoo found where he was staying and almost squealed with joy. <Should I or no… > she asked her self. She said yes and crouched, not unlike a cat, ready to pounce…then jumped.

She neared her target and Ranma dashed to the side and took a tight defensive stance. He tried not to die laughing when Shampoo planted her face in the grass. "Shampoo? (Snicker) What (chortle) are you doing (giggle) here?" he asked, on the verge of laughter.

Shampoo looked up and smiled as best as she could. (With a face full of foliage it's hard) "Nihau (spit) Airen!" She tried to get up and ended up on her knees. Ranma couldn’t hold in any more and broke down. "Why (patooie) you laugh (spit spit) at Shampoo (patooie)?" Satisfied that she had no more grass in her mouth she grinned.

All Ranma could do is roll around and point. "You…ha hee haaaa…and…har haaa haaa…grass…haaaaa!"

Shampoo scowled then glomped on to him. "You no should laugh at wife." Ranmas laughter stopped causing Shampoo to smile triumphantly. He was finally becoming subordinate.

Ranma pulled away. "Hey!" he shouted, trying to pry the Amazon off of him. "Get off!"


Shampoo let go and pouted at him. "You no like Shampoo?" she said, forcing her eyes to brim with tears. To hell with honor, she wanted Ranma.

Her tactic worked and Ranma looked guilty. "Aww geeze…" he said. "Don’t cry…" he inched closer to her and put a shaky hand on her shoulder. "Please?"

Shampoo seemed to go from melancholy to joyous in microseconds. "You really love Shampoo!" she cried and wrapped her self around him.

"I never said…"

"Oh sure…add to your harem." Someone said sarcastically from behind him.

"Ak-akane!" Ranma spun around with Shampoo still attached. "I-it's not what you think!" Shampoo responded by nuzzling her face into his chest. Ranma could see a faint battle aura spring up around Akane.

She stepped toward Ranma with her fists clenched. "What should I think? Hmmmm?" She stopped when Ranma held up a finger.

"Let's let her tell us." He said finally managing to peel Shampoo off of him. "Well…talk."

 Shampoo grinned and said, "Shampoo do anything for her Airen." She cooed. "What want to know?"

"Why are you so fixed on me?" Ranma practically shouted.

"Yeah!" Akane did shout. "He's my fianc…oops!" she looked over at Ranma and was surprised to see him looking at the ground sadly. "Ranma?"

Before he could answer Shampoo cut in. "Airen beat Shampoo in combat. That mean that he Shampoos husband." She chirped. Then she glomped on to Ranma again.

Akane looked accusingly at him. "So that’s what you're sad about!" she shouted. "You like her and you don’t want to tell me." She looked away to keep Ranma from seeing the tears.

Ranma ignored her and turned toward Shampoo. "Now (struggle) what did (squirm) you come (peel) here for?" Ranma asked finally getting Shampoo off.

Akanes interest was perked. "Yeah! Why?!"

Shampoo stood like a dignified lady. "Shampoo come tell Airen great-grandmother do something bad."

She turned to leave but Ranma put a hand on her shoulder. "Like what?" he asked.

"No know.." Shampoo responded, before giving Ranma a quick peck on the cheek and running off.

Ranma blushed but it faded when he heard Akane grunt. "Sorry…" he said.

Akane grabbed his ear and dragged him inside. "You…have a lot of explaining to do." Ranma just groaned.


After getting lost numerous times, and another dunk in a creek, Ryoga and Cologne finally made it to the forest. Cologne grabbed Ryoga and turned her around. "Now, what techniques do you know?" she asked.

Ryoga scratched her head. "Huh?"

Cologne closed her eyes and counted to ten. Her patience with this person was already wearing thin, and she was now being idiotic. "You know, ki blasts, special punches. Stuff like that."

"Ummm…." Ryoga started, "I know how to fight…"

Cologne put her head in her hands. "Oh boy…" she mumbled. "We have a long way to go. Follow me."

Ryoga watched her scuttle off before asking, "Where are we going?"

"We need to find a place with large rocks." Cologne responded over her shoulder.

Ryoga trotted after her. "Why? What are we doing?" She then realized that the old woman had gotten behind her. "Where are you?"

Cologne whacked Ryoga with her staff. "Behind you you idiot! Now follow me." She sped off at a speed that Ryoga had to sprint to keep up with. Suddenly she stopped, causing Ryoga to trip over her and land on her back.

"Ohhhh…" Ryoga groaned. "What technique are you teaching me?" she asked from the ground.

"The Bakusai Tenketsu." Cologne stated as she picked Ryoga up with her stick. "Hmmm. It's getting dark. Let's set up camp, this spot will do."

Ryoga set her pack down and pulled out a tent. "The breaking point? What does that do?" A tent brace snapped and hit her hand. "Oww!" she shouted and stuck her hand in her mouth.

"The theory is that everything has a spot, where if touched, that object will shatter into a million pieces. This technique allows one to use that spot." She paused. "And it brings along great endurance and durability to the person."

Ryoga pulled her hand out of her mouth. "Um hum. When can we start?"

Tomorrow dear girl…"

"Boy." Ryoga interrupted."

"…boy then." Cologne continued. "One last question. How far do you and Ranma go back?"

Ryoga stood back and looked at the tent before answering. "Along time. Since before junior high, Why?" she asked while fixing a knot.

"What kind of Martial artist was he?"

"Lousy." She said, finally sitting down on a log. "But he was fast and quiet. He kept stealing my bread in school, and I would never see him."

Cologne nodded. "Has he become better since you've seen him last?" she asked poking at the fire.

"Since Jusenkyo, yeah. We ran into each other after he got back from China. I couldn’t even touch him. I guess he's been working on his speed." Ryoga said, getting up.

"More than that." Cologne muttered.

"One last thing." Ryoga asked, "Why me?"

"Well…" Cologne began, "You are obviously strong and endurant. And you have a grudge against Ranma."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Kill Ranma Saotome." Cologne said darkly. Then she noticed that she was gone. "Huh?"

 "Where on earth am I now?" Ryoga yelled in the distance. Cologne mumbled as she got up. This was going to be harder than it seemed.


Akane tried to gently set Ranma on his feet and failed miserably, sending him crashing to the ground. "Humph! You deserved that." She said.

"What did I do?" Ranma groaned with his face in the carpet.

"Making me worry like that and leading that other girl on. Don't do it again." She said turning around. "I'll be right back. Stay here."

"What choice do I have?" he muttered.

Akane walked into the dining room and cleared her throat to get attention. "Everybody. Ranma is back and he has something to tell us."

They got up and followed her into the hall where Ranma was standing with his face in his hands. He looked up at the people gathered and swore silently under in breath. "Alright Ranma, what did you have to tell us?"

 Ranma gulped as he stared at the people surrounding him. He absentmindedly rubbed the ear that Akane had dragged him in by. "Shit." He muttered.

"Ok boy, what's going on?" Genma inquired.

"Yes son, please explain." Soun said. "What you need to tell us?"

"N-n-nothing. Why?" Ranma stammered as Akane got in his face.

"Why are you acting so weird?" Akane asked.

"Yeah why?" Genma said as he too got closer.

Ranma backed away and looked at the floor. "I…um…that is…Aww shit! How do I explain this?" He looked at Akane for support and was surprised to see her looking…placid for once, and got the support he needed. "I don’t belong here."

"What do you mean?" Akane asked. "Are you from…Mars or something."

Ranma glared at her. "No! I…made a wish that I had never come here and…well it happened."

Everyone looked completely lost. "Arrrrghh! I don’t know how to do this."

Finally Nabiki spoke up. "You mean you’ve been here before?" Ranma nodded. "When?"

Ranma seemed to be searching the air above his head. "Two days ago and about a year into the future." He smiled, satisfyed with his answer.

Nabiki finished writing after her facefault and tried to sum it up. "So you're saying that you are from another time and dimension and that all this is because of a wish?"

"Yes." Ranma said.

Everyone but Nabiki and Akane facefaulted. Nabiki began to laugh hysterically and she staggered up to her room. Ranma began to protest. "Dad you should believe me." He began. "How do you think I became a great Martial Artist over night?"

Genma just grunted and put his face in his hands. "Now my son has gone crazy." He turned away and walked toward the back yard.

"Well I wouldn’t have if you hadn't put me through stuff like the Neko-ken training." Ranma spat back. Genma didn’t answer but silently decided to find out what the Neko-ken was.

Ranma turned when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Akane was looking up at him. "I believe you." She said.

Ranma blinked a few times and looked at her incredulously. "You-you do?" Akane nodded. He quickly embraced her and said, "The Akane I used to know would have told me to stop being a baka and malleted me to the ground."

Akanes jealousy began to rise. "What do you mean Akane you used to know?" Ranma thought about how to put it into terms that Akane could understand, but Akane took his silence as his answer. "Ranma no Baka!" Wham!!

End Part 2

Well that’s all for part two. I hope you enjoyed it.

(If you part 3 to be a surprise don’t read on.)

 What's gonna happen in part 3…hmmm. Ranma and this Akane get closer and actually go on dates! Really! Ranma finally admits to him self that he will never love anyone but Akane and goes through with that vow. Akane does her best to find out all about Ranma that she can…for…someone, and tries to get closer to him for her sake. 'K what else… Oh yeah! Genma finds out what the Neko-ken is and tries to re-train Ranma in it and is surprised when Ranma immediately uses it on him! And Cologne makes herself known to the group. She also uses Ryoga as her tool to get Ranma, but grossly underestimates him. This last part is kinda dark but it does have a happy ending. Akane + Ranma fans will like it. Until then Ja Ne!


This should be the last installment of A Wrongful Wish. If it's not, I give the readers permission to flog me or something. I'll try to make this chapter as big as possible. And as a forewarning, parts of this will be dark. But in the end it will have a happy ending. J Ah well. Akane has apologized to Ranma and admitted that she liked him. And Shampoo let Ranma and Akane know that Cologne has something up her small sleeve. What she has planned is the death of Ranma and she is using Ryoga as her tool. (Quell all hentai thoughts here and now!) Anyway, that’s the gist of it. So here we go!

A Wrongful Wish Pt 3

Nabiki looked up from her manga as her bedroom door opened. She smiled as Akane stepped in, scowling as usual. "Thanks for coming, Sis."

"What did you want Nabiki?" Akane asked, a little more venom in her voice than she'd have liked.

"What's wrong?" Nabiki asked.

Akanes scowl deepened. "That baka of a fiancee is gone and he didn’t tell me where he went." She growled. "I don’t mean to be jealous but…" she trailed off, unwilling to continue.

"But you think he's with that purple haired girl." Nabiki finished for her. When Akane nodded, she continued. "That’s why I called you here." Nabiki noted her sisters confused look.

"You know where he is?" Akane asked.

"No. I called you here to ask you a question." Nabiki said. "I don’t trust that guy. He showed up two days ago and attacked his father. And he won your heart in those two days. In my personal opinion, Kuno is better." She saw Akane scowl but continued anyway. "Then he claims to be from another dimension and time. To top it all off, he thinks he knows us. I think he has a few screws loose." Nabiki made a crazy motion with her hand.

"Well I believe him." Akane said. "His dad was complaining about him being a lousy martial artist, and he showed up and mopped the floor with him." She paused as if to consider something else. "And I have a feeling like we've met before…"

Nabiki shook her head. "Whatever. Anyway, I need you to spy on him. Get as much info on him as possible."

Akane looked at her in shock. "Spy on my own fiancee?! Why!?"

"Like I said, I don’t trust him. And I'll find out what I can." Nabiki stood up and gave Akane a hug. "All I want is for my baby sister to be safe."

Akane returned the hug hesitantly. "'K, but I won't do anything to hurt him. I do like him."

Nabiki stepped back with a huge grin plastered on her face. "Not by the way you two act."

"Oh shut up!"

Nabiki waited for her door to close before lying back down with her comic. <Hmmm…I wonder where he is? > She thought.


Ranma sneezed as he watched his father dig a father large hole in the forest. "What is that Baka up to now?" he mumbled to himself. "I have a feeling that this concerns me."

He watched Genma sit down on the edge of the hole and open a book. It was too far away for Ranma to see what the title was but he was getting a bad feeling about it. He absently rubbed his head. That last hit really hurt. It had taken some explaining on his part but he convinced Akane that the other Akane was the one from his real dimension. She finally bought it and let Ranma recuperate in peace.

He froze when Genma stood up. What is that Ba…

"Now to get Ranma." Genma announced to no one in particular.

"Shit!" Ranma swore. "Gotta get home." He jumped out of the tree he had been hiding in and sprinted off too fast to hear Genmas next words.

"Oops! Gotta go to the pet store first." He said. "Need those cats." Changing direction he then headed for the nearest store while studying the book. He rarely even glanced up from it to see where he was going. "Um hum…yes…" He mumbled while looking through the book.

"I almost don’t even have enough money for the cats." He said. "We'll skip the sausage."

He flipped through the pages until he found what he wanted. "Ah! The effects of the technique. Must be done properly? Feh! What are the results if it's not? Insanity?" Genma ignored the many people staring at him as he went into the pet shop, laughing hysterically.

He came out minutes later dragging a large carrier on wheels behind him. Coming from it were mews and purrs. "With the Neko-ken, my boy will be invincible!"

And with that he headed back to the pit.


"All right Ryoga, now focus all your strength, through your finger, at this boulder."

Ryoga did as she was told and jabbed the large rock with her right index finger. She felt something crack and pulled her finger back in pain. "OOOWWWW!" she shouted, waving the digit in the air. She was so focused on her pain that she failed to notice the splinter of rock come off.

"Ryoga, you are not concentrating enough." Cologne chided. "Focus only on destroying the rock." She provided him with another demonstration, jabbing the boulder and turning it to pebbles.

Ryoga shielded her face from the debris with the hand that wasn’t in pain. "You make it look so easy." She complained. "Plus if I were in my normal form, I could do it."

"How many times do I have to tell you, if you can do it in that form," she gestured at Ryoga, "You can do it easier when you're a man." She spoke the last word with disgust. "Now try again."

Ryoga sighed and limped over to a boulder. When they first started, the old hag had started throwing the rocks at her, hoping she would get the move out of desperation. However, Ryoga missed dodging a boulder and it hit her in the ankle, instantly spraining it. "Stupid old woman…" she muttered. "I probably wont get this move down…Bakusai Tenketsu!"

The boulder looked normal, and Ryoga thought, <Great! Another fail… > but she was shocked out of her thoughts when the boulder began to crack, then crumbled to dust. She smiled to herself and then looked at Cologne who was smiling herself. "Did it! I did it." She shouted.

Cologne hopped over to the maniacal girl and put her hand on her shoulder. "Very good. Now ten more and we'll go to the next test." She ignored Ryogas complaints as she walked back to her seat. "You can begin now."

Ryoga muttered again before beginning. Envisioning Colognes face on the rock, she struck. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" crack! "Bakusai Tenketsu!" She shouted again picturing Colognes face. Crack! She did this a few more times before finding another outlet. "Damn you Ranma! This is all your fault! Bakusai Tenketsu!" This time the rock detonated instead of cracking, sending rock shards everywhere. However, Ryoga was too enraged and depressed to notice and continued shattering rocks.

"Hold up young lady!" Cologne shouted. "You’ve done well."

"I. Am. A. Guy." Ryoga seethed.

"Whatever. Are you ready for the next test?" Cologne asked.

"Next test? What other test?" Ryoga responded.

In response, Cologne backed up a few steps, picked up a boulder, and tossed it at Ryoga. Ryoga 'eeped' as the hunk of rock slammed into her face.


Ranma finally made it back to the dojo. He had run faster than he had ever run before to get back and was now feeling extremely stupid. He knew that his father would never get to be that fast. "Awww…huff…crap!" he said as he stumbled inside. "I-I'm home!"

Akane darted around the corner and tackled him to the ground in a hug-and proceeded to punch him in the jaw. "Jeeze!" Ranma shouted after Akane let him up. "What was that for?"

"For making me worry about you!" Akane shouted back. "Where were you!?"

Ranmas mind didn’t register her second question as he was stuck on the fact Akane said she was worried about him. "You-you were worried about me?" Ranma asked stupidly.

"I just said that you Baka." Akane replied. "Where were you?" she repeated in a more civil tone.

Ranma was still in shock about Akane admitting that she was worried about him, he could only mumble a reply. "S-spying on Oyaji…" he shook his head to clear the cobwebs. "Speaking of which, where is he?"

"I don’t know. He said something about a secret technique."

Then it clicked in Ranmas head. The familiarity of the location, the book, and the size of the pit all meant only one thing. Ranmas face paled and he began to lose his balance. "No! Not that!" he said reaching out to a nearby table for balance.

"What? Ranma what's wrong?" Akane asked worriedly.

Ranma finally lost his battle and passed out. "Ranma!" Akane shouted. "C'mon Ranma, say something." Akane pleaded, tears beginning to form. "Dad! Dad, help!"

"Daughter, I'm in the dining room." Soun replied. Akane sprinted in his direction, and failed to notice Ranma being dragged off.

"Dad! Ranmas in trouble. I told him what his father was doing and he passed out and now he won't wake up." Akane said frantically. She was trying to hold back the tears but failed miserably.

"He is probably sleeping."

Akane glared at her father and grabbed his arm to drag him into the family room. "I'm serious. Now come on."

Soun calmly finished his beer and stood up when they got there. "Where is he?"

Akane began to glow. "He was here. That jerk ticked me!" she shouted lividly. "Wait until I get my hands on him."

Soun calmly (crying his eyes out) said, "Why don’t you follow him. He is your fiancé after all. You should find where he…" (Sobbing all the while) Then he noticed Akane had her backpack on and was headed out the door. "Be careful!" He turned back around to get back to his seat. "If she kills him, our families will never be united.


Genma shifted the weight of his son on his shoulder. Even though his son was a girl now, she was extremely heavy. "Boy, you need to work out more." He said even though Ranma was still unconscious. "This is probably the only advantage to your girl side."

Finally reaching the clearing, Genma dropped his son down on the grass with a hollow thud. In one of his kinder moments he decided to let Ranma wake on her own than splashing her, and was content on reading his book. "Says here that the results should be…hmm…increased speed, agility and strength. Must be done properly…bah!"

He walked over to the pit to double-check the dimensions of it. Sure enough, they were off but Genma blew that off too. Checking another time to see if Ranma was awake, he noticed that she was stirring. "Ah, boy do I have a surprise for you!" he said happily.

Ranma sat up and rubbed the back of her head. "What happened?" she asked. "And where am I?"

"You fainted, therefore saving me the trouble of knocking you out. We're here to start your…" Genma said, but was interrupted.

"You couldn’t knock me out if your life depended on it, Oyaji." Ranma spat. "Anyway, where ever we are, I'm going home."

Genma stepped in front of her. "I can't let you do that boy. I went to all this trou…" Genma was again interrupted.

"And what are you going to do to stop me?" Ranma growled, dropping into a light defensive stance.

"If that’s the way you want it, boy." Genma replied. He attacked and was surprised when Ranma fell back, frightened out of her mind.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…" Ranma said trailing off. Her eyes were widening by the second.

"What is it boy?" Genma asked. Ranma just pointed behind him. Genma turned around and saw the source of Ranmas fear. A tiny white kitten. "How did you get out?" Genma asked, picking the Kitty up. He turned back to Ranma and saw that she had her back to a tree. "Oh well better begin your training now."

Ranma saw her father coming with the large viscous beast in his hand and tried desperately to get away. "Getitawaygetitaway!" she shouted, trying to back up even more.

Genma was astounded. His son, afraid of a tiny, little, kitten. This was bad. He stepped closer and watched Ranmas fingers dig into the tree. "This is for your own good Ranma." He said. Then he shoved the cat in her face.



"Uh oh!" Nayru said, stepping away from the window. "This is bad. Din! Farore!" she called as she ran to the main room of their castle.

"What is it now?" Din asked disgustedly. "I'm busy." She held up a TV guide.

Nayru grabbed her sister's arm and dragged her toward the viewing window. "I don’t care what you're doing. This is important." She practically flung Din at the window. "Look!"

"Holy shit!" Din said, dropping the magazine. She watched as Ranma shuddered and went into the Neko-ken, then kicked her father around the forest. "Hey this is kinda funny."

"You idiot!" Nayru said, trying not to shout and failing miserably. "Don’t you get it?"

"No. But it's funny."

Then Farore walked in. "What's funny?" she asked as she yawned. (Hey, even goddesses get tired.)

"Oh, good, its you." Nayru ran over to Farore and proceeded to drag her to the window. "Look!"

Farores eyes widened in realization. "Oh dear! This is very bad."

Din still hadn't caught on. "What? Why is this so bad?" she asked, gesturing to the window.

Farore grabbed Din by the shoulders. "Tell me. What is the Neko-ken?" she asked.

"A technique that Ranma knows. Very powerful and…" Din trailed off. She looked at the window where Nayru was looking down worriedly. "You mean, Ranma might…?" she drew her finger across her throat.

Farore nodded. "Uh-huh."

Din wrenched herself out of her sister's grasp and ran to the window. "We gotta do something." She pleaded. "If Ranma does, ki…ki…that," she drew her finger across her throat again, "He'll ruin his life."

"Well, duh!" Farore said. "You have a knack for the obvious."

"Care to repeat that?" Din growled.

"I said, don’t you hav…"

"But what can we do?" Nayru asked, breaking the tension between her two sisters. "We can't do anything for Ranma for a few days yet." Then she resumed looking down on the fight. "Ohh! Ranmas so cute when he's a girl!"

The other two ignored that comment. Farore shook her head as she thought. "Well, we could make Genma a decent martial artist. He might…" but she was again interrupted, this time by Dins hysteric laughter. "What's so funny?"

"You haa haa ha think making Genma a martial artist will work?" she asked in between spasms of laughter. Farore nodded and Din calmed a bit. "That would be about as good as us going down there and stopping it physically." She pointed out.

Suddenly, Nayru was frantic. "We have to hurry!" she cried. "Ranmas getting violent!"

After the other two recovered from their face fault, Nayru spoke up. "Akane always had a calming effect on Ranma. Why not bring her there?" She waited for the approval of the others. "Ok! Then lets do it!"


Akane grumbled as she shifted the weight of her backpack. When she found Ranma she was going to tear him apart. Tricking her like that. How dare he? Just when she was starting to get used to the engagement, he has to pull something like that. She felt the anger flow through her veins. "O.K. Akane. Calm down. You don’t need to do this to your self." She said. <Save it for Ranma. > She thought.

Then she had a thought. What reason did Ranma have to do this? Its not like he has a girlfriend. He's only been here for three days now, and he even admitted that he liked Akane. Akane forced the jealousy back. And, even though she was no doctor, she knew when someone had passed out. <So why did I overreact when that happened? > She thought. Then another part of her mind spoke up. <But who would have taken him? > Finally the jealous part chimed in. <Probably that slut, Sham-whatever. >

She set her backpack down and sat on a near by log. "Oh, my head." She complained. She looked around and realized that she hadn't the slightest idea of where to look. "Great now I'm lost."

<You know I'm right. > Jealousy said. <No you're not! > A new voice, concern, said. <He might be hurt you know? > Pretty soon all the parts of her mind were arguing, giving Akane a pounding headache. "Will you all just shut up and go away?!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Sorry. I thought you needed help."

Akane jumped to her feet and whirled around in shock. "Where did you come from?" she asked while trying to calm her self. "And who are you?"

The woman turned back around. "You said you were lost so I decided to help. But you told me to go so…" she turned to leave again.

"No! Don’t go…" Akane pleaded. <I need someone to talk to so bad I'm beginning to hear voices. >

"I knew that you needed help." The woman said. Akane got a good look at her. She was wearing a pink robe tied with a maroon sash, had blue eyes, and long blond hair in a braid with a ridiculously large flower in it. She looked almost god like. "What did you need help with?" she finally asked.

"Ummm…I'm looking for my fiancee, really. You see he…" she started.

"Is that him over there?" the woman asked. "Beating up that man?" she pointed over Akanes shoulder.

Akane looked in that direction. "No, that’s a girl." She said. Ignorance slapped her around a little. <You Idiot! He turns into a girl remember? > "I mean, yeah that’s him…er her."

Akane didn’t realize that she had just been transported ten miles or that the beautiful woman was gone. She just ran up to where Ranma was mauling her father. "Ranma!" she shouted.

Ranma looked at her and meowed. "Meroww?" her hand was raised above Genmas unconscious head for the final blow.

"Ranma drop him." She commanded. Ranma did so and Genma regained enough consciousness to roll away…right into the cat pit. [Rowrrr! Hiss! Spit! Claw! Scratch! And numerous other painful sounds]

Akane walked over to Ranma and glared at her. "Why are you acting like that?" she snapped.

Ranma just meowed. Akane took her head in her hands. "Why me?" she asked. Then she looked at Ranma again who was curled up at her feet. "You're acting like a cat." Then she recalled Ranma mentioning the Neko-ken.


"Well I wouldn’t if you hadn't taught me the Neko-ken" Ranma said


"So this is what the Neko-ken is." Akane said in realization. "Oh Ranma, I'm so sorry."

However Ranma didn’t hear this as she had fallen asleep. "You idiot." Akane said gently. She couldn’t help but rub Ranmas head as she said it. "When you wake up, we'll go home."

In the background, various sounds of pain and agony can be heard as Genma continued to be mauled by the angry felines.


Shampoo was beginning to get worried. Her great-grandmother left with that strange girl over three days ago and hadn't returned yet. Sure, Cologne had done this before, but this was a strange land. Who knew what kind of people lived here? Granted, Cologne was a big girl, (Ugly too! Smack!!!) and she could take care of her self, but Shampoo couldn’t help but be worried. All this new technology… She shuddered when she thought of her great-grandmother getting shot in the head.

She brushed that aside. Cologne would be careful enough not to get in trouble. Even so, she was gone, and that meant… Shampoo squealed in delight at the thought of making one of her own potions. How 'bout a sneezing potion in case Mousse showed up? Or maybe a love potion for snaring Ranma? She sighed at that one. A potion that would convince Ranma of who he really loved.

She squealed again as she made a list of what she would need. She stuffed it in her pocket and ran out the door.

Meanwhile at the front desk…

"Y-yes officer? H-how can I-I help you?" The manager asked nervously. He was obviously hiding something. "Anything a-at all."

However, this particular officer was not concerned with such matters. His thoughts were filled with visions of a violet maned goddess of love. "Yes. Did a purple haired, Chinese woman check in here anytime this week?" he asked. "We need her for questioning."

The manager, convinced that the officer was not after him, calmed down considerably. "No, but I did see a smaller, older Chinese woman come in. Very nice woman." He said, remembering the wad of cash.

The officer looked down trodden. "And I was sure that she was here. Oh well. If you see her, let me know." He hung his head sadly and began to leave when a purple blur caught his eye. "It's her! Hey wait!" he shouted. "I just want to talk."

The manager watched him sprint off after her. "Strange man." He mumbled.


"Ouch! It hurts it hurtsithurts!" Ryoga complained, holding her ailing forehead and kicking her feet from her spot on her back. When Cologne tossed that boulder at her, Ryoga had not been ready for it and had taken the rock right in the face. Needless to say, a large lump was forming right in the center of her forehead.

Cologne looked at Ryoga in scorn. Actually, she was trying to contain her laughter and it looked like scorn. When she finally regained control of herself, she attempted to talk. "Why did you let that hit you?" she asked, trying to control spasms of laughter. "You said that you were ready."

"I said I was ready for the next test." Ryoga said as she sat up, still holding the lump on her head. "Not for you to toss the rock at me you old hag!"

That earned her a whack from Cologne but it didn’t stop her laughter. "You should treat me with respect young man." She said. She had purposely been calling him a girl because 1: He was a girl at the moment and had been for about a week now and 2: She knew that it pissed her off. "Now then, let me know when you want to start the next phase of your training." She finished.

Ryoga grumbled to her self as she rubbed the new lump on her head. This dried up old monkey was really starting to tick her off. But it would be worth it when Ranma was dead. At least the hag was calling her a man. "I'm ready now." She said then cringed as the touched her forehead. "Ouch!"

Cologne watched her stand up and hopped over to a nearby boulder and hefted it. "Let me know…"

"Now!" Ryoga shouted. She watched Cologne effortlessly hurl the large hunk of rock at her. Concentrating on only that rock, she lashed out and shattered it into dust. She and Cologne both smiled at how easily that had come, but all Ryoga needed was an outlet for her anger and depression. Ranma.

<Now you're mine, Ranma. > They both thought grimly.


The crickets had just woken up, and the sun was just peeking over the horizon, spreading gold and violet rays. However, the crickets were not the only things awake. Kasumi Tendo was too, as well as another shadowy figure. This shadow seemed too large to be moving as quietly as it was and yet it was making no noise. And it was quiet enough to sneak up on one Ranma Saotome.

Ranma was, at this time, asleep and snoring contentedly. One couldn’t blame him either. After his father had tried (emphasis on tried.) to teach him a technique that he already knew, he had used it and it had exhausted him. Now he was unaware as the shadow crept closer and closer…

SPLASH!! Ranma felt the cold water of the koi pond envelop her now smaller frame. After realizing that she couldn’t breathe under water she poked her head above the surface and looked for the culprit. "All right!" she shouted, coughing water from her lungs. "Who did that?"

When no one answered she crawled out of the pond and into the kitchen, where Kasumi was happily preparing breakfast. Then she noticed the small girl on the floor. "Oh, Ranma-kun! You're awake. Would you like some hot water?" she asked. Ranma coughed and tried to nod, but Kasumi under stood her. She set a kettle on the stove and helped Ranma to her feet. "Are you all right?" she asked.

Ranma coughed a few more times before answering. "I am but cough whoever did that is going to die."

Kasumi just smiled as Genma walked in shaking his head. "I knew that you were just lucky when-ooofff!" he was cut off when Ranma implanted her fist in his chest, knocking the wind out of him and sending him careening into the back yard.

"What was that Pop!" she shouted, leaping after him. She didn’t hear the teakettle whistle.

However Kasumi did. "Oh dear. He forgot his water."

Meanwhile, in Akanes room, the sounds of her fiancees battle with her father was waking her up. Her eyes slitted open before actually opening as she remembered the previous day…and events…

Flash back…

Akane checked her watch for the millionth time, since Ranma had fallen asleep. Three hours had passed and she still wasn’t awake. And all this time the cats were still mauling Genma. "Ranma wake up." Akane said. "I don’t want to carry you home."

But Ranma just mumbled something and continued sleeping.

End flashback…

Akane rubbed her sore muscles. Even though Ranma was smaller and lighter than she was, Akane was still not used to carrying a load that big. Plus, she had gotten lost on the way back. She didn’t know how that happened either. She was pretty sure of the path back to civilization. But she finally got back.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes wearily. What day was it anyway? Monday, she thought. "Ugh! A school day…" she mumbled before sitting getting up. She grabbed her gi and went into the bathroom, emerging a short time later clad in it. She headed down the stairs, and smiled at the aroma of her sisters cooking.

Soun had since gotten up as well and greeted his daughter in his usual way…after she gets back from a trip. Holding her legs and bawling his eyes out. "Oh, Akane! I'm so glad that you're Ok." He cried.

She, however, was so transfixed on what was going on in the yard that she ignored her father and Kasumi. Ranma and her father were sparring, but not in any way that she had seen before. Leaping ten to twenty feet in the air over the pond, Ranma would repeadiatly strike at Genma and block his attacks. But it seemed that Ranma was holding back. She knew that Ranma was good but she also knew that a martial artist should never hold…

Another splash snapped her from her reverie. She watched Ranma land right in front of her and stick her tongue out at the panda. "Stupid old man. You'll never beat mEE!" She began dodging a flurry of blows from the panda, Making Akane jump out of the way or be trampled.

"Watch what you're doing you idiot!" Akane shouted. Ranma turned her attention away from the fat animal and looked at Akane. Genma decided to attack but didn’t account on Ranma punching him in the head, knocking him out.

"Huh? Oh sorry Akane." She extended her hand to Akane.

Akane accepted it and hot to her feet, but backed away in shock when Ranma changed. "Wha?" she said.

Kasumi stepped from behind Ranma and went over to the unconscious panda. Akane relaxed visibly when she saw that. "So," she began casually as she headed out toward the dojo. "Are you ready for school?"

"School?" Ranma asked, perplexed.

"Yes school, stupid." Akane replied, slugging him in the arm. "Dad, said that he talked to your dad about it. They agreed that you would go to furinkan."

Ranma groaned as he rubbed his arm. "Ugh, Kuno…"

"You know him?" Akane asked. Ranma was about to reply but Akane continued. "Oh, I forgot about the wish you made."

Ranma was about to say something but was again interrupted. "Akane. Could you come up here please?" Nabiki said from her window. Ranma looked up at her with barely hidden annoyance and found her returning a similar look. One of distrust.

"Sorry Ranma." Akane said before running off. To his surprise she came back and gave him a quick peck on the cheek then turned and ran.

Ranma reached up to the still tingly skin and smiled. < She likes me… >

But Akane had and ulterior motive behind the kiss. Sure, she wanted to kiss him. He was cute and handsome and…cute…nice too, but she knew that Nabiki was watching and wanted to get her riled up. Apparently it worked as Nabiki was sitting on her bet with her arms over her chest and a scowl on her face. "Well…" Akane said.

"Before I start…what was that for?"

"What?" Akane said. "The kiss?" Nabiki nodded. "Can't I kiss my own fiancee?"

Nabiki humphed before continuing. "Whatever. So," she began her tone lighter, "What did you find out?"

"Nothing that you couldn’t have." Akane said. "He's a good martial artist, he really dislikes his father…um…oh and he's afraid of his mother." there was along pause before Nabiki spoke up.

"Why?" she asked astonished.

"He told me that if she finds out about his curse, he'll have to commit seppuku." Akane said.

Nabikis expression didn’t change, but she silently pitied Ranma. Even she loved her mother. When she was alive. "Anything else?"

Akane umm'ed and looked above her head.

"Um what? Is that all?" Nabiki asked annoyed. Akane nodded. "I should have done this by my self."

Akane shrugged and walked out. "Who am I to stop you?"

 "Akane wait…" Nabiki pleaded.

"Look Nabiki," Akane said in a tone that made Nabiki cringe. "He is my fiancee and I do not want to do anything to hurt him. He has made it clear to me that he likes me, even loves me. I don’t know the extension of my feelings for him but I do know I like him. So, leave me out of this!"

Nabiki watched her sister leave and suddenly felt like crying. All she was trying to do was protect her. She had a very bad feeling about that Saotome kid. She flinched when Akane slammed the door behind her. "At least I have something to use against him."

Akane stomped down the stairs and back to the dojo. Now she was in a bad mood. She didn’t need this, this morning but Nabiki insisted on doing it. Then she noticed Ranma. He was still in the position she had left him with his hand on his cheek. When she got close she could hear him mumbling. "She kiss…kissed…me."

Of course Akane took that in the wrong way, probably because of the mood she was in, and immediately got angry. <Why that… > she thought menacingly, balling up her fists. <I thought he liked me. > She finally succeeded in containing her anger but sadness welled up in its place. "Why Ranma?" she said through her tears.

Ranma turned around and faced her, a giddy smile on his face. However, she couldn’t see that because the tears streaming down her face blurred her vision. He finally noticed that she was crying and snapped out of it. "What?"

"I th-thought you l-like-d me." Akane cried.

"Akane I don’t like you, I…" however he didn’t finish the sentence as Akane ran off sobbing. "What'd I do?" Then his words replayed themselves in his head. <Akane I don’t like you… > "Oh good job baka!" he growled at himself. "Akane wait!" he shouted running after her.

"Tendo, I have a feeling that those two are never going to get along." Genma said, never looking up from the shogi board.

"Please Akane I…WHUMP!!!"

Soun just cried.


"Please talk to me, Akane!" Ranma pleaded. "I don’t even know what I said." He knew that was a lie.

Akane ignored him.

"C'mon Akane. Tell me what I did. Whatever it is I'm sorry for it." Ranma begged.

Akane ignored him.

"Please Akane. Whatever you want, I'll do it just tell me what I did." Now Ranma was on his knees.

Akane didn’t ignore him this time. "I'll tell you what you did!" she screamed. "You practically proclaim your love for me then when I kiss you, you say you don’t like me!" she began to sob again, ignoring the stares of the passers by.

"You didn’t let me finish what I was saying." Ranma shot back.

"I don’t want to know what you were going to say." She said, still crying.

Ranma stood up and crossed his arms. "Figures. I knew that you would act un-cute." He said. <You shit head! > His mind yelled at him. <Don’t ruin what you’ve got goin'. > In an inspiration, Ranma decided to listen to his mind.

"Pervert." Akane said.

Ranma shut his eyes and counted to ten before speaking again. "What I was going to say was…"

Akane turned away and crossed her arms. "I don’t want to hear it."

"…I don’t like you."

Akane turned around horrified. "You-you don’t l-like me? For real?" she said, her eyes again filling with tears.

"I l…lov…love you." Ranma spat out. He didn’t see Akane turn around and look at him because he had his eyes closed. "I-I've loved you since the day I laid eyes on you, but I was too proud to admit it. Akane," he opened his eyes and stared into her big brown eyes and the words froze in his throat. His face inched closer, closer, and then…

Akane slugged him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He looked up at her astonished. "You Jerk!" she spat. "You lead me on like that then pull that! I hate you! I don’t ever want to see your face again!" Then acting against her words, she, knelt down, scooped Ranma up in her arms, and kissed him full on the lips.

Needless to say, Ranma was a little more than surprised. He tensed up, but soon melted into the kiss. He was enjoying himself so much that he zoned out, and didn’t notice when Akane pulled away.

She looked at his face and noticed the silly grin on his face then hugged him. "I…I think I love you too…jerk." Then she checked her watch. "Oh no! We're going to be late for class!"

Ranma felt himself get tugged and snapped out of his stupor and noticed Akane sprinting off toward the school. Wordlessly, he sprinted off after her, thinking only of the kiss.


 Nabiki watched and listened to her sister and Ranma from a distance and what she heard was not good. At least in her opinion.

"I'll tell you what you did! You practically proclaim your love for me then when I kiss you, you say you don’t like me!" she began to sob again.

Nabiki scowled and thought of bad things to do to Ranma, but he responded.

"You didn’t let me finish what I was saying."

 <Oh. This should be good… > Nabiki thought.

"I don’t want to know what you were going to say."

<Way to go Akane! >

She watched Ranma stand up and cross his arms. "Figures. I knew that you would act un-cute." He said. <Ok, that's it. > Nabiki thought. <I'm gonna kill him. > Then she saw him wince at his own words.

"Pervert." Akane said.

Nabiki silently cheered for her sister. If Ranma deserved anything, it was to get a slap in the face like this.

"What I was going to say was…" Ranma set his jaw and closed his eyes, as if what he was about to say was the hardest thing in the world.

<He had better not hurt her or I'll… > Nabiki let the threat hang.

Akane turned her back from Nabiki and crossed her arms. "I don’t want to hear it." She said still in tears. But Ranma continued anyway.

"I don’t like you…" he said.

"I've heard enough." Nabiki said to her self as she turned to leave.

She didn’t know that she missed the last of their conversation and the kiss, but she stopped and turned back around to look at them. What she saw horrified her. Even after what he said, he was still chasing after her. "That bastard!" she spat, her fists clenched angrily. "I'm going to kill him. That is a promise."

And Nabiki always kept her promises.

End Part 3

Ok I lied. This wasn’t the last part. Sue me. NO! I was kidding! Please don’t. I'm broke anyway. Well it seems like Ranma made a very dangerous enemy. Whats gonna happen? Heehee… no teaser of part four this time. You will just have to wait. I will, however, tell you that I'm going to try to fit the goddesses in to it more.

"You'd better…" Din growls.

"Oh, be nice Din." Nayru says. "At least he put us in this fic. We should show him some hospitality."

(Eyes widen in fear.) Oh well. Come back soon for part four.