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Ranma ½ and Ah! Megami-Sama!


The Truth About Kasumi




“”The More Things Change…”


By Gray


“Hello, my name was, up until very recently, Kasumi Tendo. I am a Goddess, though also up until a little while ago, I was unable to divulge this information as well as my true name, freely to those whom I live with. That all changed when a certain young man whom I care for deeply discovered my secret. After that, many things happened, too much to go into here, but it is suffice to say that everything turned out for the best. There was a happy ending after all. It is difficult to describe the feelings I have discovered within myself in recent days. First of all, everyone in my “family” now knows what I am, yet they have not forsaken me as I used to believe they would, instead they have continued to treat me as always, which is exactly what I want. It is as if a great weight has been lifted form my soul, as well as my heart. Yes my heart, though I realize that it is frowned upon for Gods and mortals to become romantically involved, particularly in long-lasting relationships, I cannot help the swelling of happiness I get inside when he looks at me with those beautiful eyes of his. Nor can I help the surge of euphoria I feel in my heart when he smiles at me. It is wonderful, I’m not sure I can describe it in any other way. It’s as if I finally feel alive, whereas before I had been dead. I’m not yet sure if this is love that I feel, after all, I have never experienced love, but all I know is that I would do anything for him, and that he is the most important person in the world to me. If that is what love is, then yes, I do love Ranma Saotome, I honestly do. What about everyone else you ask? Well, things have pretty much settled down in Nerima, as they always do after a major crisis of some sort, though this is the first time I was at the center of it instead of Akane. Ukyo is still working hard at her restaurant, while attempting to juggle school and her vying for Ranma’s affections at the same time.”


“Damn it, Konatsu, I need more shrimp!” Ukyo yelled as she hurriedly whipped up two more okonomiyaki for her hungry customers. God she hated lunch hour sometimes. Although the business was nice. Now if only Ranma would stop by…


“I think she overworks herself sometimes, but then again, I myself have been accused of the very same thing, so I suppose I have no room to talk right? Though I do wish she would take a rest every now and then. Anyway, Konatsu, the world’s only male kunoiichi, is still hard at work trying to help his “Ukyo-sama” in her business, while also trying to gain her love in his own quiet way of course.


“I am here Ukyo-sama! I’ll get that shrimp as soon as possible!” Konatsu yelled as he rushed out the door, leaping by various customers at the “Ucchans” as he did. He did not notice Ukyo shaking her head at him and sighing.

“That guy needs to learn to slow down a little. Just because I yell a lot doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what he does for me…” She muttered to herself while fixing another pork okonomiyaki.


“I wonder if he realizes he’s a lot closer than he thinks. But then again, that’s the nature of relationships in Nerima I suppose. It’s just the way things are. Though I think they would make a cute couple. A girl who dresses and acts like a boy, and a boy who dresses and acts like a girl. How perfect is that? Anyway, going down the list, I suppose the Amazons would be next hmmm? Well, they’re also working hard at their restaurant, and the Cat Café is as always quite full. Though I suspect the male patrons are there for more then just the good food, well, except for Mr. Saotome, but he’s a little different.


“Two orders of ramen up!” Cologne called as she slung the bowls of hot noodles at her waitress/great granddaughter Shampoo, who caught them with a flourish and caused a number of nosebleeds in the process. She served the customers their ramen and wiped a trickle of sweat off her brow.

“Whew, Shampoo wish lunch rush not be so hard sometimes, though business is nice…” She muttered before noting that Mousse had come back from his deliveries.

“Shampoo, I have returned to you at last, might you greet me with a hug?” Mousse asked while staring at a young man sitting at one of the tables, who looked decidedly uncomfortable.

“Stupid Mousse! Put glasses on before Shampoo greet with fist!” The purple-haired yelled as whacked him with a broom. Mousse placed his glasses on and blinked at the man, before turning at last to his beloved.

“Oh Shampoo! You do care for me! I knew it!” He cried as he opened his arms wide in an attempted glomp, which fell flat much as he did when Shampoo simply tripped him.

“Stupid Mousse, get back to work…” She yelled, before stalking off to get some napkins for some customers.

“Mousse sighed sadly and went to take some orders while Cologne chuckled from her place in the kitchen.

“Hmm, it seems those two will never change…” She said to herself as she stirred some ramen and checked the temperature of the pot it was cooking in. She pointedly ignored the sounds of chaos that were erupting from behind her as Shampoo pounded Mousse into the ground for tripping over a chair and spilling dirty dishes on her.

“I wonder what she sees in him…” Cologne muttered as she spooned the finished ramen into bowls to be served.


“Yes, it seems that those three will never change. As for the Kuno’s well, they’re as crazy as ever, though it seems Tatewaki has fixated on me now that I have begun to go around in my true form…


“Come Sasuke! Today we must free my beautiful Goddess of bells from the cursed demon Ranma Saotome! To battle!” The wannabe samurai cried as he charged towards the exit of the Kuno Estate, with his loyal ninja following him closely. Only to trip over a conveniently placed ribbon lying in his path. His sister Kodachi laughed loudly as she twirled it beside her and prance off to no doubt cause mischief.

“I really hate my twisted sibling sometimes…” Kuno muttered from his place on the ground. Sasuke just sighed and wished as always that he didn’t have to put up with this.


“I wonder if I should fear for my safety now that he is chasing me instead of Akane? Ah well, I think he’s relatively harmless. Anyway, I guess that just leaves the Tendo Dojo right? Well, as I stated before, I can now go about in my true form freely, as my family has now accepted it, and more importantly, Ranma has…


“Hey, Belldandy! Have you seen my camera! I had some great shots of female Ranma in it!” Nabiki cried as she wandered around the house searching for said camera.

“Oh, I’m sure it will turn up Nabiki!” Belldandy said as she quietly placed the camera she held in sub-space to have the film destroyed later, while giggling slightly as the poor girl searched for her missing photography device in vain. Akane walked in from her workout and got a glass of water to cool herself down.

“Hey Belldandy, what are we having for dinner tonight?” She asked while pouring the crystalline liquid into a cup.

“Oh, I’m not quite sure yet, but I’ll think of something Akane…” The resident Goddess replied as she walked out into the living room. On the patio, as always, were Soun and Genma, playing shogi.

“Ah, Belldandy! How are you?” Soun asked without looking up from the game.

“Oh, I’m fine Father. Just fine…” She replied before smiling at Genma’s face falling as his friend won the game. Shaking her head as Genma called for a rematch, again.

“I wonder where Ranma is? It’s getting late.” She thought as she noticed that the sun had begun to set in the sky. Then, she realized where he would no doubt be. Smiling, she concentrated for a moment and levitated up to the roof, seeing the familiar pigtail greet her as she saw him sitting facing away from her, gazing at the horizon with a curious look on his face. He had certainly changed a lot recently. Smiling despite herself, she walked over and sat beside him. He gave no indication of her presence for a moment, instead continuing to look out at the descending sun.

“It’s so beautiful…” He whispered at last. Belldandy blushed, wishing he had been talking about her instead of the sunset. He then turned to her, a smile on his face.

“It’s funny how you appreciate the things you always took for granted when you almost died…” He said, to which she nodded slightly.

“Yes, it’s only natural to enjoy things, and appreciate them, when you came so close to almost losing them…” She trailed off as his face grew slightly more intense.

“R-Ranma, what is it…?” She whispered, surprised at her stutter. His gaze didn’t falter, and he seemed to be looking into her soul with those blue eyes of his.

“Appreciate this things I have… Your absolutely right Belldandy…I need to appreciate the things I have, and I have you…” He whispered before trailing off as they gazed at each other, blue eyes both crystalline clear staring intensely into the other’s soul.

“Yes, you have me, and I have you…” She whispered, as their faces seemed to grow closer and closer with each passing second. The distance closed, and it seemed inevitable that their lips would meet.

“Bell…” He whispered.

“Ranma…” She replied. They were so close, so very close. Which is why of course, something had to ruin it.

“Where on earth am I now!?” The familiar cry echoed forth from behind them, and they both sighed, as the mood had been broken. Turning, they saw the lost one Ryoga Hibiki standing on the roof sheepishly.

“Er, this wouldn’t be Nagasaki would it?” He said while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. Belldandy sighed and stood up.

“No Ryoga, it is not, but if you like you may join us for dinner…” She said, before levitating off the roof, but not before giving Ranma one last caring gaze and wistful look, which he returned in earnest.

“Darn…” They both muttered simultaneously.


“Yes, that Ryoga always seems to come at just the wrong time doesn’t he? Oh well, he’s still a nice person, if slightly strange. Hmm, I suppose that’s everyone. Even Ranma seems to be back to normal. Despite his tremendous ordeal, he hasn’t let it get to him too much, though he is certainly more protective of me now. It’s sweet. And we were so close that time too. Ah well, there will be other times I suppose, and I am patient, after all, I’ve waited my whole life for someone like him, and I can wait a little longer if need be. Do I love Ranma Saotome? I think I do. Does he love me? I hope he does. Will we ever get together? I pray we do. Will things ever change in Nerima? I doubt it, but you know, I’m sort of glad they don’t. The chaos and insanity that defines our little Ward is something everyone has gotten used to. And I somehow think that without it, it just wouldn’t feel right. And without the source of it all, Ranma Saotome, I don’t think my life would feel complete. He fought a Demon First Class to save me, and as always triumphed over the odds. Ranma Saotome never loses after all. No, he never does, and maybe someday, someday soon, I can be the one who stands by his side. I suppose I can only hope right? Because I am not Kasumi Tendo. At least not anymore. That is my truth. That is the truth about Kasumi…




Belldandy, Goddess First Class, First Category, Limited



Author’s Notes/Ramblings: Well, I hope you enjoyed this little series. I tried to put a lot of time into it, and while I am hindered somewhat by my inexperience as a writer I really tried to put a lot of effort in this, particularly in the story and content. This epilogue was written as a sort of winding down from the heavy events of the past chapters, and I hope I succeeded in doing so. But as always it is you who is the judge. So please send any comments, critiques, or whatever else you want, and let me know what you thought. Thank you, and goodnight. (I am very tired right now, I’m going to bed…)