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Note: I refer to Ranma as a he even in girl form simply because he is still male mentally and I think he would refer to himself as male regardless of his appearance.


Ranma ½ and Ah! Megami-Sama!

The Truth About Kasumi


By Gray


Upon arriving home from school, in girl form thanks to a splashing on the way by that kooky old lady, Ranma immediately felt that something was wrong. Everything looked the same, but something tickled the edges of his acute danger sense.

“Something isn’t right…” He muttered to himself as he stepped through the gates of the outer wall with Akane following him.

“What was that Ranma?” She asked curiously. Turning around to face her, he smiled slightly for her benefit.

“Ah, nothing, it’s nothing Akane…” He said as he nervously twitched a few times and sweated slightly. Blinking in confusion, the youngest Tendo shrugged and continued past him into the house.

“C’mon Ranma, let’s go inside.” She said from the door while removing her shoes. Nodding, he walked up to the porch. Pausing for a moment, he turned around slowly.

“Is someone there?” He thought as he saw nothing out of the ordinary. But he could’ve sworn… Shaking his head, he stepped into the house and set his shoes by Akane’s in their usual place. Then he stopped. Blinking slowly, he realized that Belldandy’s shoes were not there. Looking around quickly, they were nowhere to be found. The feeling intensified slightly. Ignoring it for the time being, he headed up the stairs to his room to put his books down, and then he decided he would get some hot water.

“She probably just went to go get some groceries or something…” He muttered as he climbed the steps. But the feeling did not seem to share his disinterest in the matter.


Akane stepped into her room and shut the door, tossing her bookbag on the floor; she wearily sat down on her bed and rested back on her elbows, staring up at the ceiling.

“That protectiveness…was I imagining it?” She wondered as thoughts of Ranma swirled in her head.

“He actually walked on the sidewalk beside me! That never happens… Could he actually like me?” Shaking her head furiously, she laid back onto her bed and continued to stare up at the familiar ceiling of her room since birth.

“There’s just no way he could possibly…but what if?” She closed her eyes and feigned indifference.

“Well, even if he does like me, it’s not like I…” But she couldn’t finish the thought. Akane had noticed how close Kasumi and Ranma had gotten after the failed wedding, and was secretly quite jealous. But for the last week or so, he had treated her sister really coldly, almost rudely. It was odd that he would just reverse his manner towards her so completely and quickly. She felt a guilty thrill in her heart as she thought that maybe he had realized he loved her and had stopped being friendly to Kasumi as a result. He had certainly been a lot ruder to his other fiancées, that was for sure. He had actually told Shampoo to go away the other day. Something unheard of before.

“Yet he’s treating me a lot better lately…more polite and sensitively…” Sighing slightly as her chaotic feelings for the pig-tailed boy continued to dominate her mind, Akane realized that she would not be thinking of much else for a while.


“I’m home!” The familiar voice called cheerfully. Springing up from his bedroll, Ranma dashed out the door of his room and down the stairs at a speed close to sound. Coming to an abrupt stop in front of the door, he watched as Belldandy in her Kasumi form as always, took off her shoes and smiled at him.

“Oh, hello Ranma! How are you?” Blinking a bit, Ranma replied slowly.

“Um, I’m uh, fine Kasumi…” Nodding to him, she stepped by and went into the kitchen.

“Goodness! It’s so late already! I’d better get dinner started.” She said, and she proceeded to do just that, leaving a bewildered Ranma standing by the door in confusion.

“What was that all about?” He wondered as the feeling intensified further.


Dinner was a particularly strange affair that night at the Tendo Dojo. Akane kept sneaking covert glances at Ranma, and Ranma kept sneaking covert glances at Kasumi, while Kasumi herself just smiled serenely. Nabiki was meanwhile just trying to figure out why Ranma and Akane were acting so odd. Mysteries pissed her off, and Nabiki Tendo didn’t like being pissed off.

“Could something have happened between them?” She wondered to herself as she ate in quiet contemplation. Ranma couldn’t help it. He just felt like there was something wrong with Belldandy. The way she smiled, the way she acted. It was almost exactly the same as normal, almost. There was just something about her now, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but it was there, or rather, something wasn’t there. Then there was the fact that Akane kept glancing at him oddly. He decided to ignore that in favor of concentrating on what was wrong with Belldandy. He decided that he would talk to her later, when they were alone.


As the various residents of the Tendo Dojo turned in for the night, Ranma quietly sat on the roof, waiting until he was sure the little talk he had planned would not be interrupted or heard by others. Up above, the stars glistened with a soft light. He wondered if Akane was taking her pig to bed tonight. He waited for it, but the once almost maddening anger and jealousy he felt over the matter was gone, replaced with only a weary sense of tiredness, actually that was the way he felt about the whole engagement these days. He just wished that he had some control over his stupid life for once. Dismissing these morbid thoughts for another time, he continued to wait until at last he was sure that everyone save Belldandy had gone to bed. Knowing she would probably be in the kitchen finishing tidying up, he headed for there. She was just putting her apron away when he walked in. Seeing him, she smiled sweetly.

“Why Ranma, shouldn’t you be in bed by now?” She asked in her usual voice. Something was definitely off here.

“Well, the truth is…I came to talk to you Belldandy…” She blinked in confusion.

“Belldandy? Who on earth is that Ranma?” She said in a genuinely puzzled tone. Ranma’s mouth opened and closed several times.

“What are you talking about? That’s you! You’re Belldandy!” He practically yelled. The feeling was reaching a crescendo. She merely continued to look puzzled and bit her lip slightly.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Ranma…It’s me Kasumi, my name isn’t Belldandy...” She said reassuringly, slightly frightened by how he was acting.

“Is this some kind of joke? That’s it isn’t it? You’re joking, right Belldandy?” He asked in a desperate voice. She shook her head in the negative, worry creasing her brow.

“Ha ha! Good one! You almost had me there! Ha ha ha…ha…ha….” He trailed off and his voice cracked.

“You-you aren’t joking are you?” He asked quietly. She shook her head yet again. Ranma glared at her, causing her to take a step back. A sense of panic began to take shape within him

“Who are you then? Where is Belldandy? Tell me!!!” He yelled angrily. Frightened beyond belief of the young man whom she cared for deeply and always thought wouldn’t lift a finger against her, tears formed in Kasumi’s eyes. Growling, Ranma advanced on her.

“That isn’t going to work! Tell me where she is, NOW!” Yelping as he yelled at her with an even greater intensity, Kasumi continued to back away until she hit the wall, and slid down to the ground. Ranma stood over her with a glare. Until he was smacked upside the head by a weight. Turning his gaze to his attacker, he found Akane and the rest of the family standing by the entrance to the kitchen. Akane nearly took a step back from the sheer anger burning in his eyes, but managed to keep her composure. Slowly the anger and desperation in Ranma’s eyes drained and what was left was a sort of dark despair so great that he doubted even Ryouga had experienced it before. Soun glared at him angrily.

“Ranma! What is the meaning of this?” His eyes fell on the still whimpering Kasumi, and the Tendo patriarch began to visibly steam while a growl escaped his mouth.

“You had best have a good explanation for this Ranma!” Soun couldn’t understand it. The only person Ranma had ever truly shown genuine respect for, besides his own Mother, was Kasumi, and he had always gone out of his way to make her happy, yet now he found the boy yelling at her and causing her to cry. This would not be tolerated. Ranma seemed to be taking his time so Soun decided to give him some “encouragement.”

“Well? I am waiting Ranma…” He said in a threatening voice. Clenching his fists, Ranma pointed towards Kasumi who gulped slightly.

“That’s not Bell…I mean, that’s not Kasumi!” The Tendos and Genma all stared at Ranma like he had gone insane. Still pointing at her, Ranma groaned as he realized they all thought he was nuts, and maybe he was. Staring at the still lightly crying girl, Ranma felt a sense of shame overcome him. Whether she was Belldandy or not, he had made this girl cry, and that fact made him feel a great shame. But it was squelched by the burning desire to find out what had happened to Belldandy. Genma stepped forward slightly.

“What the hell are you talking about boy! If that isn’t Kasumi then I’m not a panda!” Ranma glared at his Father. Should he reveal the secret? It might help matters. On the other hand, without actual proof, they would probably not believe him. What was he supposed to say? Well, you see guys, the person who you thought was Kasumi is in fact a Goddess and there never was an actual real Kasumi, it was the Goddess the whole time…Yeah right. It sounded ridiculous even to someone like him, who encountered the ridiculous and downright strange on a daily basis. Sighing wearily and bowing his head, Ranma spoke in a quiet tone of voice.

“Look, I can’t explain it very well, but I’m telling the truth…that she…” He pointed to Kasumi, who had finally gotten up but looked at him fearfully.

“Is not Kasumi…Not the real one anyway…” After seeing their still disbelieving gazes, Ranma blew out an annoyed breath.

“Fine, ya wanna hear the whole story? You want to hear the truth about Kasumi? Well siddown, this is going to take a minute…” Nodding slightly, the various people all moved into the living room and took a seat around the table. Ranma sat down last, and rubbed his forehead for a moment, before beginning his tale.

“Lessee, it all started when I found Kasumi facing off against a Demon…”


“And then I found out that this person here does not know who Belldandy is at all, even though that’s who Kasumi really was…” He finished after explaining in great detail the events of the past few days to the assembled individuals. Nabiki was the first to speak up.

“That…is the stupidest bunch of bull I have ever heard in my life…Even from you that’s dumb Ranma….” Slumping in defeat as everyone nodded their heads in agreement of Nabiki’s statement, Ranma wearily bowed his head. The only one who even noticed his pain was Kasumi, who, despite her earlier fear of him, reached over and patted him reassuringly. Glancing up at her, Ranma felt the old feelings stir, but oddly enough with the knowledge that this person was not Belldandy, they just weren’t as strong.

“I’m sorry Ranma, but I’m Kasumi, I honestly don’t know any Belldandy, and I think I would know if I was a Goddess or not…” Ranma sighed and nodded his head, detecting the honesty in her voice as genuine.

“I know, I’m sorry…I overreacted in the kitchen…” He said to her while she smiled in response. He then turned back to the others.

“However, I am telling the truth…I don’t know what’s going on here, but I do know that Belldandy is missing, and I’ll give up martial arts before I give up on her…” Hearing the raw conviction in his voice, the other people seated at the table realized just how serious Ranma was about this. Standing up, he was just about to head to the roof to do some thinking on where she might have gone when he heard clapping. Whirling around, he found the cockily grinning form of Brahm standing by the Koi Pond in the backyard.

“A most interesting story mortal…I assume this is the part where the handsome prince heads off to rescue his true love from the clutches of the big bad monster?” The Demon said in a mocking voice as everyone’s attention remained on him. For some reason, Kasumi felt some natural aversion to the strangely dressed, blonde man before them. She subconsciously inched closer to Ranma. The pig-tailed boy glared hatefully at the leather clad figure smirking at him.

“What are you doing here Brahm? And what have you done with Belldandy?” Ranma yelled as he took a step forward and held up a fist clenched tight.

“Tell me now!” He cried as Brahm grinned evilly and wagged a finger at the boy.

“Temper temper my dear mortal… I’m getting to that part.” He said as mockingly as he could. Loki was right! This evil cocky villain stuff was fun! Gritting his teeth and gnashing them together, Ranma prepared to charge the Demon, when the still smirking man held up a bottle. It was beautifully made, and glistened in the moonlight. If one looked closely enough, one could see a swirling golden mist trapped inside. Brahm lazily tossed it up in the air; only to catch it again as it fell into his hand.

“What is that?” Ranma asked warily. He didn’t like the way Brahm was smiling.

“This…is the trapped essence of a Goddess…a very foolish Goddess, for you see, she was stupid enough to fall in love with a…mortal…” Brahm spit the last word out like it was a vile curse. Ranma’s eyes widened significantly as he realized just who the Goddess in question was. Then they narrowed to slits.

“You bastard…” He whispered, although everyone heard him. Brahm grinned evilly.

“I think you begin to understand boy…” He then turned to the Tendos.

“Listen up! Contained within here is the very essence of your beloved Kasumi! Or at least what makes her complete!” They all stared at him wide-eyed.

“So Ranma was telling the truth? All that stuff about Kasumi being a Goddess in disguise?” Akane asked in awe. Brahm chuckled.

“Yes my dear, it’s all true. Your dear sister never actually existed. A Goddess named Belldandy simply granted a wish to your dying Mother and in doing so, became an older sister to you and a caretaker of your home. The Ultimate Force took care of the rest, like altering your minds to make you believe you always had a sister named Kasumi…” The Tendos were truly shocked. All that time, the woman who cleaned their home, cooked their meals, and in essence was the anchor that held the Tendo Dojo in the port of sanity, was a Goddess!? It was simply unbelievable! But the proof was right there, and it was unlikely that Ranma would just happen to tell the same story as a Demon without it being true. Soun stood up.

“If what you say is true, then I demand that you unhand my daughter’s soul at once!” Akane and Nabiki also stood, glaring at the Demon, and Genma took a position by his friend, also ready to fight if need be. Kasumi watched it all from her still seated position, unsure of what was going on exactly, but knowing that she lay at the center of it. Something did feel incomplete inside her actually. Ranma stood in front of them, prepared to fight to the death if it meant saving Belldandy’s soul. It wouldn’t be the first time he stared into the abyss after all. Brahm scowled.

“Haven’t you all listened to me! Your daughter never actually existed! She’ s nothing but an elaborate fabrication! It was a Goddess the whole time!” Ranma met his scowl coolly.

“We don’t care…Belldandy is still a part of us…” Akane stepped forward to stand beside him.

“I love my sister! Whether she’s a Goddess or not doesn’t make a difference!” Nabiki also took a step forward, her usual business mask replaced with a face of anger.

“Mess with my family and I guarantee I’ll make your life a living hell!” Soun and Genma also stood up to him.

“My little girls are all precious to me! Whether my eldest is not truly my own makes no difference to me! She’s still a part of my family!” Soun yelled while Genma nodded in agreement, and Ranma got into a fighting stance.

“We don’t care what the hell you have to say Brahm! Belldandy, Kasumi, it doesn’t matter! We all love her! And I’ll be damned before I let you take her from us!” He yelled, his voice carrying the raw determination he was famous for. Brahm growled at the puny insects that dared to stand before him and mock his words.

“You fools…You stupid ignorant fools!” His hands exploded in flame, and the air crackled with dark energy.

“You think you can stand up to a Demon First Class! And live!” A blast of flame shot out and set the grass on fire, causing flames to erupt everywhere, bolstering Brahm’s power to new heights.

“You’re all fools! And you will all die!” He pointed a hand at them and a stream of fire screamed towards them like a flame-thrower on steroids. Gasping in fear, the assembled people were frozen to the spot, except for Ranma, who quickly put up his hands and focused.

“Ha!” He yelled as a shimmering wall of his own ki appeared in front of them, shielding them from the blast. Growling in fury, Brahm launched another, and another. Ranma was visibly straining, and all could see the sweat pooling on his brow, and the gritting of his teeth. Thinking fast, Ranma ducked down and held his arms upward, causing a sort of bubble to appear around them. It was small, but he managed to fit everyone inside it. It was difficult to maintain, but it would more effectively protect them all, especially since now Brahm had set the entire house on fire and was tossing fireballs from above them by floating in mid-air. Gritting his teeth so hard he swore they’d break, Ranma forced himself to remain focused.

“Soul of Ice… Remember all the ki-shaping and manipulation training you did…” He thought to himself as the strain grew. He had been proud of himself when he had successfully duplicated Belldandy’s shield spell as a ki technique, but now wished that he had practiced with it more. Brahm snarled as he threw yet another ball of flame at the impenetrable blue barrier that separated him from the mortals. He had to give the boy credit however. A mortal replicating a shield spell using only his own feeble willpower condensed into energy was rather impressive, but if Brahm knew anything about shields, it was that the best way to get rid of them was to simply keep pouring on the punishment until they were gone. He had killed a few Gods this way. The fact that Demons had died because of this mattered little to him. Grinning with satisfaction as he finally began to see the shimmering barrier begin to weaken, Brahm called forth an enormous blast of pure hellfire and aimed it at the small glowing shield. Ranma’s eyes widened as he saw the blast of flame come hurtling towards them. There was no way in hell he could stop that! Clenching his eyes shut, Ranma forced every ounce of ki in his body to power the shield, praying it would be enough. In his mind’s eye he saw Belldandy smiling at him softly, not in her Kasumi form, but in her true form. Realizing that everyone here was going to die unless he somehow succeeded in stopping the blast of flame, Ranma drew strength from deep within himself, and funneled it all into the shield, the tiny little shimmering dome of ki that was the only thing separating them all from the fiery hell of the outside. Everyone’s eyes widened as the blast hit with a searing intensity and a large explosion that echoed loudly. The air crackled with mystic energy for a few moments before the smoke from the attack cleared. Slowly opening their eyes, the others blinked as they realized that they were in fact alive and not fried to a crisp. Ranma stood, gasping from the strain, and Brahm smirked cruelly, holding up a fist burning with power.

“It ends…” He whispered as he aimed for the pig-tailed boy. Ranma glared defiantly, knowing he could barely move now, and would soon be dead. His only regret was that he couldn’t see Belldandy one last time. Just as Brahm was about to shoot, a cry rang out from the side.

“Shi Shi Hokodan!” A large blast of ki slammed into the Demon, knocking him back and halting his attack. Standing on the fence of the Tendo house, was the familiar form of Ryoga Hibiki, with his hands still smoking from the release of ki. He smirked at Ranma, showing a hint of fang.

“Geez Ranma, I wanted to get away for a while, and instead I gotta come and save your sorry hide!” The lost one said with a grin.

“For once bacon boy, I’m glad to see your ugly face!” Ranma said, smirking in reply. For once not bothered by the pork reference, the bandanna wearing fighter prepped another ki blast in his palms, ready to be unleashed on his former benefactor, who was had just regained his wits and was glaring at the lost boy.

“This is the thanks I get for helping you before you stupid fool!” Brahm yelled angrily. Ryoga growled slightly.

“For manipulating me, and filling me with your tainted vileness, I shall destroy you Demon scum!” Ryoga cried in return as he thrust his hands forward again.

“Shi Shi Hokodan!” Another blast of condensed spirit smashed into Brahm, causing the Demon to roar in fury and charge at Ryoga. The lost boy had time to blink before an enraged Demon First Class crashed into him, and then threw him into the still burning inferno that was the Tendo backyard. Cursing to himself, Ryoga tried to get back up, but was hit in the back by a potent kick courtesy of Brahm, who laughed as he continued to kick the lost one with bone-shattering force. Brahm was about to deliver a particularly nasty blow, when he was hit from behind by fist. He turned and found Ranma glaring at him, and then felt a dozen more blows impact his stomach in a split second, before a potent crescent kick slammed into his head with deafening force. Unfortunately for the pig-tailed boy, Demons are much more resilient than they look, and Brahm casually swatted him away. Ranma skidded along the ground from the force of the blow but managed to stop himself before he was thrown into the flames. The others had moved over to the koi pond where they would hopefully be a bit safer. Ranma quickly flipped up onto his feet and faced off against Brahm once more. He noted that Ryoga was getting to his feet and was glad that he would have a bit of back up in this battle. He also noticed that the flames were getting worse, and that if something wasn’t done fast, then the whole area would catch fire. A plan formulated in his mind and Ranma grinned slightly. If it worked, he would beat Brahm and put out the fire at the same time. Brahm crossed his arms impatiently.

“Are we going to finish this or not mortal?” Ranma smirked a bit wider and got into a combat stance that emphasized defense.

“Come and get me jerk!” Ranma yelled in challenge. Brahm sneered and charged him. The first blow snapped Ranma’s head back. He couldn’t believe the speed that the blows were coming at. Even he had trouble seeing them. The next attack he was able to dodge, but it was a trick as a knee was embedded in his gut shortly after making him collapse to his knees. Gasping for breath, Ranma cursed and tried to stand back up, only to get a snap kick in the face that caused him to hit the ground hard. Rolling away, he sprang to his feet and spun to the side just in time to dodge yet another strike from Brahm that would have probably ripped his head off had it connected. Brahm sneered again and withdrew his fist.

“I’m going to enjoy tearing you apart with my bare hands mortal!” He said with a ferocious look on his face. The malignance he radiated was enough to make even Ranma slightly afraid for his life, but the pig-tailed boy bolstered his confidence, knowing he had to be brave if his plan was to work. Now that he had the Demon off guard, he decided it was time for phase two of the plan. Suddenly surging forward, he almost laughed at Brahm’s shocked face, but instead calmed himself and focused the soul of ice into his fist. Everyone’s eyes widened as they realized what Ranma was about to do. Ranma smiled coldly as he completed the move.

“Hiryu Shoten Ha revised! Ice Storm!” The new revision of Ranma’s most devastating attack basically entailed the user to not only use his cold aura to create the tornado, but to actually force the aura into the tornado. It required that the cold aura be stronger than the enemy’s hot aura, and made it so that instead of having an equality between the two, there would be a more dominant cold aura. Similarly, if he allowed the hot aura to be stronger, then the tornado would be blisteringly hot, but now it was as frigid as Nabiki on a bad day, and was very effective against the Demon inside of it, who drew power primarily from flame.

“Arghh!” Brahm screamed as he felt the biting coldness try to tear him apart. Damn that accursed mortal! How could he possibly create something this powerful. It was ridiculous! He was just a boy! Roaring in fury, Brahm fought against the arctic chill with the raging hellfire that was his to command. For several minutes the two forces of nature did battle, and in the meantime the surrounding flames that had been greedily consuming the Tendo home were put out by the freezing winds of the tornado. Ranma calmly watched the battle between his creation and the Demon, hoping that this would end it, but somehow knowing that it might not be enough. Just as it appeared that Brahm would be swallowed up by the power of the twister, an earth-shaking roar rang out across the sky, and flames erupted from every single part of Brahm’s body, as a flaming aura of fire burned around him.

“I will not be…beaten!!!” He cried as he exerted even more power. A flash of light occurred, and Brahm’s sudden drastic increase in power caused the whirlwind to finally collapse and the heavy chilling winds to die down. Years later, many Nerimians would tell of the day they saw a great battle waged in the sky. It was between the forces of good and evil they would say if they had a flair for the melodramatic or simply liked to embellish things. They would not know just how right they were.

Everyone watched as Brahm levitated to the ground, flame aura still blasting around him, and blackening the already ashen ground further. His glare was intense to say the least, and completely directed at the pig-tailed boy in front of him. Gulping slightly, Ranma tensed his muscles and called on what little strength he had left, ready for whatever the Demon would throw at him next. He was surprised when Brahm held up the bottle containing Belldandy’s soul.

“I have a proposal for you mortal…” Brahm said in a surprisingly calm tone of voice, though the menace in it was still present.

“I am bringing this little thing with me back to my home…If you are brave enough, then follow me…” He said as a glowing portal opened up in the ground, swirling with dark power.

“I will leave the door open for only a few minutes after I step through…So decide quickly if you have the resolve needed, otherwise I can guarantee that you will never see your precious Belldandy again…” He then stepped into the mass and disappeared. Ranma blinked for a moment, before clenching his fists and preparing to jump. A hand stopped him.

“We’re coming with you Ranma…” Akane said, and the others nodded, even Nabiki.

“You couldn’t keep me away if you tried Saotome…” She said at his questioning gaze. Kasumi stepped forward.

“I think my presence might be necessary Ranma…If what is contained within that bottle is indeed my soul…” Ranma simply nodded in reply and then to her surprise, scooped her up in his arms. Blushing a bit, she hesitantly relaxed as he tensed his leg muscles slightly while holding her a bit tighter.

“Alright then, let’s go!” He yelled as he leapt into the darkness with the others following, and Nabiki hesitantly stepping in.

“Belldandy…I’m coming!” He thought as the world disappeared from view.





Author’s Notes: Geez, what a hard chapter to write! Hopefully the results of my labor meet with your approval. If not, well, you know where to reach me… I just hope I don’t get lynched by Kasumi lovers for that one scene in the kitchen…Have mercy! I love her too!

Okay, certain individuals have criticized this fic as not being entirely consistent with the rules of the AMG universe. Well folks, I stated very clearly in the very first chapter that I would be changing some things to not only suit the story, but to more easily mesh the two universes together. I admit I have not read a lot of the AMG manga, and therefore my knowledge of every detail of it is a bit lacking, but this is primarily a Ranma fic with AMG elements, not the other way around. As to why Belldandy had trouble fighting Brahm in chapter one when she is so powerful in the manga, well, there are several reasons. One is that this Belldandy is not as powerful as the canon one because this one has been living as a human for a long time now, and hasn’t had much of a chance to be a Goddess for a while. Also, Belldandy is not typically a violent individual, so naturally she isn’t too keen on fighting all out against Brahm, who has no such qualms. Plus there’s the Doublet system…have I made my point yet? Besides, throughout the story you can see that Brahm is wary to take her and Ranma on together. In this story Brahm has a higher rank then Bell, and is therefore more powerful. Let me also state once again, Ranma is acting differently because he is starting to grow up a bit. After killing a god, and almost losing Akane, plus finding out that Kasumi has been a Goddess the whole time, he’s going to be bit different than he was in say, the middle volumes of the manga. As for any other complaints people have, well, this is fanfiction, and fanfiction doesn’t necessarily have to follow the rules. In fanfiction, a character who is normally foolish or petty for comedic reasons in the manga, can change for better or worse. That’s what makes fanfiction so great. Okay, sorry to rant, just had to address questions people had. And if you have questions, or just want to say hey, please give me some feedback and if you want to flame, well, just don’t sound too stupid okay? Or I will laugh at you…


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