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Ranma ½ and Ah! Megami-Sama!

The Truth About Kasumi

By Gray


It was a few days after the Tendo home had been attacked by the demon known as Krin. Most people would be in hysterics and scared for their lives after something like that, but for the Tendo’s, it was just business as usual. The fact that Ranma had treated the fight a lot more seriously than normal was pretty much ignored by all. After all, Ranma may have usually fought with a carefree abandon, but even he could be serious or angry once in a while. The only one who even seemed to worry about him was Kasumi, or rather Belldandy. She was the only one who noticed the changes in Ranma. She knew he was a teenager and they went through emotional conflicts all the time, but to her at least, this seemed different somehow. Ranma was a lot colder now, and while he sometimes put on a cheerful front, she knew it was just an act. Then there was the fighting between Ranma and Akane. He seemed to do it so half-heartedly now, and where as he used to honestly be hurt by her insults, now he just seemed tired of it all. His recovery from his wound had, as always, been remarkably fast, even with her magic helping, and he was now back on his feet. Belldandy sighed as she made her way around the kitchen, putting the last few touches on breakfast. Ranma would be awake soon, and the others would follow shortly. That was another thing she had noticed. He was now getting up earlier, and training harder. It was odd. She filled bowls with Miso soup mechanically as she thought about the brash young man with a pigtail. Then her thoughts turned to Brahm. He worried her. He was different from other Demons she had met. He just didn’t care. Many Demons at least had some qualms, but Brahm only cared about getting the job done, by any means necessary. And right now that job was getting rid of her. She shuddered slightly as she realized how defenseless she and her “family” really was. Brahm was on a higher level than she was, and he was sadistically crafty. The only thing standing between the Demon herself, and the others was…

“Ranma…” She whispered out loud.

“Yes Belldandy…” She flinched slightly as she turned around and sure enough saw icy eyes regarding her. She didn’t just flinch from the fact that he had heard her, but by the cold way he said her name. It bothered her for some reason.

“Um, nothing…” She muttered. He nodded and turned to head for the dojo. He stopped at the entrance to the kitchen however.

“I’m going to be skipping breakfast today Belldandy, so give my portion to Pop or something…” She was a little disturbed by this, Ranma never gave up food, but replied that she would do as he asked. He thanked her and left. After she was sure he was gone, she closed her eyes and bowed her head sadly.



“Punch, block, punch, kick, knife hand, reverse block, palm, spin, dodge, jump, kick, kick, kick, crescent, sweep…” Ranma thought to himself as he went through a myriad of moves that would awe most if they were to see, but to him it was barely an average workout. He stopped and let out a slow breath, before holding out a hand, palm facing up, and clenched his eyes shut in concentration. A ball of ki formed in his hand, and grew in size until it resembled a basketball. Then it started to shrink slowly into a baseball shape, before growing longer slightly and forming a rod-like structure. Sweat started to collect on Ranma’s brow as he slowly formed the ki into different shapes with a slow steady speed almost like one would use if weight-lifting to get the maximum amount of exercise for the muscles.

“Focus damn it! Focus!” He screamed to himself as he started adjusting the temperature of the ki, making it hot, then cold and frigid. The cold part was easier, simply because of the “soul of ice”. Ranma may have been hotheaded, but the way he now fought was cool and calculating, much like a cat, his hated enemy. Finally releasing the ki and letting it dissipate into the air, Ranma blew out a breath and sat down to think a moment. His ki-manipulation was improving everyday, and soon he knew he would be able to do things that would make Herb envious. Even now, he was discovering things that he never knew could be done. He was training hard, and it was tough, but he had to, because…

“Damn, I don’t want to think about her…” But he couldn’t help it. Belldandy, the Goddess who had been posing as Kasumi Tendo all this time. He still couldn’t get over it. It was just so weird. He wondered how the Tendos would take it.

“Scary…” He thought to himself as he imagined their reactions. He shook his head at that. The Tendos sure were weird. Then he laughed. He was calling other people weird.

“Least they don’t change sex with water…” He thought morosely. Then he thought about something. What if Belldandy could cure his curse? She was a Goddess after all! This thought perked him up considerably. But then he thought about the past few days and groaned.

“With the way I’ve been treating her lately? I’d be lucky if she didn’t want to give me another curse.” He got to his feet and steeled himself.

“Well, it’s worth a shot! And I guess I should treat her nicer, but I… I can’t help but feel…” He shook his head and promised that he would talk to her soon… He owed her that much.


Brahm smirked as he watched his two new weapons train. One of the two young men was using a sword Brahm had retrieved for him. It was a deadly blade with Demonic power coursing through it. The other was simply using his fists and feet, but was obviously the more powerful of the two. Brahm had used a combination of magic and simple conniving to get the two to help him. The two were fairly weak in the mental department, especially the sword-user, so it was fairly easy to use a bit of his power to make them help him. They had especially been ready to help since it meant that they could finally kill their nemesis, who just happened to be his enemy as well.

“How convenient.” Brahm thought with a chuckle. He had told the kendoist that he would help him free a Goddess, and that was all it took, the bandanna-clad boy required a little more persuading, but he soon caved in as well. He had then used some spells to increase their natural strengths. The sword-user had been given the sword, and enhanced speed. He could now shred steel with only the air-pressure of his attacks. As for his special multiple strike technique, well, now he could cut through almost anything with it, and if he wanted, he could create miniature vacuum blades that would shred his target. As for the fanged one, well, he had gotten his already impressive stamina and durability up to insane levels, and was capable of bench-pressing tanks, plus his ki levels had been increased to very high levels as well, of course, since the boy already used a very unstable, but easier to use, form of ki, his new store-house of ki could prove dangerous to himself, but what did Brahm care?

“These two fools are perfect…” Brahm thought as he watched the two stop their practice and stand before him. He nodded at them and smiled a very evil grin.

“Time for you to die mortal…and best of all, the Goddess can’t interfere at all…”


Ranma cursed his luck as he morosely stared at the test in front of him. Why oh why had he forgotten to study for the English test! Now Ms. Hinako was going to kill him if he didn’t at least pass the damn thing.

“Not that I would have studied anyway…” He thought with a slight smirk directed in his teacher’s direction. Hinako saw this and frowned at him, causing him to rub the back of his head in embarrassment and hastily return his gaze to his paper.

“Oh man… well, at least Kuno is absent today…”


Belldandy blinked as she saw the bento box sitting on the counter.

“Oh my! Ranma forgot his lunch!” She bit her lip and glanced around.

“Well, I guess I could go bring it to him, it wouldn’t hurt…” She nodded at this decision and undid her apron as she scooped up the box and went to get her shoes.

“It’s a nice day anyway…” She thought with a smile on her face.


Ranma groaned in surrender as he stared into his pack where he normally placed his bento box.

“Why me? Man what a bad day!” He muttered as he trudged out of the classroom anyway and went to sit by himself. He noticed Akane looking at him worriedly, and smiled at her slightly, causing her to look away in embarrassment. He sighed and plunked down in front of a tree.

“This sucks…” He glanced around and noticed how content the other students seemed. It must be nice, he thought, to have such peaceful lives.
”Unlike mine… one of chaos…” He saw two students snuggling and kissing, and felt a sadness tug at his heart.

“Why’d she have to be fake? Now she’s gone, and I’m alone again…” He stared into space, lost in his memories of times past, when he thought he had someone on his side for once… Someone to share some of his burdens. He remembered after the “wedding” how he used to talk to her when no one else was around. Late at night, or early in the morning.

“I haven’t done that in a long time, but then, she isn’t here anymore, at least not really…” His head snapped up as he heard a familiar voice call his name.

“Ranma! I’ve brought you your lunch.”

He smiled slightly as he saw Belldandy walk up to him. She handed him his forgotten bento and thanked her. He noticed Akane looking at them curiously, and Ukyou as well, but paid it no heed.

“You didn’t have to bring it all this way.” He said a little embarrassed that she had gone through the trouble for him. She smiled at him.

“Oh, it’s alright, I wanted to do it.” They stood in silence for a few seconds, before Ranma spoke again.

“So uh, you wanna sit down?” He mentally hit himself. Gee that was smooth! But she continued smiling and took a seat by the tree, causing him to follow suit.

“Yes, thank you.” He offered her some of his lunch, but she declined. So he was left to munch in silence while she sat serenely. He always used to wonder how Kasumi, or rather Belldandy, could be so content all the time.

“Must be a Goddess thing…” He thought taking another glance at her.

“Man, she sure is pretty…” He thought as he saw her lift her head slightly and sigh contentedly.

“Okay, maybe that’s an understatement…” She turned to him suddenly, causing him some embarrassment.

“Is something wrong Ranma?” She asked in a concerned tone.

“N-no! N-nothing’s wrong at all!” He stuttered out unconvincingly, but she seemed to believe him and nodded her head.

“Oh, alright then.” Finally he decided that he could not beat around the bush any longer.

“Um, Belldandy…” He said in a low voice while looking around warily. She did the same before replying.

“Yes Ranma?” She wondered what he was going to say. The possibilities made her nervous with both excitement, and fear.

“Well, I, I think…” He didn’t get to finish as a loud, and familiar voice, called out.

“Where are you Ranma! Your death is assured this day!” Ranma grimaced.

“Ryouga…” He muttered.

“Saotome! Your time has come sorcerer!” Ranma’s grimace became a frown.

“Kuno…” He groaned in annoyance and got to his feet, with Belldandy following. He made his way over to the front of the school, and sure enough, found his two enemies glaring at him.

“Okay, what is it this time guys? Is this just your normal “Ranma die” routine, or is it something new this time?” The two merely continued to glare, and both assumed combat stances. Ranma noticed that Kuno had a real sword this time, but paid it no real heed except for the fact that it would make disarming him a bit harder. He assumed his usual loose stance, and his eyes narrowed.

“Your move…” He said calmly. Ryouga and Kuno tensed, and then the battle was joined. 


Belldandy watched the three worriedly, along with the rest of the school, who as always were spectators, with Nabiki quickly starting to take bets. Belldandy could sense the sheer evil wafting off of the two young men who had just challenged Ranma. She had always felt a measure of darkness from Ryouga, probably from his intense depression, but never to this extreme. Even now she could see the faint fringe of black in his normally sickly green aura. Kuno’s aura had a similar effect to it. She had heard of this sort of thing. It meant that these two had been “enhanced” by a demon, and she was pretty sure she knew which one had done it too. She took a look at the sword Kuno held and gasped. The sword seemed to be enchanted with darkness, and was obviously made in Hell. The sword would not only boost Kuno’s attacks and reflexes, but it would also cause whoever got cut by it to be drained of some of their aura. Even a little nick from the sword would cause some aura to be lost. It was evident that Ranma was in big trouble, and the worst part was, she could do nothing unless one of them attacked her personally.


Ranma smirked a bit as the two idiots charged him.

“Too easy…” He thought to himself as he ducked Kuno’s swing, and swept his legs out from under him. Only to find that Kuno had leapt over his sweep, and was about to slice him. Ranma barely leaned his head back in time to avoid the cut, and was forced to roll backwards to dodge another strike. He then did a handspring just in time to miss getting crushed by Ryouga’s downward punch. Flipping in the air and landing lightly on his feet, Ranma quickly assessed the situation.

“Okay… Kuno’s faster than normal, and Ryouga too, plus they look stronger… And I really don’t like the look of that sword. Something about it…” Ranma grimaced as he sensed the auras of his two opponents.

“God! What the hell happened to them! It’s like they were given ki steroids or something.” Further contemplation of the issue was cut off as the two had attacked again. Ranma weaved through their various attacks, forced to up his speed considerably to avoid getting skewered or crushed. He grit his teeth as he took a punch from Ryouga and went flying into a wall. Pulling himself out of the new hole, Ranma growled.

“Alright I’ve had it! Enough fooling around!” Ryouga smirked.

“Whatsa matter Ranma? Not so tough anymore? Aw, too bad! Looks like I’m the strongest now!” Kuno just laughed at him.

“Indeed! I have at last proven my superiority over the wretched sorcerer, and will free my Goddess soon!” This was fine to Ranma, because when everyone blinked, he was no longer by the wall, but instead in Kuno’s face. He pulled his fist back.

“Eat it!” Ranma yelled as his hand slammed into Kuno’s nose at lightning speeds and floored the arrogant kendoist. He then spun, blocked a hit from Ryouga, and retaliated with an elbow to the stomach, then when Ryouga bowed his head slightly in pain, Ranma brought his knee up into his face, lifting Ryouga slightly off the ground. He finished with a powerful hammer blow to the top of his head, causing the lost boy to eat dirt. Ranma then stood back a bit.

“I guess now that you guys are so strong, I don’t have to pull my punches…” As the two got to their feet and glared at him, Ranma went into a loose stance with his legs apart and fists held in front of him.

“So bring it on!”


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