Heroes of Destiny
by Darksyn

This is my third idea for a fanfic, I've combined some of my favorite stuff to try to give everyone reading an enjoyable story. As usual the disclaimer must come next.

Ranma 1/2, Slayers, Sailor Moon and The Legend of Zelda is owned by their respective creators and is being used without permission.

The events in this fic take place after Akane and Ranmas' failed wedding,
After the Slayers series, and after Sailor Moon.
In an advanced story of LoZ (based on only the N64 games.) about seven years After Majora's Mask. He will have his equipment from both games. Link would not have the Master Sword, (Alternate timeline after OoT) but will have the Kokori sword (It was forged to fit him as he grew like in MM) Epona's a given, and Navi will also be included. Other weapons not mentioned would be made or found during his travels.


"Three heroes of three lands will converge.
One of great POWER and skill.
One of great COURAGE and compassion.
One of great WISDOM and magic.
A fourth found untouched by TIME.
Each will be drawn together to defeat the evil that threatens all.

- Unknown Prophecy

"Get back here pervert!"

Ranma was not in a good mood. Of course, if Ranma was in a good mood, it was likely that Armageddon was around the corner. He glanced back, and was not surprised that the 'Kill Ranma Parade' was once again after his blood. It didn't matter to most that the reason behind the parade, as well as most of the others that preceded it were because of Happosai's thirst of lechery.

Undaunted by the reflection he continued his pursuit. He never saw Akane reach his side. Just as he realized what happen, she landed a blow with her hammer to his skull, effectively loosing control of his sprint. Then just as quickly Akane used his forward momentum to punt him in a low trajectory that would land him at least 10 kilometers ahead of the group.

Just like any parade, it quickly slowed and dispersed without its leader, only Akane remained uncertain whether to go home or check on her fiancée. Anger quickly asserted itself into her judgment as she turned and walked towards the Dojo.


Ranma was again contemplating the cause of the situation as he flew through the air at a considerable speed. <Gonna land soon better get ready.> He thought as his trajectory began to have gravity effect it, so he began his careful preparation for the landing. He couldn't argue that Akane gave him an effective route of travel, but the landing left much to desire.

He continued to prepare himself mentally as he continued to descend. That's when he saw that he was headed for a nearby quarry.

"Aw crap this is gonna hurt." He cursed under his breath.

There would be many rocks strewn about to make the landing far from comfortable. <Really hope it doesn't hurt as bad as I think it is. > He thought as he closed in. Unfortunately the resulting crash and his yell of pain could be heard for about 5 kilometers.


Ranma lay in the crater that resulted from his landing. He remained still breathing shallowly with his eyes closed recovering from the impact until he caught his breath and spoke out of habit.

"Damn tomboy." He muttered as he willed his Ki to heal the injuries he sustained.

After a minute of concentration he began to move, first stretching stiff muscles then making sure that they worked properly. Soon he was performing a mild kata to relax his muscles.

Due to the lack of interruption he became rather relaxed, and almost missed the odd event unfolding to his left. When his senses became aware of the strange light, his curiosity told him to investigate. As he neared to within 10 feet the light suddenly exploded. Ranma shielded his eyes quickly. As the light dimmed he strained to see what had happen.

The first thing he saw was an odd looking man quite tall, even by western standards, he had a deep tan and shockingly brilliant red hair similar to his female forms'. What gave the man his odd appearance was the overly large forehead adornment. A reddish-gold oval jewel covered a large portion in the center of his forehead. A metal border extending primarily up and down between the bridge of his nose to his hairline and to the left and right, spanning to his temples, with smaller designs filling in around the jewel, while the jewel itself glowed with power.

"Who are you?" Ranma asked dumbly.

"I am Ganondorf. And I shall destroy you and your world." The man stated flippantly, as he examined the unfamiliar terrain.

"You'll have to go through me first moron." Ranma stated defensively as he brought his guard up.

"Are you this worlds champion?" Ganon asked, as he took a good look at his new opponent. <This boy has some magic but is weak and he has no control. If this world is like him, I shall rule within a mere month. >

"I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, and I'm the best there is." Ranma stated simply as he prepared for Ganons' attack.

"Then you shall fail."

With that Ganon began to gather energy within his hand, and let it fly at Ranma. And was surprised at the speed that Ranma exhibited.

<Great, another magic happy freak, this may take a while. > Thought Ranma as he maneuvered behind Ganon.

"Your gonna have to try harder than that to get me." He said loudly as he landed a strong kick to Ganon's back.

Ganon fell to the ground face first. He had underestimated the sheer power the boy possessed. He would have to keep him at a distance so not to fall to any more physical attacks. He stood quickly allowing his magic to heal the bruise, and leapt into the air about 10 feet.

"Let's' see you try such an attack again insect." Ganon sneered.

"Gladly" Ranma said.

Ganon realized too late that the boy had jumped to an equal height and landed another kick to his stomach. Ganon again fell to the ground breathing labored by the blow. Ganon again rose to take a place twice as high as he previously was.

"Such a feat is should be impossible." He stated clearly with disbelief edging his voice.

"Nothing's impossible, GanonDORK" Ranma retorted.

Ganon's anger showed briefly but was soon replaced by his previous calm demeanor. <Damn, this guy's too calm to use the Hiryü Shöten Ha. > Ranma thought.

Ganon was also too high to get in another shot without having to defend himself. He quickly decided to allow Ganon the next move. He didn't have to wait long as Ganon gathered magic energy to throw.

"When I finish with you I will then kill those close to you." Ganon said, and then released the ball at Ranma.

"Wha...?" was all Ranma could reply before the energy ball slammed into him. Terrible pain enveloped him as the energy traveled through his body attempting to destroy as much as possible before dissipating. Ranma fell to the ground limply near unconsciousness.

"What a simple creature." Ganon sneered as he floated down and started to walk away from where Ranma lay.

"HEY, we're not through yet!"

Ganon turned around and was surprised to see the boy standing, though wearily, prepared to attack.

"No, you're through, boy." Ganon said as another energy ball was directed at Ranma.

"MÖUKO TAKABISHA!" Came the reply as Ranma called his attack.

Both attacks met, and the resulting explosion was enough to knock both opponents back a good distance. Apparently magic and Ki don't mix well.

"You shouldn't be able to do that! You have no magic!" Ganon almost yelled in utter disbelief. He knew the boy had no controlled magic at his disposal.

"Ain't magic." Was all Ranma replied as he summoned his battle aura, allowing it to become visible. Ganon stared at the boy, Again he checked for magic, but the aura didn't register.

He quickly began to scan all the possible powers the boy could use in battle. When he finally scanned Ranmas' spiritual energy Ganon nearly soiled himself as he realized he stood no chance from the beginning.

Ganon was a person who was never easily scared. Only once before had he felt fear, and that was his defeat at the hands of the Hero of Time, Link.

So when Ganondorf saw Ranma's spiritual energy, burning a brilliant white, he realized the boy himself was pure potential. Against Link his body was destroyed, but Ganon quickly realized that this 'boy' standing before him had the ability to destroy his soul as easily as one would snap a twig.

"NO ONE, THREATENS THOSE I LOVE, AND LIVE!" Yelled Ranma slowly, allowing his aura to flash with each word focused between the yellow of his confidence, and the crimson of his anger with each imposed syllable.

Ranma started to loose control. But unlike most times, he lost it willingly. He could feel the effects of the Neko-ken enveloping him. As he stood there, he soon realized that he had the power of the Cat Fist at his disposal, but his rational mind remained intact. As quickly as he lost control, he regained his focus as he prepared to attack.

"Kachü Tenshin Amaguriken revised; Raikou Neko Tsume."(*1) Ranma called as his Ki formed claws around his hands.

With lightning speed Ranma began to circle Ganon inflicting deep cuts and puncture wounds across his entire body with his new technique. Seconds passed and Ganon became an unrecognizable mess of wounds. As Ranma's attack neared a minute, he stopped. Suddenly Ganon literally fell apart, no longer held together naturally or by the pressure of Ranma's circling attack.

Winded, Ranma sat down heavily, and stared at what remained of his foe, shocked. He had only killed once before. When Saffron had nearly killed Akane. Though she was dead only briefly, he regretted loosing control, and feared that it may one day happen again. Now he had killed another person at the mention of harm to his family.

Ranma snapped out of his shock when he saw that what was left of the body began to dissipate. He again went into shock when his right hand, as well as what was left of Ganons' right hand began to glow.

Carefully He studied the marking that appeared. It was a large triangle, cut into four equal pieces, three taking up the outer parameter, situated in each corner of the larger one, shining bright gold, the upper triangle glowing the brightest. While an inverted triangle in the center glowed pure white.

Immediately he feared that the evil of the man had been somehow transferred into him. But after several minutes he could feel no changes that he was aware of. Hoping for the best, he began his trek home after the symbol quit glowing.

He carefully kept his hands in his pockets so not to attract any unwanted attention. After two hours he decided that he really needed to get back before anyone worried and begun to pick up his pace.

As he started to walk back to the Dojo, he ran across Dr. Tofu's clinic and got an idea. He quickly ducked inside and grabbed a roll of gauze and tape, and wrapped his new tattoo.

"Hey Doc is it okay if I borrow some bandages and stuff? I'm probably gonna need it when I get back to the Dojo." Ranma asked as he finished his bandage.

"Sure, just don't take any more than you'll need okay Ranma?" Came the Tofu's' reply.

"Thanks Doc!" Ranma responded, grabbing another roll of gauze and more tape before leaving. Confident that he could pass his tattoo off as an injury, he finished the walk home.

"Tadaima" Ranma called out wearily as he entered, He solved the problem with the tattoo temporarily, but he hadn't done anything about his problems with Happosai or Akane.

"Welcome home Ranma. You're just in time for dinner." Came Kasumi's greeting.

"About time Saotome." responded Nabiki with her usual, slightly feral moneymaking grin.

"Welcome back son" Said Soun.

"Hello my boy." Replied Nodoka serenely.

Genma grunted his acknowledgment of Ranma's presence, while Akane silently fumed, believing that Ranma went to Ukyo's or Shampoo's to avoid her. Ranma noticed this, but didn't say anything in his defense knowing that she would twist his words, and the result would be shouting match. Something he wasn't interested in doing.

He was relieved that Happosai was still out 'training' as he called it. He also became aware that the usual tirade that the fathers gave him after the 'parade' didn't happen either because of his mother or the wedding, he wasn't sure and didn't care.

He was shaken out of his analysis of the people before him when the phone next to him rang. Careful to keep his hand hidden he picked up the phone with his left hand and answered.

"Moshi moshi." He said over the line

"Good day, I was told that the Saotomes' are currently residing there, could I speak with Genma, Nodoka or Ranma Saotome please?" The nasal voice on the other side replied.

"This is Ranma. How can I help you?"

"This is Hadeki Fugitsu of the Vital Records office. We have recently come across some information that Genmas' daughter Keiko Tomoe, died a year ago in a lab explosion with her husband Ichiro Hibiki. Their daughter survived and is currently living with friends in the Juuban district. I wish to inform you that until a few hours ago we thought she had no other relatives, but this evidence suggests otherwise. It seems that you and your father as well as one Ryouga Hibiki are the only direct relatives.

Ranma in his usual stupor from being assaulted verbally as well as intellectually gave a rather standard reply.


"Mr. Saotome, you and Ryouga Hibiki have a niece named Hotaru Tomoe. Your father is her Grandfather. Here's her address."

Ranma quickly grabbed a pencil and wrote the name and address down and shoved it in his pocket as he hung up. A moment later the full brunt of the news hit him as he sorted out the family tree that was explained to him.

<Kuso, Pig-boy an' me are brothers. > Ranma quickly found reality as Kasumi called dinner.

As dinner was set Ranma withdrew his hand, and as he suspected Kasumi was the first to notice.

"Oh my Ranma, what happen to your hand!" Came the expected response of worry.

"I landed on a rock in the quarry. When I got to Dr. Tofu's I cleaned it up and bandaged it, nothing serious." Came the practiced response.

He didn't want to blame Akane, but he had to give a convincing story. Without waiting for a retort from his fiancée he began to eat, slowly. Everything was going smoothly until Genma decided to try to instigate the usual food fight between him and his son.

Since Ranma wasn't feeling up to his fathers annoying training habits and promptly threw his father one handed in a shallow arc into the koi pond while still paying attention to his food. This brought everything to a halt as everyone stared at the display of extreme power uncommon to Ranma. Ranma looked up at each face, each displaying surprise, while his mother gave him a curt nod of approval.

"What?" he asked innocently. He then looked outside where a panda was getting out of the pond and realized what he had done.

"Gomen" he said embarrassed.

Everyone then continued to give their food attention as Genma-Panda lumbered onto the porch chewing on a bamboo sprout.

After a minute all activity again stopped and directed itself at the young martial artist.

"What now?" he asked a little annoyed.

Akane pointed dumbly to his right hand. Slowly, he brought his hand to his attention. Despite his precaution the tattoo was glowing again, clearly and crisply through the bandage as if it wasn't there.

"Great." was all he could say before chaos took control of his life once more.

*Authors Notes*

(*1) Raikou Neko Tsume - Lightning Cat Claw - uses Amaguriken speed punches coupled with the Ki Claws of the Neko-ken. Ranma chose to circle using the technique because of his intent to kill Ganondorf rather than cause injury. (Side note - Blocking is not suggested since the technique uses a straight punch rather than a swing. If one chose or could block they would find themselves with bloody stumps for arms, weaponless, or both.


Some of the ideas presented within this story have come from or are related in some aspects to some of the excellent fanficton I've read. As some have already guessed, and guessed correctly I have put in some aspects of the fanfic UNCLES, an idea presented by Nighthawk to the public.
I've already written notes that should get me through chapter 10 or more but sitting down and actually writing enough information to make the story easily read is a lot harder. I would like to thank those who have reviewed the story so far It had prompted my to try to write more often than I planned.

As the eyecatch that is displayed with my story at Fanfiction.net I'm planning to create relations between several of the characters that will be present. I will not reveal any now but as the story goes on so it doesn't feel like I'm trying to explain the entire series of Ranma 1/2 to someone who hasn't seen it (Believe me I've tried and it wasn't pretty.)