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The Jedi Knights of Nerima



By Duo Maxwell


Chapter 1 – From another Galaxy

            “Ranma Saotome, prepare to die!’

            “Foul sorcerer, vengeance shall be mine!”

            “Die Ranma!  You’ll never take my Shampoo!”

            Ranma sighed.  He was walking home from school with Akane and her sister, Nabiki.  Not in a very good mood, he replied, “Guys.  Could ya just not try to kill me for once?  I haven’t even done anything.  I never do, anyway.”

            Ranma easily dodged all their attacks.  Mousse attacked Ranma again with a volley of various sharp weapons attached to the ends of chains that came from his long, flowing, white Chinese robes.  Ranma dodged with a neat flip off of his head.  Then Kuno charged with his bokken, using his super fast thrusting attack.

            “You will release the fair Akane Tendo and the pigtailed girl from your spell, Saotome!” Kuno cried.  “Tadadadadadadadadadadadadada!”  Ranma easily brought Kuno down with several hundred blows to his weak spots via the Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken technique.  Then it was Ryoga’s turn.

            “Because of you, I’ve seen Hell, Ranma!  I will destroy your happiness for the way you mistreat Akane!”  Then he called out his special attack, one that could be only called upon when its user is in despair, “Shi Shi Hokodan!”  Ryoga launched a large sphere of ki energy at Ranma. 

Ranma smiled, he knew he could beat him.  Mustering up all the confidence he had, he called upon his special attack, one similar to Ryoga’s but instead of using despair to fuel the blast, his used confidence.  “Mokou Takabisha!”  Ranma’s ki-blast shot out towards Ryoga’s.  Both spheres of energy met and flared in the air, a flash of light temporarily blinding everyone.  When the light subsided, the three attackers al surged forward at Ranma at once, screaming out in unison, “Die Ranma!”

Ranma smiled again, his plan was working perfectly.  Getting them all angry and dispelling such a tremendous amount of hot ki energy.  He brought them around into a spiral, dodging their assaults and blocking a few that made it into his guard, then, when he reached the center of the spiral, he called out his most powerful attack,  “Hiriyu-Shoten-Ha!”

A large tornado was formed, picking up all three of Ranma’s assailants and tossing them around like three socks in a dryer.  The tornado tossed them around for a while before launching them into the horizon.

“Heh.  That was easy,” Ranma laughed to himself.  “Hey, now I feel better all of a sudden.  It’s always fun beating those clowns, especially since they’re always trying to kill me for one thing or another.”  Ranma, Nabiki, and Akane continued their walk home.




            Three very unhappy and very beaten up marital artists lay on the grass of an empty lot, rubbing their sore bodies.

            “That…Saotome!” cursed the one in the Chinese robes and glasses.  “He always beats us!”

            “I know,” Ryoga added, picking up his combat umbrella and backpack.  “He’s just so good and so confident in himself.

            Tatewaki Kuno laughed, “That he is powerful.  But I will defeat him and the spell that he has over my beloved pigtailed girl and the beauteous Akane Tendo!”

            “Sure, you do that Kuno,” Ryoga said with a chuckle.

            “Even together we cannot beat Saotome,” Mousse stated.  “We just have to figure out a way to beat him.  But how?”

            “I dunno,” Ryoga said, “Ranma always outsmarts us.”  He sighed, shook his head, and spoke up again.  “Hey guys, I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat somewhere, you wanna join me?”

            “With your terrible sense of direction, Ryoga?  You’ll probably end up in Hong Kong.  I’ll go with you to make sure you don’t get lost.  You coming Kuno?”

            “I might as well.”

            The trio dusted themselves off and went on their way in the never-ending search for food.  Mousse didn’t want to go back to the Nekohanten and Ryoga had no clue to where he was so it was Kuno leading them.  They had barely picked out a place to eat when they heard shouting, not that it wasn’t common around they’re parts but it was a martial artist’s duty to defend the weak. Kuno naturally assumed it was Saotome up to his ‘foul sorcery’ again and dragged the other two with him, bokken in hand. 

            “Something doesn’t feel right,” Ryoga said.

            “You’re right. I feel it too.”

            “Look, over there!  The sorcerer Saotome must be at his tricks again!”

            They reached a vacant lot where they saw three hooded figures.  Two of them looked to be in the middle of a sword fight except their swords glowed and hummed, making cracking noises as they met each other.  One held a silvery blade, the other a deep crimson red blade.

            The cloaked figure not in the fray yelled out, “Corran! We have to get out of here, now!”  He held out his hand and the telephone pole behind them was ripped free from it’s base and hurled at the figure with the red blade.  The figure nimbly dodged with a neat flip and continued his assault.

            “WOW! Did you guys see what I saw!” Mousse exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Ryoga agreed, “it looks like he ripped that concrete pole out of the ground with his mind!”

            Kuno stood there, an statement of bewilderment on his face. That bewilderment turned to anger and then to mindless rage as he charged the figure that tore out the telephone pole.  “Saotome! Prepare to die!”    The hooded figure turned to face Kuno as he surged forward.

            “Oh man, we better stop him,” said Ryoga.

            “I agree. Who are those people?”

            “I don’t know, Mousse.  But I don’t want to get caught up in this.  Let’s grab Kuno and get out of here.”

            “Right.”  The two turned toward Kuno who was charging at the hooded figure, who held out his hand again.  Kuno was instantly struck by an invisible force that sent him back into Mousse and Ryoga, who were knocked into the toppled telephone pole.

            The two dueling cloaked figures continued their battle.  The red blade wielder outstretched a hand, sending an invisible force at the silver blade wielder, blasting him into Mousse, who had just gotten up.  Ryoga scrambled out from the dog-pile that was atop him.

            “That’s it!” he shouted, “Bakusai Tenketsu!”  He jammed his index finger into the ground, sending up a shower of rocks that bombarded the red bladed wielder.  “Arrgh!”  They heard him shout, and then he was gone.  Ryoga looked around and the figure was not to be seen.  He went over to where one of the figures, Kuno and Mousse were.

            “You guys alright?”

            Mousse rubbed his head, “I guess so. I think we’d better get these two out of here.” He gestured to the cloaked figure and to Kuno.  The other one ran up to them, the one who had ripped out the telephone pole, and removed his hood, revealing a light brown haired, brown eyed boy about their age.

            “Are they okay?” he said.

            “I think so,” Replied Mousse. “Who are you anyway?”

            The boy shook his head, “no time for that now, we have to get to our ship.  And I think you guys had better come with us.”

            Ryoga spoke up, “why should we?”

            “Just come. You’ll just have to trust me.”

            Ryoga and Mousse looked at each other.  They weren’t so sure, but something was telling them that they should trust this stranger.  “Alright,” they agreed, but who are you anyway?”

            “My name is Anakin Solo.  My friend over there is Corran Horn. I’ll explain everything once we get to the ship and out of here.  Pick those two up and let’s go.”

            Mousse grabbed up Corran and Ryoga picked Kuno up and slung him over his shoulder.  They followed Anakin a few blocks down to a large brush of bushes.  Anakin outstretched a hand and the bushes flew way to reveal a hidden space ship, its wings folded over the top of it.

            “Come on.  We must hurry!”  He ran up the entryway and the others followed suit.  The inside of the ship was amazing.  It looked like large living quarters, totally furnished but several large metal crates were scattered everywhere.  They dropped off Kuno and Corran onto the cots and followed Anakin to the cockpit.

            “Stap yourselves in.  We’re taking off.”

            “Taking off? To where?” Mousse asked.

            “Off this planet.”

            “OFF THE PLANET!” Ryoga shouted.  “That’s it, I’m outta here!”  He tried to un-strap himself from his harness but was jolted back into his seat as the ship took off.  It hovered in mid-air for a moment before heading skyward.

            “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” Ryoga stammered.  It wasn’t long before the reached orbit.  Anakin poured over the controls, pressing buttons and throwing switches.  Through the forward view port, stars filled their sights then the stars became a bunch of white streaks.

            “What happened?” asked Mousse.

            “We just entered hyperspace, there’s no turning back now.”

            Ryoga finally un-strapping himself from his seat, jumped up and grabbed Anakin by the collar, “TAKE US BACK!”

            “I can’t, we’re already light years away from your planet.”

            “OUR planet?!  What the hell are you talking about?”

            “I’m not from your world, in fact I’m not even from your galaxy.  I’m a Jedi Knight, a guardian from my galaxy.  The person you saw before was a Sith, an evil Jedi, as you might call one.  We followed him and his companions to your world in hopes to stop them from spreading their evil.”

            “I don’t understand what your talking about, just turn this ship around!”

            “We can’t.  We have to go back to my galaxy for help.  The Sith are too strong to fight alone, we need to warn the others of the Sith, then we will return to your world.  Now could you please let me go.”

            Hesitantly, Ryoga let go of Anakin’s collar go.  “Now what do we do?  Where are we going?”

            “We’re going to the Jedi Academy on Yavin4.  That’s the best place we can go to get help, and train you guys.  I had sensed your presences before we landed on your world.  The Force is strong in you three. At the academy, we can train you to become Jedi.”

            “Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Slow down there, pal.  What the hell is this Force?”

            Anakin smiled, “the Force is how a Jedi gets his power.  It’s an energy field in all living things that ties the universe together.  Jedi are trained in manipulating this life force and using it as their ally to do many things.  That ability is in you two and your friend.  The Force is strong in you all.  We can train you to use this power to help others.  But the main thing now is how to stop the Sith.”

            “So you’re saying that we have this great power to manipulate life?  Why us?”  Mousse asked.

            “I’m not sure,” Anakin replied, “I guess it’s just the way of the Force.  Nothing happens by coincidence.  Our meeting was not by accident.  I believe it was the will of the Force that brought us here and I also believe it is the Force’s will that you be trained as Jedi.  I can’t force you, but it is your choice.”

            Ryoga and Mousse looked at each other.  Both nodded in agreement.  It was their duty to help this guy out.  And besides, having such power could be pretty cool.

            “Okay, we’ll do it.  But we want you to know, that we have a lot of friends back home.  If what you said about the Sith is true, then they all are in danger and I’m not about to let anything bad happen to Akane.”

            “Good,” said Anakin, “but let me tell you one thing.  The life of a Jedi is hard and dangerous.  You will experience many dilemmas and hardships.  It’s not going to be easy.  But then again, easy isn’t for a Jedi.”


To Be Continued…



Author’s Note:

            Well, that’s it for chapter one.  I hope to get chapter two done as soon as possible.  I had the idea for this story in my head for a long time and finally worked up the nerve to actually write this fic.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Comments, criticism, and any helpful ideas are welcome at duo_deathscythe_maxwell2002@yahoo.com