Ranma 1/2 : A 2nd chance for Ranma! Prologue


Authors notes:

The prologue takes place after the end of volume 38

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If this first part seems a bit boring, it does get better.


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It was a clear sunny day in Nerima, for many such a beautiful day would mean for people to go out to the park and other various places to relax and enjoy themselves. Indeed this is what many of the city's inhabitants would do despite the craziness that occurred daily.


Such were the thoughts of Nerima's largest trouble magnet, Ranma Saotome up until the time he actually left for school, for once attempting to avoid a malleting from his finance, the violent yet sometimes cute Akane Tendo.


The day started out as usual with Ranma and his father sparring in the back yard

"Ha your getting slow old man" taunted Ranma as he threw his father from mid-air into the koi pond. A panda emerged where there was once a bald man with glasses, holding a sigh saying "I was just going easy on you son". Of course since this was not exactly true, were the thoughts of Gemma Saotome who had long since given up fighting his best against his son as it usually resulted in a more thorough beating than what it was now.


Ranma of course was angered by this but simply smirked and replied "Yeah whatever pop even if you were going all out, it would still feel like you were holding back.." thinking this verbal fight effectively won he turned his back to his father and started towards the house.


Genma never one to miss such an open opportunity hurled some water at his son instantly triggering the Jusenkyo curse.


Genma immediately got back into a fighting stance ( or what looked like a panda fighting stance ) expecting an attack from his son. He was surprised to say the least when Ranma simply turned around saying


"I'll get you for that later pop" and jumped to the roof and disappeared from view.


When Genma returned his gaze to the house, he quivered in fear as he soon discovered what had caused his son to bolt. It wasn't a demon or a new fiancée but rather something much worse, it was Akane Tendo, Ranma's fiancée with a tray of what he suspected to be breakfast!

"Where's Ranma uncle Saotome, I've made breakfast for him and everyone?" asked Akane.


Genma took about two seconds to look at the food before his mind, through careful calculations considered what would happen were Ranma to eat the food. Meanwhile Soun was in the corner crying saying

"Whhhaaaa my baby girls going to poison my heir... whhhhaaa".


Akane decided to ignore her father's insult taking it nothing more than how he tended to cry over just about anything, instead turning back to the panda for an answer to her earlier question. The panda had long since decided that if Ranma was not around it was likely that he was the next victim of the organism that Akane considered to be breakfast! So decided that bamboo would be a healthy breakfast.


The youngest Tendo daugher seeing as how was not going to get an answer from the panda was about to give up as there seemed to be no one left to sample her food *and she had tried so hard this morning* were the thoughts of Akane, as Nabiki was away in college in another part of Tokyo and Kasumi had been off the whole week studying in Kyoto with hopes of becoming a doctor one day.


The more Akane thought about it the more angry Akane got, with a growl she placed the tray of her food

( if one could call it that ) and took out her anger on the nearest solid object around. Which so happened to be a wall, surprisingly instead of merely punching a hole through the wall, the wall held firm ( after Nabiki decided that steel reinforced walls would be cheaper in the long term ) instead the whole house shook.


On the roof Ranma had successfully managed to sneak back into his room and change into his usual outfit of red satin shirt and black pants without being heard by Akane, as during his fight around the usual time his father would manage to throw him into the pond was when Kasumi called out breakfast was ready.


Ranma did a quick mental check and remembered yesterday evening Kasumi saying to the whole family she would be gone for a week. At this everyone bigsweated as they knew if Kasumi was absent that left only one person to cook, that person was Akane.


Although when Akane had heard this she immediately smiled knowing that now was her chance to show off her cooking skills. This of course resulted in Ranma saying out loud

"Uh oh we're gonna have to survive Akane's cooking for a week" which of course ended with Ranma sailing into the sky courtesy of Akane airways.


After getting home that night, Ranma knowing Akane would be particularly edgy this whole week attempted to avoid any sort of conflict, so before he could put his foot in his mouth decided it was safer to just escape.


These were the thoughts of Ranma Saotome just as he was about to leap of the Tendo roof and run to school, unfortunately the sudden movement of the house caused him to miss a step. Resulting in him crashing face first into the backyard.


At the sound of a falling object in the backyard, Akane turned and ran into the garden. Upon seeing Ranma she felt a wave of relief * at least all my hard work is not going to go to waste now* thinking about the breakfast she made. Ranma still groggy from the fall did not resist as Akane grabbed him and seated him on the dining table placing a modest amount of ~breakfast~ in front of him.


Ranma after regaining consciousness stared in horror at what was happening, Akane was staring and smiling at him, this was the first shock. The second was the barely recognisable *breakfast* lying in front of him. "well eat up Ranma, there's plenty more where that came from" Akane said pointing to a pot which seemed to be cackling.


Of course with all this Ranma forgot about everything before and said the first thing that came to his mind "look Akane I am not gonna eat that stuff it worst than toxic waste, I wanna live to at least thirty". At this moment before Akane could punt Ranma into orbit, there was a squeal and a blur of a black object came flying towards Ranma landing on his face. It was P-chan ( Ryouga for those of you who don't know..) Ranma intercepted the pig before it could attach itself to Ranma's face and squashed it into the ground.


The next thing Ranma saw was he was flying over Nerima and heard Akane shouting "RANMA STOP PICKING ON P-CHAN", the only good thing about this was he was heading towards school and he did not have to sample Akane's cooking Ranma thought.


The rest of the day turned from bad to worse for Ranma. As Ranma wearily went home exhausted by attacks from Kuno and practically the majority of the Male students at school, Moouse and Ryouga double teamed him after he was glomped on by Shampoo thus resulting in him being pounded as he could not move from the Amazon's iron grip, Ryouga had joined in because he had heard about that morning's events which involved Akane's cooking.


Then when he had finally managed to defeat the last of his foes, who just so happened to be Ryouga he was punted into orbit by Akane as she shouted "RANMA STOP PICKING ON RYOGA".


As Ranma went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror he was surprised to see not his male reflection but his female one. Ranma did a quick check of himself as he had no recollection of being splashed with water today, and found that he was indeed still male. Curious he stared at his reflection for longer for once noticing that the girl that stared back was indeed very beautiful. Thinking it no more than a side affect of the magic of the curse


Ranma than started to talk to this image about his day and what happened in his life, perhaps it was because he simply had no one else to talk to. At the end of what seemed like hours and the end of Ranma's tale, Ranma heard a voice say "I understand", Ranma immediately looked around the bathroom for who it might be, at first he thought it was the leech Happossi as he was probably the only person besides Cologne that he knew could sneak up on him. After a unsuccessful search he dismissed the words as part of his imagination due to all the stress. *Man I need to relax* thought Ranma, he took one last glance at his female reflection and said, "Ironic isn't it, that the only person who understands me is myself or you, I wonder what you were like? well to bad I'm 1500 years too late to meet you" he then left closing the door behind him.


What he did not see was his female reflection stay a bit longer than it should have in the mirror, just long enough for a single tear to fall from her now watery eyes. Than she was gone.


At the end of the week it seemed that things had gotten worse! The attacks had increased and Akane seemed to get angrier more easily, it was not his fault that even when he dared to eat Akane's cooking he had to immediately run to the toilet and puke up. Akane would take this as just another of Ranma's insults towards her and reply by punting him into orbit.


On that Friday night Ranma was on the roof thinking about his life, it seemed that everything was getting worse, after two years nothing was changing for the better. Even his best friend Ucchan was starting to get angry at him, always saying he should choose a fiancée. A week ago he would probably have chosen Akane and he her, *what....did I just think that* he thought.


But now Ranma was not so sure. Things were beginning to get out of hand with everyone attempting to force him to do something or another, what particularly hurt him was the fact that Akane kept P-Chan close, so when Ryouga was in human form he attacked him as he was somehow always near the dojo and attacked him as P-chan within the house. That was not what really annoyed him though, it was more the fact that Akane kept standing up for Ryouga when things were clearly his fault, so Ranma would end up in orbit at least 3 times a day if not more courtesy of Akane airways.


Ranma was getting really sick of these daily occurrences and began to try to figure out why his life had to be so difficult. Things were getting worse in general ever since the failed wedding, with everyone one still trying to kill or marry him, what was worse now was that Akane seemed to be more angry whenever he was around. As he thought more about his life he came to one conclusion "Man it seems that ever since I was first cursed at Jusenyko things have only gotten worse" Ranma said out loud to no one in particular.


"if I could only go back to the time just before I was cursed I wouldn't have so many problems". *Hmp. I definitely wouldn't have that old ghoul, Shampoo or Moouse after me all the time* Ranma thinking about all the problems he could have avoided after he was cursed.


As Ranma continued to wonder how his life would have been much better had he not been cursed as I girl, he probably would not had been so distracted when him and his pop entered that Amazon village for the first time, which just so happened to be first prize in a tournament.


Nor would he have to worry about either of the Kuno siblings trying to both kill him and marry him at the same time!


Ranma after what seemed like hours thinking about his life, felt particularly tired after began to drift of to sleep. As it was the middle of summer the night was reasonably warm. So sleep was easy to achieve.


A few moments after Ranma had drifted of to sleep, a glowing sphere of golden energy, slowly approached the dreaming martial artist. Upon reaching him the sphere encased him and in the blink of an eye disappeared taking Ranma with it.



In a valley somewhere in China, two Japanese people are seen walking towards an area dotted with pools,

with bamboo sticks stuck in each one.


Ranma blinked and blinked again, to clear his vision. Looking around

he noticed he was no longer in the Tendo dojo or anywhere in Japan at all,

As he recognised the familiar valley, the valley of Jusenkyo.


"Concentrate boy, a true martial artist should be aware of his surroundings at all time"

His father shouted at him. Before following up with a flying scissors kick aimed towards

Ranma's torso.


After side stepping his father's attack which caused Genma to lose his balance and roll down the

hill towards the cursed springs.

*At last a chance to never be cursed* with that last thought in mind Ranma

sprinted off into the valley to where his father lay.


( to be continued )




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