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Ranma's second chance

Chapter 7

Attack of the Mousse!

Ranma was playing soccer during his PE (Physical education) lesson at the end of school, the goal keeper on the opposing team seemed to be shaking with fear as he approached dancing through their defense. He noted that the old ghoul had not turned up yet, but than remembered that he had not defeated Shampoo thus was not bound by any kiss of marriage.

After finishing the game with his side wining thirteen nil he went to the side of the field, school had already finished so Akane and Ranko were there waiting for him.

Ranma felt a change in air pressure behind him at the same time he sensed his opponents aura.

His opponent was a Chinese boy about his age with long black hair, he wore robes which seemed several sizes to big for him. But Ranma knew that concealed in his robes were an assortment of deadly weapons.

"Are you Ranma Saotome?" the boy asked to tree.

"Hey Ranma that guyís seems to be looking for you" Ranko said curious as to why the boy started to

insult the tree.

By now most of the people in the field had left, remembering it was not healthy to be caught in a fight involving Ranma.

"Iím over here, who are you?" Ranma shouted trying to seem as if this was the first time theyíve met.

Mousse placed some glasses on his face, making sure that the tree he was staring at was not Ranma.

Slightly embarrassed he quickly turned to face Ranma.

"So you are the foul Saotome, I donít see what Cologne or Shampoo sees in you"

"What do you mean?" asked Ranko

"Enough talk today I shall defeat you" with that said Mousse thrust his hands forward, out of his robes came an assortment of chains and knives.

"AKANE LOOK OUT!!!" Ranma shouted as he ran in front her deflecting all the knives and chains.

"Ranko get Akane out of here Iíll handle this guy" *and itíll give me a chance to talk some sense into him*

Ranko nodded knowing that the situation could be taken care of by Ranma, complied and pulled a shocked Akane away from the fighting area.

"Ranko let go of me I can take care of myself" Akane protested as she was pulled away, slightly worried about what would happen to Ranma.

Ranko of course ignored Akaneís protests, but unlike Akane knew that the person who had challenged Ranma was not his equal so was not that worried.

"Ok Mousse what so you want?" Ranma asked as he continued to dodge barrage after barrage of knives, swords chains and other weapons.

"You know me.... anyway I must defeat you to free my love Shampoo" the Chinese boy replied.

*Damn gotta remember that we havenít met yet, too late now though* Ranma silently reminded himself, after realizing what he had just said.

"Why I mean I havenít beat her in a fight or nothing" Ranma replied confused.

*Itís not like before, Shampoo had a reason to chase me all because of some law*

"Itís simple if I defeat you it will show Shampoo and her great grandmother what a great warrior I am, thus they shall become interested in me instead of you!!!" He answered as he released a series of smoke bombs in Ranmaís direction.

"But Iím not interested in having Shampoo, why donít you go defeat her then you can marry her"

"Even though she would have to marry me if I were to defeat her, her great grandmother would never

allow it" he shouted back angrily.

"Well how about I help you out"

"What!... why would you want to help me out" Mousse asked suddenly stopping his attack.

"Well cause I donít wanna be your enemy and I donít want that old ghoul bothering me all the time!" Ranma stated, *If Shampoo marries Mousse theyíll have to go back to China and so will that old ghoul* he thought hopefully.

"Well how about this..." He stepped up to Mousse to explain his plan.

"Itís simple all you gotta to do is fight me and beat me in front of Shampoo and the old ghoul than you go fight and defeat Shampoo" Ranma stated simply.

"Huh... well whatís to stop me from killing you now!" Mousse stated jumping back and launching an assortment of weapons from his robes at Ranma.

As Mousse launched his weapons Ranma seemed to disappear from view, his chains and knifes imbedding themselves on the spot where Ranma was only moments before.

"Because you canít" Ranma stated simply now standing behind Mousse.

Before Mousse could react, Ranma hit a serious of pressure points at lightning fast speed, Mousse found

that all his muscles were frozen, he was unable to move save for speaking.

"Why you...." *how did he do that* the martial artist thought.

"Look Mousse Iím trying to help you here, donít worry the battle will look convincing but Iíll throw the fight" *Although I hate losing even on purpose if it will get rid of that old ghoul itíll be worth it* he had thought about it the night before, now that Happosai seemed to be serious in training them he could

probably go to the old freak for anything he wouldíve before gone to the ghoul for.

"Well????" Ranma asked still waiting for an answer

Mousse after a minute of thinking replied,

"Al..l right if itíll win me Shampooís heart Iíll do it" Mousse stated, seeing as how easily Ranma had defeated him killing him would be nearly impossible.

"all right than lets go" Ranma said as he undid the pressure points.

"what now?" the Chinese boy asked surprised.

"Well the sooner this is over and done with the sooner the old ghoul will leave" He said as he hoped off towards the Nekohaten with Mousse following close behind.

They arrived at the Nekohaten which was quite empty as the dinner rush had yet to occur.

Ranma nodded to Mousse who acknowledged, this signaled the beginning of the act that they had discussed earlier.

"So your Ranma Saotome, Iíve heard your a good martial artist" Mousse said acting as if this was the first time they had met.

"Yeah and who are you??" Asked Ranma trying to sound curious.

"I am Mousse of the Chinese Amazons, I challenge you, for the love of the beautiful Shampoo!" Mousse


"Fine I accept your Challenge...." Before Ranma could finish his sentence, he was attacked with chains. *better make it convincing*

He dodged most of the chains but he allowed one to snag his right ankle, causing him to lose his balance and land on his face.

*So he really is trying to lose* Mousse thought realizing that his attacks were no different from before and how Ranma had easily avoided them.

"Urngg..." was all Ranma was able to say before a huge mallet knocked him on the head, although it did no damage due to his breaking point training Ranma acted dazed.

Ranma threw a shaky punch towards the Chinese boy as if he were dazed, the attack was blocked and

Ranma soon found himself on the receiving end of a variety of blunt objects.

The match carried on like this for ten minutes with Mousse getting the majority of hits in, by now the fight had attracted a sizeable crowd including Cologne and Shampoo.

Ranma seeing the pair watching decided to end the match before the old ghoul saw through it. Taking a knife in the thigh he collapse in pain.

Mousse standing over him.

"Do you yield?" the Chinese boy asked.


Mousse hit Ranma over the head again with a club,


"" he replied trying to sound in pain, although the knife wound hurt he was used to much worse.

Shampoo immediately ran up to Mousse and hugged him,

"MOUSSE Shampoo no know you so great fighter"

"......." Mousse was speechless after all this time Shampoo was actually nice to him, he ignored the daggers stared at him by Cologne

Ranma watch as Shampoo dragged and hugged and dazed yet happy Mousse back into the restaurant.

Cologne walked to Ranma and picked him up before he could react leaping off with him.

On a roof top away from the crowd that had gathered to witness the fight, Cologne released Ranma and hopped back.

"So tell me Ranma why did you do it?" the elder asked in a cold tone.

"Why did I do what, Mousse is good he beat me thatís it" Ranma lied with a neutral look.

"Do not lie to me I know what your capable of" She said her face suddenly more serious.

Ranma knowing it was pointless to lie decided to humor the elder.

"Well I got sick of Shampoo chasing me around so I could defeat her and become her groom by your laws, so I allowed Mousse to gain Shampooís attention"

"Mousse is a weakling he will never defeat Shampoo!" the elder stated

"before maybe he couldnít but Iíve fought Mousse and seen how Shampoo fights I know whose better"

Ranma stated.

Cologne was silent for a while as if thinking about her next move.

She suddenly dashed forward and attacked Ranma.

Ranma was barely able to dodge and block all of the attacks as his leg was still in pain from the knife

wound . He tried to put some distance between himself and the ghoul,

*damn I canít used any spells as I wonít have the time to cast them I gotta get some more room*

However before he was about to counter attack, a familiar voice called to him from the rooftop of the next house.

"Yo Ranma need a hand" said the redhead as she leapt to his side, helping him to stand up.

"Thanks Ranko Iím would take her if I wasnít injured" he said in a relieved tone.

"Shhh save your energy and heal yourself like I taught you, Iíll take care of her"

"......" Ranma was about to complain when he noticed the determined look on Rankoís face, knowing

that to argue was pointless.

Ranko left Ranma in a sitting position and turned to face the ghoul, she was already casting a lightning spell.

"So come on old ghoul!"

"I will not fight you Shian Loi" the ancient Amazon stated.

"what......???? you know" Ranko asked eyes wide with shock.

"I know you are the girl who drowned in a certain spring 1500 years ago as to how your here now I donít know" the elder stated

"So you know me, you tried to hurt my..... friend so now fight me!" Ranko said angrily

"I cannot and I will tell you why" the elder said.

"Go on...." the redhead replied.

"Itís simple you may not remember this but 1500 years ago you saved my Amazon village from being destroyed by the Musk dynasty"

"What??" Ranko and Ranma said in unison

"Unfortunately during your battle in defend our village from the powers of the reigning king, you were killed along with that king, your body was somehow flung into a spring in the valley of Jusenkyo where the battle was said to have taken place"

"I donít remember any of that...."

"So you see Shian..."

"I prefer to be called Ranko now" she interrupted.

"....So you see Ranko I cannot attack you as my entire village owes a debt to you" The elder replied.

"Well I ask you now that because of that debt, that you leave Ranma and me alone from now on" Ranko said after a few moments thinking about the old womanís words.

"....................Very well........we shall no longer bother you" the Elder stated reluctantly

"Ranko are you sure we can trust her?" Ranma asked having finished healing his wound whispered into

her side.

"I will keep my word although what you ask is not much in the way of repayment" the elder said having

overheard Ranmaís comment.

"Donít worry Iíll think of some other way you can repay me" Ranko stated.

Cologne nodded

"this will probably be the last time we see each other, you both a great potential in both the martial and magical arts but please next time when you spar do it further in the mountains, it is a shame that neither of you will be joining our tribe you would have strengthened our village"

She said before she leapt off.

".....She knew....." Ranma said very surprised as he had not sensed her during that match

The pair walked home, both were silent,

Ranma because he couldnít really believe that the old ghoul was gone,

Ranko because of what the old ghoul had told her about her past.

When the pair got home they were greeted by a worried Akane,

"Ranma, Ranko where were you I was wor...ried" Akane mumbled the last part.

"We just finished sorting out some problems that followed us from China" Ranma answered

While Ranko just went upstairs to her room.

"Whatís wrong with Ranko?" Akane asked

"Sheís just tired she had a er...fight" he replied thinking up the quickest and most reasonable excuse.

"What happened between you and the Chinese boy?" Akane asked worry evident on her face.

" just a misunderstanding thatís all"

"He tried to kill you Ranma!"

Ranma for the first time noticed the small black piglet with the familiar black and yellow bandanna around

itís neck. Strangely Ranma did not feel his anger rise up as it did before when he saw Akane hugging

P-chan who was Ryouga.

"So anyway Akane whereíd you get the pig?" Ranma asked changing the subject.

The pig immediately got angry, although Ryouga had already settled the score with Ranma he still did not completely trust him.


"Shhh P-chan itís just Ranma he wonít hurt you" whispered Akane into the pigletís ear.

Ranma was annoyed that Akane showed such affection to the animal, if it were indeed just a normal animal he wouldnít mind but it was Ryouga and he was acting like a pervert, taking advantage of Akane when he slept with her.

Ranma decided to have a talk with Ryouga about his habits, so began casting a sleep spell on the pig he had often used such a spell when he was hunting in China so the animal would not suffer when it was killed.

"Say Akane can I take a look at that pig??" Ranma asked innocently.

"Sure...just be careful with him ok?" Akane said.

After casting the spell the pig was already falling asleep,

"Well Akane Iím gonna go and have a bath now, say your pig looks kinda dirty"

"Hmm your right about that I only found him today, could you give him a bath Ranma?" she asked.

"Sure" Ranma quickly replied *this is the perfect opportunity* he thought.

"Ok Iíll be in my room so give him back to me when your done" Akane said walking off to her room.

Ranma entered the bathroom, filling up the furo with hot water.

The unconscious pig was tossed into the hot water, immediately triggering the transformation. Where there had once been a pig there was now the lost boy,

"RANMA whyíd you do that" Ryouga said already raising his fist preparing to strike.

"Look calm down Ryouga, I just wanted to talk to you" Ranma said calmly

"What about..." the bandanna boy said still angry.

"Well firstly does Akane know about your curse?" Ranma questioned.

"W..hat of course not, and if you tell her Iíl..."

"Look I wonít tell if you donít sleep in Akaneís bed in your cursed form"

"What why would I do that Iím not a pervert" the lost boy growled back.

"Well you were getting pretty comfortable on her chest there!" Ranma replied evenly.

Ryouga could not reply but instead began to turn a shade of red.

"Look man sheís my fiancée and it wouldnít be honorable for you to sleep with her even if your a pig"

Ranma said trying to prevail to the lost boyís sense of honor.

Ryouga seemed to think about this for a while, although he had fallen in love with Akane already, it would not be right to take advantage of her even in his cursed form.

"..Ok I promise not to sleep with her in my cursed form as long as you donít tell her about my curse"

Ranma happy that things worked out so easily happily agreed.

Ranma exited the bathroom five minutes later, carrying a damp black piglet in one arm. Before he returned him to Akane he whispered into itís ear.

"Remember your promise Ryouga"

The pig just nodded.

Ranma knocked on Akaneís room,

"Akane itís me Ranma Iím returning your pig"

The door opened to reveal Akane in her night-gown already preparing to go to bed.

"Thanks Ranma" Akane said taking the pig and hugging it tightly.

Ranma could see the pig although black was blushing, he stared daggers at the pig. Which didnít notice as itís face was facing away from him.

"Anyway Akane see you tomorrow gínight" Ranma said walking off to his room

*Ryouga had better keep his promise* Ranma kept thinking as he headed back towards his room.

Remembering that Ranko seemed to be acting strangely after their hopefully last encounter with Cologne, he decided to see her. Knocking on her door, she waited for an answer.

"Who is it?" came a female voice behind the door.

"Ranko itís me Ranma"

The door was opened and Ranma stepped in, he immediately saw that the lights were off, noticing the

window was open as was the curtains, allowing for the full light from the moon to shine into the lightless


"Itís a beautiful moon light isnít it Ranko" Ranma decided to be subtle seeing as the direct approach might put her on the defensive.

" is" she replied.

They sat staring at the moon for several more minutes, before Ranma decided that waiting any longer would get him nowhere.

He turned towards Ranko, this noise was enough for Ranko to turn towards him. They stared at each other for a moment before Ranma continued, and Ranko stared towards the ground.

"Ranko I want to know whatís bothering you, youíve been acting strangely ever since our encounter with the old ghoul"

When Ranko did not reply at all, Ranma knew for definite that something was severely bothering the redhead.

"Címom Ranko you trust me right whatever it is you can tell me" Ranma said as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Ranma.." she finally "Iíve been thinking about what the old ghoul said about how I saved their village."

"Yeah well thereís nothing wrong with saving a village" Ranma said confused

"Well she mentioned that I killed to save them"

"Look Ranko, remember the job of a martial artist is to protect the weak, if you hadnít killed that guy then probably hundreds of people would have died" Ranma said.

"But what about before that, I mean what if I had killed even more people" She said almost in tears now.

Ranma instinctively hugged her, supporting her.

"Listen Ranko I donít believe that you could have ever been some kind of murderer a couple hundred years ago..."

"But thatís the thing Ranma I donít remember anything about that life I could have killed hundreds of people" Ranko replied shakily.

"Shh.. you and I both know that you would never do anything like that, and if you did that was a person who existed 1500 years ago, whatever you did was in the past forget it! worry about the now and here"

Ranko was silent for a moment having listened to Ranmaís speech

"Anyway your too cute to be some kind of a killer" Ranma spoke before he knew what he had said

*Why did I say that, I like Akane right?* he asked himself.

Ranma noticed that Rankoís posture had improved, through the moon light he could see that

Rankoís cheeks were becoming darker.

"Thanks Ranma I needed that, and your right the past is the past"

"Well itís getting late Ranma said quickly" getting up and leaving, before he left he felt himself being hugged from behind by Ranko. She whispered into his ear,

"Ranma thanks I donít know what I would do without you"

Ranma turned and flashed her a knowing smile before heading back to his room. Conflicting emotions about Ranko clouding his mind.

The next day after school Ranma decided to check on the old ghoul, to his surprise the Nekohaten was closed. All signs of the Amazons were gone, he decided to ask Nabiki to be sure.

"Nabiki what happened to the Nekohaten?"

"Why do you want to know Ranma?" She asked

"Well that was where certain Amazons were staying thatís all" Ranma said carefully

"This informationís for free, they just packed up and left over night they sold the place at what I would

consider a loss considering the businesses that place attracted"

"Thanks Nabiki...." he handed her an envelope full of yen.

"Whatís this Ranma?" Nabiki asked knowing just by the weight of the envelope that there was at least a hundred thousand yen inside.

"It the monthly payments I said I would pay, even with the increase in students attending the dojo theyíre still not enough to support the place" Ranma stated simply

"Hmm your right, thanks" She said taking the envelope and walked away.

*So the ghoul was telling the truth when she said that was the last weíll see of her* he thought,

Ranma wanted to feel relieved but couldnítí shake the feeling that things were only just beginning.

He put aside the feeling and headed off to school already knowing that he was late.



End of chapter 7

( to be continuedÖ.. )

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