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Ranma's second chance

Chapter 6

Happosaiís arrival!

Ranma was walking with Akane and Ranko to school, it had been an unusually calm weekend and morning which unnerved Ranma to say the least as he was used to things happening to him all the time. The peacefulness was not unwanted though but it usually meant something bad was going to happen and happen soon.

As the three approached the school Nabiki having already left, they heard screams and cries coming from several girls who were running from the changing room.

Ranma sensed the aura of the perverted martial artists as said martial artist descended upon Akane,

"AHH sweeto!" he cried.

Akane screamed at the flying man descending upon her.

Ranma snatched the old man out in mid-air before he could latch onto to Akaneís chest. He struggled in Ranmaís grasp but was unable to free himself, so just gave up.

"You wouldnít hurt an old man now would you??" he asked putting on his most innocent face.

Ranko and Akane stared in disgust at the diminutive figure in front of them.

"You can cut the act Happosai" Ranma replied.

Happosai suddenly slipped out of Ranmaís grasp, standing in front of Ranma coming up to his waist.

"So you know of me?" he asked in a slightly more serious.

"Of course you trained my father in anything goes, Genma Saotome" Ranma replied.

"Ahh so your Genmaís boy" he turned to Akane "so you must be Akane Tendo"

"How did you know?" questioned Akane slightly surprised.

"What you mean you really are Soun Tendoís daughter" the ancient martial artist replied, surprised at this statement.

"And you are?" he asked turning towards Ranko, his mouth dribbling as he looked her over.Than quickly glomp onto her chest.

"YOU PERVERT" She cries as she saw the look in his eyes so punted him into orbit before he could

touch her.

"So who was that Ranma you seemed to know him" asked Akane.

"Urr..well I don't actually know him personally" trying to make up a reason as to how he knew the perverted freak.

"Well who is he?" asked Ranko.

"Well your not gonna believe this but heís the Grand master of Anything goes martial arts" he said slowly.

"your joking right? he trained our fathers"

"Iím not but donít underestimate him heís a damn good martial artist!" He replied seriously.

"Either way guys weíve gotta get to school, anyway by the looks of it we wonít be seeing that guy around for the rest of today" said Ranko.

"Yeah weíll let our fathers worry about him after all theyíre his students"

He said as he headed towards school. *Well it was too much to hope that Happosai wouldnít show up*

After school Ranma and Ranko decided to have their match so left Akane and Nabiki, heading off into the woods.

"Weíll be back sometime tonight, tell Kasumi to save us some dinner"

"Weíll see you at home, but where are you going?" asked a curious Akane.

"Weíre just going for some training, thatís all Akane" said Ranko.

"Well how about I meet you where your training"

"Umm.." Ranma trying to come up with a reason.

"Akane remember youíve got that assignment to hand in tomorrow" reminded Nabiki.

"Oh your right, all well I guess itíll have to be next time" she said with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Well weíll see you later" Ranma said grabbing Rankoís hand and dragging her off.

Nabiki shrugged her shoulders and headed back towards the Tendo dojo with Akane trailing behind.

Ranma and Ranko had reached a clearing deep in the woods near the mountains.

"..Tell... me...again so...far...for..our....match" Ranko asked in between breaths.

Ranma likewise was breathing heavily,

"Well....there will be less...chance of anyone seeing us here thatís all.."


After half an hour of rest and warm up exercises, the two stared of against each other.

"Remember Ranko hold back on the mass destruction spells OK?"

"Aww but it was only a bit of fun" Ranko replied putting on her most innocent face.

"Maybe but that farmer wasnít too happy when you fried all his crops for two miles!"

"all right I get the point easy on the spells, but you have to go all out this time!"

"Umm.." Although Ranma would now hit a girl for the right reasons he still was reluctant to use full force when doing so.

"Think about it Ranma youíll never beat me if you donít, just goes to show you whose better here I mean you canít even beat a girl"

Despite his experience, there were still a few buttons that if pressed could set him off.

Insulting his skill was one of them.

"Thatís it Iím gonna show you whose better" a part of him was happy because he knew that even if he did go full out, which he had once with Rankoís skill in the magical art a simple healing spell in case either one of them got badly injured.

Ranma started of with a his traditional ki attack.

"Moko takabisha" as a beam of bright yellow energy surged towards Ranko.

"youíre gonna have to do better than that..! she replied as she literally flew out of the way.

"How about this!" in an instant he was suddenly behind her performing the chestnut fist. Ranko unable to move out of the way quickly cast a shield spell making her temporarily invulnerable to his assault.

*Damn I thought Iíd be able to get her before she got that damn shield up, but she does look tired though*

*Guess he really is going all out today* she thought slightly tired as she had put a substantial amount of her energy in maintaining the protective barrier.

"Flame wall" she shouted as a column of fiery energy surrounded her and expanded outwards pushing Ranma backwards.

*got to put some distance between me and him, I canít match his close combat skills*

*Sheís putting some distance so she can finish me from a far* Ranma thought as he released a set of vacuum waves towards her hoping to break her concentration.

As he expected Ranko dodged the wave by flying upwards, where Ranma had already launched another

ki blast. The blast engulfed the redheaded girl, for a moment Ranma was worried that he may have put

too much behind that last blast, fortunately he could still sense his opponents aura.

"Not bad" Ranko said from a few meters behind him having teleported right after his attack hit.

"Now itís my turn again" she said as she released several more fireballs in Ranmaís direction, all of which

he managed to dance around.

The battle continued for over an hour, with Ranma managing to dash in past Rankoís defenses dodging fireballs, lightning bolts, ice spears and getting a few hits in. Although before he could continue he would be forced back again and bombarded with mainly explosive spells.

The match came to a turning point when Ranma made a final assault putting everything into his last attack, by now both combatants were exhausted. Ranma was charging towards Ranko seeing an opening, as he was about to strike he realized that such a blow would be lethal so diverted his attack at the last moment, giving Ranko the opportunity to electrocute him with her weaker spells as she too was too exhausted to do anything else.

"Spark shock" Ranko cried throwing a bolt of electricity which zapped Ranma in the side.

Ranma was blasted several meters away where he lay unmoving, immediately Ranko ran up to his form to check for any serious injuries. Fortunately there were none,

"You still alive Ranma??"

"YeÖah just give me a momentÖ."


The pair lay still for a moment both too exhausted to say anything, nodding to each other indicating the end of the match. They both began to recuperate, although Ranma already had an extraordinary healing ability it would take days for him to completely recover.

Ranko had already gone into her healing trance, already he could see the cuts on her face closing up.

He himself concentrated and after five minutes of concentration his wounds were beginning to heal as well.

The pair sat like that for an hour, by the time they opened their eyes night had fallen.

"Well I guess you won that match again" Ranma said with a touch of annoyance in his voice.

"Well I mean if your the best no one can beat ya" she replied with a grin.

"you just got lucky this time thatís all Ranko" Ranma replied he too was smiling.

Although inside he was slightly unnerved by the thought that the final blow if he had not realized it could have killed Ranko and no spells he knew would bring her back to life.

"I know" she said straight faced "you know that last attack could have hurt"

Ranma had hoped that Ranko had not noticed that last attack,

"Iím sorry Ranko I was so caught up in the battle....but I should have had more control" he said a look of guilt evident on his face.

"Hey look Ranma itís OK I almost killed you several times" As she walked up to him and dragged him off the ground to his feet.

"Anyway weíve better get back Iím starved" she shouted already running towards the city,

"hey you better not touch my share" Ranma shouted as he gave chase.

After they had left a shadow jumped down from the trees, the area around the battle was devastated, trees several meters wide were either scorched black and collapsed on the ground or in piles of sawdust, craters meters wide littered the area.

Another shadow jumped at the first which quickly dodged out of the way.

The moonlight illuminates the open area to see the two small figures clearly, one is Happosai and the other is Cologne.

"Ah La Cologne long time no see"

"Same with you Happi" she replied in a neutral tone.

"So how have you been all these years Cologne?" Happosai asked as he pulled out his pipe and sat on the ground smoking.

"I doubt you want to talk about old times Happi" the elder Amazon replied.

Happosai eyed Cologne more carefully taking a puff from his pipe.

"Those two are strong in both the martial and magical arts, the girl used ancient magic from times long forgotten you donít know who she is do you?"

"I have my suspicions, but the boy.."

"Ah Ranma my heir, you are interested in him, no doubt from that display in your restaurant yesterday"

"How did you know, I did not sense you anywhere" Cologne replied in surprise.

"I have my way, I wasnít there but I saw it, quite an impressive lad managing to trick you and all" he said snickering a bit.

"He will make an excellent edition to the tribe, as would the girl" Cologne stated.

"And I wonder how you will do that, Ranma is already suspicious of you already, I would say that if he and the girl were really determined they could better us easily"

Cologne remained silent at this.

"Either way Cologne he is my heir there are still things I can teach him" Cologne raised an eye brow at this preparing to comment,

"other than what I enjoy"

"Anyway Cologne itís been nice talking with you but Iíve got some um..errands to run" the ancient master thinking about all the panties that would be on washing lines over night. He hopped off leaving Cologne.

*The boy will be difficult* She thought as she planned on a way to control him.

Than hopped off back to the Nekohaten

By the time Ranma and Ranko arrived back at the Tendo it was already pretty late.

As they walked into the dining room they saw Ranmaís parents sitting by the table with mister Tendo.

Kasumi went into the kitchen to reappear with plates of food saved from dinner moments later. She set

them down on the table, then returned to the kitchen.

Both Ranma and Ranko extremely tired and hungry from their match hurried to seat themselves, and began eating. For once neither were shoveling food down their throats but eating at a respectable pace.

"So Ranma how are you getting on in school?" asked Nodoka watching Ranma eat.

"umm gulp" swallowing a bit of food before he answered. "Iím fine mom except for this one guy who tried to get the whole school to beat me up"

Nodoka was taken back by this statement, but Genma reacted out of habit

"Useless boy after all I taught you and you still get beaten up!"

"GENMA silence now Iíve still not forgiven you for the past ten years!" Nodoka nearly screamed.

"ALLOW me to finish please?" Ranma asked making sure everyone was listening he continued.

"Anyway I defeated all eighty something of the boys but the one boy Kuno just keeps coming back for more"

"A..ll e.iighty,,," Genma stuttered even he was amazed.

Ranma decided to shock his father even more as he deserved it for what he had put him through in both lives.

"Oh by the way father guess who I ran into today?"

Ranko looked at Ranma curiously as did everyone else in the room.

Genma remained silent but Ranma noted the tensing of his muscles,

*heís probably going to do his panda act in a minute*

"Who son?" asked Nodoka.

Soun had remained a silent observer to this whole conversation as although this was his house it was also a family affair between the Saotomes.

"Anyway I ran into master Happosai" he said quickly before either Soun or Genma could cover his mouth. Both now lay on the floor faceís pale.

"Wasnít master Happosai your teacher Genma?" asked Nodoka

"SHHHHHH.....please dear donít mention his name you might attract his attention" Genma said as he rushed to Nodokaís side placing his finger in front of his mouth.

"Hey Ranma whatís with the old men, why are they acting like that?" whisper Ranko.

At that moment there was an insane laughter coming from outside.

"Ah Soun it was nice seeing you but me and my wife must get him now" Genma said to his old friend while simultaneously grabbing Nodokaís hand and heading towards the door.

Before Soun could complain, the door to the living room was thrust open and in walked a short bald man

about three feet smoking a pipe.

"Why going so soon Genma?" Happosai asked.

Genma turned around slowly as did Soun to face the ancient master.

"Master weíre so glad to see you" immediately bumrushing the old man only to be tossed into the walls with a simple twist of his wrist.

"Come now Genma, Soun is that any way to treat your master after locking him up in a cave for ten years?" the ancient pervert asked.

Nodoka slowly approached the old man with her katana unsheathed,

"Master Happosai although my husband Genma may be an idiot most of the time" indicating to the unconscious form of Genma lying on the ground in the corner.

"He is still my husband and I will protect my family"

Happosai eyed the woman carefully preparing to make a glomp when he noted the seriousness in her eyes, he had only ever seen that once before in a womanís eyes and he knew when to back down.

"Very well out of respect for you I shall not um...teach my students in your presence"

"I suppose that will do for now" she said re-sheathing her blade.

Ranma and Ranko also relaxed both had expected the old man to make some sort of a move on Ranmaís mother. Ranma was the most surprised when Happosai made his speech.

Happosai saw his two students attempt to crawl away, so leapt on top of them.

"You donít need to worry boys Iím not here for revenge"

The two men seemed to relax a bit.

"Iím getting on in my age, so itís time I started to train an heir for the school of anything goes"

"" the two men stuttered in fear.

Happosai smirked at the reaction of his students.

"Donít worry boys Iíve already got someone in mind even two people!"

The men relieved began to recompose themselves.

"Iíve decided that those two will become my heirs!" the old man said pointing to Ranma and Ranko

Ranma had expected this so said nothing,

" why me?" said Ranko still shocked by what she had heard.

"Well to simply put it I see potential on you both, and anyway you both have training in anything goes already!" the ancient master replied.

Ranko just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Well Happosai I willing to learn from you, but donít expect me to go on any panty raids for ya" Ranma replied.

"Ranma thatís no way to talk to your sensai!" said Nodoka shocked at what Ranma said.

Both Soun and Genma were already making their way out, hoping to avoid the masterís wrath at Ranma insolence.

Happosai just smirked,

"Donít worry me boy I intend to train you for real"

Ranma was surprised at this since before only the old ghoul had ever taught him anything useful.

"Well now that thatís settled" He turned towards Ranko eyeing her carefully.

"Let an old man have a rest on your bosom!" With lightning speed the old man leapt towards Rankoís chest before she could do anything, Happosai was sailing through the roof into orbit.

"DONíT EVER TRY THAT AGAIN OLD MAN!" shouted Ranma after he had punted him into the stratosphere.

"Ranma do you think that was the right thing to do to your master?" asked his mother

"Donít worry mom heíll be back"

"Ranma thanks" Said Ranko

"Itís all right I couldnít let him grope you could I now?" Ranma replied, remembering about how

uncomfortable it felt when Happosai had glomped onto his chest while in his cursed form.

Ranko just blushed at that statement.


The two men had recovered by now.

"Boy you do your father proud by standing up for him"

"Yes Ranma you will make me proud when you marry Akane and take over the dojo"

"Look I didnít do it for you old man, I was protecting Ranko!, heís your master you take care of him" he

shouted above their voices

Soun immediately started to cry,

"Boo.hoo... my son in law doesnít like me....."

Genma would have started to insult his son had not Nodoka been there eyeing him carefully.

"Well umm... boy itís time for us to get home now" with that he grabbed Nodokaís hand and rushed out the door. *Better leave before the master returns*

After both Saotome parents had left, the three Tendo sisters entered the dining room attracted by the commotion.

"Oh my father whatís wrong?" asked Kasumi

The only reply was Sounís continuos sobbing.

"Well it looks like we wonít be getting an answer from father" commented Nabiki

Akane noticed that Ranko and Ranma were sitting in silence just watching the scene before them.

"Ranko what happened"

"Well Ranmaís parents came round.." Akane believing that it was probably Ranmaís fault began to get angry, staring daggers at Ranma, who just seemed to be staring out into the backyard.

Ranko noticing the anger in Akaneís face hastily continued.

"Soon after they came round, that old guy we saw earlier at school appeared he said he was the sensai of your and Ranmaís fathers"

"Oh" Akane said allowing her anger to die down.

"So whyís father here crying and whereís your father?" Nabiki asked to Ranma.

" pops was so scared he quickly left for home with my mom" Ranma replied snapped out of his haze.

"So why is father so upset?" Nabiki questioned indicating towards a crying Soun who was being comforted by Kasumi.

"Well apparently he suppose to want to get revenge on these guys cause they locked him in some cave for a couple of years" the redhead answered.

"Really" was all Nabiki said as she went back upstairs to her room, thinking about more important matters.

"Well whereíd that pervert go to?" asked Akane.

"Ranma here punted him into orbit" Ranko helpfully answered not mentioning why at the same time

pointing at the new skylight.

"OH Ranma Iím so glad your here to protect us" shouted Soun from his corner in between sobs.

"Yeah whatever mister Tendo" getting up to head upstairs.

"Where you going Ranma?" asked Akane

"To bed Iím dead tired" He replied simply then headed upstairs.

"Iím tired too, might as well get an early night" yawned Ranko. As she too headed up the stairs.

"Gínight Akane, Kasumi, mister Tendo" she said as she headed upstairs.

Akane sat around watching her father calm down. She wondered why Ranma and Ranko could not have trained in the dojo instead of going to some forest, *I mean our dojoís big enough*

Later she too went upstairs to her room, more and more questions about Ranma and Ranko filling her head.

The following week went as normal as Ranma was used to, in other words he had to put up with Kunoís daily poetry and attacks. Shampoo had attacked him specifically twice already, but he had manage to escape her without having to defeat her, he sensed that every time the Chinese girl attacked Cologne would be nearby. This unnerved Ranma to say the least as he was sometimes unsure whether or not she was actually there. There was an increase in the number of underwear going missing from shopping lines in the local newspaper.

He was now getting on with Akane to the point where she actually talked to him as a friend, listening to

his reason instead of just pounding him every time he let his mouth open at the wrong time.

Although he would still suffer from hammer blows when he attempted to avoid Akaneís cooking.

That weekend Happosai decided to return to the Tendo dojo, calling for his two appointed

heirs to meet him in the dojo.

"So Ranma what do you think the old guy wants us for?" Ranko asked walking beside Ranma towards

the dojo.

"Probably so he can train us..." Ranma answered not really believing the answer himself.

"Yeah right like Iíd want to learn how to steal panties" Ranko said in disgust.

The pair slid open the door to the dojo and walked in, they saw the master of anything goes sitting in the center of the dojo smoking his pipe. Ranma noticed that Happosai did not have his usual playful look, he seemed more serious today.

The master looked at Ranko not in the same way as before but as a proper sensei would sizing up their students.

"In case you two are wondering why Iíve called you here, I have decided to begin teaching some of me secret techniques in anything goes"

"Look old man I donít feel like going hunting for ladies underwear" Ranma said thinking as to why the old man was acting this way, *I mean he was never like this in my first life*

Happosai simply stared at Ranma not even insulted,

"No Ranma Iím serious Iím going to train both of you in certain techniques, such as this!" With that Happosai took a step forward and vanished, as if he stepped through a doorway.

"So Ranma care to learn this"

Ranma knew of Happosai interdimensional teleport, he also knew that he could not attack while executing the move. But it would be helpful getting out of sticky situations, he could not sense Happosai anywhere but knew he was nearby by the sound of his voice.

"Ranko can you sense him" Ranma asked thinking that her Magic might be able to.

" there was no magic used, itís in your area Iím afraid" the redhead answered.

Happosai suddenly reappeared behind the pair who turned round in a flash.

"Well Iíll give you one thing old man that was a pretty impressive technique but you canít attack with it" Ranma stated.

"Very good boy, but there your wrong I myself have yet to perfect the technique"

"So your saying I could sneak up on you, attack and not get hurt" Ranko questioned unbelievingly.

"Well when I learnt it, there were rumors of a monk who had perfected the technique but it requires quite a bit of ki and concentration to do" the ancient master stated.

"Alright so when do we start?" Ranma asked eager to learn a new move, Ranko likewise had been impressed by this move and Happosaiís explanation.

"Well firstly we sit a meditate" He said, taking a lotus position, the pair followed suit.

After nearly two hours of concentration on chi manipulation, the pair were exhausted as they

left the dojo. Happosai had already left to run some errands ( so he said ).

"Damn that was exhausting, at least weíre learning something" said Ranko.

"Yeah.." was all Ranma replied still baffled as to why Happosai had suddenly decided to train them for real. *He was always going on about panty raids at part of training* thinking back to what his father had told him about Happosaiís training techniques.

"He ainít all that bad although heís a pervert" continued Ranko.

"Yeah but..."

"Címom Ranma whatís wrong your usually so eager to learn a new technique"

"..Well itís just that I donít trust that old geezer thatís all" answered Ranma.

"So what, it doesnít matter all we do is learn what he teaches and watch ourselves at the same time" Ranko stated simply.

Ranma realized that Ranko was right, there was no point worrying about the old guy until he did something, *I mean he is after all teaching us something* still amazed by the old manís actions.

They bumped into Akane in their way upstairs,

"So guys how was training?" she asked quite interested.

"It was all right all we did was ki exercises!" Ranko stated tiredly

"Ki??" Akane questioned, she had heard it mentioned by her father before but not much more.

"Yeah just some focusing exercises, Iíll show you some other time Akane right now Iím too tired"

Ranma said as he and Ranko brushed pass Akane to their rooms.


Akane just stared at the departing pair, even more questions about the two. She decided to head downstairs to ask her father. Although he rarely practiced the art anymore he had knowledge from past experience.

She found her father in the living room, reading a newspaper.


"Ah yes Akane what is it?" Soun answered.

"Father what is ki?" she decided to get straight to the point.

"Umm..well..." Soun thought for a moment.

"Well a true master in the art can control an energy within them called ki" The older man said after a while.

"Wow..but what can they do with ki?" Akane said fascinated.

"Well I donít know much about it as I myself have not mastered this technique, from what I heard from the master ( Soun shudder as he said this ), with ki a person can increase their speed and strength"

"Really??" Akane asked not really believing what she was hearing

"Not only that but in some cases people can project their ki so that they can hit an opponent without even

physically touching them, why do you ask daughter?" Soun questioned.

"Oh well itís just that Ranma and Rankoís training exercises required them to focus their ki, well thatís what they said"

*Hmm those two must be very skilled in the art to even use their ki!*

"Oh is that all I wouldnít worry about it Akane, why donít you ask your fiancée to teach you" Soun said with a wide grin.

"FATHER heís not my fiancée" *but Iíll ask him anyway or maybe Ranko knows* Akane muttered her

thoughts as she headed upstairs to her room. Leaving her now crying father downstairs, who was going

on about how the anything goes schools would never be joined.


(To be continuedÖ..)


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