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Ranma's second chance
Chapter 12
A martial artist's duty
Nerima, Tendo dojo just moments ago,
Nabiki was still staring at the spot where to her, the impossible had just happened. Kasumi's 'oh my' still echoed in the background, having been the only sound made since the unusual departure of Ranma and Ranko.
Feeling a tugging on her shoulder, she turned to face the source.
"Nabiki, just in case I was imagining things…..did you see what I just saw???", Akane said in a very calm voice.
"………Well that saves us a couple of plane tickets".
"WHAT!!!!……Is that all you can say!!, that baka of a fiancee just flew off like some sort of a bird!", Akane screamed in frustration and confusion.
Mister Tendo left heading upstairs, too shocked for words.
"….Well I better go and prepare a large meal, after all when they get back they're bound to be hungry",
with that said the eldest Tendo daughter headed towards the kitchen.
"..Always the optimists….", Nabiki mumbled under her breath, as she knew from the way the pair spoke they would be lucky to make it back.
"Come on then Nabiki let's go pack".
"..Huh…what??? didn't you listen to anything Ranma said!".
"I'm going to help, with or without your help! So are you coming or not!?", Akane asked anger present in her voice.
"………No…..I'm sorry Akane, it's just too dangerous….besides what could we do against those things", Nabiki stated in a sad tone while holding up the message. *If….if only I had trained more when I was younger than perhaps….*.
"FINE THAN, I don't need your help….", with that Akane stormed up to her room.
Nabiki watched her go, but did not make a move until she heard the slamming of her younger sister's door.
Reaching the phone, she dialled several numbers, half an hour later sat down on the living room couch, a look of satisfaction present on her face. *I'll stop you from doing anything foolish Akane*
Nabiki had at first thought about charging off to China to help Ranma, however as she thought about it, there was not much she could do. Even if Akane went, Ranma could wipe the floor with her, so if there was something there that Ranma couldn't handle, than Akane sure as hell wouldn't be able to! She had also thought that perhaps through some freak event, that Ranma and her could be brought closer together….
With a heavy sigh, she returned to her room not wanting to think any further upon the day's events.
"BAKUSAI TENKETSU!!!!!!!!!", as the dust settled from the blast of the breaking point, Ryouga knew that he had managed to buy himself some breathing space.
Before he had used the breaking point technique, to travel from place to place as it would usually prevent him from getting wet.
Now he was using the technique to keep the creatures away, the same kind of beings similar to the one he had thought to ask directions.
It had been just his luck that only half a day in what he thought was the opposite direction of the creature, he found himself surrounded while trying to start a small camp fire.
They had attacked after a moment of watching. Ryouga had soon discovered that although they weren't exactly fast they were damn hard to kill.
"Grrrr……so who's next!!!!!!", Ryouga growled from the centre of a small crater, shattered bones surrounding him.
The creatures made no reply, or any indication that they had even heard him, not even noticing that the fanged boy had already single handily taken out over thirty of their number.
*I can't keep this up, they just keep coming unless…*
He thought desperately as he parried a creatures' sword thrust.
Dropping his pack, Ryouga leapt into the air and came landing on one of the larger creatures shoulders. Barely avoiding a spiked knuckle, he leapt from creature to creature barely avoiding an array of weapons until he managed to reach the forest, where he leapt up a tree.
Much to his surprise the creatures below him kept on marching, not even bothering to look for him.
Amazon village of Joketsuzoku.
They had had merely a few hours of rest before the attacks began again. As After-shave had predicted, this did seem like their final battle. The inner most wall had been overwhelmed and breached finally collapsing under the stress.
Around her houses were burning, lighting up the eternally dark sky. So far the remaining amazon forces were holding their ground, even though they were no longer protected by the village walls, the creatures seemed to find difficulty in fighting in such enclosed areas.
*Can it really be true, over three thousand years of Amazon tradition lost in mere day*
It was not that Cologne feared dying, after all she had lived a mostly wonderful three hundred year life. It was the death of all she had known that disheartened her. Also there was no glory in defeating creatures which did no understand the meaning of honour.
Looking back towards the battle, Cologne could see proud Amazon warriors continuing to fight even though some were badly injured and bleeding from several places.
The line was collapsing, as more of the un-dead seemed to appear from nowhere and began to overwhelm the warriors. Cologne rushed forward, attacking with a sword she had found, by channelling her ki into the weapon it was now covered in dark blue flames.
"If today is the day that the Amazons fall, then we shall not die alone!!".
Cologne cried as she practically leapt into the charging un-dead.
Somewhere over China
"Wow….it looks like some earthquake happened here!",
Ranma commented as he surveyed the surrounding, craters were littered everywhere, once giant trees lay flattened for miles around.
"Is something the matter Ranko??".
After a moment, she looked at him.
"Don't you feel it….the evil….dark magic at work here??".
"…I've had this tingling feeling at the back of my head but…I guess I'm not used to all this magic stuff yet".
Ranma said after a moment of concentration.
"Yeah….but if you could feel it….".
She began to shiver.
Ranma carefully reached out grasping her hand to reassure her.
"Hey don't worry about it, I'm sure we can handle anything!".
Ranko looked at Ranma's face and was reassured by the ever present over confident smile.
"Yeah….I sure we will….". She said after a while and began to also smile.
Taro hovered just above the ground behind some forest, even though he was exhausted he had managed to keep up with his prey.
*Curse them, where do they get their strength from!*.
He too noticed the destruction of the surrounding area, but he paid it no heed, after all the war between others mattered little to him. Somehow he knew though, that the pair would lead him to Happosai, besides Happosai always seemed to be at the centre of chaos.
As the pigtailed pair had managed to fly for several hours barely stopping at all.
He noted that the pair had taken off again,
*I will have my revenge old man!!!*.
With that thought he took off again, flying far and low behind to just barely see them.
Amazon village of Joketsuzoku.
They were surrounded, no more ground could they give even if this wanted to. The remaining Amazons formed a circle protecting the wounded.
Cologne turned to After-shave and Soap, all three elders showed signs of exhaustion, their clothing was stained with blood, not only from themselves but from healing the wounded.
"What shall we do now?", for once in centuries Cologne and the remaining elders were lost.
Cologne's earlier attempt to push back the waves of un-dead, had succeeded for a moment before they began to overwhelm them again, forcing her and others to retreat.
"…..sigh….I doubt there is much we can do", Soap said in a tired tone, like most of the other warriors she had sustained severe injuries, but remained strong. After all morale was already low enough that the death of the tribe leader would do no good.
"…..perhaps surrender??", After-shave began to say but was cut short by a glare from Cologne.
"….Has the fighting made you mad???…..in three thousand years the Amazon's have always fought to the last!".
"And this may well be that last battle!….".
The three ancient people turned to the familiar voice.
Cologne was the first to speak,
The ancient master of anything goes staggered slowly towards the group, there was a small trail of blood would be seen where he walked.
"I see your still alive Happosai….a pity…", After shave commented in a neutral tone.
"..And it's just lovely to see you too!". The ancient pervert replied in a none concerned tone.
"Hmp….". After-shave grunted than left to see if she could help any more of the injured warriors.
"So what's the plan ladies???".
"We wait". Soap said simply.
Soap continued before Happosai could comment further.
"We have reached a point where we can do no more".
Cologne nodded gravely.
"I suspect our attacker is preparing to reveal themselves'".
"Yes…that is why they have not attacked yet, those would not be a problem for such creatures". Soap said
indicating to the hastily erected barricades surrounding their position.
"Until then, all we can do is prepar….".
Cologne's sentence was cut short as s loud explosion was heard nearby.
Turning towards the noise, they saw a figure tall a slender stepping past the ashes that were once the barricades. The legions of un-dead parted before her.
"STOP!!!!!!", Soap shouted before any of the remaining amazons could leap to attack.
"Very wise crone…". The voice was like silk, yet to most of the experienced people listening there was no mistaking the dark power behind the voice.
"I am Soap, current head of the council of the Amazons of Joketsuzoku". Her voice held no emotion.
The woman wore the same robe as described by Comb during the first encounter, although now the hood was lowered revealing her striking features.
Her face was beautiful and of western origin, deep purple eyes seemed to stare into the very soul of all those present, long white hair flowed behind her.
"Who are you and where did you come from???". Cologne asked taking a defensive position behind Soap.
"I used to go by the name of Sarah, but that was a few centuries ago when my life had a purpose as to where I'm from…….a city to the west of this land, it's name having been lost to time".
"Than what is it you want this day?", After Shave questioned cautiously.
"Although I have no purpose yet, I still need to regain my full strength".
Many present raised an eyebrow curious and frighten at what the woman had just said.
"However in order to do so, I must destroy the three seals on my true power". She continued in a calm yet deadly tone.
"All three elder's eyes' widened at this, the ancient texts had referred to such seals abeit rather briefly".
"So if you'll just hand over the seals now and I might just let some of you live or else….".
An evil smile appeared on her face as she spoke, indicating to the hoards of un-dead waiting obediently behind her.
"I don't know what you're talking about". After-shave replied.
The woman's face filled with rage, her eyes immediately becoming a darker purple as a huge aura exploded around her.
Taking a moment to calm, the woman once again looked back at the Amazons, turning around once as if looking for something in the distance.
"Perhaps this will change your mind".
The elders eyes narrowed preparing for an attack, other Amazons also prepared.
Cologne prepared to strike first, she noticed Happosai pull out an unlit bomb from somewhere.
As she turned away from the Amazons towards a mountain an evil grin appeared on her face.
Raising both arms, she chanted a few words….
Before any of the Amazons could react, a huge blast of yellow white energy erupted from her palms rocketing towards the mountain.
*No….no….how did she know!*, Cologne thought in shock, the mountain targeted was where the villages' children and mothers and taken refuge, there was nothing she could do to prevent it's destruction. In mere moments all that was left of the Joketsuzoku tribe would be gone.
Time seem to slow down as everyone watched the sphere of bright yellow energy sail towards the mountain refuge. Just before the impact, a sphere of blue energy seemed to appear out of nowhere and collided with the yellow sphere, a brief war was fought as the two distinct energies battled for dominance, until at last the yellow was dissipated.
*What was that?*, practically all present thought. As the bright blue sphere of energy fell towards the ground.
Ranma plummeted 200 feet towards the ground, too stunned from absorbing the yellow-red sphere of destructive energy.
*Urg…that really hurt*.
Moments before he and Ranko were flying up to the battle scene and what remained of the Amazon village,
he had sensed the ki of those within the mountain and acted on instinct when a sphere of destructive energy flew towards the refuge.
Ranma had greatly underestimated the strength of the attack, he felt himself being burned from the inside out as the dark energy surrounded his aura seeking a way to penetrate it. After what seemed like an eternity the attack stopped, however Ranma found that he had greatly over-exerted himself so was no longer able to maintain flight.
The ancient raised an eyebrow at the turn of events, shrugging her shoulders she took off into the air towards the mountain.
Cologne could not help but breathe a sigh of relief at the timely distraction.
Looking around she noted that although they were still surrounded by the un-dead, they made no move to attack.
"About time they got here!".
Happosai commented finally allowing his exhaustion to be seen as he slumped down next to Cologne.
"A very timely intervention indeed".
Cologne remarked as the legions of un-dead stood unmoving.
"Do you think they can actually win??".
Happosai breathed in deeply contemplating the question as he surveyed the surroundings.
"We can only hope…….".
Ranko flew as fast as she could, wanting to reach Ranma before he impacted on the ground.
One minute he was right next to her the next he was taking the brunt of some magical attack.
By the time Ranko reached Ranma he was already falling near terminal velocity, grabbing on to him she attempted to fly away, however the red head was only able to slow their descent as she too was pulled down.
Ranko sat up shaking her head to clear the dizziness from the impact, looking around she noted that she was in the centre of a sizeable crater.
The red head almost had a panic attack until she heard a familiar voice.
"Urg…Ranko you gotta go on a diet…".
Following the voice, Ranko looked down and discovered what was so soft that she was sitting up on.
"BAKA this is no time for jokes".
She emphasised the point with a light punch to his stomach while getting up.
"Jeez….I was only joking…. 'cough'..".
Ranma slowly said still recovering.
Getting up Ranko carefully helped Ranma to his feet.
"Man what wa…s that??".
"Hm.. Well it was definitely some destruction spell…". Ranko replied thinking for a moment.
"Well Well what have we here???".
Both looked towards the source of the voice.
Sarah gave a smirk as she noted the look of surprise on the pair, gauging their strengths she noted that the redheaded girl was the stronger of the two in terms of magical abilities. The young man however….seemed familiar.
"You survive my hellfire attack, with all your limbs intact I am impressed".
"Who are you???". Ranko asked curiously, after all like herself this was another mage.
"As I was saying to those decrepit old woman, my name was Sarah".
"Why are you doing this?". The redhead asked indicating to the destruction in all around them.
"Well why not!".
Ranma by now had returned to Ranko's side, still attempting to shrug of the effects of that last attack.
"Very impressive, your still standing!!".
Sarah said looking at Ranma.
"Ha….that didn't even itch!". Ranma lied as he attempted his usual tactic which of angering his opponent.
The sorceress merely blinked,
"Really…..than how about THIS!".
Her eyes flared bright green for a moment, before she hovered off the ground.
Ranma suddenly felt himself lifted into the air, before he could react the pigtailed martial artists was thrown into ground.
Ranko cried releasing several bolts of blue energy towards their attacker.
*I should have reacted sooner……*
Although Sarah had expected some sort of attack, her eyes widened in recognition of the spell.
The bolts flared briefly as they impacted against an invisible shield just before hitting the her.
"Your spell…where did you learn it?".
She demanded in a serious and cold tone.
"It doesn't matter as long as I can destroy you….for hurting Ranma".
The last part of the cry was all but a whisper.
Ranko literally flew towards her opponent while turning herself into a flaming bullet.
Ranma slowly got up, the rubble shifting around him.
"Me…..and my big mouth", he muttered wiping blood from his mouth, he could feel a few cracked ribs.
Looking around Ranma noted that the legions of un-dead had not moved to attack him even though they had had ample time to do so.
After a quick check to see that nothing was broken, Ranma focussed in on the battle that was waging nearby between Ranko and the witch.
With out a second thought, the pigtailed martial artist made his way towards the battle.
Ranko shuddered under the shock from another lightning blast, even though her shield spell protected her from serious harm it was taking a pounding.
So far the battle had taken place on the ground as neither mage had wanted to waste energy in flight spells…yet.
Ranko barely dodged a fireball already in the process of countering.
Sarah leapt back just as she felt the build-up of magical energy beneath her.
*This mortal is more trouble than I thought*.
Sarah cut her thoughts short, turning around she found a large sphere of bright yellow energy already upon her, she could not hope to avoid it.
*Damn where did that com fr…….*
The blast impacted with the witch throwing her into a nearby cliff, which promptly gave way collapsing over her.
"You took your time!".
Ranko said turning to Ranma who was slowly lowering his arms having releasing the ki blast.
"nice to know you care!".
"Well I knew you would be fine with your thick skull!".
Ranko retorted.
"That actually hurt you know".
Both Ranma and Ranko turned to the witch who was casually brushing of rubble from her clothes.
"Same strategy as usual?", Ranma asked turning slightly towards the red head.
"Yep but try to keep your distance, the fireworks are out of the bag this time!".
"Hey don't you me…". Ranma's retort was but off as Ranko already began the assault.
"Hmp…come back for more have you?".
Sarah asked with a smirk, bring her hands together pointed towards the ground she began to chant.
As Ranko flew towards her opponent, intent on drawing her attention while Ranma would attack from the opposite side.
Ranko was able to raise a shield in time as a sphere of crackling black energy expanded outwards from the white haired sorceress destroying everything it c touched.
Ranma likewise had seen the attack coming, quickly improvising he fired a blast of ki into the sphere and followed it in effectively creating a shield for himself.
Looking around Sarah noted that both of her attackers were singed but nothing more.
*Curse them, if only those wretched seals weren't in place*.
Ranma quickly closed the distance, in his experience magical users were not adept at hand to hand combat.
His opening attack was a swift kick followed by a combination of strikes varying from high to low.
Ranko slowly began charging up for a more powerful spell, while Ranma was battling the witch. What surprised her was that the witch was actually holding her own against Ranma.
*Damn it she's pretty good……but something's not right about this*.
So far the sorceress had managed to dodged and block the majority of his attacks and those that did penetrate her defence didn't seem to have any effect.
*This mortal fights….but where have I seen him before*.
Sarah thought curiously as she studied her opponent all the while being kept on the defensive, not even noticing the strikes that connected.
Ranma kept up his relentless assault, having already increased the intensity. Looking towards the redhead he noted by her posture that she was preparing for another of those mass destruction spells.
*Probably got a few more seconds to go*.
Ranko's eyes suddenly shot open, now glowing a bright red.
"NOVA BLAST!!!!!!!!!!".
A beam of pure red energy flew towards the sorceress, flames dancing of the beam melted craters in the ground.
Sarah turned towards the blast now that her opponent had suddenly retreated, her eyes widened as she attempted to retreat while gathering as much energy as possible for a protection spell.
Ranma had taken to the sky, even there above the battle area he could feel the heat of Ranko's continued fiery blast.
The beam engulfed the sorceress and continued forward carrying her into what was left of the surrounding forest, incinerating all that was in it's path.
Finally impacting on the side of a mountain, burning half way through before it stop.
Ranko took a deep breath, she sat down on the floor exhausted from expending such amounts of energy.
"Ranko are you okay?".
Ranma asked landing beside her, tiredness too was etched in his voice.
Ranko looked up and noted that Ranma looked probably how she felt, practically all of his clothing was torn in on place or another, he had several small wounds all over his body but all this did not seem to bother him.
"Yeah…I'm fine, just not used to fighting battles with magic….".
Ranma finally surveyed the surrounding, giving of a whistle as he noted the destruction.
"Well I have to say, you sure did a number".
"Hey I got the job done!". She replied with a small smile indicating to the armies of un-dead that were now crumpling to the ground.
"Take it easy, I meant it in the good way".
"Yeah yeah what ever".
"You think we should go and see what happened to Joketsuzoku?".
Ranma asked his face becoming serious.
"We'd better get going than". Ranko replied in an equally serious tone.
"Yeah just not too quickly….".
Ranma grimaced, *damn those ribs must be broken*.
"Here let me help you".
"It's okay I ca….".
She grabbed his arm firmly and wrapped it around her shoulder to support him.
"This is no time to be macho or whatever….".
His retort died in his mouth when the redhead gave him a look which said 'your not going to win this argument'.
"Fine…". Ranma resigned.
"Glad you see sense finally".
"After all if you died on me than we would never finish our date!".
Ranma's eyes widened like saucers as he big sweated.
*Oh man what does she have planned now*.
As he was helped off, Ranma could not help but worry as he replayed the fight scene over and over in his head, only to come to the same conclusion.
*that witch, she was using anything goes martial arts, but how is that possible!!*.
The pair headed off towards the Amazon village on foot, leaving behind the devastated area.
A moment after the pair had left, the rubble from the recently made cave shifted and tumbled outwards.
The white haired sorceress slowly climbed out of the hole, her clothes were torn and burnt.
*those two are going to be trouble but that young man where have I seen him before*.
After a moment she cast a flying spell but nothing happened
*Damn I need to regenerate…….*.
She turned suddenly to her right, but saw nothing there.
*Funny could have sworn saw some kinda giant bat-bull thing there….*.
Dismissing the thought as due to the exhaustion the witch disappeared into the forest, cursing her luck under her breath.
(to be continued…)
end of chapter 12
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