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Ranma’s second chance.

Chapter 10

The awakening

An isolated mountain somewhere in China, isolated by the fact that this small mountain lies within a valley, a valley dotted with various sized pools, the infamous valley of Jusenkyo.

<Hm…very strange fog today> the Chinese guide muttered to himself as he observed the thick white mist which seemed to covered the valley, strange because the fog was warm to his skin instead of the usual coldness it should have been.

*Hm…veryyyyyy strange* he thought as he took out his pipe lighting it and began to smoke, after a few more murmurs he nodded his head and returned to his hut, not having noticed that the fog seemed to become more dense.

Only hours before the dawn of a new day the valley had been clear with the light from the moon reflecting beautifully on the various pools. Before steam began to rise from certain pools, mainly the pools that were surrounded the small mountain structure near the centre of the valley.

Within hours the steam being released had increased, so much so that there were no longer pools near the mountain foot but merely small pits.


In mid afternoon the guide again exited his hut, having been awaken from his nap by a strange feeling in the back of his mind. Outside he was even more shocked than he was earlier that morning, the fog was now so thick that he could not even see his hands when they were held out in front of him, also the heat was such that he felt like he was bathing within a hot spring.

The structure at the centre of the fog could be seen to shake, rumbling noises could be heard.

Upon closer inspection of the mountain it becomes apparent that it is a rather unique land mass, in fact upon looking closer one could see various patterns or forms of writing on the mountain sides although just barely as if the designs had been worn down of long periods of time.

Upon even closer inspection it can be seen that although the land mass has moss and various other plants growing on it, there are lines and groves all over the walls of the mountains.

The rumbling sound seem to come from around the other side of the mountain, higher up on that side of the mountain there is what seems to be a dias of some sort, it is almost 10 metres wide, with strange pictures all over but most of it is covered with moss.

The rumbling becomes louder but is cancelled out by the hissing sound of more steam rising.

Soon rock and plants fall from their ancient homes in the mountain, the dias begins to shake and rock, cracks suddenly begin to appear around the edges, these cracks gradually become wider heading towards the very centre of the dias.

The guide having already sensed something was wrong attempted to see through the fog, but not willing to risk traversing the valley of cursed pools to reach the origin of the sound.

A bright yellow beam of light erupts from between the cracks in the dias making them larger, eventually the dias is covered in cracks all with bright yellow light pouring out of them.

And as if the dias itself were alive it expands outwards then explodes with bright yellow energy erupting in every direction.


Amazon village Joketsuzoku

Shampoo is busy practising forms which involve a pair sword under the watchful of Cologne.

Sweat can be seen to be glistening of her face indicating a long period of practise.

Cologne suddenly turns towards the direction of Jusenkyo just as a distant explosion of yellow light erupts

<Great grand mother what is that, it come from Jusenkyo> Shampoo asked the elder who seemed a bit stiff.

<I am not sure Shampoo……> for one of the few times in her life Shampoo was shocked, she had never seen her great grandmother, a source of wisdom and knowledge speechless.

<Great grandmother???> Shampoo inquired again.

<Shampoo I must go to confer with the council of Elders, you….should return to your hut>

Cologne began to hop away before turning once more.

<And Shampoo be ready…> with that the Elder hopped off.

*Ready for what??* the purple haired girl thought in confusion as she left for her hut.


Jusenkyo or what is left of it, a few pools remained but they were few perhaps ten or more from the hundred that were there before.

What was most obvious now was the towering structure was no longer near the centre of the valley, all that remained were pieces scattered around a sizeable crater.

The thick fog remained although was now less dense than before, a shape can be seen at the centre of the crater getting up, although the figure cannot be seen it’s eyes glowed red with power were easily spotted through the fog.

In the background where the guide’s hut once stood there was now only a pit, the guide himself is nowhere to be seen.

The figure speaks,

"At lastss after sooo long I once again walk this world"

The voice is deep and raspy, which is soon followed by some horrid insane laughter which seems never ending.


In the Tendo estate in Japan

It is early morning on the first day of the spring holidays, it is also the day Ranko and Ranma scheduled their date.

Ranma faced his opponent who like him stood in a relaxed.

"So it’s decided then?" She asked to Ranma.

"Um okay"

"Remember if I win today’s match I decided where we’ll go tonight"

Ranma sweated slightly at this, one never knew what went through Ranko’s mind when she was this determined. He had thought that he would just take her to a movie and than to a restaurant, when he told her she seemed happy but than asked for this match.

"Um…sure but why what’s wrong with my idea?" Ranma asked as he began to circle his opponent who likewise did the same.

"Oh…nothing just that I think something a little more interesting would be better" She had thought about Ranma’s idea and had concluded that it was too plain, she wanted this night to be special, special enough to get Ranma to open his eyes.

"Well what do you have in mind" Ranma questioned as he went in for a combination of strikes consisting mainly of punches.

"Oh nooo you’ll find out after you’ve lost the match" She said with a smile.

"Your pretty confident today" Ranma retorted not losing himself to her taunt.

"Well I have been practising" she said as she came in under his guard quick enough to catch him off guard and put him on the defensive.

"Yeah….I….guess you have" Ranma replied as a few punches managed to tag him before he flipped over her, *Okay I guess it’s time to raise the level* he thought to himself, pleased and surprised with

Ranko’s progress in the martial arts.

"STEALTH" Ranko said suddenly just before Ranma reached her position.

Ranma felt only air where Ranko was moments before,

"Hey no fair your using magic" He said out aloud.

"We never agreed not too" Ranko voice replied as it seemed to come from everywhere in the dojo at once.

"Well fine than…..SIGHT…" he said after a moment of concentration.

Looking around the dojo he was surprised to see that Ranko was nowhere to be seen, he had cast a pretty high level seeing spell which could see through most illusion and various other spells.

"C’mom Ranma you don’t think you could find me that easily"

*Hm…maybe I need to use something else* Closing his eyes and concentrating Ranma attempted to feel where his opponent was, he felt a concentration of Ki moving towards him from behind.

*Gotcha* he thought happily.

*Damnit….* Ranko thought as Ranma dodged her attack even though he was not facing her.

She tried a few more times but to no avail, Ranma blocked and dodged all her strikes and he was doing it with his eyes closed, he returned a few light palm strikes which caught her in the stomach.

Ranko decided to drop the spell as although she was invisible, she was unable to cast any other spells so was limited to physical combat which was Ranma’s area.

As soon as Ranma saw a blur he leapt towards it knowing it was Ranko.

Unfortunately Ranko was ready for him, as she launched a weak blast of lightning at him while he was in mid air, the blast was not enough to hurt him but enough to throw him away.

*I gotta be more careful* Ranma thought as he somehow twisted his body in mid air and landed gracefully on his feet already prepared for the assault he knew would soon follow.

He saw a blur head towards him but was surprised by the tackle to his waist as he had expected some sort of combination attack.

Over balanced Ranma fell backwards to the floor, his reflexes taking over he pulled his opponent with him, not allowing them the advantage.

Ranma felt Ranko on top of him so attempted to throw her off, but what he grabbed felt unusually soft.

He realised too late what it was,

"YOU PERVERT!!!!" Ranko cried,

"Wait wait I didn’t mean to….wait!!!" Ranma cried holding his hands out in front of him to cushion the blows he suspected that would come.

"Heh ha ha…"

Ranma opened his eyes when he heard the giggles and laughter from the person on top of him,

"Hey…what are you laughing about"

As he looked at the redhead who was grinning and laughing.

"You….you always do that every time something like that happens"

"Why you…" Ranma started to say although the words had no anger behind them.

"Uh uh" Ranko warned as she materialised a sphere of red energy in a palm in front of her which was also right in Ranma’s face.

"Heh…really I didn’t mean to do that Ranko" Ranma said eyeing the energy sphere carefully.

"I know but this is just to make sure you acknowledge the fact that I won the match" She said with a grin while indicating to the sphere in her right hand.

Ranma looked at the sphere and any other way out of the situation, he found none whenever Ranko started to use magic the scales were tip even though neither would ever go full out against each other.

"All right….all right you win"

"Good so that means I decide where we’ll go tonight" the redhead said happily while dissipating the energy sphere.

"Fine but at least tell me what it is"

"Oh no it’s a surprise but remember to dress up"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh just wear something smart" She said.

"All right I’ll try, but can you get off me now"

"Why don’t you like me like this?" she pouted playfully while rubbing her leg against his.

"Huh…wha…t um hey somebody might come in and get the wrong idea" Ranma quickly said as his mind was quickly burning up.

Ranko laughed some more at Ranma’s panicking and leapt off, although slightly disappointed but not surprised considering how shy Ranma tended to be.

"Remember to dress smart" she said as she left the dojo with a Ranma still immobilised on the floor, life was good she thought although earlier that morning she had a premonition of something but what could possibly go wrong with the day.

"Oh sorry Akane I guess I wasn’t looking where I was going"

Ranma heard Ranko say just after leaving the dojo.

He quickly got up straightening out his clothes.

"Oh Ranma you’re here too" Akane stated as she entered the dojo.

"Morning Akane so you here to practice?" he asked and than mentally smacked himself in the head, *Of course she’s here to practice she does it every morning*

"Um…yeah would you like a match" Akane asked unsure, even though she knew Ranma was better than her, the only way for her to improve was to spar against better opponents.

Although Ranma was now less reluctant to hit girls there was still a part of him that feared he might accidentally hurt Akane, it was different between him and Ranko because they both knew the risk and were nearly equal overall.

Akane somehow managed to sense what Ranma was thinking,

"C’mon Ranma how am I suppose to get better if you don’t spar with me!" she nearly cried out.

Ranma seeing the pleading look in Akane’s eyes resigned, after all she had been the best in Nerima until his and Ranko’s arrival.

"Fine…but don’t expect me to go full out"

"Grr….Fine" Akane said losing her anger as she realised Ranma had actually agreed to a match.

Without waiting for further comments, Akane charged hoping to catch Ranma off guard.


Joketsuzoku border off of Jusenkyo

Two young female amazons patrol their area, both are under twenty one has blue hair the other has orange, both are armed with spears and swords.

<This is so boring> The blue haired one commented in a weary voice.

<Yes well if you didn’t annoy the elder like that we wouldn’t be here!> the other replied.

<I know Ling but it was an accident>

<Hmp….perhaps Comb> the orange haired girl replied.

<What do you suppose that explosion was an hour ago?> Comb asked again getting bored.

<I don’t know but it came from the forbidden valley>

<Well it was too much to hope something exciting was going to happen>

<Don’t tell me you want something to….>

Before she could continue she was interrupted by a deep voice,

<Excuse me but could either of you possibly tell me the date>

Both Amazons turned in surprise towards the stranger, as neither had sensed his approach.

Looking the person over, it was obviously a female by the chest which stuck out, who was quite tall wearing all black, her face was concealed by a hood.

<You there woman what business do you have on Amazon land> Link said breaking the moment of silence.

<I merely want the date>

<Today is Tuesday> Comb answered helpfully abeit in a confused tone.

<Ahh Tuesday it was once one of my favourite days>

<But what is the year?> The stranger continued.

<1996 why?> Comb replied again.

The figure looked up into the sky yet somehow the hood still covered her features,

<So long has it been, but I won in the end> the figure cried out followed by some laughter.

By now both Amazon were backing away slowly from the figure,

<What’s the matter with her?> Comb asked while preparing to draw her sword.

<How should I know, she probably mad> Ling said stopping in her tracks deciding to confront the insane stranger after all she was an Amazon.

<You there stranger turn back now, you on Amazon land or else!> the orange haired girl shouted hoping the direct approach would be enough to deter the strange woman.

<heh ha ha ha ha> the stranger laughed in a mocking tone.

<GRrrr…..you asked for it!> Ling cried as she had drawn her sword and charged the stranger intent on impaling her.

Quicker than a flash Ling found a hand clasped around her throat so strong was the grip that she felt her body go weak as she was lifted from the ground.

By now Comb was about to charge having drawn her sword staring coldly at the stranger.

<Oh what’s this a mere mortal attempting to kill me ha ha ha>

<Put her down now!> Comb warned as she noticed her friend was unable to speak.

<You are so young yet so strong and beautiful….> the stranger commented as she looked Ling over as of examining an animal.

Comb slowly approached the stranger suspected that a sneak attack would have a better chance of succeeding as the stranger seemed to be extremely strong.

<But it has been so long my power is nowhere near what it once was centuries ago>

Ling finally gave up struggling having used up all her strength, she glared hatefully at the woman still unable to see her face, she did not even have the strength to speak.

<But do not worry you are the first of many….in fact you should be glad..> the woman continued.


<DIE!!!!!!!> Comb cried as she launched an assault.

The stranger turned her head sharply looking directly at the oncoming amazon not even worried.

<Insect…> she commented as her eyes glowed green and Comb found herself propelled backwards through the air landing awkwardly thirty metres away.

<Now back to you…> she said giving a hungry look towards the orange haired girl who was by now barely conscious.

Comb was regaining consciousness although she wished she had not, immediately she knew several ribs were broken and her right ankle was in extreme pain, she looked back towards where the woman still stood holding Ling with a single hand.

She watched as her friend erupted in green flames and her cries of pain, eventually died down as the smoke from the abnormal fire seemed to flow into the stranger.

After what had seemed like an eternity the screams stopped, what remained of Ling’s body was discarded to the floor.

By now Comb already knowing that she would not be able to overcome such an opponent began to escape hoping to get back to the village in time to warn the elders.

The woman merely stood next to the corpse laughing.


Nerima, Japan

Ranma had decided to go to his mother for some advice on dressing up so was spending the day at the Saotome household. His father had left earlier to meet up with some old friends probably so they could get drunk together.

He knew his mother wanted him to marry one of the Tendo daughters, so he decided to keep to reason behind the questions a secret for now, even he hated lying especially to his mother.

"So son what is it you wanted to ask me?" Nodoka asked with a smile, she was overjoyed every time she saw her son who had been all but lost to her for ten years.

"Well um…Mom would you say I dress smart?"

Nodoka was silent for a few moments contemplating her son’s curious question.

"Well you do look quite well dress in what your wearing now"

"Really?" Ranma replied in a questioning tone, he had never paid much attention to fashion dressing the way he did because it was comfortable and what he was used to.

"Son trust me compared to many of the boys out there today, you are dressed just perfect"

Ranma nodded at this as he remembered seeing how many of the other boy’s in Furinken dressed, most wore jeans and T-shirts which seemed restricting to him.


As he left his mother’s house he noticed that he still had an hour before the shops would close, *Man I can’t believe I spent so much time there* thinking as he had arrived at eleven that morning.

He decided to head down to the local mall, all the while he felt a pair of eyes following him.

Ranma spied a set of trash cans he knew his opponent to be hiding behind as although they made no sound and where all but invisible he could sense their ki.

"All right come on out I know your there!"

"Look I’m not going to ask again!" he said impatiently after receiving no reply.

*Fine lets see how you react to this!*

"Moko Takabisha!" he cried letting loose a small ki blast into the trash cans destroying them on contact.

A small black figure leapt out just before the explosion, Ranma decided not to give chase as he had recognised it to be Sasuke, Kuno’s loyal ninja who had probably been ordered to spy on him.

He returned to his shopping or browsing as he did not really know what he was looking for.

Ranma felt the return of a presence watching him a half an hour later, although he managed to loose them a few times somehow they still managed to find him as he felt a presence watching him again.

Noting that he did not have much time left before all the shops were closed he quickened his pace, after all what could Kuno do with the information on whatever it is he bought.

After a few more minutes of browsing he noticed many of the shops were beginning to close, looking around he saw a particular shop which stood out by it’s traditional Chinese design even though it had Japanese writing on it.

Entering the shop he noted that it was a clothes shop, which did catch his interest as he remembered what Ranko had said ‘Dress smart’, his mother said he looked smart enough in what he usually wore but it seemed Ranko did not.

"Fine then I’ll show her!" he said aloud accidentally attracting the attention of the shop who was an elderly lady.

"Can I help you young man?" She said in a kind tone which resembled Kasumi’s in many ways.

"Hm oh what….ur…well I’m just looking around really" he replied honestly not understand why he came to the mall in the first place.

"Oh well this is a clothes store, so what types of clothes are you looking for"

Ranma thought about this for a moment, the old lady seemed kind enough and wanted to help.

"Well I’ve got this date coming up and the girl I’m going out with told me to dress smart and well I’m not sure what to wear" he said followed by a deep sigh.

The woman’s eyes widened in comprehension, *The young these days*

"Oh is that all well what will you and this young lady be doing?"

"I’m not sure but she said that I should dress ‘smart’" Ranma replied finding it unusually easy to talk with the shop keeper.

"Well why don’t we have a look over here" she said as she led him to the back of the shop.

Ranma stared at the vast array of Chinese style shirts and trousers.

One in particular caught his eye, it was a dark blue shirt which had a dragon embroiled on it.

"Oh you like that one do you?"

"Um yes how much is it?" he asked as he continued to examine the clothing.

"Well it’s about eight thousand yen"

Ranma immediately placed the shirt back where he found it as it was a quite a bit over what he had on him.

The old woman frowned but decided to give the young man a break as he seemed like a nice boy.

"Tell me son how much do you have on you?"

"Oh um…only 4300 yen" he replied honestly.

"Tell you what since you’re the last customer of the day I’ll give you a deal say 4000 yen for the shirt"


Ranma thanked the kind woman on the way out of the shop, his shirt wrapped neatly in a plastic bag.

He headed off to the Tendo dojo although was slightly surprised that he still sensed the presence following him. *Damn Kuno must be determined*

He ignored the stalker as he headed into the Tendo compound, as Kuno already knew where he was staying.

Once he entered the compound the figure leaped out of the shadows to further examine the compound looking for other entrances. He was a young man with short black hair who looked older than Ranma he wore similar dark trousers, metal bracers on each arm with a dark shirt, he had a look of determination on his face.

"Soon I will be rid of my humiliation" he said as he disappeared back into the shadows.

Ranma returned to his room placing his shirt in the cupboard, he decided to check and see what Ranko was doing, so leapt onto the roof and made his way to Ranko’s window, leaning over the edge and knocking lightly.

"Oh Ranma what’s the matter?" Ranko asked as opened the window and gesturing for him to enter.

"Oh nothing I just wanted to know how’s it going to happen tonight?" he said in a quiet tone, although he had already disabled what listening devices he had found, for all he knew they could be outside the door listening.

"What do you mean Ranma?" she asked slightly confused.

"Well I figured that Mister Tendo might have some objections to us going out not to mention Akane"

Ranko could only nod at the truth of this statement as she remembered back to Nabiki’s words.

"Well how about this we just sneak out and if anyone asks tomorrow where we were just say we’re were out late training or something" Ranko said quickly thinking up a plan.

"Well……all right than, so what time?"

"How about 6:30 before dinner"

"that’s fine" Ranma replied although in the back of his mind there was a sense of dread as all well laid plans something always went wrong.

"Okay now get out of here baka before someone comes in!" Ranko said in mock anger.

"All right all right jeez…your so uncute" the last part was muttered but was loud enough so that Ranko heard.

Ranma found himself leaping to the roof in time as a blast of water exited her window.

Returning to his room he found that there was still over an hour and a half before their date, that being the case he decided to go downstairs to the dojo to calm himself as he was feeling quite nervous although he couldn’t explain why.

He was so distracted that he did not notice or sense the person who was hidden but observing his practice.

Amazon village of Joketsuzoku

<NOW!> Cologne cried to their archers who obeyed letting loose a barrage of flame arrows at the oncoming army.

She was pleased to note that the fire seemed to hold the creatures at bay, even though the Elder was aware it would not hold it did give them a breathing space.


Only hours before a very tired and badly injured Comb had staggered back to the village, she was immediately rushed to the village healer but demanded to speak to the council.

No sooner had the council finished hearing her story than the perimeter guards yelled a warming,

Cologne and various other elders took to the highest position in the village.

What they saw both shocked, frightened and disgusted them.

By now the village gates had been sealed and the alarm sounded so everyone was at their post.

It was immediately apparent that all the village exits were covered by the opposing army.

Many warriors gasped in shock as they saw their opponents in the light of the afternoon sun,

they were humans alright, but they were not alive some were decaying while some barely had any flesh on them.

<Undead> After-shave had commented for she was the oldest elder of the village, a master of lore.

<What?> commented a younger member of the council confused.

<warriors who died in battle but are resurrected by magic and therefore controlled by the wielder>

<How do we defeat them?> Cologne asked.

<To my knowledge there are really only two ways, 1 is to completely destroy their bodies either by fire or other means or 2 to completely hack their body to pieces>

<Nothing simple than> Soap commented, the head of the council.

<It will be a difficult battle indeed> Cologne commented as she stared at the army which had yet to move, she guessed that even if their numbers were even, it would take several skilled warriors to down just one of the enemy, an unacceptable situation.

Before she had a chance to think further the enemy charged, although not all at once but a significant number.


Cologne saw the creatures were slightly deterred by the wall of flames they encountered.

She quickly hopped to her hut, returning a moment later with a small note and a vial.

<SHAMPOO come here quickly> she cried out.

Moments later the familiar purple haired girl appeared before the elder, although she looked less lively then before, her face showed signs of tiredness. *No time to worry about that now* Cologne thought.

<Here Shampoo you must deliver this message to either Ranma or Ranko in Japan> she said handing over a very small rolled up piece of paper.

<How though great grandmother, village completely surrounded it will not be easy>

Shampoo questioned already preparing herself to fight her way out of the village.

<That will be unnecessary, you will use this> Cologne said handing her the vial which contained a clear liquid.

<It is water from the spring of drowned falcon, use it quickly> the elder said eagerly as she noted that the creatures had broken through the wall of flames.

Shampoo nodded and quickly doused herself with the water immediately becoming the winged animal, Cologne quickly strapped on the message to her ankle then threw her into the air, although at first Shampoo-bird had difficulty adjusting to flying she eventually got the hang of it and lifted off.

Flying eastward she pasted over the enemy’s army, Shampoo felt a sense of dread as she noted that they completely surrounded the village and that there was at least a few thousand not even bothering with the attack instead held back in reserve.

Looking away she hastened her speed towards Japan hoping to reach her destination before her village was overwhelmed by the abnormal beasts.


Nerima/ Japan.

Ranma dressed in the dark blue shirt he had brought and black trousers hung upside down outside Ranko’s window and tapped lightly.

The window was opened but he noted that the lights were off within the room, only the evening moonlight provided a source of illumination,

"Hey Ranko are you ready?" He asked stepping into the room, he knew where she was but could not see her as she was in the shadows.

"I’m…just about done!" The redhead said happily as she stepped out into the light.

Ranma found himself gasp as he noted that she looked stunning, wearing a dark dress which had patterns on it and matching shoes. Her hair was loose and done up similar to Kasumi’s and he could tell that there was some makeup on her face.

Ranko saw Ranma’s reaction *Just as I hoped*

"Shall we go?" she said holding out her arm for him to take.

"Huh yeah of course" Ranma replied quickly returning to his senses.

Just before they leapt out the window he heard Ranko say ‘Stealth’ immediately he felt the magic mask them from view. *good thinking* he noted.

The hidden figure stared in confusion as the redheaded girl disappeared along with his target, he had seen what they were wearing so quickly concluded that they must be going on some sort of date, with that in mind he headed towards the night district.


Shampoo-bird was exhausted she had managed to barely make it to the coast of Japan, now she stood perched atop a tall building as she regained her breath. Already it was dark who knows what could be happening in the village at this moment.

With that thought in mind she quickly flapped her wings and took off in the general direction of Nerima.


Joketsuzoku village.

<They come again elder> a pinked haired warrior called out from her post.

Cologne knew eventually the walls would fall but only not this soon, she had underestimated the strength of the enemy forces, even with all the wards on the walls and their defensives the creatures were relentless.

It had been a hard battle that afternoon as the sizeable Amazon village was attacked without rest by the undead.

<Elder the…> the young warrior was silenced as a moment of distraction was all that the creature needed to sneak up on her.

Cologne watched in horror as the creatures seemed to pour over that section of the wall.

She quickly hopped to that wall intent on stopping the attack from succeeding.

The elder was surprised when she heard several explosions from outside the wall and the creatures that had penetrated the perimeter retreated.

*Could it be one of the other from the council?*

By now some of the other elders had approached Cologne curious as to the source of the explosions.

A small black figure leapt over the wall smoke coming from it’s behind.

"Woooh baby…can’t catch me!" it said in Japanese as it patted the area of it’s body on fire.

Immediately many of the present elders felt a sense of dread as the long banished man named Happosai made a timely return.

"You know those things can be so boring, what with having no breast and all…" he said out aloud to anyone on general.

"Happosai why have you returned?" Soap said with anger in her voice having remembered what he had done when he was here a few centuries before.

"My my touchy aren’t we?"

"Happi what are you doing here?" Cologne interrupted seeing the anger in Soap and several other elders.

"Why I was just passing through and wanted to return some things I borrowed but low and behold I discovered the place was surrounded the living dead!"

"That does not explain your presence here!" Another elder commented.

"Well that’s not very nice…and I came all this way just to help you" The old man said turning to leave.

Cologne thrust her staff in front of Happosai to block his departure, although the old man could have countered it was a symbol or a gesture.

"For what you did to this village a long time ago, I think it is only appropriate that you help to protect it!"

Happosai took out his pipe and began to smoking as if thinking about what had just been said.

"Hm….oh alright than I’ll help"

Many of the other elders could only grunt in reply as they decided to return to their positions, although they disliked the ancient pervert he was indeed a strong warrior and would be valuable at a time like this.

Happosai turned to the only elder that remained.

"So tell me Cologne what’s been happening?"

Cologne quickly retold the events which transpired earlier that day.

"Hm…I suppose you have sent for help"

"Yes….from one who this village owes a life depth to"

"You mean the redhaired beauty?" the old man said getting stars in his eyes, his only regret being that his student Ranma had foiled many of his attempts to indulge on her nice soft flesh.

Cologne raised an eyebrow at how Happosai addressed Ranko,

"Yes her"

"When?" he asked returning to reality.

"Merely several hours ago"

"Do you think we can hold out until Ranma and Ranko get here"

"….I hope so…." Cologne said in an unsure tone as she too returned to her post watching as another row of the living dead charged.


( To be continued….)

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