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Ranma Zero
Chapter 4
Old enemies
"Wait a minute…what are you talking about??" Ranma asked in a confused tone confused. However he was sure of one thing… *if this guy wants a fight, he sure as hell is going to get one!*
"Because you ran out on our man to man duel all those years ago…..", Ryouga began.
"Hey I waited three days if I remember right!", Ranma said while scratching his head.
"WELL YOU COULD HAVE WAITED A DAY LONGER!", he screamed in frustration.
"But Ryouga the place of the fight was behind your own house!".
*This guy can't even get to the back of his house in three days??* Nabiki thought non believing.
Akane likewise had similar thoughts, although she was eager to see Ranma fight as she wanted to know just how good he really was.
"ENOUGH!!! Because I followed you when you ran away I ended up in China!"
"You followed me all the way to China?!".
"I didn't say that, I just said I ended up there!" Ryouga said with a snarl.
Most people present bigsweated as they realised the meaning of the boy's words.
"There I ended up at a place called Jusenkyo", Ryouga continued
"The valley of cursed springs, I think my father took me there", Ranma said thoughtfully.
"Well anyway, while I was there I was suddenly knocked from behind and soon found myself under the waters of one of the various pool!".
"And now you've got a curse just like Ranma's father does!", Nabiki interrupted.
"It's only a curse sometimes….", Ryouga commented thoughtfully turning to the second Tendo daughter
"But today it shall help me defeat you Ranma!".
With that said Ryouga emptied the contents of his flask over his head.
The transformation was interesting to say the least, Ryouga's body practically exploded outwards easily doubling in size. His skin turned a dark shade of purple black, bat like wings spouted fourth from his back, while his fingers seemed to grow longer and sharper. Ryouga's face seemed to morph his eyes narrowing, nose extending until it became flat at the tip.
Ryouga looked up from his now kneeling position, almost all who were present were shocked once more, the lost boy's teeth seemed longer and sharper now, but the most startling change were his eyes, his black pupils now seemed to be surrounded by a deep red glow.
"……Ranma……Today….you'll..pay….", Ryouga spoke slowly, within his mind he knew he was taking a risk in transforming as with his increased abilities came one flaw, lack of control.
Ranma raised a curious eye brow at this now transformed foe, he basically looked like some huge demon pig, although the ears were pointing straight upwards and there was some hair on it's head.
*And I thought I left all this weirdness behind….*.
On many occasions throughout China, when Ryouga got wet and transformed he would sometimes lose control going into a berserker rage. Fortunately so far no innocent people had been harmed, but today the risk would be worth it as now for once and for all he would have his revenge!
Ranma sensed the increase in power of his opponent,
*Great not only is it some kinda monster, it's pretty strong too! *.
"Nabiki; Akane get out of here I'll handle him", Ranma ordered, all other spectators had left after seeing Ryouga transform.
"HEY I can take care of myself", Akane replied anger ever present in her voice.
"I wouldn't miss this if you paid me Saotome", Nabiki retorted although she was retreating to a reasonable distance.
"Look I don't want to argue with…..".
"LOOK OUT!!!!!".
Unfortunately Nabiki's warning came too late, Ranma was taken by surprise by the speed and strength of such an attack from something so large.
Ranma had managed to ward of the strike aimed at his chest, however looking down he saw four deep gashes along his left forearm, *Urg….he's pretty fast*
"Grrrr……", Ryouga had seen an opening and attacked. One part of him said it was not an honourable thing to do, another part of him just wanted to destroy, already he could feel himself beginning to go into berserk mode.
Akane had yelped in surprise and horror as she saw blood dripping from Ranma's arm, which was also dripping from the transformed boy's fingers.
"So you want to play it that way huh??", Ranma remarked shrugging of the pain of the attack, he'd had worse after all, as he studied his opponent more carefully he still thought it was surprising that something that large could have moved so fast, but now that he was prepared he would not let himself be caught of guard like that again.
Powering up, a white aura exploded around Ranma momentarily amazing all those present
Ryouga was slightly surprised by the power of Ranma's aura. *Excellent…….*, he thought with satisfaction. *At least I will get is a decent workout*.
As if a whistle had been blown the pair charged each other clashing in mid air.
Ranma allowed extra room when dodging the lost boy's strikes, as the air pressure alone from the strikes seemed to be able to do damage, it soon became apparent that he had to put more effort into the fight if he was to win.
Ryouga relentlessly attacked taking full advantage of his inhuman form's speed; strength and reach, but was becoming frustrated that the battle had not already ended.
*Curse you Ranma*, he thought as he intensified his attacks.
"BONGGGG", was the sound made when a steel titanium depleted uranium bonbari impacted with the back of Ryouga's head.
Rubbing the spot of impact on the back of his head Ryouga turned in annoyance to the assailant.
Had he not been in his cursed form he would have out cold by now, as the obviously Chinese girl before him wore only a very short one-piece dress.
"You evil monster no hurt husband!", the purple haired Amazon said with anger.
"Shampoo! what are you doing here?", Ranma asked in a surprised tone.
"Shampoo making deliveries when heard monster talk bad about husband so come to help!", She said all in a single breath.
"Ranma….yo…u.. coward hiding…behind a girl", Ryouga growled becoming even more angry if it were possible.
"What are you babbling about now??????", Ranma shouted back in frustration.
"This gets more interesting all the time", Nabiki commented to a still stunned Akane.
"Enough talking, we fight NOW", Ryouga snarled charging again.
Ranma of course merely dodged, wanting to wear his opponent out.
The anger was overwhelming and intoxicating, with his years long pledge on the verge of success he would not fail, than finally he lost himself.
"GRRRRRRRRRRRRR….NOW…..YOU……DIE……", Ryouga cried, an intense purple aura exploded around him, just before he leapt at Ranma once more.
Ranma noted that the lost boy's attacks were now coming faster and harder than before.
Nabiki observed the battle from a safe distance beside Akane, although at first the battle seemed in Ranma's favour for some reason he seemed to be losing now, even with the help of the Amazon.
"Argg…..", Ranma grunted as a blow struck somehow managing to get past his defences.
*What's happening to me I should be able to dodge those easily!* he thought strangely, looking at his opponent he could not sense any increase in his power since his first transformation, although Ryouga was very fast, he had seen those attacks coming but had been unable to respond.
*Whoa since when could Ryouga move so fast*, he thought to himself as the creature seemed to split and become two.
His thoughts were interrupted yet again as another blow connected sending him into a nearby concrete wall.
Nabiki was already hurrying to his position, while Akane deciding enough was enough began to help the Amazon double team Ryouga.
"Urggg….", Ranma groaned as he attempted to shake away the spinning stars which circled his head.
Nabiki carefully helped him up,
"Are you all right Ranma??".
"….I don't know….", He replied after a moment.
Turning to the fight he was surprised that Akane and Shampoo were still standing, but than noticed that Ryouga was not attempting to kill them, merely fend off their attacks.
Ranma felt himself becoming weaker, forcing him to drop to his knees.
"I….my strength….".
Nabiki watched in concern, even though he was Kasumi's fiancée she had to look out for him if only for Kasumi sake.
"Ranma….Your arm!", Nabiki indicated to the three gashes which were now all black.
"….poison….", he stated as everything became obvious now. *so that's why I'm losing my strength*, he thought, the poison might not be deadly but at the very least it was slowing down his reactions and draining his strength.
Looking back at the fight he noticed that both Shampoo and Akane were on the brink of exhaustion, Ryouga was merely shrugging off their attacks as he turned to face him.
He was tempted to transform but it was likely that in his weakened state, he probably would not have been able to concentrate enough.
"…Nabiki….get out of here…".
"Oh no you don't Saotome, you think Kasumi would let me live this down if I just left you here!", Nabiki replied.
"….Heh don't worry I'm not going to do anything stupid….but I do need you to be out of the way".
He said with a confident smile.
"Hm….All right but be careful",
It was the confidence in his eyes that convinced her that he was not going to do anything stupid.
Ranma nodded then turned back to Ryouga's inhuman form, which now slowly stalked towards him.
Ryouga stalked slowly towards his prey each footstep creating cracks in the concrete pavement, it had taken nearly all his control not to rip the two attacking girls apart, but now that they were too tired for their attacks to effect him so he ignored them. After all he was only after Ranma, hurting innocent people was not something he would do.
"…urg….", Ranma slowly pulled himself back up on his feet, charging up with what remaining strength he had, a white aura again exploding around him.
Ryouga snarled, raised an arm.
A long stream of bright yellow fire shot forth from the creature's palm, engulfing Ranma's form.
After moment he stopped, Ryouga was surprised that his nemesis was still standing.
Ranma gasped, he was on the brink of exhaustion if his aura had not protected him, he would have been fried to a crisp now.
*I can't get close to him so I'm going to have to use my ki attacks but….*, a spell of dizziness struck him as he felt himself becoming weaker as time went on.
Ryouga stopped in his tracks, he could sense Ranma building up his ki, he likewise did the same preparing for a sudden assault.
Both Shampoo and Akane backed off from the area, both helping the other despite their rivalry. Even though Shampoo was nowhere near as good a fighter as her Airen she could sense the build up of power in the two.
Akane like wise could sense something about to happen.
Focusing what little strength he had left, Ranma raised his right palm supported with his left.
Ryouga was no fool, realising the potential attack decided to close the distance as fast as he could.
"BIG BANG ATTACKKKKKKKK!!!", Ranma's aura disappearing as a blue basketball sized ki sphere shot forth from his hand.
Unfortunately for Ryouga the sphere of ki energy seemed to home in on him, so caught the brunt of the blast right in the chest.
Due to the angle, Ryouga was sent sailing over Nerima.
In a way Ranma was glad due to his weaken state, as he would never had used such a dangerous attack had he been at full strength, those were his last thoughts before darkness overcame him.
All three girls after finally noting the devastation to the surrounding area, practically everywhere there were cracks in the walls of buildings, holes littered the pavement and fences and trees were practically ripped apart.
Noting Ranma's now unconscious form, all three rushed to his body.
Nabiki was the first to reach him having been the closest in the first place, turning him over she noted that he still had black hair, *I could have sworn I saw his hair turn yellow for a moment* but quickly placed that thought in the back of her mind, *probably just the stress*.
"Help me take him to great grandmother, she great healer".
"I think we should take him to doctor Tofu's office, it's closer", Nabiki said.
"Okay but hurry", the Chinese girl added.
Akane was silent as to her what she had witnessed in the past few moments had seemed impossible to believe, from transforming humans to energy blasts.
Tofu's clinic
"Doctor Tofu please come quickly", Akane shouted out as they entered the clinic.
The tall pigtailed, glasses wearing doctor entered with a concerned look on his face.
"What's the…..oh you'd better put him over there", he said noticing the slumped form of some boy practically surrounded by the three girls.
After the three placed Ranma's form on the examination table, they stepped back to allow the doctor room to work.
In their minds they could not help but notice that Ranma's body seemed even better to look at from this position. Their stares lingered as the doctor removed Ranma's shirt to examine the injuries.
"Hm…..some deep cuts here, and several large bruises, mainly on the back and chest", Doctor Tofu said after poking and prodding Ranma in several places.
"Will he be okay?", Shampoo questioned in a concerned tone.
"Oh…the injuries are minor, it's more his lack of ki I'm worried about".
"What do you mean 'lack of ki"? Nabiki asked curiously.
"Ki is basically what sustains our bodies, without it……", He allowed the sentence to trail off.
"So where is it??", Akane queried as she tried to stoop from staring at the doctor for too long.
"Well to be honest, I don't know…..but given enough time his body should replenish it supply".
At that moment Ranma began to stir.
"Urghhh….what hit me??", he commented while bringing a hand up to his head.
"Your old friend Ryouga was it????", Nabiki said.
"Oh yeah….damn that stuff must have been pretty strong…".
"What 'stuff' are you referring to??". Doctor Tofu queried.
"Ryouga, that's the guy I was fighting, he got me with some kind of poison".
"Hm…..interesting". The doctor commented as he examined Ranma with greater interest.
"Well Ranma, as far as I can tell……I don't think you are poisoned, whatever it was it's gone now".
Tofu said as he took some equipment and went into the next room.
"So how are you feeling Ranma??". Nabiki asked.
"I'll be fine, just give me a moment".
"Airen rest now, defeated very strong opponent".
"<Sham-pu it's all right to speak in Chinese if it would be easier for you>".
"No worry Airen, Shampoo need practice anyway". The amazon replied happily in Japanese.
"By the way Ranma, what was that final attack you used to finish Ryouga off??". Akane asked, joining in the conversation now that the good doctor had left the room.
"Yes Airen what was that?? Never seen such strong attack".
"Oh that….hm….that was just some special attack I learned from…..some people I met in my travels".
He hesitated still reluctant to talk about his past as it brought up bad memories.
The girls were stopped from further questions when Kasumi walked in.
"Oh my….".
She immediately hurried to Ranma's bedside.
"What ever happened to you Ranma??". The eldest Tendo daughter asked in a concerned tone as she noticed his ripped up clothing with bloodstains.
"Urg…I just met up with an old friend, nothing serious". He answered with a smile.
"He…wh..y hello Kasu…mi what are you doing here??", doctor tofu asked as he re-entered the room.
"Oh hello doctor, how are you?".
Kasumi asked as she turned to face the man.
"heh…heh.. I'm err.. fine aren't I Betty-chan",
Tofu said as he began to pet a display skeleton nearby.
Ranma thought raising an eyebrow but said nothing, after all he had seen stranger things.
"How is Ranma by the way doctor?".
"Oh…he's fine Kasumi, just plenty of rest…that's it plenty of rest". The doctor replied still nervously.
"Will he be able to come home tonight?". Nabiki questioned.
"huh….oh…he should be fine, just remember plenty of rest young man".
Ranma immediately tried to get up but soon found that he had not the strength to move much.
"Ranma be careful, Shampoo help you now".
"That's all right Shampoo, he'll be fine I can help him back to the dojo".
Kasumi said in her usual polite tone as she got to Ranma before the Amazon.
"Hm…ok Shampoo does have to go now". The Amazon said looking at the time and thinking of the deliveries she had yet to complete.
"Thanks for helping out".
"No problem Airen, is duty of wife, please visit cat café any time!". She said happily before quickly exiting the clinic.
Ranma nodded.
"Anyway thanks doc, I've best be going now".
He said turning to the doctor as he slowly but steadily got to his feet.
"Remember lots of rest".
The doctor practically ordered, his nervousness temporarily displaced by his professionalism.
"Sure and thanks again".
He said as he left with the rest of the Tendo girls.
Just as Ranma stepped clear of the clinic, a wave of dizziness hit him.
*Urrgg….I feel like I've just gone twenty rounds with Vegita*, he thought as he brought his hand up to his head.
"You shouldn't push yourself Ranma-kun". Kasumi gently voice chided.
Ranma unconsciously accepted the support Kasumi offered as she placed his arm around her shoulders.
"I've had worse Kasumi-chan…".
"Let's hurry back to the dojo where Ranma can rest".
"Yes your right Nabiki, Ranma does need to rest". Kasumi replied as she hastened her pace.
Nabiki to followed, helping to support Ranma from the other side.
Akane stood for a moment staring alternatively at the clinic and at the departing figure of Ranma and her sister, than quickly went to catch up.
Up on the second floor of the clinic, the figure of the good doctor disappeared back into the shadows after watching the four disappear around the corner of the street.
Somewhere outside of Nerima.
At the centre of a newly formed crater, the rubble began to shift and move, suddenly a burst of bright yellow light exploded outwards destroying the concrete.
The familiar form of Ryouga Hibiki in human form slowly got up, steam evaporating from his clothes.
The lost boy cried letting loose a ki blast into the sky, than promptly fell down unconscious from exhaustion.
That evening after another wonderful and large dinner, Cologne and Shampoo had popped round to see how well Ranma was doing despite the protests of most present.
After they had left Ranma decided to have an early night after taking care of his father who kept ranting on about the way of a true martial artist is through pain and suffering.
Akane stood at the centre of the dojo, sweat pouring of her forehead as she failed again.
"ARGHHHHH………what was that move!!!". She cried out in frustration and anger.
"Perhaps sis you should ask Ranma to teach you that move when he's well enough".
"Ekkk…..Nabiki when did you arrive". Akane practically yelped in surprise.
"Just now". The middle Tendo daughter lied having already hidden her camera in the corridor.
"Hmp….I don't need that perverts help! I can learn it myself!!".
"Fine waste your time than".
"And just what do you mean by that, I'm a martial artist too".
"Akane, Akane….". Nabiki began with a sigh.
"From what I've seen your nowhere near him in terms of skill or anything to do with martial arts".
She continued.
"Thanks sis you're so kind".
Akane replied sarcastically.
"Just telling you how it is little sister". *It's about time you opened your eyes*.
With that said Nabiki left the dojo and her sister who was still staring at her position.
Later that same night!
Ranma sat up suddenly having awoken from a nightmare. *That same dream*.
Looking around he noted that the room was empty besides one occupant, however telling from the figure it was not his father.
He was saved from further questioning thoughts as the figure spoke.
"Are you ok Ranma?".
Ranma relaxed visibly, although would still be unnerved that he would only sense her presence if he saw her.
"I…I'm fine Kausmi, just a dream".
"Oh my, you're sweating".
She said in a concerned tone while removing a cloth from her pocket and began to gently wipe his forehead. She tried to ignore the fact that he was half-naked and had a very well built body.
"It's quite all right Ranma-kun".
"Say what time is it anyway", he questioned as he noted that it was not dawn as the moon shone brightly in the night.
"It's around 1 o'clock now". She said looking at her watch.
"huh it's that late, what are you still doing up than?".
"I…just wanted to make sure you were ok". Kasumi stopped and answered slowly, looking for the right words.
"You really shouldn't worry that much about me, you should worry more about yourself".
Ranma mentally slapped himself when he realised how what he had just said might have sounded.
"I'm sorry Kasumi-chan, I didn't mean it the way it might have sounded".
"It's all right Ranma I understand, but I was worried about you". She said the last part quietly as she moved closer giving him a friendly hug.
" You shouldn't because basically I've taken worse beatings than this before and I always pull through!". Ranma continued automatically accepting the hug.
"And besides I always see that you're the earliest person to get up, so you must get some sleep".
"And I know you……", Ranma stopped in mid sentence as he noticed that Kasumi's eyes were closed and her breathing was slow and steady.
*She's fallen asleep, she must have been exhausted…*, a part of his mind told him to wake her so she could return to her own bedroom, however he just couldn't find to heart as he noticed just how beautiful and peaceful Kasumi seemed.
Deciding that waking her was not an option, he attempted to remove her arms, which were presently wrapped around his body.
*Huh….she's pretty strong*, he thought as he was unsuccessful and did not want to used any greater strength which would risk injury.
"What should I do now", Ranma said quietly to no one in particular.
Seeing there was no way out, he looked once more at the tranquil of the eldest Tendo daughter.
"Goodnight Kasumi".
With that he gently lied back placing a blanket to cover her and attempted to get some sleep, suffice to say that even though he was quite tired he did not get much sleep that night.
He did not notice the small smile that seemed to spread across the eldest Tendo daughters' face.
The following morning Ranma awoke to the sunlight shining brightly in his face, looking around he was quite surprised to find that he was alone in his room and there were no signs of anyone having entered.
*Was it all a dream???*
Smelling the air his nostrils quickly caught the scent of breakfast.
Ranma was dressed in the next ten seconds and already down the stairs.
The pigtailed martial artist's was surprised to find that no one was around, and the only signs of life were from the kitchen.
"Why good morning Ranma, you are up early today how are you feeling?".
Kasumi said as she placed some more carrots in a pot.
"Good morning Kasumi, I feel much better than I was yesterday".
He replied automatically flexing his arms.
"Breakfast won't be ready for another half an hour".
"That's ok, do you need any help?".
Looking around Kasumi momentarily frowned but than her ever present smile reappeared.
"No it's all right, everything's fine".
"Ok, I'll just go for a quick workout".
Ranma exited the kitchen and made his way to the dojo, *Perhaps last night really was a dream after all……*. He thought with slight disappointment.
Kasumi returned to her cooking, slightly disappointed that Ranma had not mentioned anything about the previous night.
*Perhaps he forgot*, she tried to convince herself.
It was unusually quiet during breakfast, even mister Saotome was silent but that was mainly due to a bandage which somehow covered his entire face.
Nabiki was the first to speak.
"So Ranma how was your night?".
Ranma stopped his munching, looked curiously at the middle Tendo daughter.
"It was fine".
"Oh really so tell us what did you and Kasumi do all night?". There were slight traces of jealously within the second Tendo daughter's voice, although this was un-noticed by all those present as they were too preoccupied contemplating what they had just heard.
All faces turned to stare at him, except Kasumi's who now seemed to find the table extremely interesting.
Ranma gulped, *I guess it wasn't a dream than*.
"B…boy is it true???", Genma asked having written the question on a sign.
"I knew he was a pervert…..!!", Akane began to growl as she looked around for a suitable heavy blunt object to throw.
"Well son is it true?", mister Tendo finally asked.
"W..well….um…", he hesitated looking at Kasumi who simply looked back, her face was extremely red.
"Yes…", Ranma finally whispered.
"OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!", Soun Tendo shouted as he grabbed his old friend and the two began to dance around the room.
"So sis what did the two of you do?", Nabiki questioned.
"Nothing happened Nabiki". Ranma answered quickly.
"Yea…", Ranma's reply was cut short when he was forced to dodge a dumb-bell aimed at his head by one furious Akane Tendo.
"Really Nabiki, nothing happened between Ranma and myself".
"than why is it you didn't leave his room until this morning?".
Ranma watched the conversation attempting to remember the previous night's events more clearly, all the while catching and dodging projectiles.
"My my what have we here??". A small figure spoke from the entrance of the room.
Everyone slowly turned to face the newcomer who had invaded their home. Standing there smoking a small pipe was an old man around three feet tall dressed all in black.
Ranma was preparing himself as he noted that this person, although small was a very skilled martial artists.
*how did he get so near without me sensing him??*, Ranma thought to himself.
"M…MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!", both Genma and Soun cried out as they rushed in front of the small figure and began grovelling.
"Dad??? Is there something we should know??", Nabiki questioned first.
"Father why are you……???", Ranma allowed his question to hang.
"Oh my, another guest….",
Akane was the only one present who was at a loss for words.
"Master w….we thought you were….",
"ho ho you boys thought that locking me in a cave for ten years with a couple of pounds of dynamite would even hurt me", the old man said with a smirk.
"No….n…it was all a mistake…..", both men began to stutter.
"Hmp….well…", the old man began as he turned away from his students.
Both Genma and Soun looked at each other, with a nod they both attacked as one intent on using the element of surprise.
The old man merely turned around and using a finger from each hand, threw both men into a wall.
"Hmm…you boy's have been slacking".
"Well not to worry boys, I'm a kind old man so I didn't come here looking for revenge".
By now both Soun and Genma had managed to remove themselves from the wall, both immediately rushed up to the dwarfish man and began to grovel.
Turning to the girls and Ranma, he studied them for a moment than spoke.
"Oh allow me to introduce myself ladies, I am Happosai grandmaster of the anything goes style of martial arts". As he said this he began to look over each of the girls more closely, drool forming on around his lips.
"You think that that person is really dad's sensei?", Akane whispered to Nabiki sounding dubious
"Well telling from the way they are acting, I'd say it's a pretty good guess that he is".
Ranma continued to study at the little old man who seemed to remind him of one of Goku's old senseis.
Kasumi merely stood next to Ranma thinking,
*My what a strange old man*.
"I'm here to train an heir!". The old man continued turning back to his disciples.
"W….wait for me Soun!", Genma cried as his friend was already out the door, backpack in hand.
"Now where do you think you boys are going?".
In a mere blink Happosai was in front of the pair.
"We…w…..were just going pout to…to celebrate!!".
"Yes that's it celebrate!", Genma added.
Happosai seemed to think for a moment,
"Well ok, my return should be celebrated! Take as long as you like", the last part was but a whisper but Soun shudder as he noticed the master gaze on his daughters.
"Genma my old friend I hav….have to stay!".
"Are you mad, you know what the master will do to us, let us get away now while we still can!".
"ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!! You know what he will do to my daughters!".
"Calm down, don't worry my boy will protect them".
"Well Ranma is skilled and perhaps this would be an opportunity to bring them closer together".
Soun said thoughtfully.
"Yes yes Soun, I can see our dream being fulfilled now".
Genma sighed heavily as he imagined Ranma somehow defeating the master while heroically saving one of the Tendo daughters, that one moment of closeness would cause them to fall in love immediately.
"Come than old friend". Soun relented after having similar thoughts as his old friend.
Happosai watched the pair leave, than turned back to the three girls. He paid no heed to the pigtailed boy who was eyeing him as he sensed no aura above that of an average human.
"Ah so you three lovely girls are Soun's daughters'".
Kasumi; Nabiki and Akane introduced themselves.
"And I'm Genma's son". Ranma added.
"Ah…Genma's boy huh, guess you didn't learn much from him than".
"You could say that". Ranma replied.
"Well now that we all know each other……ALLOW ME TO REST ON YOUR BOSSUM!!".
Happosai cried with glee as he aimed himself for the chest of the nearest girl, who happened to be Kasumi.
Before even Akane could cry a warning, the ancient perverts body was engulfed in yellow flames and propelled into the garden far wall.
Happosai had a wide-eyed look of surprise on his face as he fell to the ground.
Looking around Akane and Nabiki saw Ranma standing in front of their sister, his fist outstretched in the direction where the pervert had been thrown.
"Touch her and I'll kill you", Ranma stated simply, a very serious look on his face.
All three Tendo girls were taken back by the seriousness of Ranma's tone.
"Urg…..your pret…ty good boy, got me by surprise".
*This guy is definitely not Human, I give him a punch that would hurt Goku!*,
"I've got a few more surprises yet".
Happosai seemed to now be sizing Ranma up, taking him more seriously.
*The boy's aura is practically invisible, my Genma what have you been teaching him*.
Although Happosai was never one to obey the rules, he knew when to fight and when to back down, in this case he chose the latter. *Perhaps another time*.
"No need to worry boy, I was just urrr.. testing you to see what you had learned from that old fool Genma".
All present were not fooled by the ancient pervert's words.
"Anyway since I'm going to be staying here a while, I better get stocked up!".
With that the ancient master leapt onto the roof, a few more roof hops and he was gone.
Akane shouted to the air.
"I think our troubles just got worse".
The middle Tendo daughter commented.
Kasumi noticed that Ranma had not moved, reaching a hand out she placed it on his shoulder to gain his attention.
She noticed that he was quite tense but seemed to relax after a moment.
Ranma was still sensing the departure of the pervert but was having difficulty,
*He's somehow hiding his aura…..lost him*.
Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he relaxed already knowing who it was.
"Ranma you're going to be late for school".
"huh??", looking at the clock Ranma; Nabiki and Akane realised the time.
Nabiki and Akane had already rushed off, however Ranma was reluctant to leave especially since the ancient man said he would be back.
Kasumi merely gave a simply smile and a nod.
Ranma returned the gesture, than left.
*That old man better not do anything while I'm away…..*
Chine (somewhere)
200 feet above the ground there was a brief flash of light, than a small yellow one man ship appeared seemingly from nowhere.
"Computer status?", the figure within the capsule asked.
"Co-ordinates un-confirmed, navigational logs damaged; system status at 60%; main power is failing, estimated time to exhaustion is 72.3 hours".
"damn….I knew I should have checked the fuel injector rods for damage".
"Computer is there enough power for another transport?".
"Calculating……negative, minimum transport would require main power at 80%".
"Hmm….computer where am I?",
"Scanning……regional area structure is consistent for China in the late 20th century".
The figure open the cockpit and stepped out, what was surprised that instead of plummeting to their death as a normal person would have, the figure seemed to float there.
The figure was obviously a young man, he had long silver hair done in curtains that reached his shoulders, turning partly it is seen that there are several large scars down the right part of his face.
"Computer shut down all system and enter sleep mode, voice authorisation lock".
"Confirmed…..shut down complete, auto-activating compact mode".
In a puff of yellow smoke the vehicle disappeared to be replaced by a finger sized capsule.
Pocketing this, he looked around for a moment than flew towards the nearest town.
The Jusenkyo guide who had been enjoying a view from a cliff merely shrugged his shoulders at the unusual site, after all he had seen weirder things.
(to be continued).
End of chapter 4
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