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Ranma Zero


Chapter 3


Clash of the warriors



Ranma squared of against the ancient woman balancing on her cane, looking around once more to check there were no innocent bystanders that could get hurt.


"So son in law you are stronger than I first suspected" Cologne said first having analysed Ranma's battle with Shampoo, what surprised her was that Shampoo's body showed no signs of broken bones, which was strange as she suspected Ranma to be extremely strong.


"Well I might have a few more surprises for you yet" he said powering up to half strength.


Cologne watched carefully as a powerful yet focused white aura exploded and surrounded him.




Ranma thought, slightly confused at his opponent as she showed no signs of powering up in preparation of the upcoming battle.


Before Ranma could contemplate further Cologne dashed forward and attacked with her cane, making thousands of strikes at various pressure points in mere seconds attempting to overwhelm him with her speed.


So far Ranma was being forced to block thousands of punches and strikes in a mere few seconds. Leaping back over thirty feet he managed to buy himself some time to power up even more for extra speed.


*Amazing, how powerful are you really* the elder thought as she was surprised to see Ranma still standing, there were few who could survive her initial attacks.


"MOKO TAKABISHA!" Ranma cried letting loose a red ki blast powered by his emotions, thus making the blast weaker but safer, unlike Vegeta he never underestimated his own power.


Cologne's eyes widened in surprised for a brief moment before she quickly stepped out of the way of the blast.


Ranma had already gauged the woman's speed so knew she would easily be able to dodge the blast, so was already leaping in with a combination.


To his surprise his opponent suddenly ducked and touched the ground which immediately exploded upwards. Ranma found himself within a thick cloud of dust, he tried to sense his opponents aura but found nothing. *Where is she??* he thought as he prepared for an attack from everywhere.


Cologne came all but silently from behind but Ranma was ready and already blocking and dodging the strikes, now that he looked at her more closely he realised why he could not sense her ki, it was because she was focusing it so tightly into herself hiding it yet at the same time making her more powerful.


She once again disappeared into the cloud, only to reappear seconds later descending from above,

Looking up he saw her let loose a sizeable green ki blast straight at him.


Ranma crossed his arms in front of him in time to block the blast which impacted heavily against him.


She had put much of her remaining energy into that last ki blast having expected the boy to be unconscious by now, she was amazed when he blocked the attack. For a moment she thought that somehow she did not execute the move properly but saw the area around Ranma's feet cave in under the stress.

*Fascinating the boy is…..* her thoughts were interrupted when she sensed Ranma power up for a brief moment.


"Daichiretsuzan!!!" Ranma shouted as his arms flashed all around him.


The move caused all the dust to be sucked away, leaving behind the devastated area of the parking lot, everywhere there were large gashes in the ground, trees and walls.


Before he could search even further he found himself surrounded by several Cologne's, all spinning wildly around him.


The first attack came lightning fast but Ranma was able to block it but was placed on the defensive as the strikes came quicker and from every direction, most he was able to block but a number made it through his defences.


"HIYAAAAAAAA" Ranma cried allowing his aura to explode outwards at nearly at full force, it was enough to throw Cologne back as the illusions were shattered.


Looking around Ranma saw his opponent standing on her stick several metres away. He could tell that she was tired as she was breathing heavily, he himself was slightly winded.


Cologne powered up her aura, she knew that at the rate she was going she would not last much longer. It was amazing that the boy was still standing and practically uninjured, rarely had she faced such odds.

*The boy shouldn't even be able to move* thinking about the Shaitsu points she had touched.


Ranma likewise powered up his aura to full strength but not quite enough to transform him, parts of his body still felt numb from where the Cologne had managed to make pressure point strikes.


Cologne started forward slowly as did Ranma.


Ranma brought his hands forward together, a golden yellow sphere formed in his palms which quickly expanded to the size of a basketball.


Cologne prepared to dodged the attack, perhaps she could wait him out until he exhausted himself.


"TAKABISHA REVISED!!!!!" Ranma shouted as he thrust his arms forward, immediately small beams of yellow energy erupted from the surface of the sphere in his hands and headed towards the position of the old woman.


Cologne dodged the first, and the second and the third. A few managed to barely snag her, as she dodged in and out of the beams she noted that Ranma was continually using his ki, yet at the current rate he should have already been unconscious due to exhaustion and they were fairly powerful strikes as the beams that she dodged made small craters in the ground.


Deciding that close combat would be the answer Ranma charged in, his white aura having turned red,

red flames surrounded his fists and feet as he attacked.


Cologne found herself fascinated and slightly frightened, having lived for a few centuries she was used to the extraordinary but what the boy in front of her was doing was amazing. *the boy is power made flesh, where does he get all his energy* she thought as she desperately dodged his ki enhanced attacks.


Seeing that the old woman seemed to dance around his attack Ranma stopped for a moment than began to concentrate his ki preparing to fire off another blast so large that it would be too difficult to dodge. Before he could however the old woman charged with that same surprising speed as she did at the beginning.


*Amazing* Ranma thought as although he was blocking all of the old woman's attacks he had little time to counter, he also noticed that the old woman too had channelled her ki into her fist slightly burning his arms in places where he blocked her strikes.


He saw an opening and connected but at the same time the Amazon connected as well, connected with the rising dragon ascension wave.


"ARRRRGGGGGGG……" the pigtailed martial artist cried as he was tossed about in the tornado, when the attack had struck he felt the sphere of energy in his hands being drained before he could compensate and now he found that when he tried powering up his strength was sucked away from him within moments at the same time increasing the strength of the whirlwind.



Shampoo was awaken via pressure points by Cologne.

"Aiyyaaaa Great grandmother you hurt" the purple hair girl said as she noticed the blood trickling from the elders mouth and the slowness in her body.


"It….is nothing but it proved that son in law is indeed strong"


"Where Ranma??" Shampoo asked dreamily as rarely had her grand mother complemented anybody especially a male.


Cologne indicated to the towering tornado which was stationary in the centre of the lot and had attracted a fair number of viewers who were keeping at a safe distance.

"It has been nearly five minutes now, I wonder how much strength the boy has left" As the rising dragon ascension wave continued to drain the aura of her opponent and would continue to do so until the opponent had no aura.


Shampoo stared in awe before her was an secret Amazon technique which was simply fascinating, she could make out occasional flares within the tornado.



Ranma finally decided that powering up was not the best thing to do as it seemed to intensify the tornado's effect whiling draining him at the same time, instead he tried to keep still and block all the rubble that was bombarding him.

Finally the tornado dissipated and Ranma began to fall head first towards the ground.


Both Shampoo and Cologne suspecting Ranma to be unconscious so hopped to his would be landing site.


Just before he would have impacted with the ground Ranma opened his eyes and managed to flip his body around, thus taking the impact on his legs.


He landed heavily in a kneeling position, the concrete ground cracking beneath him from the force.


Before either Amazons could react Ranma's fighting instincts took over as he leapt into the air hovering for a moment. "BURNINGS ATTACK REVISED" he cried forming patterns with his hands than thrusting them forward deciding that the Kamehame-ha would have been to powerful a move to use.


A yellow base ball sized sphere shot forth from his palms towards the ancient woman, who nimbly dodged out of the way after shoving Shampoo to safety even though she knew her great grand daughter was not the target she was not willing to take the risk.


What really surprised the elder was that when the ball impacted with the ground it exploded into a wave of flames which only headed towards her.


As the flames struck Ranma slowly floated back to the ground, after his attack had cleared he was surprised to see that Cologne was unharmed but was visibly exhausted. He himself was exhausted as much of his ki had somehow been stolen by the attack, he was tempted to change to Super sayijin to replace the lost energy but decided against it as it would be unfair, besides he wanted to keep it a secret.


Cologne eyed Ranma carefully for a moment, than swallowing her pride said

"….You win son in law" which was soon followed by a chesty cough.


"huh???" he said in a slightly confused tone, in his current state with practically all his ki spent, she had the advantage, unless he powered up.


"You win I have never had such a good battle in centuries" the elder said with a chuckle although in her mind she was still contemplating how she lost to a male.


"huh?? but that was the best match I've had so far" He commented slightly disappointed as he had gotten used to daily matches.


"Tell me son-in law where did you learn such techniques?"


"Ummm??…." Ranma sweated slightly at the question, he only now realised that he had probably been in the air way too long.


"Come now boy surely your master has a name"


"Well um… I didn't learn from any one sensei" thinking a half lie is better than a complete lie.


Cologne sensed boy would not be likely to reveal the name of his teacher so decided on a different approach.

"Tell me boy how did you manage to hover there in the air" although she already had her suspicions as to how.


*well I guess there's no harm in telling her*

"It's just a form of ki manipulation"

"Interesting…" she commented as her suspicions had been correct, the technique to fly was not completely unknown to her but one was required to use huge amounts of ki something only members of the musk family and few others had.


"Anyway what was all that about calling me your son in law….I don't think I have any relatives from China?" he asked in a curious tone as he dwelled in the thought.


"But Airen does have family!" Shampoo said having leapt down from a tree after barely avoiding the attack.


"Huh who??"


"Silly husband you married to me!" the Amazon girl said with glee in her eyes.


"Hu….wha…t.tt…??" Ranma's brain seemed to over load as he understood the implication.


"It seems son in law is a bit over whelmed" The old woman commented with amusement as the boy stumbled to the ground muttering.


Shampoo was immediately by his side, concern evident in her eyes.


"Wait….I can't marry you I'm already engaged!" he said looking up at Shampoo.


"Who is girl I kill!!!!!" Shampoo said with murder in her eyes.


"No no wait you can't that marriage is also a matter of honour!" he said in a panicky tone.


"So is this, according to out laws being defeated by an outsider that amazon must marry the outsider!"

The elder countered.

"But….I didn't know!! I thought it was just a challenge!"


"In a way it was, a challenge to test whether you are worthy to join the tribe"

Cologne answered.


"But…but….no I can't it would not be right!" Ranma said in a firm voice.


"Hmm….perhaps we should discuss this with the family of you other fiancee!" Cologne said after a moment as she thought *It would be pointless to have him join the tribe if he is unwilling* she thought as she imagined all the havoc and damage he could cause if he was enraged.


"Hm..… well okay" *Perhaps father of mister Tendo can persuade them to give up their claim, although when he looked at Shampoo he had to admit she was quite stunning, so immediately turned away looking at anything but her. *why did life have to get so complicated all of a sudden* he added as an after thought.



"RANMA WILL MARRY MY DAUGHTER!!" Soun said in his demon head form.


"According to our laws they are already married" Cologne said back evenly unimpressed by the giant demon head in front of her.


"When did this happen boy? you dare to betray your fiancee!" Genma joined in scolding Ranma who was sitting watching the scene before him, confusion evident on his face.


"I knew he was just like all the other boys….a pervert" Akane whispered into Nabiki's ear, although she thought it was a shame as he did not seem as bad as the boys she was used to.


Ranma avoided the loving look from Shampoo and the withering glares from two of the Tendo daughters, what really unnerved him was Kasumi's neutral look. *since I've been here I've never seen her like that* although he had only been here a short time he had a knack for knowing what people were feeling as it came in handy during battles.


Kasumi remained calm on the outside although on the inside she was slightly miffed that her so called fiancee now had another fiancee, but decided above all she had to be a proper host so left to make some tea.


"Hey don't blame this on me old man I didn't know about any laws!" Ranma retorted having had enough of Genma's scolding.


"There you see even the boy rejects the engagement!" Soun stated having reverted to his normal self seeing as it was having no effect.


"Is this true Ranma, you would disobey our laws bringing dishonour to your name and us!" Cologne questioned.


"Hey wait a minute I never knew anything about that kiss of marriage stuff"


"Ignorance is no reason to neglect honour!" the old woman stated back evenly.


"Your laws don't apply here though, we're not in China!" Nabiki said joining in the argument.


"Our laws apply where ever we go" Cologne turned and glared at Nabiki who glared back.


"That right Amazon law follow us everywhere we go!" Shampoo added with a dangerous glint in her eye directed towards the Tendo middle daughter.


"RANMA What are you going to do about this!?" Genma shouted turning back to his son as he and Soun had failed to convince the old woman to give up her claim.


"Yes Ranma what will you do??" Soun asked in a dangerous tone.


"It's a…ll right father" Kasumi finally said after having listened to the whole argument from the kitchen and returned with a tray of tea.


"No Kasumi it is not…." Soun started to say but was interrupted by Genma who seeing the tea and biscuits reverted to his normal reactions and began scoffing down the food and drink.


Genma was halfway through his second cut of tea before he froze and began to turn an unusual shade of green.

This did not go unnoticed by all those present who turned to Genma's still form on the floor and watched as it twitched occasionally.


Everyone turned towards eldest Tendo daughter who had up to know remained silent.

"I really don't mind father after all Ranma is his own person" Kasumi said in her usual tone.


Before Ranma could reply Kasumi excused herself.


"Hey Nabiki…Kasumi acting kind of strange don't you think?" Akane whispered to the second Tendo daughter.


"Yes….your right…" She replied as she watched uncle Saotome twitch occasionally.

*Maybe Akane got into the kitchen but….when?* Nabiki thought to herself.


"AIYAAAA Shampoo so happy now Ranma free to marry Shampoo!" The purple haired Amazon cried as she leapt towards Ranma.


Cologne had eyed the scene carefully, at first she had thought the eldest Tendo girl had attempted to poison them but looking closely she saw that she did not have a single dark patch in her aura.

*Hmmm….interesting perhaps she's just a bad cook*


"WHAAAA my baby girl not going to get married!" Soun cried out while Genma attempted to calm him.


Much to Shampoo's surprise Ranma was no longer where he was sitting moments before.


"Hey where'd Ranma go???" Akane questioned suddenly.


Nabiki already knew where Ranma had left although how he seemed to disappear she had yet to understand and exploit.


Cologne sighed heavily as she noted the eldest girl left, *the boy has already another, this will be more difficult* she thought as she mentally made a list of preparations for a prolonged stay in Nerima.


Shampoo just looked around surprised, even searching under the table in case Ranma was hiding there.



Ranma had teleported out of the room as the situation was getting way out of hand, Kasumi leaving the room had been the final straw. It was not that he disliked the two Amazons or blamed them, after all they too were just following a law, even the zero fighters who had the power to rule the planet still abided by the laws, *well most of the time anyway* he added as an after thought as he remembered how Vegita would swat humans away that annoyed him.

Ranma had subconsciously teleported to a place that he helped him to relax, the Tendo dojo.

He did not however expect Kasumi to be here.


Kasumi turned from where she was sweeping the dojo floor,

"Oh hello Ranma-kun"


Ranma blinked a few times, *how did she know I was….* he stopped as thoughts as he remembered the reason he had come in the first place.

"Yeah…he hi Kasumi…what are you doing here?"


"I'm…just clearing up the dojo, Akane can leave such a mess sometimes"


Ranma glanced at the rubble of cinder blocks the eldest Tendo daughter was sweeping than back at her.



"Was there something you wanted?" She asked with a slightly bit of impatientance present in her tone.


"I…um….." Ranma thought hard about the right words to say.


"I see….well I have to throw these away" Kasumi said turning quickly a trace of disappointment in her voice.


"No…..wait!!" He blurted out quickly not really sure why.


She turned back waiting for him to continue.


"Kasumi-chan…..our engagement is a matter of honour…..but I was wondering whether you wanted to be engaged to me" *there I've said it* he thought with a slight bit of relief.


"I don't….know…" she started to reply but could not find the words either.


Before she could further her thoughts Nabiki interrupted.

"Come on you two father and the old woman has reached a decision reached a decision"


Both turned slightly frightened, Kasumi placed the rubbish by the door than quickly followed Nabiki, Ranma hurried after the pair decided to not teleport.



The three entered the room to see that things had quietened down considerably but noted that mister Tendo and Cologne were glaring at each other. Genma tried to back up his friend but was deterred by Shampoo casually holding a bonbari in her hand and the fact that he was still recovering from some sort of food poisoning.


Akane had a disgusted look on her face after all it was only some stupid boy they were after, but somehow when she tried to picture Ranma amongst the mob of boys who attacked her daily but he didn't quite fit in.


"Ranma come here…we have reached an agreement" The Tendo elder said not once taking his eyes of the old woman who likewise stared back.


"That's right boy…." Genma said while his eyes were still focused on Shampoo's weapons.


Ranma was now standing next to the two.


"Ranma we….have decided that your marriage to my daughter shall be d…..delayed until you choose who to marry whether it be one of my daughters……or this Amazon woman" the last part of the sentence was said with reluctance.


Ranma glanced at Shampoo than at Kasumi who was not looking back,

"I….I'm not sure" he said slowly as he himself was confused as to what he felt.


"there is nothing to be sure of boy until you decide these two agreements will hold!" Genma said a little too happily after all if one of Ranma's other fiancee were to show up than perhaps this agreement could be used again.


Before either the Saotome or Tendo heads could say anything, Cologne interrupted

"Then it is settled, we will remain in Nerima for a time until you have come to your decision"


Nabiki already out with her calculator approached the two,

"I know a great place you two can stay for jus….."


"We already have accommodations prepared" Cologne interrupted.


"Wait a minute, so you planned everything to happen this way?" Ranma said having put two and two together.


"Well I wouldn't say planned but we expected something like this to happen" Cologne said with a smile.


"Oh Shampoo so happy, now get to spend more time with husband" she said with a smile the weapon having disappeared as she glomped onto her husband.


Ranma flinched under the combined glares of everyone present besides the two Amazons.


Cologne grinned slightly as she noticed the flush rise in the boy's cheeks, for all his power he still had a weakness towards the opposite sex.

"Shampoo it is time for us to leave now"


Shampoo reluctantly let go of Ranma having felt excited as she touched his firm body.

"Shampoo go now airen but be back later"


With that said the two Amazons departed leaving through the same hole in the wall made by their entrance, when Shampoo had reached the home of her husbands' fiancee.



After the two Amazons left Ranma was still having to face up to the glares coming from the Tendo families and his father.


"Ranma you useless boy how could you do this to your fiancee, oh what a useless son I have" Genma cried and began ranting the last part over and over again.


"What are you saying?" Ranma retorted.


"RANMA how could you do this to my sister!" Akane cried out as she started to heft the table but was stopped by Nabiki.

"Sis I'm gonna lose enough money repairing the wall I don't want to fix the floor as well"


Akane sighed heavily putting down the table, but looked around for something else to hit over Ranma's head.


"This is all your fault old man, if you hadn't eaten that meal in that village in the first place".

But Ranma's words were lost as his father had somehow decided to become a panda so was currently playing with a tyre in the back yard.


Nabiki retreated to her room as she knew the ensuing argument would be pointless and did not involve her, instead she decided to plan what to do about these Amazons. There were many ways to make a quick yen of them but that would meaning helping them out, something she was reluctant to do as all they wanted was for Ranma to return with them.


The entire argument was forgotten when Kasumi announced dinner to be ready, immediately everyone calmed down and took their places, everyone except for Genma who despite numerous attempts could not even get near the dinner table due to his son's intervention so was left eating bamboo sticks.


After everyone had left leaving the two men from the Saotome and Tendo households, Genma turned to his life long friend, a serious look on his face.

"Tendo I just have one question"


"What is it??"


"Well it's just that you seemed to agree to this….arrangement a bit to quickly" *normally from what I remember Soun was a lot more stubborn*


Soun sighed he had hoped that his quick decision would not be noticed by Genma,

"Genma…..when I looked into that woman's eyes…..I saw something….something you and I have only seen in one other person"


Genma's eyes widened in realisation,

"You mean…"


"Yes…she I suspect is at least as powerful as he was"


"Are you sure Tendo, perhaps it was the pressure, the stress of the days…."


"No No Saotome….I will never forget that feeling"


Genma sighed, if what his old friend said was true then there was nothing either of them could have done.

"No I don't suppose we could ever forget…please forgive me for doubting you old friend"


"It is nothing Saotome besides I sure your boy will make the right choice"


"Yes I'm sure he will, now how about a game of Shogi to take our minds of this event" Genma said after a moment.


"That would be most excellent…." Tendo replied as he began putting the pieces into place.



Dinner was eaten in a disturbing silence. Every now and then Ranma would sneak peaks everyone else in an attempt to read them, all except Kasumi would meet his gaze, this he found particularly disturbing.


He still did not completely understand what he had done wrong as looking around the table, by reading everybody's aura he could tell that the majority of the people here were angry at him.


After dinner Ranma went to help Kasumi out with the dishes, although she did not completely ignore him he could tell something was not right.


During the whole time he wanted to say something but could not think of anything to say.

Just before she left the kitchen he spoke.


"Kasumi I'm sorry for what happened today"


Kasumi turned slowly to face him a small smile on her face,

"don't worry about it Ranma-kun I know it wasn't your fault, goodnight" she said lastly as she turned and left.


Ranma felt like a weight had been lifted of his shoulders, for some reason having Kasumi angry at him was a rather unpleasant feeling.


Outside in the rain poured heavily on the streets of Tokyo, in another part of the city a figure walked slowly down a street as if searching for something. He was protected from the rain by what looked like an ordinary bamboo umbrella.


As lightning flashed the figure was momentarily illuminated, he was a young heavily built young man wearing simply black pants and a yellow and black stripped bandanna and shirt covered his forehead.

"At last I have reached Tokyo and soon I shall have my revenge on you Saotome Ranma!" The figure spoke out to no one in particular.

Than picking a random direction started down that way.



The following morning Ranma got up shaking his head as he remembered the events that transpired half way into the night.


It had been several hours since everyone had gone to sleep, when Ranma was awoken by something snuggling up to him. Opening his eyes slowly he discovered that in between himself and his father was a familiar purple haired young girl.


His first reaction was to scream but then realised the position he was in, so instead decided to wake Shampoo quietly. After an hour of talking he managed to get Shampoo to agree to leave, but for the next hour he was kept awake by his thoughts. Mainly how had Shampoo gotten so close without him knowing, even in the past with skilled fighters such as Vegita or Goku were unable to sneak up on him unnoticed. Yet now there were already two who could but he could not figure it out.


Later that morning Ranma was awaken by the call to breakfast, changing quickly he headed downstairs into the dining room.


His father must have been up late the previous night as he did not try to awaken him.

What surprised almost all those present was Genma eating at an extremely slow pace.


"Father is something the matter???"


"huh…what oh nothing son" Genma lied, in fact he was cautious around the food because of the night's previous events even though dinner was fine he had eaten less than a quarter of what he normally had. *Never have I tasted anything so evil* he thought.


After complementing Kasumi for a wonderful breakfast and a packed lunch, Ranma left with the two other Tendo sisters for school.


"So Ranma what are you going to do??" Nabiki asked looking up at Ranma as he walked casually on the fence.


"I'm not really sure" He replied after a moment, after Shampoo had left earlier that morning that same question had plagued his mind and still did.


"What do you mean???" Akane interrupted, after all this Ranma was already engaged to her sister and he dares to chase after another woman!


Before either Tendo sisters could inquire further, they found themselves suddenly carried away.


"YOU PERVERT LET ME GOOOO!" Akane screamed her hammer having materialised.


Nabiki was silent as she noted what had caused Ranma to literally carry them away like he did.


After releasing both sisters, Ranma slowly turned around to where he sensed his attacker to be.


In the middle of a small crater several metres wide there crouched a young man dressed all in black except for a yellow and black striped bandanna around his forehead, he looked no older than seventeen, crouched because at that moment he was removing his arm from a hole at the epicentre of the crater.


"At last Ranma I have found you!" the now rising figure growled.


"So mind telling us who that is?" Nabiki asked quietly from behind Ranma.


"Hm…I'm not sure but he sure seems familiar!" he replied as he continued to stare at the figure trying to place a name to the face.


"For the humiliation you've caused me….today I shall have my revenge!" the young man continued on.


"I guess he really doesn't like you Ranma" Nabiki commented.


"What do you think Ranma did to that guy to get him so mad!?" Akane added.


Ranma suddenly jumped up, ran to the figure and hugged him.

"Ryouga Hibiki! It's been a really long time old buddy!" He cried in joy, one of his friends that he remembered before his 'accident'.

Ryouga was surprised to say the least, *friend??*

"GRrrrr……after all the pain you caused me Ranma you dare to call me your friend!" to punctuate his statement, quicker than Akane could follow he had already withdrawn a bamboo umbrella from his backpack and swung it towards Ranma's head.


Ranma leaned back and caught the umbrella with his left hand.

"Hey man what are you so upset about!??"




"Whoa there what'd you mean??" Ranma questioned in a confused tone, his arm tensing as Ryouga attempted to free his weapon. *damn he's pretty strong*


*Curse you Ranma* Were mainly what consisted for Ryouga's thoughts as he was surprised by his enemy's strength.


Ranma finally let go of his opponent's weapon.


Ryouga leapt back to gain himself some distance and time to think.

"It looks like you've grown stronger Ranma"


"So have you Ryouga" Ranma replied evenly.


"Well looks like I'll have to go full out" the lost boy said before pulling out a flask.



End of chapter 3

(To be continued)