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Ranma Zero


Chapter 2


Arrival at Furinken High


Ranma had decided to wear a red shirt with black pants instead of the clothes he usually light brown clothes he had gotten used to wearing during battles as the material did not rip as easily, since showing of his flying ability would cause too many questions to be asked he took the next highest position he saw and that was the fence.


"Why are you doing that??" Akane asked in a frustrated voice to the pigtailed figure who walked on the 8 foot fence to her right.


"Doing what??" Ranma replied in a confused voice.






"Ranma I think she means walking on the fence" Nabiki helpfully commented, she had intended to leave early the following morning but both Ranma and Akane were already prepared to go before she was.


"Oh this um….balance training…" he said quickly thinking up a reason, not wanting to say that it was a habit to always gain the higher position, something he had grown accustomed to during many of his 'sparring' sessions with Vegeta.


"Hmppttt….show off…" Akane muttered the last part but it was loud enough to be heard by both Ranma and Nabiki.


"You know you could do this if you really wanted to" Ranma commented.


"AND why would I want to do that!" Akane punctuated her sentence by kicking the fencing Ranma stood on.


Unfortunately to her dismay instead of falling into the canal or ground, Ranma somehow managed to maintain his balance long enough to flip to the path in front of her and continued to walk.


"Wow…." Nabiki commented surprised by the agility Ranma displayed.


Ranma continued to walk behind the girls enjoying the view of such an unfamiliar city, as he followed them to school. Although he did not dislike school he felt that he had had enough maths and science pumped into him by Chi Chi to last him years, so was slightly disheartened when his father decided for him to attend the local school that morning having given up attempting to spar with him.


As they approached the school Ranma's danger sense kicked in, looking just beyond Nabiki and Akane he saw a large number of people gathering at what he presumed was the school's entrance.


"RRRGGG……….I HATE BOYS!!!!!" Akane screamed as she charged into the crowd.


Ranma merely stood in shock at the youngest Tendo daughter's actions, until Nabiki walked past him and nudged him back into reality.

"Hey Ranma you better get to class, you don't want to be late on your first day"


"What's….happening??" He replied in s confused tone as he watched several members of the horde literally go flying into a nearby bush.


"Oh that, don't worry about it that happens everyday"


"Are you sure your sister's going to be okay?" he asked slowly, indicating the now much reduced crowd.


"Yeah she beats them all everyday" With that Nabiki looked at her watch than hastily headed into the school building, going around the mob.


As Ranma slowly approached the school he could just make out some words of the crowd.

"….Oh Akane please date…."


"…I love you…"




"…..here have a rose to show…."


*What is going on here??* he thought strangely to himself, those words did not sound like the kind of things a gang would say.


A boy was punted in his direction, Ranma quickly caught the boy who he noticed wore a uniform for Furiken High.


"HEY what's going on here?" he asked to the groggy youth who was regaining consciousness.


"Hey…what…oh your new here!" The boy said after noticing Ranma's lack of uniform.


"That's right, so what's going on here?" Ranma asked again.


"Oh right…um….well….we're all fighting so that we can date Akane Tendo!" he said after a while with a sheepish grin.


"Is that how you people ask a girl for a date??" Ranma asked in shock, *This world's got some strange customs*


"Well not usually….just on this occasion though…um say could you put me down school's almost about to start"


"Hm…oh yeah urr sure" The pigtailed martial artist replied as he placed the youth back on the ground having forgotten he had been holding the student in the air with a single arm.


As the smoke cleared we see Akane standing in the middle of the mob of boys all of which are on the ground groaning in pain or unconscious.

"Everyday….the same thing happens" she muttered under her breath.


"Hey c'mon Akane or we're gonna be late!"

Ranma called out as he was making his way through the group of injured boys.


"Ranma look out!" Akane cried but was too late as she saw the bokken descend.


"Hm…what Akane" Ranma said as he was no longer where he was a moment ago.


Looking back to where he was Akane saw a crack in the ground where Ranma had been moments before.

"Kuno sempai" she said the name with venom.


"Ah the fair Akane Tendo, so strong yet so beautiful, it truly is a shame for you too be hassled by such peasants in the morning!" The older boy said indicating to the injured mob of boys.


"Good morning Kuno" Akane said in a tired voice having already gotten bored with the older boy's speech.


"Hey who's that wierdo?" Ranma asked behind Akane.


Akane nearly jumped with fright as she had not sensed his approach.

"Don't do that!" she said loudly turning around to face the pigtailed martial artist.


"Do what?" He replied in a confused tone.


"Grrr…never mind anyway we'd better get to class" having given up on an argument seeing the futility in one.


"Oh Kuno sempai your still here?" Akane said in a slightly surprised tone as she nearly walked into the kendoist.

"I would never leave so fair a maiden as yourself to the hands of that obvious villain there!" Kuno cried pointing his bokken towards Ranma.


"Huh…who me?" Ranma asked in surprised after looking behind and around him to see if the boy was talking about any one else.


"Yes you peasant, I Takewaki Kuno the blue thunder of Furinken high, mightiest Kendoist in all Japan shall bring you to justice for disturbing the beauteous Akane Tendo!" Just as he finished his sentence a flash of lightning followed by thunder erupted across the sky.


"Neat trick…." Ranma commented about the timing of the thunder and lightning.


"Ranma we're going to be late!" Akane called out from the entrance to the school.


"Well um…Kuno, I'm Ranma Saotome" with that Ranma looked at his watch and turned and quickly headed into school already knowing he was late for his first class.


"Heh….it is true that when a villain is confronted by the superior power of good and justice that they will run and hide!" Kuno continued to laugh even though no one was present all having gone to class or been taken to the school's infirmary, he continued to laugh even as the rain began pouring down.



"Class I would like to introduce a new member of the class" The teacher said indicating to the pigtailed martial artists standing at the front of the class.


"Hi I'm Saotome Ranma, nice to meet you" he said to the crowd in general.

A few of the girls present in the class gave of heavy sighs, while others seemed to faint, the exact opposite react came from the majority of boys present who all seemed to murmur and give cold looks towards Ranma.


"Since I saw you were too busy fooling around by the school gates instead of arriving on time for class you will stand out in the hall, miss Tendo will tell you where to get the buckets" The teacher said indicating to Akane who stood outside the class by the window holding a bucket full of water in each hand.


Ranma merely nodded to the teacher and left the classroom.


As he stood next to Akane holding buckets of water as well he could sense her anger as there was a faint red aura surrounding her. Gohan had once mentioned that his father said that some people would use their emotions to increase their abilities but this was limited to the fact that a person cannot feel the same all the time.

"What's the matter Akane?" he finally decided to ask having already stood there for ten minutes in silence.


"AS if you need to ask" she replied with venom in her voice.


"What do you mean?"


"WELL if it wasn't for you distracting me I would have made it on time…and it had to be sensai Shino" she muttered the last part under her breath.


"I didn't do anything though!" Ranma replied in a thoroughly confused voice.


"You were there!" Akane said as if that were a sufficient answer.


Ranma decided that further conversation would be pointless, as she was obviously still angry from this morning's match. In many ways she reminded him of Vegeta.


During lunch time as Ranma sat under a tree and ate the lunch Kasumi had prepared for him, he noticed that quite a few people were observing him, although when he looked in their direction they would look away, the majority of these people were girls. He just didn't understand this world, even before he was kidnapped he did not exactly have that much of a social life.


The end of school came unusually quickly but Ranma found himself staying behind after school as the teacher had noted that Ranma was not some dumb jock and wanted to give him some extra work.


Ranma himself found the work quite easy, nowhere as near as hard as the stuff Chi Chi forced him to learned, mainly so he would set a better example for Gohan and later Gotan.


Exiting the school he noted that night had already fallen, looking to the school clock he was shocked to see it say 7pm. *I can't have been here that long*


Looking up to a nearby building he leapt to the top of it landing gracefully and silently, Ranma watched the view of Nerima as many household lights appeared to counter the darkness of the night.

*this place is just so different* he thought inwardly.


Sighing heavily he leapt of the building and onto a nearby roof, he did not fly because he enjoyed the view from a lower angle. Besides he would not appear so out of place if someone were to spot him, as he remembered that among other things his father was a good martial artists easily able to leap twenty to thirty feet.


Out of habit instead of heading straight back to the Tendo compound he made several rounds of Nerima finally stopping back at the Tendo dojo. *Well at least I know what this area looks like*


Knocking on the door he was greeted again by the eldest Tendo daughter,

"Oh Ranma you're just in time for dinner" she said with a small smile as she let him in.


"Oh well I made it just in time than!" he said with a grin as he entered.


Both the Tendo and Saotome families dug into dinner, Ranma decided that now was as good a time as any to ask his father.


"Say father when can we go and visit mom?"


Genma's hands and body froze at Ranma's words, after a moment he continued to eat but at a more human pace.

"Um….well son I'll have to find out, after all it's been so long I'm not sure where she might be living"


"Oh…" Ranma replied in a dejected tone.


Kasumi noted Ranma's mood change and decided to voice her opinion.

"Don't worry Ranma I'm sure you'll find her with out help, right Nabiki?"


"Huh…what….yes of course…." Nabiki was about to mention prices but the stares from her older sister silenced her.


"Thank you Kasumi, Nabiki…it really means a lot" Ranma said as he thanked both girls with a warm smile.


Akane although was not oblivious to the conversation merely ignored the attention of this 'boy', although he did not act like the boys from school.


Genma began to get nervous and started sweating although not enough to attract attention.

If the boy returned home and told his wife of their training trip…..the elder Saotome began to rub his neck at the though of this.

"Of course I'll pay you for the cost of the search" Ranma said.


"Oh don't be so silly Ranma, you're practically family" Kasumi said then quickly hurried off to the kitchen saying she was getting more rice, all the while hiding her blush on the way there.


Nabiki thought about over charging Ranma and the profit she could earn of him, but than realised that if she exploited him it might cause him to dislike her, something she didn't not want *Why am I thinking like this* the black haired girl thought.


Akane continued to eat although she did notice that uncle Saotome's face was a bit red.

By now she had gotten over this morning events as although she had admitted to herself that she was in the wrong she still believed Ranma to be a pervert just like every other boy, but instead waiting for the right time to make his move.


"Say Genma what's the matter?" Soun asked his old friend who appeared to have some sort of a throat problem as he was rubbing his neck.


"Huh…oh nothing Soun, say let's have a game of Shogi later on?" Genma said quickly changing the subject.


"What…of course and this time no cheating!"


"Why I never would Tendo…"


Meanwhile Nabiki was now thinking of ways to search all of Tokyo for one woman at the least cost.


"More rice anybody?" Kasumi politely asked as she entered with a bowl full of rice.


"Thank you Kasumi" Ranma replied kindly as he refilled his bowl.


"Anybody else?" She was surprised no one else wanted more considering the amount Mr Saotome ate the previous night.


At the end of the meal Ranma decided that he had to do something to keep him busy, usually after a meal he would go and spar as Vegeta was conveniently there. But now to his knowledge there was no one who could give him as good a fight.


He decided to help Kasumi out with the washing as for some reason she had a calming effect on him which was probably due to her peacefulness.


"Hey Kasumi is it all right if I help with the dishes?" He asked as he entered the kitchen.


"Oh you don't have to Ranma I'm fine"


"Is there anything to do because I just need to do something!"


"Hm…well you could help me dry those dishes" She said indicating to a pile of freshly washed cutlery

*My he is quite mature…and handsome* she thought as she watched him move with grace through the kitchen.


"Hey Kasumi are you all right because your face is all red"


*Oh my….* she thought what was I thinking.

"Oh I'm fine Ranma this…happens all the time when I'm doing the dishes" she said quickly making up a reason.


"Oh" he said turning back to his pile, although he was happy to be back in his home universe he was slightly disappointed that there were not many more martial artists around.

*Maybe there would be more in China* he thought as he remembered back to the Amazon village.


Shampoo and Cologne observed the district of Nerima from their vantage point atop a three storey building.

<So great grandmother you say this place is full of great warriors?>


"Shampoo speak in Japanese while we are here and yes that is what I heard"


"It no look any different to other places we go through" The purple hair girl said as this just looked like all the other parts of Tokyo, although it was dark so all that was visible were the lights from houses and street lamps.


"Perhaps but I sense quite a few abnormally strong auras which is strange for such a technologically dependant society"


"So where we go now?" The younger girl queried as the place looked quite large.


"Well the only reason a martial artist would even come here would be to find a dojo, perhaps to teach or attend"


Shampoo nodded at the logic of the elders' conclusions, as her husband was indeed a very strong warrior.


"We will simply visit all the dojos and eventually find him" *with luck* she added as an after thought.


"Okay" Shampoo said merrily wanting to quickly find her husband and return to her village, she hopped of the roof soon followed by her great grandmother.



The following morning Ranma decided to participate in a match with Genma knowing it was pointless to try and get any further sleep.


"So boy let's see how good you are!" The bald glasses wearing man in a white shouted out to his son as he charged.


The other merely nodded as they were concentrating not on how to win the match but on how to control his abilities. In the other universe although he had to hold back in matches in order not to kill anyone, the people he fought could still take and give a hell of a punch, he feared that of he was not careful he might end up actually hurting someone.


Even after all the time spent living with Son Goku's family he still found it difficult to control his powers at times.

Taking the defensive role Ranma decided to merely dodge the older man's attacks and analyse his style and movements for openings, he found many although some he could tell were left open deliberately.


*The boy is good…when did he get so good!* Genma thought as he tried a more unpredictable combination. As the last time he had sparred with his son they had come out about even in terms of skill.


Ranma continued to dodge noticing an increase in the number of openings and a decrease in speed.

*Must be getting tired* he thought even though he himself was barely even sweating.

He remembered the only other sparring match which last for over twelve hours was one he had with Son Goku in the room of time and spirits, they had agreed on such a place so that the damage to the place would not be as bad as say accidentally blowing up a city.


Genma gave off a grunt with his last combination which effective was all he was able to do.

"Son…I…think…that's…..enough….for…..today…." The elder Saotome said in between gasps.


"Sure father whatever you say" Ranma replied slightly disappointed but than again looking from the point of view of someone from this world Genma was probably in the top 100 best fighters in the world.


Ranma decided to enter the dojo for some quiet training, he began a fluid yet slow form.

The form he had created would not had been used during battle but was something he came up with to help him focus and control his ki, as when living with Goku's family he had a tendency to accidentally

break things by underestimating his own strength.


Just as he was coming to the end of the form, Akane appeared at the doorway sweaty from her morning jog. For a moment she stared at Ranma's motions which seemed to slow to her.


"Morning" Ranma said having sensed her approach, as he always practised this particular form with his eyes closed.


"Um…Morning.." Akane replied unsure as to what to say to this 'boy'.


Ranma finished the rest of his form ignoring the stares he felt coming from the youngest Tendo daughter.


As he was about to leave the dojo Akane found the courage to speak,

"Um.. Ranma would you like to spar??" Having wanted a decent sparring partner, and considering his supposed nearly life long training trip, he should be good.


Ranma turned and looked at her, instead of just looking at her body language he measure her strength from her aura, surprised that it was reasonably strong for a fighter of this world but still a bit too low.


"….Perhaps some other time I…..gotta get ready for school!" he said trying to make a quick exit.


Akane knew that the brief look Ranma gave her must have been some sort of an assessment,

*The cheek of him!" she thought as Ranma declined her offer.


"We don't have school for another hour….just a quick match!" she insisted in a tone that would not be argued with.


Ranma sighed heavily, Akane gave him a look similar to one of Vegita's one's when he wanted a session after learning some new move and Ranma was not in the mood, although in the end Vegita usually won the battle of wits.


Turning back to Akane he positioned himself opposite her in the centre of the dojo.

Akane likewise acknowledged the challenge and took up a defensive stance, preparing herself for the unexpected.


Both nodded signalling the start of the match, before Akane could even blink Ranma was in front of her, his right fist extended and a mere centimetre in front of her face, it had come so fast that she felt some wind brushing against her face.


"um… you lose…" he said simply.


Akane quickly recovered, changing her strategy leaping back and attacking, *Maybe his offence is good but what about his defence* she thought as she began her combinations.


*She's really slow* he thought disheartened, he had gotten so used to fighting string opponents like Vegita and sometimes Goku that he was slightly disappointed when he had to fight weaker opponents.

Dodging with ease he pushed those thoughts down, remembering that perhaps it was his Saiyijin genes which craved fighting, Vegita had mentioned this once.


"RRRRRGGGGGGG……" Akane growled as she found attacking Ranma was like trying to grasp air, which ever way she attack he was already somewhere else!


*At last!* she thought as her hand connected with Ranma's face…than continued through it??


*Hey…what the…*


Before Akane could finish her thought she found herself travelling towards the ground, landing heavily with a grunt.


She opened her eyes to see Ranma standing over her with a concerned look and an extended hand.

"Here…" he said offering a helping hand.


"Hmpp…" Akane replied as she ignored the hand, getting up hastily and headed for the bathroom.


Ranma just sighed heavily having already suspected what the outcome would have been, he did not see Akane for the rest of the morning until they had to leave for school, in general though she had been rather grumpy.



During lunch time as Ranma sat and enjoyed his lunch, he felt the approach of the older boy named Kuno.


"Saotome I would have words with you!" the kendoist barked from several yards away, already a small crowd had begun to form although most were part of the school's kendo club whom Kuno was the captain of.


"What do you want?" The pigtailed martial artist asked casually as he stepped up to the older boy.


"I have heard that you are staying at the Tendo household"


Ranma could see the boy slightly shake when he mentioned this.

"Um….sure my dad and Akane's dad are old friends"


"That does not matter I cannot allow you to even associate yourself with the beauteous Akane Tendo for she is far beyond one such as yourself"


"Oh and what about you?" he asked in a sarcastic tone


"heh…only one such as noble as I may live under the same roof as the lovely Akane"


Ranma stared at the Kendoist for several long moments before he felt himself becoming angry, very angry. Before he suddenly regained his calm, *I've gotta learn to control myself….*

"Would you like to prove your 'superiority' in battle?" Ranma asked dangerously.


Kuno stared in disbelief at the pigtailed martial artist before him,

"You dare to attempt to challenge the superior strength of Takewaki Kuno!"


"Well yeah!"


Akane had come to talk to her sister during the lunch break but on her way was attracted to the conflict she could see was about to occur between Ranma and Kuno.


"THAN DIE PEASANT!" Kuno shouted as he pulled out a bokken and charged.


Ranma waited until the last moment before he made his move, coming in under the swing (and Kuno's guard) he upper-cutted the older boy sending him flying into a tree well over ten feet away, Kuno fell to the floor crumpled in a heap.


Akane and many of the school stared in shock, although in practically all their battles, she always defeated Kuno, she had barely seen anything when he was about to strike but Ranma was even faster!


Ranma looked at his attacking hand with a small smile, *finally I have managed to control my strength* he thought happily as if he had overexerted he doubted the insane kendoist would have survived.

The members of the kendo team gave Ranma glares but were not stupid enough to try to seek revenge having seen what had happened to their sensai.


Ranma paid no heed to the glaring boys but was slightly embarrassed when he turned around and saw practically the whole school staring at him strangely.

"Um…sorry??" he said in general after all they may have all really liked that Kuno guy.


Ranma spied a familiar girl who was not so busy staring at him but instead was counting some yen and writing on bits of paper, he quickly approached her trying to ignore the stares that seemed to follow him.


"Hey Nabiki??"


"Huh…Oh Ranma what do you want?" she asked in an icy tone than mentally chided herself as she remembered that although she was in school, Ranma was not one of her followers.


"Well um….what's with them?" he whispered the last part so the people watching would not hear.


"OH them, it's nothing Ranma, just that you defeated upper class man Kuno who was the best fighter in the school besides Akane" Nabiki said casually.

"You're saying Akane's better than him?" Ranma said in a surprised tone.


"Well Yeah she's been beating him up everyday!"


The crowd seeing as how anything more interesting was going to happen dispersed and returned to what they were doing, although many wanted to approach Ranma to either congratulate or get to know him they saw that he was with Nabiki, the supposed ice queen of the school.


"But he's better than her!" he said absently as he compared the way to two fought.


Nabiki was mildly surprised to hear this but than remembered even Kuno would not want to severely harm his 'true love'.


The bell signalling the end of lunch sounded much to the dismay of everyone, with a murmur most of the students returned to the main building, only Ranma; Nabiki and Akane (who was standing a short distance away still going over the battle) were left in the yard.


"So it's a good thing I beat him up??" Ranma asked in a confused tone.


"Well yes, no one sane really liked Kuno anyway!" With that said Nabiki headed off to her own classes.


Ranma scratched his head in confusion, he remembered that although he would spar with many of Son Goku's friends, Chi Chi always disliked it when he fought, even Gohan did at times. After all if one did not fight how did they get better.


Seeing that Akane was still not moving he decided to wake her out of her trance before they were too late for the afternoon classes.

"Hey….Akane???" he said waving a hand in front of her face.


"Huh…what WHAT!?" she cried in Ranma's face having been knocked out of her deep thought mode.


"We're gonna be late for class" he said as he headed into school immediately followed by a questioning Akane who demanded to know how he did what he did.


The rest of the day had been boring except that whenever Akane had the chance she would attempt to interrogate Ranma.


During one of his last classes Ranma had been forced to leave the room as he was answering all the questions to the quiz before anyone else had a chance to think.

Deciding that staying in school would be pointless he left for the Tendo dojo.


On his way back he passed through the shopping district, although the technology here was more primitive the way people shopped was the same in both worlds.

As he turned a corner he saw the back of a familiar person who seemed to be struggling with their groceries.


"Hi Kasumi do you need a hand?"


Kasumi was startled by the voice and quickly recomposed herself.

"It's really all right Ranma, I can managed"


As if by coincidence, one of the larger shopping bags she carried ripped and their contents spill out.


"Oh my" was all the eldest Tendo daughter could say as Ranma's hands' blurred, looking up she saw all of the bag's contents in his arms.


"did I miss anything?" he asked sheepishly.


Kasumi pulled out a spar bag and began to unload the contents in Ranma's arms.

"No…. you didn't"


"That's good wouldn't want anything to go to waste"


"How……how did you do that?"


"Huh…oh that" Ranma said in realisation as to what she meant.


"Just speed training really……" he continued but turned his head in a new direction, power, someone powerful was nearby someone who's strength was the strongest he had felt before coming to Nerima.


"…Ranma??? what's the matter?" Kasumi asked in a concerned tone as Ranma had gone all silent.


Ranma awoke from his thoughts by Kasumi's gentle prodding,

"Huh…what's the matter?"


"I should be asking you that, for a moment you seemed zoned out" Kasumi said with a giggle as she saw the embarrassment in Ranma's face.


"Oh….it's nothing….hehe"


"Well than shall we get back to the dojo?"


Ranma eager to investigate this new challenge yet not willing to abandon Kasumi decided to finish his current job as quick as possible.


"Um Kasumi would you like to get home a bit quicker?"


"Well…I suppose it would help to have an early start on dinner…"


"All right than!" he said eagerly as he scooped her up in his arms, hopped up to a roof and leapt from one building to another.


"ieeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy……" Kasumi practically screamed in shock, but after a few moments when she felt she was not falling decided to open her eyes.


"…I'm sorry.." Ranma said while trying hard not to look into the older girl's eyes.


Kasumi at first was about to ask him to put her down, but than realised that this was exactly like a child hood fantasy she had had, being carried away by a knight in shining armour.


"Is it all right if we go?"


She nodded slightly as she held onto Ranma body more tightly, at first she felt him tense up but after they got underway his body relaxed more.

Kasumi felt a blush on her cheeks as she subconsciously rested her head on his shoulder.


Ranma tried to keep concentrating on the task at hand but the elder Tendo girls action were distracting him, not that he didn't like it *damn it what am I thinking…*


Although a figure hopping from roof top to roof top was not an uncommon occurrence in Nerima, the pair caught the eye of a young black haired man wearing glasses. His glasses fog up and he froze on the spot, ignoring all passer by who were giving him strange looks.


As soon as they reached the Tendo roof, Ranma jumped down to the backyard and headed straight for the kitchen. He did not notice Soun stare after him then quickly proceed to his sake cabinet.


Placing her gently down on a chair he unpacked the groceries in a mere matter of seconds, all the while as Kasumi stared in wonder.


"Thank you Ranma but I can do the rest" Kasumi said as she saw Ranma confused as to where to place

the washing powder.


"Okay no problem, anyway Kasumi I have to go now, don't wait up I don't know when I'll be back!"

Ranma said as he quickly rushed into the garden then leapt onto the roof, although he made no sound Kasumi knew that he had left, she had a slightly hurt look on her face but it was immediately replaced by her usual look.



Ranma rushed from roof top to roof top to where he felt the source of the unusual power.


Entering an empty parking lot he saw two figures standing in the middle, the shortest of the two was the one where the power came from, as he looked harder he could see a purple aura surround the old woman. Cautiously he approached the pair keeping his senses alert for an signs of a trap.


"Greeting son in law" the smaller and obviously older figure said.


"huh?? wait a minute you, I recognise you!"


"husband recognise wife is good" the purple hair girl said with a smile.


"HEY wait what are you talking about, husbands and wives?" the pigtailed martial artists asked confused.


"WE can discuss that later right now I have called you…"


"How did you know it would be me coming?" Ranma interrupted curiously as he was not the only martial artist around.


The elder stared at him with a wise look,

"You are a warrior, one who seeks challenges why would you not come!"


"Hm…I suppose your right" he said as he remembered his past years, where everyday was spent fighting and training.


"As I was saying we have come here to challenge you"


"Well let's go!" he said a little too eagerly having wanting a decent fight for well over a month now.


"Very well Shampoo go!"


"Whoa…whoa….wait a minute what about you?" he asked towards the old woman.


"It is Shampoo who has challenged you"


"But I already defeated her back at that tournament" Ranma said as he wanted to fight the old woman.


"I was not there to witness it so it goes uncounted" Cologne made up, although in reality she wanted to see his style of fighting a second time, as since the tournament she had trained Shampoo in several Amazon secret techniques.


Ranma turned back to look at the purple haired girl noticing the look on her face was just short of a glare.

"Oh all right than, but afterwards we have a match"


"Ha ha oh very well than boy, after you defeat Shampoo" she said the last part in a mocking tone.

Ranma ignored the mock as he had learned to control his temper long ago.



The match was short although Ranma did notice a major improvement in the girl's style, she left much fewer openings then before and her style was more flowing and offensive.


A few times he blocked several punches and kicks so he could gauge her strength, which to his surprise was considerable.


Ranma came in fast than was behind her before she could counter attack, Shampoo fell towards the ground unconscious having been knocked unconscious by pressure points. He caught her gently than lay her down on the ground.


The match had lasted longer than back in the village as Ranma was using around the same power level.


Turning towards the old woman who had watched the match in interest,

"Now how about that match?"



end of chapter 2

(to be continued….)


Authors notes:

Here's some questions that you may have asked yourself when reading this fic!


Shampoo is stronger now as she has had more training from Cologne.


Although most of you think that the upcoming match between Cologne and Ranma will be short and one sided. One must compare the two universes, in the DB universe fighters rely on overwhelming power levels, speed and strength! but in the Ranma universe fighters rely on these as well as skill, strategy etc.. (if all that was required to win was strength than Ryouga would have beaten Ranma ages ago!). Also the fact that Ranma nearly never goes full out (i.e. powering up going Sayijin).




anymore questions I'll be happy to answer: