Neon Ranma Genesis






The year is 2015, it is fifteen years after second impact where a meteor supposedly crashed into the

South pole causing the melting of the ice caps. This in turn caused worldwide flooding, whole cities

were submerged underwater, where once there was land there is now ocean. Nearly two billion of the

Earth's population was killed by this event


Two figures emerge on the beach off the coast of Japan, they have just swam from the parts of

China that are still above ground.

We see that the two figures are male and female, the male is wearing a pair of black pants and a redshirt his black hair is in a pigtail. The female is wearing similar clothes but brown and yellow instead, her redhair is in a pony tail.

The pair look to be around sixteen years of age upon closer inspection, after exiting the sea the pair

stand still in concentration, as we get closer we see that the water is evaporating off of their clothes

and that they are now all but dry.


"That's it Ranma we are not swimming all the way from China ever again" the redhead said to the

other in anger.


"Aww c'mom Ranko you must've have gotten bored of flying by now, anyway you were putting on

weight and needed the exercise" the male replied.


"Why you......" the girl was about to continue.


"What do you think happened to everyone?" Ranma wondered aloud.


Ranko face suddenly softened as she hugged Ranma who hugged back in return.

"Don't worry we'll find them and find out what's been happening in the last fifteen or so years"


"Yeah I hope their alright" Ranma thought remembering how suddenly most of China's

land had become a ocean within a few days. The only places that survived were places such as

Mount Phoenix or the Musk dynasty's castle, the Amazon village had been destroyed but fortunately

most of the inhabitants had already moved to the mountains. The cursed springs of Jusenkyo were

no more.


"C'mom let's go" Ranko said wrapping her arms around his neck, sharing a passionate kiss with Ranma as to reassure him.


Ranma immediately relaxed in her embrace as did Ranko, they broke the kiss remembering they

were here for a reason


"Yeah let's go" Ranma replied taking Ranko's hand and heading off towards Tokyo-3.