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Chapter 1


The return of pigtailed martial artists!


Old acquaintances


Ranma was walking with Ranko down a street in what is known as Tokyo 3, the city looks run down as if a war has been going on.


"Man this place has changed a lot" Ranma commented noting the designs and conditions of the surrounding buildings.


"Yeah but for the worse" commented the redhead.


They were attracting a number of stares from the few people they actually saw, probably because

of their style of clothing.


"I still can't believe how easy it was to get directions to the dojo" he said.


"Do you think Akane or Ryouga are still teaching?" Ranko asked.


"Well when I asked that guy at the counter he mentioned something about it being the only dojo

he'd ever heard of"


Ranma said remembering the strange look the man had given him when he asked him for



Suddenly klaxons were sounding throughout the city, the few people that they had seen were all running towards the same direction.


"Hey Ranma you think we should follow them?" Ranko asked, but as she turned around she already

saw Ranma heading of in the opposite of the running crowd.

*Well it was getting boring anyway*, she thought as she chased after Ranma.



Inside NERV headquarters alarms were going off. In the main control room, a man dressed in black wearing glasses strolled into the room. Turning towards a woman behind a computer console


"What is the situation Misato?" He asked sternly.


"We have a code blue, an Angel was detected in the atmosphere and has just landed five miles

away from the geofront, bombers have already been launched and have attacked but are having no effect on the approaching angel".


"The status of the Eva's?", Gendo asked


"The pilots are being sent to their Eva's now, although each Eva is operating at less then 70% due to the damage done by the last angel attack", another woman wearing a lab coat answered.


"That will have to do, launch the Evas as soon as the pilots are in position", Gendo said evenly.


Ritsuko reluctantly nodded, knowing that if this angel was stronger than the last one then their chances were not good. She called into the com announcing the launch of the Eva units.




Ranma leapt to the top of a building with Ranko close behind,

"So what do you see?", asked the redhead


"Nothing much cept all that smoke in the distance", turning to face her and pointing to a spot on the horizon where there was there was an unusual amount of dust gathering.


"Err... Ranma I think that something's up", Ranko said as the smoke cleared to reveal a giant

spider like creature, heading towards them.


"Your not wrong Ranko", Ranma said seeing three giant humanoids the size of buildings come rise

out of the ground and go shooting off towards the creature.

Ranma noticed that the Humanoid were injured as all looked beaten up and two had parts of their arms missing.


"Whatever those things are they're not alive exactly", Ranko commented


"Yeah I can sense that their bodies are alive kinda, but there no thoughts or emotions", Ranma

replied concentrating on the Eva's that had just shot towards the spider like creature.


"Probably some kind of robot", Ranko said.


They watched the ensuing battle with interest.




Asuka was getting frustrated, she was launching rocket after rocket at the now slowly approaching

angel, which did not even seem to notice the attack.

"C'mom break that damn AT field", She shouted in anger.


Shinji and Rei likewise were not doing mush better, they were both shooting the angel with high velocity bullets. But all projectiles would impact harmlessly on the red barrier that surrounded the

spider like angel.


"That things got a damn strong AT field", Shinji commented in frustration.


"Well...No duh if it didn't we'd have killed it by now", Asuka commented sarcastically back at Shinji.


"Listen up guys, your long range weapons seem ineffective so your going to have to go in for close. combat", Misato informed over the communication systems.


"Hear that wonder girl looks like we have to get our hands dirty", Asuka said

Rei's Eva was the only Eva that had two arms.


"Shinji you stay back here and cover me and wonder girl while we attack it up close", Asuka said.


"B...but your Eva's only got one arm ho....", Shinji started to reply


"It's all I'll need to finish that thing off", Asuka said pride and over confidence evident in her voice, her Eva dropped her gun and hefted a combat knife heading towards the approaching angel.


Rei likewise did the same, Shinji was left shooting at the angel hoping to break the AT field before

either Rei or Asuka got near it, so they would have a chance.




On the roof top Ranma and Ranko were watching the fight amazed at what was happening.


"you see that Ranma there's some kinda force field protecting that monster", Ranko said indicating to the red barrier that appear every time unit 1 fired at it.


"those other two robots are going to engage that monster in hand to hand", Ranma said surprised,

after see the other two Evas drop their guns and pick up what looked like giant combat knives.


"Are they crazy?", Ranko commented noticing one of the Eva's was missing an arm.




Asuka shouted in frustration and anger, as she commanded her Eva to stab at the head of the angel, while Rei went around behind it and attacked as well.


The angel looked at the incoming blade and a liquid jumped out of it's eye covering the knife.


"What?????", Asuka shouted as her twenty foot combat knife dissolved in her Eva's hand.


Before she could attack again, her Eva was knocked to the ground by one of the angel's numerous legs

"You BASTARD", Asuka shouted in frustration as she commanded her Eva to get up.

Unfortunately the angel attacked her Eva while it was still on the ground.


The lights in Asuka's cockpit signaling the damage done to her Eva.




"Damn it Asuka's Eva has been severely damaged, emergency power is inoperable!", Misato stated.


Gendo just stared at the screen which currently displayed the battle, he noted that the distance of the

angel from the geofront was less than one and a half miles.


"Has she been disconnected?", he asked


"Disconnected now!", Maya said from behind her console.


Gendo turned back to the screen, things were not going well he noted.




Shinji had seen Asuka's Eva go down, he could only hope that she had disconnected before she received the feedback from the damage to the Eva.


"C'mom....", he said as he unloaded another clip of high velocity depleted Uranium slugs at the angel's back as it had now turned to face Re's angel.


Rei had been unsuccessful in her attempt to penetrate the angel's AT field, was now preparing for it's counter attack.




Ranma got up preparing to go to help,

"They don't seem to be doing well", he said after see that the fallen Eva had not risen, he assumed that it had been killed or disabled.


"What're you going to do?", Ranko asked grasping his arm.


"Don't worry Ranko I'm just gonna help those guys out that's all", he replied with a confident smile.


"What makes you think that spiders the bad guy, remember things are not always what they seem",

the redhead said.


"Well I'm assuming that since those humanoids came from the city that somebody in the city's controlling them".


"I suppose your right, they seem to be defending this place".


"Anyway it feels right", Ranma said, he had developed a very accurate sixth sense over the years.


"Alright lets go", Ranko said preparing to go as well.


"Uh uh I'm going alone", he stated


"What! no way I'm coming with you", she complained


"NO, anyway I can take care of that thing myself". He said flashing her his most confident smile.


".....OK", she said reluctantly knowing that anymore arguing would allow for the monster

to come closer to the city.

"Just remember try not to attract too much attention".


"Sure sure...", he said as he disappeared from view using the inter-dimensional teleport.


"Ranma come back ok..", Ranko said worry evident on her face.


"Don't worry if I don't who's gonna take care of an overweight tomboy like you", he said


"RANMA....", she shouted before she sensed that he had already left.




"The situation seems critical sir", Kouzou commented to Gendo


"Yes it seems we may not be able to prevent this angel from reaching the geofront", Gendo said, no

trace of emotion evident on his face or in his voice.

The control room likewise was silent, the tension was high as they watched Rei and the angel

square off.


Unit 00 had been avoiding the acid spat by the angel, but soon found itself on the floor being pounded on by several legs.


"Unit 00 has lost main power it's now on emergency power", Misato said, everyone knew that it would be all decided in the next five minutes.


Shinji's Eva was shooting like crazy but still to no effect as the red barrier protected the angel from the devastating barrage.


"Sir the angel is moving away from unit 00 and is heading towards unit 01", Maya shouted out.


"So the angel knows that unit 00 is all but useless…… interesting", Ritsuko commented.


"The angel is accelerating away from unit 00, it's almost reached unit 01", Maya cried out.




Shinji was nervous as hell, here he was firing away at the angel to no effect when suddenly the angel

had decided to charge him.


He noted that Rei's Eva was chasing the angel but also knew that she was on emergency power which

was almost finished.


*Great I'm the last thing that stands a chance to prevent the end of the world*, he thought


"ARGGGHHH", Shinji shouted as he fired more and more shells at the incoming angel.




Ranma hovered about thirty feet away from the angel, he was glad that he had learned

Happosai's inter-dimensional teleport as he was hidden from view so was not noticed by the

angel or by the people controlling the giant robots.


*Well it's gonna have to be a pretty strong attack*, he thought remembering seeing the angel shrub off

rockets and grenades.


Over the years Ranma had manage to successfully combine his spells with his chi attacks more than

doubling the power behind a spell or chi attack. Though he still preferred to use a martial arts attack

rather than a spell.


*that's it he thought thinking of a way to completely defeat the monster*. Ranma thought closing his eyes.


He hovered a further fifty feet away from the angel, cupped his hands forward and began to focus

his ki at the same time casting a energy spell collecting the chi in the surrounding area.

After a second of concentration, his eyes snapped opened he thrust his hands forward shouting





"Sir I'm reading a massive build-up of energy just 100 feet from the angel", Maya said


"Is it being caused by the angel?", Gendo asked in a calm tone.


"No sir not according to MAGI it's nearly off the scale!!!!", Ritsuko said


"Is it another angel?", the man asked again


"We....umm….d...on't know", was all Ritsuko could say as she looked over all the data that was being receiving now about the energy source.




A beam of pure gold energy widened and shot out from Ranma's hand, the blast lasted only for a few seconds, but was nearly fifteen feet in diameter. It shot towards the angel passing through the

AT field as if it weren't there.

The angel did not even have time to scream as it was enveloped in the pure beam of energy.




Everyone in the control room of Nerv headquarters was shocked into silence, even Gendo was shocked.

As the beam of energy hit the angel, as the beam was shooting towards the angel they noticed what

seemed like a dragon within the beam.


"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?????", Ritsuko shouted out, the first to recover from the shock.




Shinji was about the attack in hand to hand as he had run out of ammo, before he could he saw

a glow to the right side of the of the angel.

Moments later the angel was struck with a beam of yellow gold energy, it looked as if there was a

dragon in the center of the beam.


After the beam had struck the angel engulfing the area in dust, it cleared to show the angel or

what was left of it.


All that was left of the angel was some of it's legs that had been shielded from the blast by the rest

of the body.


""What the....", was all Shinji could stutter.




"Maya get me a location on the source of origin of that energy blast", Gendo shouted.


"Triangulating, calculating bringing it up right now sir", she replied


All that was shown on the screen was an empty space.


"What's the meaning of this?", Kouzou said


"Well according the MAGI this is the origin of the energy beam", Misato said amazed.


"Scanning the whole area", Ritsuko said.


A few moments pasted,

"Nothing not a trace!", Ritsuko said in surprise a moment later.

*Anything that could generate such a huge amount of energy had to be huge* she thought.




Ranko had seen the blast and knew that if nobody had seen that they would have to be blind!

*And I asked him to try not to attract too much attention to himself but he had to go and test his new move, well at least he was invisible at the time*, noting that Ranma was still using Happosai technique when he executed that move.




Even Rei was shocked by what had happened, moments ago she was chasing the angel then suddenly

before the angel could attack unit 01 it was hit by some sort of energy beam. The beam itself looked

to have a dragon spiraling through it's center.


Then after the beam had hit the angel, all that was left of the angel were a few of it's legs.

She had noticed a shimmer which lasted less than a second at the point of origin of the beam, then it was gone.




Ranma reappeared back on the rooftop besides Ranko,

"What took you so long?", Ranko asked trying to be angry.


"Aww c'mom Ranko I know you said to not attract any attention but how was I to know my attack

would completely kill that thing", Ranma said


"baka you want people to find out about us", although Ranko was acting angry she was worried throughout the time Ranma had gone.


Ranma hugged Ranko from behind, she melted into his embrace.

"Look I'm sorry next time I'll be more subtle", he whispered into her ear.


She turned around and hugged him.


"C'mom we better get out of here before somebody wonders how we got here in the first place",

Ranma said as he leapt of the side of the building followed by Ranko.




"Remember nothing about what happens leaves this room!", Gendo said before he left the control

room, thoughts of the events clouding his mind.


"What do you think that was Ritsuko", Misato asked her colleague


"I....don't know" was all Ritsuko was able to mutter before she too left the room".




Ranma and Ranko wondered around Tokyo looking for the dojo,


"Hey Ranma is that it!?", Ranko said pointing to familiar looking traditional style Japanese house which stood out in the urban city.


"Yeah it looks exactly as it was all those years ago", Ranma said remembering the design of the Tendo



They walked up to the gate, the sign saying 'Tendo school of Anything goes martial arts' was in place

above the gates. Although it seemed rather dusty as if it had not been cleaned in years.


Stepping up to the front door Ranma knocked, he heard footsteps approaching the door.

to his surprise a girl of about fifteen or sixteen opened the door.

She had shoulder length hazel hair and was wearing a apron atop her dress.


"Hello can I help you?", She asked politely.


"Yes I would like to talk to the owners of this dojo", Ranma said *who knows perhaps Happosai had

trained some other students in anything goes after he had left*


"Why?", the girl simply said already suspicious of the pair.


Ranma noting the hostility the girl was portraying immediately explained himself,

"Don't get the wrong idea, it's just that I'm probably an old friend of the owner"


"Probably?" The girl asked.


"Well it's like this the creator of the anything goes school was also our sensei" Ranma said gesturing

to himself and Ranko.


"Oh I'm sorry it's just that we get a lot of the wrong kind of people knocking on our door" the girl said opening the door for them and gesturing them to enter.


"By the way my name's Sayura Tendo" the girl introduced herself.


"Thank you my names Ranma Saotome and this is Ranko" he said introducing the redhead.


They noticed that the girl had been staring at them for several seconds now, Ranma waved a hand

in front of her face.



"Wh..at I'm sorry, what did you say your names were again?", *This can't be right* Sayura thought.


"Umm ok I'm Ranma and this is Ranko", Ranma said introducing them for a second time.


*It can't be them but only mother can tell*, Sayura thought


*What's wrong with her* Ranko thought as she noticed the girl seemed to look them up and down.


"Would you like to wait in the dojo?" the girl asked


"Sure." Ranma said as he and Ranko were led round back to the dojo.


When they reached the dojo, Ranma noticed it was almost an exact copy of the Tendo dojo and Tendo home.

Even the koi pond in the back yard was there.


"Please wait here while I get my mother", Sayura said and hurriedly left the dojo.


"Ranma do you think something wrong with her?", Ranko asked


"Dunno maybe that's how people act now", Ranma answered.


"It's amazing this place is exactly the same as the Tendo dojo twenty years ago", Ranma continued.


"Your right except there are less patches everywhere", Ranko said remembering all the times Ranma

had been punted through the roof of the Tendo dojo.


"Well I had it made to look like the old dojo when it was destroyed", Said a familiar voice from the

entrance of the dojo.


The pair turned to face their host, both were shocked by the other's appearance.

"A..kane", Ranma gasped before him stood a woman who he considered cute at sixteen but was now

stunningly beautiful. Although she was beautiful he noted the distant look in her eyes, eyes that had

seen much pain.


"Ranma....", Akane said, before in the center of the dojo was standing the first boy she had fallen in

love with, he looked the same as he did twenty years ago he had not aged a bit. Neither had his

companion Ranko, both looked the same as when they first came to the Tendo dojo.


"Akane you've changed", Ranko said.


"But you guys haven't how???", Akane asked curiously.


The pair noticed the girl standing next to Akane was the girl that had opened the door for them.

"Mom you mean these people really are The Ranma and Ranko", she had often heard tales

from various aunts and uncles about the life of two of the main people in Nerima.


"Yes Sayura this is them, but I don't know how", Akane said to her daughter.


"It's simple really Akane, ya know that both Ranko and I fell into a cursed spring in Jusenkyo",




"Well what we found out is that our cursed forms don't age".


"Excuse me cursed forms?" Sayura asked.


"Well Ranma here fell into the spring of drowned man so he's cursed to become himself and I was

the girl who drowned in a cursed spring but Ranma freed me but I was still cursed to become

myself", Ranko explained.


"And since we're usually wet all the time cause we're like water magnets..."


"That's another part of the curse", Ranko added.


"We pretty much spend most of out time in our cursed forms", Ranma finished.


"Wow..." was all Sayura only half believing what she had heard.


"Oh so how long do you live?" Akane asked.


"Well we don't really know, at the very least we think a couple of hundred years I mean the old ghoul

was about three hundred but probably until the magic of Jusenkyo runs out..." Ranma answered.


"Anyway enough about us how about you Akane" Ranko asked.


Akane face turned sad at the mention of her life.

"Well life's pretty boring, not many people want to learn martial arts".


"Yeah when I asked some guy for directions he mentioned this being the only dojo around",

Ranma commented.


"He's right with all the angels attacking everybody's leaving Tokyo", Sayura said helpfully


"ANGELS?", the pair said in unison


"You mean you don't know about the angels", Sayura said disbelieving everyone in Japan no the whole world practically knew about the angels.


"They've been attacking this city for months", Akane said.


"Great going Ranma you just killed an angel today I wonder what Kami will do to you", Ranko said

snickering to Ranma.


"hey it ain't funny, I'm just glad I probably won't die for a while", he replied.


"Wh....at do you mean you killed an angel?", Akane asked.


"Before I answer that these angels are giant looking monsters right?" .


The Tendo girls nodded.


"Well today when we arrived we saw three giant robots go off to face something that looked like

a giant spider, the fight wasn't going well for the robots so I decide to help out, how was I to know

that my attack would completely annihilate it!".


"Wait a minute you destroyed an angel single handily?", Sayura asked in a disbelieving tone.


"Yeah don't rub it in all right", Ranma said

Ranko was still giggling.


"Ranma that's wonderful", Akane said surprising Ranma


"What???", both pigtail martial artist said.


"You just saved the world", answered Sayura *they gotta be nuts but best to play along with them after all they're mom's friends*


"Well it's like this.....", Akane went on to explain about what had happened in the past fifteen years

about how angels sent by god were testing humanity and if they were to reach Tokyo 3 all of the

people on earth would be killed.


"Wow that's pretty deep", was all Ranma could say after hearing what Akane had said.


"So anyway where's your father?", Ranko asked Sayura.


"Yeah I'd like to meet the lucky guy who you married Akane", Ranma said


The pair immediately saw the hurt look cross both their faces.

"I'm sorry did we do something wrong?", Ranko asked


"No it's just that my father was killed during one of the angel attacks", Sayura said sadly.


"I'm sorry, I would have liked to meet him", the redhead replied sympathetically


"I think you already have, his name was Ryouga", the girl said


Ranma was taken back for a moment back quickly hid his surprise, he had known that Ryouga

had feelings for Akane but never would have thought he would have to courage to marry her.

"Ry...ouga was your father", Ranma said still slightly surprised.


"Yes he spoke quite a bit about you uncle Saotome", she answered


"Please don't call me uncle I don't look that old do I?", Ranma joked

This had the desired effect of lightening the mood.


"So anyway Ranma not that I mind but what are you doing here? I mean you haven't visited in the last fifteen to twenty years and the last I heard was that you and Ranko were in China!", Akane asked.


"Well after most of China become flooded, a few years ago me and Ranko decided to find out what

happened cause although it didn't really effect us we were worried about family", Ranma answered.

Remembering the state China was in, the Government had been destroyed along with the flood so

the country was in a mess with no one but thieves and bandits everywhere.


"Ranma...I'm sorry to say this but everyone you knew is dead or I haven't heard from them", Akane said sadly.


"You mean...pops....mom.....Ucchan...", Ranma stuttered


"Yes I'm sorry you had to come back to this although about Ukyo I haven't heard from her since she left Nerima" Akane said.


Ranko began to hug Ranma in order to comfort him having noticed the shock and sadness cross

his face.

"Ranma I'm so sorry".


Ranma turned towards the Tendo family, putting on a brave face to mask his sorrow.

"Akane I know this may be a bit of a favor to ask but could Ranko and I stay here, don't worry

I'll pay for rent".


Akane knew that Ranma was shocked by the news she had just told him.

"Of course Ranma stay as long as you like..", She said


"Thanks Akane", Ranko replied.


"Anyway I guess you guys must be hungry I'll go cook us some dinner", said Sayura getting up and heading to the kitchen.


"I hope she's a better cook than Akane was", Ranko whispered into Ranma's ear causing his mood

to lighten. Unfortunately Akane heard.




Ranma just smiled as an argument between both girls ensued, glad to have his mind taken off from what he had just heard about his friends and family.



(to be continued)


End of chapter 1



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