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Welcome to my home, this is where i keep all the junk i've collected in my travels. I decided to share my knowledge of locations I have found that you might find interesting.

Links to other sites on the Web


The Anime Turnpike
Fate and Destiny Homepage lots of very good crossovers be sure to check them out
Jusenkyo Guides Homepage
Jeffry OneShot Wong Homepage
Lines of Destiny Homepage
Childhood Mysteries

Mirrors Multiplied

Blood Blade's

Evangelion fanfic archive
Azatlans homepage
Bloody Paintbrush inc.
Donny's Fanfic Archive
Dynasty fanfiction
Madamhydra's Lair
Ranma and Ukyo
Spiral Dance Archive
The Deranged Otaku
Shadow Chronicles
Anime Crossover
Waters Under Earth
The (sur)Real World
fanfics staring Nabiki
Dave Eddy's hompage
Christoper Good-Boy Angel's fanfiction
Zen's fanfiction page
Mermaid's Cures Trilogy a ranma 1/2 and mermaids curse crossover
Shattered Soul


Brak's Chatroom
Mogs Dance Club
The Kaffeehaus
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