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I have FINALLY finished moving my webpage the new address is, if you see any errors that I missed please let me know

Hello welcome to the Lost One's page this site is always under construction.

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Fanfiction Links(Updated 7/09/00) I am in the process of heavly updating my links, I still have a long ways to go so please be patient.(7% complete)

Fanfiction links by visiotrs-Add a link here but please only add links that go to Ranma fanfic pages or Ranma crossover fanfics. Well it seems no one is leaving any webpages so I guess I'll start adding some myself every now and then.

Updates-usally once a month

If you wish to submit a fanfic email it to me at (txt and html prefered)

Fanfiction --last updated 12/8/02 --This is where I am hosting fanfiction for your reading enjoyment. Most of the stories found here are Ranma 1/2 crossover's. I don't like Akane, but that's my preferance. You still will find a few Ranma/Akane stories here since a good story is a good story afterall.

This page cannot exist without the work that the authors have done.(which is great) They like to receive (good)comments about their work, but please do not flame. Also I ask that any authors who have a ranma crossover story that will allow me to archive thier work to send it to me. Thanks for your time.

Click here for another great ranma crossover archive

This has to be my favorite crossover couple over all, I think these two are perfect for each other. (pic by Jeffrey Vasquez)

Below Kasumi tells the truth about Akane.

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