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A New Life

By: John Sanchez(StrykerJ)

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Chapter 4

Senshi, Parents, and Weddings


"Ami's pregnant." Ranma calmly stated using the soul of ice technique. Which caused an uproar from the other Senshi and two hidden Moon cats.


"I'm..I'm currently two and a half months pregnant." Ami replied.

Setsuna spoke up. "If i'm correct Ranma is the father." Saying like she didn't already know ahead of time.

"Yes, i'm the father." Ranma answered back quickly.

"Alright Ami and Ranma this is your final chance to pull out of this union. You have two choices: the first is for Ami to have an abortion, and the second is to get married." Setsuna asked.

Ranma spoke up, "I don't speak for Ami, but I would rather be a father and get married than allow a life to die."

"I could never do that to my child so I have decided to be a mother and marry Ranma." Ami said with much force to show she is serious.

The others were finally catching up after the shocking news. "Hold up! Wait a minute! How did this happen?", Makoto inquired.

"How do you think!?!" Minako retorted causing Ami, Makoto, and Ranma to blush, and then Minako started to blush when she found out she said that out loud.

Rei quickly recovered from the words Minako said. "Well are you going to tell us what happened." she said while giving a glare to Minako.

"Um...Well it starts..." Ami started to say but found it difficult so Ranma interrupted knowing her distress.

"Ami let me tell the story this time. It started back...(Ranma explained to the other senshi what had happened.)...and that's what brings us up to now."

"What about your career Ami? Are you still going to be able to go to school while pregnant?" Michiru inquisitively questioned Ami.

Ami responded with a skim of a plan she came up with so she didn't bore the others with all the detail. "Well I plan to stay in school for awile longer, and by then hopefully I should be ahead in my classes, and if i'm lucky I should be able to graduate with the others. I have finished some college courses over the summer which should help me graduate with the rest of you."

"And I'll try to handle the rest as much as possible. I have a job that doesn't take to much of my time, and more than enough cash to take care of us. I'm already planning to buy a house by the end of the month and I should have enough cash left over to buy furniture and any neccessities at that time." Ranma continued.

"What kind of job do you have?" the senshi asked.

"Well actually I have almost two jobs. I model in both ny forms through a big agency. Nabiki Tendo is my manager right now she got a great deal from the agency. She's currently holding 3/4 of my money for me investing it and such. I don't know how much she's holding for me, but I trust her nowaday's. She's treated me a lot better when I came to her about the job that I was offered. She gets about 20% of the money I make and 10% of whatever I make from investments and such. I'm still shocked at how much you can make as model."

Minako jumped up in shock once she figured something out. "Wait a minute I know where I've seen you before. Your pictures are in a most of the magazines I read. Your female side almost gained super model status overnight!"

"What!?! my cousin's Ranko!" Rei shouted.

Setsuna caught off Rei and started to talk. "Ahem! I'm not done yet. Ami. Ranma. I want you both here tommorrow at twelve o'clock for the Moon Kingdom Wedding Ceremony. I need for you to both to dress nice, and the rest of you to be there too and don't be late." After finishing Setsuna left the room and went back to the gates of time to prepare for the ceremony.

Puzzled Ranma asked "Moon Kingdom Wedding Ceremony?"

"I'll explain that Ranma." Ami said. "A long time ago..(Ami proceeded to tell Ranma about the Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo, Queen Beryl, Metalia, Pharaoh 90, Mistress 9, and more...)..and Galaxia was our last enemy."

"Wow your lives are about as hectic as mine." Ranma stated.

"What do you mean, Ranma?" Rei asked curiously.

Ranma thought for a second then decided to tell them about the Neko-ken, the ten year training trip, Jusenkyo, the Amazons, Ryoga, Happosai, The fiancees, the Orochi, Toma, Kirin, Herb, Pantyhose Taro, and Saffron.

"So you expect me to believe that there are that many strong humans out there. No one could be that strong." Haruka said in disbelief of the story it was just to unbelievable for her.

" Yes, they can be if they train hard enough, and Saffron the secong to last one I foght was a demi-god. The last one I fought that I didn't let anyone know about was a Demon hunter. He trained me in some of his school moves while I made some more using his and my father's moves. I'll have to show you them later." Ranma retorted with pride in his abilities.

Rei's curiosty got the better of her and she had just had to know if Ranma knew how to use chi and ki. He could probably teach her how to improve hers for fire readings. "Ranma you said something about Ki blasts earlier. I didn't think it was possible to project your chi."

"Yeah it's possible just watch Rei." Ranma replied. Ranma brought out a hand in front of him palm facing up. His ki started forming above his palm into a blue ball. Their were *gasps* around the room.

"Amazing! Is it alright if I feel it." Rei asked like a little kid at a candy store.


Rei started to reach out towrds the ball of ki, but was interrupted by Ami. "Becareful Rei it did something to us last time." Rei paused for a couple of seconds than felt the ki ball nothing happened except for the feeling of confidence and power of that small ball of ki. Once she was done Ranma dissapated the ball.

"Wow!" Rei said with enthusiasm then she turned towards Ami looking at her questionly. "What do you mean it did something to you. All I felt was the power of the ball and Ranma's confidence."

"That's what I told Ami that it should be harmless like that, but when Ami touched it we both felt a sensation go over us. I can't really explain what it was." Ranma informed Rei.

Ami continued with her thoughts on the sumbject. "The sensation I had felt weird, but it also made me feel warm, all over." Ami checked the time and noticed that they needed to leave to start dinner, or their plans would be ruined. Ami and Ranma said their goodbye's and left.

After they were gone Usagi spoke up finally. "Wow! Ami's pregnant!?! I always thought I would be the first."

"This is so unlike Ami. The way she dressed and acted while she was here." The brown haired senshi of the group informed them.

Minako jumped in with her own two cents. "I know what you mean she was practically smiling every time Ranma looked at her and she would look at him every so often with a smile I had never seen her use before. She must really like him even if it was mistake."

"Plus she gets both sides and that Ranma-chan was sexy.",quipped Haruka.

"Yeah to bad he's taken." Michiru replied much to Haruka's displeasure and her liking of the reaction from Haruka.


"Just kidding." Michiru said giggling at Haruka's reaction.

Hotaru spoke up for the first time they started this meeting. "This does bring up a question, Chibi-Usa never said anything about Ami and Ranma and them having a child."

"Now that you think about it she never did." The shrine Priestess stated.

"Rei, Hotaru-chan if sh did mention it, it probably would of have never happened. Ami would have been more cautios and would have never got pregnant and never met Ranma. Well for one thing I think they're good for each other. I think their relationship is changing them for the better."

"I think Michiru is correct." Luna stated. "If Chibi-Usa did mention it Ami would have had her guard up and never gotten pregnant."

"Your right Luna, but this situation does cause us a problem." Artemis spoke with worry in his voice.

"What kind of problem?" Rei asked impatiently.

"Well how do I put this..." Artemis tried to say but was interrupted by Rei.

"Spit it out!" Luna sighed at Rei's impatience and waited for Artemis to continue.

"We are temporarily otu of a Sailor Mercury."

"WHAT!?!" The senshi yelled.

Artemis sighed almost in defeat. "Weren't you listening earlier, since Ami's pregnant she can't be Sailor Mercury until three month's after the child is born."

Makoto sat and thought for a second and then asked, "How are we supposed to work without Ami."

"Well to answer that question." Luna started and waited for everyone's attention. "That is what the Moon Kingdom Wedding Ceremony is for. After the ceremony it's up to Ami and Ranma to find a replacement within a month."

"Well I hate interrupt." Haruka said while getting up. "But we got to go we'll see everyone tommorrow. Bye!" Michiru and Hotaru got up to and said their goodbyes the other following their lead.


As the other scouts leave for home. At another home two young adults are busy cooking dinner. Ranma is grabbing the items for dinner, while Ami is preparing to make it.

Ami checked all the items that were out. "Ranma we have all the items we need for dinner."

"Alright then let's get started." Ranma said eagerly to get dinner ready.

Time passes and the food is almost done, and we see two teenagers having fun talking.

"Ami why don't you get ready for dinner." Ranma said while stirring the food.

"Alright!" Ami said with a little reluctance. She then set down the spoon in her hand. Ami than turned to walk out of the kitchen only to slip on some oil, but before she could hit the floor two strong but gentle hands stopped her descent and lifted her up. She looked up into the eyes of her helper and melted as she became lost in his eyes, and before she knew it she was in a deep passionate kiss. Ami let the world fade away to nothing except for her and Ranma, but than the world came back and they drew apart wondering what just happened. 'How could have I ever falling in love so fast. Love is that what this is she wondered.' She looked over to the also blushing Ranma. 'Yes it is love. I haven't felt this way before, but how could that be. Now that I think about it I started to fall in love with him the first day we met. I wonder what he thinks about me? He is the one who kissed me.'

Earlier Ranma was keeping an eye on the food when he saw Ami slip. He immediately caught her before she could hit the floor and put her back into a standing position. Ami then took that moment to look into his eyes, and he became lost in her eyes and before he knew it he started kissing her passionately while she returned his kiss in full. The world dissapeared around them and then came back. He ended the kiss and stepped back a little and became confused. 'WHAT AM I DOING? I LOVE AKANE! I DON'T Love...' And as he was thinking this he looked at Ami and continued his thoughts. 'No that's a lie. I do love Ami just as much as I love Akane but why? I haven't known her long, but this failing I get inside of me is the same feeling I get when i'm with Akane. We need to talk about this. I wonder how Ami's going to take this does she even love me.'

Before they could get out of their thoughts to speak Ami's mother walked into the kitchen.

'Hmm' Irene thought then spoke up. "Hello, you two. How are you two doing?"

Ranma came out of his stuphor and answered. "Hello Mrs. Mizuno were both doing fine. Dinner should be done in ten minutes. Ami you better go get ready."

This brought Ami back to reality. She left the kitchen telling her mom hello, and that she was having a better day than expected. The whole time she said this she was smiling. What puzzled her though was her mother's smile.

Whwn Ami left Irene decided to talk to Ranma. "So Ranma, What are the plans for you two."

"Well I thought about this a lot and I came up with some things. I have enough cash to buy a home, and furniture. I've been saving all of my money job for the last seven months. After I buy us a house we should have the weddding planned and set. My job should be able to allow us to live pretty well."

"Wow i'm impressed you did think about this a lot. I would love to help with the wedding preparations and I know your mother would love to help to Ranma."


"Yes, Ranma."

"How do you know my mother?"

"Well your mother and I are best freinds. How about if we tell you two later, tonight we have a wedding to talk about."

"That would be great. I'd like to hear a lot more about my mother. I only get to see her every once in a while now a days."

Fifteen minutes pass and there is knock at the door. Ranma goes to answer it since Ami and her mother are still getting ready. When he opens it he sees his mother.

"Hello mom, i'm so glad you came tonight."

"Hello son, I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"Thank you mom this means a lot to us, come on in. Ami and her mother should be down any second."

"Nodoka-chan, i'm so glad to see you again."

"Irene-chan, i'm so glad to see you too. Where is Ami-chan?"

"Ami should be down any moment." As if on cue Ami stepped into the room. "Ah! Here she is right now."

Ranma looked at Ami and his jaw hit the floor. Ami is wearing a beautiful light blue dress which went down just past her knees, with long sleeves and a simple blue bow in the back, and white lace around the neck area. She had a light trace of make-up on her face. All together they thought she looked beautiful. Ranma voiced his opinion on accident causing Ami and himself to blush when everyone caught the word kawaii coming out of his mouth.

"Ami you look absolutely beautiful. We know Ranma thinks so. And talking about Ranma this is his mother, you should know Nodoka Saotonme."

"Hello Ami-chan it's nice to see you again. It's been awhile since my last visit."

"Auntie! I didn't know Ranma was your son."

"Yes Ami, Ranma is my son, and i'm glad to see you two getting along so well."

"What do you mean Auntie?" Ami asked confused.

"Yeah! Mom what do you mean?"

"Well from what I mean is this, unless you started wearing make-up for some reason son, you and Ami have the same lipstick on."

Ami looked from Nodoka to look at Ranma for the first time leaving the kitchen. He was still wearing the clothes from earlier. Ami looked at Ranma's face and noticed that Auntie was telling the truth of Ranma having lipstick on his lips from where they kissed earlier. She immediately blushed red at being caught. Now she knew she shouldn't have put on make-up earlier.

Ranma saw the expression on Ami's face and knew that his mother was telling the truth. He moved his fingers to his lips and rubbed his lips with his fingertips. He then looked at his fingertips and there it was Ami's lipstick. He was brought out of his daze by Irene.

"Nodoka-chan, I knew you wouldn't miss that. I saw them kissing earlier in the kitchen. I didn't let them know I was their until a minute after. They make an adorable couple just like we thought they would so long ago."

Ami and Ranma were blushing more at this. Then Ranma smelt their cooking and his brain quit and his stomach took over with a *rumble* which everyone heard.

"Well it sounds like Ranma is hungry. Let's go eat the dinner are children made together."

"That sounds great and then we could talk about the wedding Irene-chan."

The mothers started for the diningroom with Ami and Ranma following along. They all sat down and started eating. The mothers started talking while Ami and Ranma ate slowly listening to their parents talk.

"Ranma you know how before you were born your dad and I engaged you to a Tendo."

"Yeah?" 'I know this already.'

"Well son this you didn't know I previously wanted you to be engaged to Irene's daughter not Soun's, but your faather thought it would be better if it would be one of Soun's daughters. Irene and I were upset that we couldn't fufill are dream."

"What dream is that Auntie?"

"Well youe mother and I wanted to become closer since were almost like sisters, and if the two of you became husband and wife we would become in-laws and grandparents. Sure, we could of become closer if you married Soun's daughter, but it wouldn't be the same. Enough about us let's talk about the wedding."

During dinner they set the wedding day, honeymoon much to Ami's and Ranma's embarassment. They talked about living arrangements, school;, and work. Nodoka gave Ami and Ranma the newly rebuilt Saotome home and dojo, but they were about to be suprised even more.

"Oh! Before I forget to tell you two. You two are already married."

"WHAT?!?" Two suprised newlyweds yelled.

"So you did do what I asked you to do Nodoka-chan."

"What are you talking about mom?" Ami asked.

"I had Nodoka-chan move your name to the Saotome's as Ranma's wife. Right now yout two are legally married."

"B-but...what about the wedding?" Ranma asked still a little dazed.

"It's just for show son, as of today Ami became your wife and you her husband and starting this weekend you and Ami will be moving into your new home."

Ami and Ranma didn't know what to make of this turn of events, but there was nothing they could do about they were going to get married anyway.

"Nodoka-chan do you want to stay the night it is getting late and I would love your company?"

"That would be lovely Irene-chan."

"That's great then you can sleep in the guestroom."

"What about Ranma, mom?" Ami asked.

"He can sleep in your room. He is your husband."

Ami and Ranma blushed at Irene's suggestion.

"My son can be so manly!"

Ami and Ranma blushed more at Nodoka's comment.

"Well let's go to bed Nodoka-chan."

Irene and Nodoka headed up to their rooms, stopped and mumbled somethings to each other. They then turned towards Ami and Ranma and spoke together. "And don't keep us up all night, newlyweds!" They then went to their rooms leaving two very blushing teenagers behind. Nodoka moves Ranma's pack to Ami's room and goes back to hers to sleep.

Several minutes later Ami finally could speak. "I guess we should go to bed too? I mean go to sleep we have a long day tommorrow."


Ami leads Ranma to her room and went in. Minutes passed and they started to talk, and two hours later they were asleep in each others arms.


The sunlight shined through the window lighting the room and the two figures nestled together in bed. The female woke up urgently and was up and out of the room. The male woke up once he was ran over. He saw his wife run out of the roomk. He did a double take. Yes his wife, he was now married legally. He and his wife had spent most of the night talking about their relationship. They decided to move slowly with their relationship and build on what they already have and they had a lot. They were freinds from the start, they trusted each other, they were attracted to each other not just physically, and his wife was now two and a half months pregnant with his child. He got up from bed and started to gather his clothing from his pack to go practice then take a bath. He left his clothing and bathroom materials out beside his pack. Ami came back in and sat down on the bed still looking a little pale.

"Ami-chan are you ok?" Ranma asked with worry in his voice.

Ami blushed hearing Ranma say Ami-chan this brought back some of the color to her face.

"I'm ok Ranma-kun it's just morning sickness. I had to get up twice last night after we fell asleep."

"Ok, I was just making sure you were ok. I heard from a doctor I know once that you should add ginger in with your tea to help out with morning sickness."

"I never heard that, but I will have to try it out today. Thank you."

"Well i'm going out to practice in the park and I was wondering if you would like to go out to eat breakfast when I come back?"

"Sure, Ranma-kun that would be nice, but remember we have to be at the shrine at noon."

"Well we have to go shopping I don't have any formal wear right now it's in storage at work. We can get you something too. Wait I know just the right dress for you we just have to find the store I need. Well i'm off to the park."

Ranma went out to practice in the park, while Ami decided to take a shower. Both parents got up to start making breakfast for their children. A fifteen minutes later Ami showed up in the kitchen.

"Good morning daughter."

"Good morning daughter-in-law is my son up yet."

Ami blushed then spoke. "Good morning mom, auntie. Yes Ranma is at the park practicing. He should be back soon, so we can go eat out and do some shopping."

"So what do you think of my son, Ami-chan?"

"Well, I haven't known Ranma that long, but I trust him. He is one of the nicest guys I know. It also looks like he grew up some from the first time we met."

"No Ami-chan, I mean what do you feel for my son?"

"Well um..."Ami looks at her toes to hide her blush. "Well we haven't known each other that long, but I think i'm in love with Ranma."

During Ami's confession Ranma entered the room behind her just in time to hear her say "I'm in love with Ranma." Ranma didn't know why but he was extremely over joyed and before he knew it he was turning the now surprised Ami around. He cupped her chin lifting her head to look into her eyes. Ami had closed her eyes, but as soon as he brushed her cheek she opened them. After gazing into each others eyes they saw the love they had for each other. They pressed closer to each other and kissed, a minute passed before they were interrupted with giggles. Theri mothers were talking amongst themselves about how well their children had grown up into such a lovely couple.

"Um, Ami i'm going to go take a shower and then we can go."

"Ok!" Ami replied with a little depression. 'I know he heard me, so why hasn't he told me how he feels.'

Ranma looked at Ami before pulling away and saw the hurt in her eyes, so he moved in closer and whispered into her ear. "I love you too, Ami-chan." He then kissed the shocked, but happy Ami on the lips before leaving to the bathroom.



A woman is sitting ona throne made of rocks and gems in a darkened area hiding her face. "Kaoline! Get in here!" She yelled.

A young woman comes out from one of the dark recesses of the room. She is about 5'9" with green eyes, red and orange mid back length hair, with a modest figure. She is wearing black leather pants, a black tube top, and black leather boots. She lowers to one knee. "Yes, my dear Queen Dementia."

"Why did you not report in yesterday?"

"I failed my Queen." Kaoline mumbled.

"Failure! I don't care if you have failed or not. You will report to me. Tommorrow I want you to find me the Rainbow Stars. Now go before I decide to destroy your worthless hide."

"Yes mt Queen!"

Kaoline exits into the shadows and fades away. She fades into another room. In the middle of the room is a table with paper scattered all over it. She walks up to the table and picks up an envelop and pulls out a diamond that looks like it is on fire with blue and white flames.

"Well little one, what should we use you on. How about an animal, one that is strong and big, but first I need a plan of attack."

Kaoline starts going through her plans for tommorrow. She then sets the diamond down on the table. And you can see that the diamond is still burning with an intense blue and white flames.


Hikawa Shrine

Setsuna is setting an area up for the ceremony. At first no one knew what she was doing in the back area of the shrine, but they soon caught on that she was drawing a large symbol of Mercury on the ground and within the symbol were smaller symbols of the other planets. Once she was done she said a chant and the symbols glowed for a second. Once that was done she came back towards the others to wait for Ami and Ranma.

"What was that you were doing Setsuna?" Michiru asked looked over at the symbols.

"I will tell all of you about it in a couple of minutes."

Hotaru was the first to notice the new arrivals. "Setsuna-mama there...Wow!"

Everyone turned to see the couple and boy were they shocked. They were left breathless in front of them was an Ami they have never seen before, gone was the bookworm look she had. They could tell she was blushing at the stares, but Ranma helped her move closer so they could see the dress she is wearing. She was wearing a black almost skin tight dress that showed off her curves, it went down to her ankles with slits on each side that went to her mid-thigh. It had a low collar which showed a little cleavage more than Ami had ever shown. The back was cut low too it was cut to just about the waist line which showed a lot of her back. There was a blue dragon embroidered on the dress. Ami wor matching high heels, with a diamond and amethyst necklace in a shape of heart, and a pair of amethyst butterfly earrings. The sneshi couldn't believe this was Ami they knew Ami was pretty, but not drop dead georgeous. Mamaoru thoguht she was just plain sexy.

"See I told ya, that you would leave them breathless." Ranma said with a smile directed at Ami.

Ami was blushing even more upon remembering what Ranma had said earlier.



Ranma walked over to Ami carrying something in his arms. "Ami here is the dress that I was thinking of earlier, go try it on." He handed the dress to her and she entered a dressing room.

"Ok i'll be out in a couple of minutes." A couple of minutes pass than a couple more.

"Is their something wrong Ami?" Ranma asked with concern in his voice.

"No, There isn't it's just...well the dress isn't it a little too..."

"Ami just come out here and let me see you, it can't be that bad I wore one similiar last week."

Ami came out hesitantly blushing at the thought of showing so much skin. Once she was totally out she lowered her head to hide her blush while she waited for Ranma's comments, minutes passed and Ami was getting self concious. Then she felt Ranma cup her chin and lifted her head up and stepped back.

Ranma waited for Ami to step out, and once she was out his jaw hit the floor it took awile for him to regain his bearings. Ami was beautiful, but he couldn't see her face so he reached out and lifted it to see. Now Ami was stunning and he knew he just had to get this dress for her.

"You look stunning Ami. You will leave them breathless at the sight of you. Heck, they might not even notice me when we get there. Before we leave though let's find you some shoes and jewelry."

"Ranma are you sure that I...I mean I have never wore."

Ranma noticed Ami hesitation so he decided to encourage her. "Yes i'm sure Ami you look sexy in that dress." He than moved up to Ami and gave her a gentle kiss.



Ami came out of her daze to only be bombarded by her friends.

"Wow! Ami is that you?"

"You look georgeous Ami!"

"Stunning Ami!"

"I have to agree with them."

"Wow, Ami you look great!"

"The girls are right Ami. You do look great."

"Ami that dress is expensive! How could you afford it?"

"My husband bought it for me." Ami said shyly knowing that she was in for more questions.


Th scouts looked at Ranma. He was wearing black slacks with a white long sleeve dress shirt and a black vest which had a blue dragon embroidered on it. He was also wearing a black tie and dress shoes. He was carrying a bag over his shoulders, and two coats were draped over his arm. The white shirt didn't hide the physique Ranma had, nor did the pants. Once the girls were done ogling him they couldn't believe how much luck Ami had to have met Ranma.

Ranma felt like Ami now, but answered their question. "Yep, yesterday me and ami became legally husband and wife are parents set it up before we knew anything about it."

Minako got a weird grin on her face and asked a question she was dying to know. "So how was the wedding night Ami-chan."

Ami glanced at Ranma and caught his wink than answered Minako with what her and Ranma talked about on the way to the shrine knowing the questions that might be asked. "It was the most wonderful night in my life."

"Really!?!" Asked Minako, Makoto, and Usagi at the same time."

Ranma smirked and replied. "Yeah I'll say, The talk we had sorted out everything." Mass inner senshi facefault exempt Ami of course. 'Well that shoul stop them from asking.'

"Alright everyone let's get started." Setsuna said to get the ceremony done , so she can go back to the gates of time.

"How long will this take I was hoping to head to the Arcade after this."

"Not long the sooner we start the faster will finish."

"Me and Ami-chan are ready."

"That's Ami-chan and I, Ranma-kun."

"Oh." Ranma blushed at his slip of his tongue he had been working at fixing his bad habits the last couple months because of his job, Akane, and now Ami and his unborn child.

"That's all right. I know your trying and you are doing a good job at it. I'll help you if you want it."

"That would be nice Ami, thanks."

"Your welcome."

"The rest of us are ready Setsuna."

"Alright everyone find your planet symbol and stand on it. Ami I want you and Ranma to stand in the center facing each other. Before we start though let's run through the steps:

1. All the scouts except for Ami will power up to their first form.

2. Usagi from the twelve o'clock, and Mamoru from the six o'clock step into the circle after it stops pulsing. Mamoru step up to Ranma's left side, while Usagi you step up to Ami's left.

3. Usagi you will then power up to the Moon Princess, while Mamoru you transform into Prince Edmeyion.

4. At that time Ami and Ranma you will turn to your left and be presented your Mecury rings to exchange to each other. Once the rings are prexented to you by Princess Serenity and Prince Edmeyion bow to them and turn back to each other. The prince and princess will go back to their original positions.

5. At this point each scout will praise the uniting ending with the princess.

6. Ami and Ranma will than place the rings on the others hand.

7. I will than finish the chant. At that time the rings and the mercury symbol will pulse.

8. At that point of time Ami and Ranma will have to embrace and kiss until the energy from the mercury symbol is drawn into their rings and that will conclude the ritual.

"Setsuna, what about the rings? I don't have one and Usako dosen't either."

"The rings will appear in your hands during the exchange. Now that we have finished the run through let's start."

At this point everyone gets into their positions. All the scouts power up except Ami. The symbols brighten and start to pulse then it stops. Mamoru and Usagi step up to the couple and power up. Once they are powered up Ami and Ranma turn to them. They are given the rings and they bow. Ami and Ranma than face each other and the prince and princess go back to their original spots.

Sailor Venus started off first. "As the senshi of love I hope you two have a wonderful and lovely life together forever."

"To my friend Ami I wish you have a happy marriage, and cousin take good care of Ami. I want you two to know I am very happy to see two people I love get married." Sailor Mars said happily with tears in her eyes.

Sailor Jupiter spoke next, "Guess your the first of us to get married. I wish you luck Ami, and I am glad you caught yourself a great guy too. Way to go girl!"

Prince Edmeyion came next. "I wish the best for you both and that your love for each other lasts forever."

Sailor Saturn was up next. "Ami since I have known you, you have been like family to me and I wish for you both eternal love and happiness."

"Well Ami it looks like you not only get a good husband, but a sexy wife too, have fun!" Sailor Uranus said with a grin causing Ami to blush deep red.

"Haruka, stop it! Ami I wish you good luck with your career amd marriage, and if you need help with anything call me."

Sailor Pluto thought a second before answering. "I see a bright future for the two of you, but their will be bumps so stick close to each other."

Last one to speak was Princess Serenity. "I always thought I would be the first one to get married and have a child. I always thought you would wait until you had a stable career, but I am glad you didn't you deserve something more than just a career. Love is what you needed in life and Ranma is the man will give you that love together the two of you can take care of your child and establish a loving and caring family. I know in my heart that you two will have great future together just like Mamo-chan and myself."

Ranma than took Ami's hand and gently placed the ring on her finger, and Ami did the same with Ranma's hand. Setsuna started to chant an ancient spell, and the Mercury symbol and rings started to glow and pulse. Ami and Ranma slowly embraced and hesitantly started to kiss at first it was a soft kiss, but it got deeper and more passionate as they pulled the other closer. The energy pulled from the symbol into the rings slowly at first, then it was pulled in at a faster rate until there was no more energy left. Almost three minutes had passed since the spell had finished, and the couple were still locked in a passionate kiss. Ami had her hands interlocked behind Ranma's neck, while Ranma's were lightly brushing and caressing Ami's bare back. Everyone didn't want to interrupt so they waited for the couple to stop and breathe. Haruka started getting bored after the first minute and started timing them. That is when Setsuna decided to interrupt them.

"Ami. Ranma."

She didn't get a response except for a moan from Ami, soshe tried again.

"Ami! Ranma!"

Still she didn't get a response from the kissing couple.

"AMI! RANMA!" Haruka yelled and instantly the couple were several feet apart trying to act casual, but failing miserably. Once they were apart Setsuna motioned everyone closer and spoke.

"Thank you, now let's get down to business. Ami call forth your transformation rod."

Ami did as she was told, and noticed it was glowing blue.

"Ranma, I would like you to do the same thing by searching inside your self for a power you have not felt before and focus it into the palm of your hand."

Ranma did what he was told and pulled out a transformation rod similar to Ami's and his was also glowing.

"Now touch the top ends together."

Ami and Ranma let their rods touch and watched as the rods transformed. Ami's rod transformed into a pair of blue tinted diamond earrings, which were shaped in a heart. While Ranma's turned into a pair of silver bracers with dragons etched on them with ice blue gems shaped into the symbol of Mercury.

"Now put them on. Ami you will not be able to transform into a scout, but when needed you can turn into your Princess Mercury form. Ranma, I want you to say the first words that come to you."

*Grumble* "I'm hungry." The scouts facefault exempt Ami who giggles knowing Ranma was just joking. "Just kidding, that was fun." Ranma takes a deep breath and says. "Mercury Knight Power!"

A cold wet fog forms around Ranma obscuring him from everyone's view only allowing Ami total sight of Ranma causing her to blush.

End of chapter

Well here is the rewrite. I had the chapter done earlier, but I went back and wrote it again to get rid of the script version. I plan to rewrite the other chapters. I'm currently working on the next chapter, and I have some ideas for three different side stories along the way. One I either plan to put out before or after the next chapter I haven't decided yet. I know plenty of you think that I am going to make Ranma a scout. I want you to know right now I am not going to make him a scout I plan on someone else becoming a scout. Oh I think I finally broke my habit.