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This story takes place six months after Saffron in the Ranma !/2 series, and after Sailor Galaxia in the Sailor Moon Sailor Star series.

A New Life

By: John Sanchez(StrykerJ)

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Chapter 3:
New Freinds and New Enemies

Juuban Train

Ami and Ranma talked about Akane and how they could get Akane to trust them again. Then they talked about what they were going to tell Ami's mother and freinds. The train stopped at the Juuban station. Ami and Ranma made their way off the train and out of the station. As they were walking down the street Ranma was splashed by cold water turning him into a wet miserable red-headed girl. Ranma-chan started mumbling about old woman with ladels, and whatever else water was affiliated with. Ami just giggled at Ranma-chan's impatience with his curse. Ranma-chan looked at Ami with mock anger, but couldn't hold it. He knew Ami was a nice person, so he looked for the nearest restaurant for hot water, but what he saw next made him stop in place. He could feel the evil aura of the monster in front of them. Ami wondered what Ranma-chan was looking at so she turned from looking at her to in front of them. In front of them was a Youma that she had never seen before. It's head was surrounded by a flame and when she looked closer she could see a skull in the flame. The chest was of medium build with strong looking arms and legs. He wore a black chest armor and skin tight pants, but what was most odd were the metal gloves on his hands. Before either of them could react the Youma's hands liquified and shot forward suctioning onto two victims draining them until they collapsed. After that Ranma-chan was the first to react telling Ami to get away while bounding and dropping his pack to get over to the Youma faster. The Youma saw him coming and attacked.

Youma: Die human. Pyro blast!

A huge ball of fire shot towards Ranma-chan but missed and hit the ground he used to be at it melted and evaporated. The youma shot another one at Ranma-chan, and the same thing happened that happened before the Youma couldn't believe that this human was this fast to dodge his attacks. Ranma-chan than cupped his hands and yelled.

Ranma-chan: Die you Monster! Moko Takabisha!

The Youma was not prepared to take this kind of attack from a human was sent back twenty feet before he could fully get up Ranma-chan was on him.

Ranma-chan: For your attack on the innocent you will pay by my hands! Katchuu Tenshin Amaguriken!

Before he could do anything the Youma was hit nine hundred twenty eight times pushed against a wall. Ranma-chan then jumped away from the Youma as it slumped down and once Ranma-chan was enough distance away Ranma-chan attacked again.

Ranma-chan: Moko Takabisha! revised Dual Moko Takabisha!

Just like before Ranma-chan cupped her hands and a ball formed to the size of a basketball than split into two than they both grew to the size of basketballs and shot forward. The Youma saw it come forward and prepared a sheild in front of itself to take the impact, but as soon as the sheild was formed the balls shot off into ninety degree angles in opposite directions and came back slaming into the sides of the Youma incinerating it. Once it was dead two mists of energy shot into the two people who were attacked earlier. He checked the people finding them to be waking up, so he made his way back to Ami. He reached Ami but found her to be mumbling about it didn't work. He tried to get her attention but she wouldn't respond and saw that her attention was mostly on the rod in her hand. He tried once again to get her attention but she still didn't respond so he put on his dropped pack and scooped Ami into her arms and jumped onto a nearby roof and roof hopped to where he remembered where Ami's home was.

*** Hikawa Shrine before the attack ***

Four Girls are sitting at a table talking.

Rei: Alright everyone why are you here so early?

Minako: Well were here to see if you wanted to go to a concert in the park.

Makoto: Were stopping at everyone's house to ask if they wanted to go.

Usagi: And if we get you to go we could get you to help us to get Ami to go with us.

Makoto: Yeah she's been so busy taking pre-college classes before we even start are last year of school.

Rei: Concert at the park!?! I haven't heard anything about a concert, but sure I'd love to get out of here for awhile. What time does it start?

Minako: Well the sign said it started at 7:30 and ended some time after midnight.

Usagi: So are we going to go to Ami's next.

Makoto: Yep! Let's..

*Beep* *Beep*

The beeps alerted the scouts.

Makoto: It's Ami's distress signal guy's let's hurry! I haven't fought anything for several months and i'm not going to miss this one.

Usagi: Waaaahhhh! Not again!

All of them transform and headed to Ami's position. Once they got there they saw a redheaded girl pick up Ami into her arms and hop onto a rooftop heading away from them at a fast rate. They came to a conclusion that Ami might have have been captured and followed the redhead. They finally catch up to the redhead outside of Ami's house. They prepare to attack if they have to.


Ranma-chan made it to the door of Ami's house and set her down holding her up until she stayed standing. The rod in Ami's hand drops to the ground with a clinking sound making Ami come out of her shock. Ranma-chan bends down and picks it up handing it to Ami.

Ranma-chan: Here you go Ami you dropped it. Are you ok? You were sure out of it for awhile there.

Ami: Yes i'm ok Ranma thanks for your concern I was just amazed by they way you destroyed that Youma.

Ranma-chan: It's alright as long as you and are child are ok.

Ami blushed and turned away from Ranma-chan noticing that they were at her home.

Ami: What!?! How!?!

Ranma-chan: Um.. Well when you wouldn't respond I carried you here.

Ranma-chan looked away from Ami saying this and also started to fidget with her pigtail. He didn't know why but he had found a spot in his heart for Ami maybe it was their child but it was also the way she listened to him.

Ami thought she looked cute being embarrased, but then blushed at that thought she just had of her and the thought of being carried by Ranma. She looked away from Ranma-chan to see the Sailor Scouts on top of a building looking at them. She blushed more and lowered her head to look into her bag and started searching for her house keys.

Ami: Well we better put your stuff inside the guest room and then go out to meet my mother at her work for lunch.

Ami quickly found her keys and unlocked the door. She headed in leading Ranma-chan to a room that was basically almost empty all that was in it was a bed and a dresser.

Ami: Ranma this will be your room for now. Once your done unpacking will leave.

Ranma-chan: Ami...thanks.

Ami: Your welcome i'll be in the livingroom waiting for you.

Ami reached the livingroom but before she could enter the room the doorbell went off. She averted her path to the front door and opened it. Standing behind the door was four of her best friends Makoto, Minako, Rei, and Usagi.

Ami: Hi guys!

Usagi: Hi Ami, how are you doing?

Ami: I'm fine Usagi. I was going to call in a little while to see if we could have a scout meeting at 4:30.

Makoto: Ami, aho was that girl carrying you?

Minako: Yeah and how can she roof hop like us?

Rei: Why was she carrying you anyway?

Usagi: And who is that hunk....um I mean guy behind you?

Instantly the rest of the girls look towards Ranma drowning out of their minds why they were here in the first place. Makoto and Minako instantly had hearts in their eyes. Rei stared trying to figure out who he was. Usagi tried to stop thinking of the man in front of them and started mumbling something about Mamo-chan. Ami looked at her friends and noticed their usual reaction and sweatdropped. She knew tonight was going to be stressful.

Ami: Makoto, Minako, Rei and Usagi this is Ranma we'll tell you the rest at 4:30.

Rei: Ranma!? What is your full name Ranma? (I know i've seen him before.)

Ranma: Hi everyone. My name is Ranma, Saotome Ranma.

Rei: Ranma!!

Rei moved forward quickly and hugged Ranma. Ranma froze up while Makoto and Minako stared daggers at Rei. Usagi didn't know what to make of it, and Ami was wondering where and when Ranma met Rei.

Rei: Ranma it is you I recognize that pigtail anywhere.(Rei let go of Ranma.) Ranma it's me Rei your cousin. Where is Aunt Nodoka and Uncle Genma?

Ranma: Well pops is living with the Tendo's in Nermia. Mom well she lives at our house here in Juuban, Rei. How is gramps doing these days?

Rei: Well you should come and visit to see him. He misses you.

Ranma: Sure that sounds great.

A cough is heard at the side of them. They turned to see the other girls wanting to be introduced.

Ami: Ranma these are my friends that we will be talking to later. This is Makoto, Minako, Usagi, and you already know your cousin Rei.

Makoto: Hi Ranma, how do you know Ami?

Minako: Hi Ranma, how old are you?

Ami: Guys will have to talk about this later we have to be somewhere and we don't want to be late.

Girls: But..

Ami: (A little forceful than normal.) Later!

Ami gently escorted everyone out locked the door and took Ranma to visit her mom. While the rest of the Scouts go to the Hikawa Shrine talking about Ranma and Ami's strange behavior.


Tendo Dojo thirty minutes after Ranma left.

We see Akane, Kasumi, and Soun Tendo sitting on one side of the table, Genma and Nodoka Saotonme at another, The Amazons at another, and last but not least Ukyo and Ryoga at the last but final end of the table.

Kasumi: The reason I asked all of you here is to give each of you a letter to read. (Kasumi handed a letter to each of the parties.) Please wait before you read them I would like to hear each one individually starting with the Amazons.

Cologne: Alright let's see what son-in-law had to say.

Dear Amazons,

If you are reading this note that means I have got Ami pregnant. In which your law states if I were to marry a woman and get her pregnaant the marriage law would be dropped, but I offer in exchange my help if you need my help to protect the Amazon Village. I'll be glad to help. If you want to reach me my mother has the address.


During the reading of the letter Shampoo shoulders slumped tears started coming down her cheeks as so did the other fiancees. While the two suitors were happy but tried to hide it.

Cologne: It seems that son-... I mean Ranma has found a way out of marrying Shampoo, but this is very suprising. I was sure Ranma would of chosen you Miss Tendo. (pointing to Akane)

Akane: Me? With that pervert never! (But her emotions betrayed her and she started to cry again.)

Ukyo: W-Well I-I-I guess itt's my turn.(She wiped a tear from her face.)

Dear Ukyo,

Ukyo you were my first friend. I never had many friends when I grew up you and Ryoga were my only two friends for the first sixteen years of my life.

When you showed up that day in Furikan I was glad to have a friend again. I didn't have many friends and my friends are really special to me even Ryoga even though he doesn't act like one

I hope you can find someone who can love you, because to me your were always my best friend first never a fiancee that would ruin our friendship in many ways it did. Remember though I will always love you my best friend you were like the sister I never had and one day I hoped that you would figure that out.


Midway through the letter Ukyo couldn't speak so Ryoga tookover, and by the end Ukyo was crying more. Ryoga who was beside her hugged her until she calmed down a little.

Nodoka: Soun why don't you read your families letter next.

Soun: Sure.. (Soun opened up the letter and started to read.)

Dear Tendo,

Thank you for your hospitality. Your home came to be a home for me. I'm sorry for what happened. I didn't mean for it to happen and it wouldn't have if I hadn't got drunk that night I could of stopped it or avoided it.

Kasumi you been like a second mother and older sister to me. I don't know what the family could do without you. Whoever you end up marrying will have one great wife so don't keep Tofu waiting to long.

Akane. Akane what can I say? What happened probably hurt you the most, but I want you to know. I LOVE YOU. And I wish this never happened. I left you something with Kasumi. Just tell her Ranma said OK when your ready to read it alone. I Love you, Akane.

Ranma Saotome

Akane couldn't hold it back anymore longer she sobbed into the letter. Kasumi held her sister as she wiped away her own tears.

Kasumi: Auntie, what does Ranma have to say to you?

Nodoka: I Don't know yet let me see.(She opens up th letter and starts to read.)


Me and Ami are going to be married in a month. I would for4 you to be there. I will be inviting people as soon as we have the sate set.

T'm going to be staying in Juuban with Ami and her mother for a little while. I hope to be living in are old home since it's rebuilt, and once we have been married I plan to get us our own home. I got a good job a couple of month's ago and I have been saving up my money for awhile so I can afford to live on my own if I had too. I can support the two of us if needed so money won't be a problem. This job is one of the reasons why I have been disappearing every once in a while, besides when I disappear for training.

Mom, I love you. And I hope you will come to visit ux tonight at 7:00. We have planned a dinner for you to meet Ami's Mother. The address is on the back.


Almost everyone was in tears for some reason the fiancees for losins the man they loved Ranma. Soun and Genma for their plans of joining the schools together, Kasumi and Nadoka for Akane and Ranma.

Nadoka: Wait there's more.(She reads.)

P.S. Don't read out loud! Mom if Ryoga is there tell him to tell Akane his secret if he doesn't splash him with cold water so Akane can see his Jusenkyo curse. I'm getting tired of him using and abusing Akane's freindship, kindness and honor. I should have never agreed to that oath when he first showed up even when I was indirectly at fault he deserve what he gets the stupid pig I gave him plenty of chances to tell her. Thanks Mom!

(Stops reading by now everyone is looking at her for her to say what's on the letter.) Ryoga it says to tell Akane your secret.

Ryoga visibly sweats.

Ryoga: Uh..um..I don't have a secret what are you talking about.

Akane: What secret?

Nadoko: My son says you do.(She then prepares to grab a glass of water to throw at him. When someone speaks up.)

Shampoo: Shampoo know pervert boys secret Akane. Shampoo tell you only right.

Nadoko: Please don't tell Shampoo. I'm giving Ryoga one more chance. Tell her or we will, Ryoga.

Ryoga: Uh..Um..um..DAMN IT RANMA!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!! YOU HAVE NO HONOR!!(He jumps up to leave, but is subdued and quieted by Cologne with her superior speed and her knowledge of pressure points. He then falls into a sitting position. Where he gets deppressed even more and a green aura forms around him. This causes Cologne to go ibnto action pressing more pressure points to shut off his chi and ki attacks. She then sits down and starts to talk, but then is interrupted.)

Akane: What's this secret and could it possibly be that bad?

Cologne: Yes it is that bad for Ryoga. First i'll tell you about the reason why Ranma didn't tell you. When Ryoga first got here he tricked Ranma into an oath to not tell you about it, and when Ranma agreed to not tell anyone his secret. Ryoga then used the Oath against Ranma to get back at him and to get closer to you. The only reason Ranma honored the oath is because it was slightly his fault, but by the way I heard it from Ranma and Ryoga. I would say that it's Ryoga that is at fault not Ranma.
Second I kept the secret from you and so did others. I hoped to drive you away from Ranma while others kept it to make him jealous. I'm sure everybody here knows the secret besides you, Kasumi, Nadoko, and Ukyo here. Ranma has tried to hint it to you, but you never got the hidden meaning.
Third here is the secret.

Cologne grabbed a glass of water and moved the glass above Ryoga so Akane was looking at both. Cologne proceeded to pour the water on him. Akane watched as Ryoga disappeared into his clothes, while Cologne pulled him out of his clothes. Akane sat there shocked at what she saw. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she was seeing things right, and once she was sure her anger was burning, but before she could attack the little black pervert in front of her Cologne touched her pressure points not allowing her to move and also making her more angry than she already was.

Cologne: Akane i'm going to let Ryoga say something for his defense than you can judge his punishment.(She turned to Ryoga tapping his pressure points so he can move and carried him into another room to change. He then came out to speak.)

Ryoga: Akane it's all Ranma's fault if he hadn't pushed me into the pool i'd never would have been cursed. Thanks to him I have seen hell. Ranma has no honor. He never deserved to be engaged to you. He treated you like crap myself on the other hand I II lllove you Akane. I have always loved you. If it wasn't for Ranma I wouldn't be in this predicament now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but it was all Ranma's fault.

Once he was done Cologen went over to Akane and pressed her pressure points.

Cologne: Alright Akane it'd time for you to speak.

Akane: (Akane's hatred was barely contained and and she was ready to explode at any moment.)'How dare he' How dare you Ryoga. It's your fault you didn't tell me! It's your fault you didn't make it to the fight on time. It's your fault you were cursed! You You used me Ryoga and you abused my freindship! You are just as bad as Happosai! You used my kindness to hurt me! RRRRYYYOOOOGGGAAAA!!! NNNNNOOOOO!!! HHHEEENNNTTTAAAIII!!!

(WARNING: This voilent scene will not be written to save your stomach. Thank you.)

Once Ryoga was sent flying to who know's where by Akane's new War Hammer of Destruction. Many were glad they never made her that angry and cologne was considering making her an Honorary Amazon just to get that ki ability into the possesion of the Amazons.

Akane Realized all the times Ranma tried to protect her from Ryoga and others like him. That is when she noe knew that she loved Ranma. She loved him more than anything, but her chance was lost to her by one night at a party. Akane got up Shakily almost falling a couple of times making her way to her room not hearing the others trying to get her attention. Kasumi followed her sister after she left and went to her room grabbed a letter and package and went to her sisters room. She gently knocked and entered the room



Ami and Ranma were just entering the hospital cafeteria.
They had just made it on time for last ten minutes of Ami's mother's break. Ami looked around for her mother and once she found her she took Ranma's hand leading him towards her mother. Once she had grabbed Ranma's hand relief flooded Through her and some tension went away. Ranma also felt some tension flow away and he couldn't help notice how gentle and soft her hands were and he gently gripped her hand a little tighter to make sure they didn't lose grip of eachother at least that is what he told himself. They made it to the table Ami's mother was at, but she didn't notice them yet.

Ami: Mom.(She waited for her mother's attention then continued.) This is Ranma Saotome. Ranma This is my mother Irene Mizuno.

Ranma: (bowing) Hello, Mizuno-san. It's nice to finally meet you.

Irene: (Irene noticed their hands and smiled within.) Hi, Son-in-law it's good to see the man that has such an effect on my daughter.

Ami+ Ranma: Son-in-law? How di...

Irene: How did I know? I'm not stupid Ami I saw the signs plus if you didn't want me to know you should of used a different hospital.

Ami: But..

Irene: I suspect Ranma that you are here to ask permission to marry my daughter.(Ranma Nods.) Then I give it not because she's pregnant but because you seem like a nice man, and you will be good for Ami.

Ami+ Ranma: What do you mean?

Irene: That is one of the reasons. You both seem to saying things together plus I want more for my daughter, not just studying to be a doctor. She barely takes her nose out of her books. She could be in college now if she wanted to be. Another reason look at your hands you haven't let go of each other since you have been here. Let's talk about this later I have to get back to work.

Ami: Mom?

Irene: Yes.

Ami: Ranma is staying with us for tonight and his mother should be there for dinner tonight, mother.

Irene: That would be great. Wait a minute Ranma what's your mothers name. 'It can't be.'

Ranma: Nadoko Saotome, Mizuno-san why do you ask?

Irene: So your the legendary Ranma your mother talks about you all the time.

(Dr. Irene Mizuno is Paged.)

Irene: Sorry you two but I have to go see you two later.

Ami: Bye Mom!

Ranma: Bye Mizuno-san!

Ami: It seems that our parents know eachother.

Ranma: Yeah, it seems that way. Um.. could we head downtown I have to make a stop before we go to your friends home.

Ami: Yes Ranma that would probably give us enough time to make it there on schedule.

Ranma: Schedule? Ami the route T plan to take will give us enough time to stop for ice cream.

Ami: What do you mean by that?

Ranma: You'll see.

Ami and Ranma headed out of the building. Ranma then swepted up Ami into his arms and jumped onto the nearby rooftop and waqited until Ami calmed down. After she calmed down he asked her for directions and headed that way.


4:15 Hikawa Shrine

In the Hikawa Shrine eight woman, one man, and two moon cats our sitting around a room talking or just hanging out.

Usagi: So Rei do you know why your cousin was with Ami.

Rei: For the last time meatball head! No, I don't know why they were together!

Usagi: Rei don't call me that!

Minako: Rei do you know if he's seeing anyone.

Rei: I told you guys I don't know I havent seen him in a long time.

Makoto: Rei what is your cousins name again?

Rei: His name is Ranma Saotome? Why?

Makoto: I think I've heard of him before. Haruka, do you know of someone named Ranma Saotome.

Haruka: Ranma...Ranma Saotome, yeah I think I read about him the other day in a magazine. I think it said he's one of the best martial artists in Japan at least that's what it said. Why?

Makoto: Because he's Rei's cousin weren't you listening.

Michiru: Rei's cousin? What's this about Rei's cousin?

Minako: Rei's cousin Ranma was at Ami's house earlier today after we chased after that redh...

Makoto: The redhead we forgot all about her damn!

Hotaru: What Redhead?

Usagi: That one over there.(Pointing towards the entrance.)

Everyone looked over to where Usagi was pointing and saw a redhead by the door with Ami in front of her.

Ami: Hello everyone I would like you to meet my fiancee Ranma Saotome.

Ranma-chan walked around Ami bowed and spoke.

Ranma-chan: Hi i'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this.

Ranma-chan stood she had grown taller lately she now was as tall as her male form her figure filled out more. She used to be cute, but now his female form was drop dead gorgeous. Men would fall at her feet and many did and still do. The girls stared at her than one spoke.

Rei: Your not Ranma! Ranma is my cousin. I know what my cousin looks like.

Ranma-chan: I am...

Makoto: Do you know your fiancee is a girl Ami?

Haruka: Ami I didn't know you swung that way. You should of told us.

Usagi: Fiancee!?! You mean your engaged to that guy we saw earlier?

Minako: Damn that means he's not available!

Michiru: Ami aren't you a little to young to get married!

Hotaru: What's going on I thought he was supposed to be a guy.

After Ami and Ranma-chan's annoucement no one would let them speak but kept asking questions. That's when someone let themselves be known.

Figure: Meow!

In that instant Ranma-chan was against a wall looking for the evil creature. Everyone stopped talking and stared at Ranma-chan. That's when Ami was reminded about Ranma's Allurophobia. She spotted Luna and Artemis and then took Ranma-chan by the arm and pulled her out of the room. Ami then went back in the room and asked for Luna and Artemis to hide and then told the scouts That Ranma-chan was deadly afraid of cats. She then went and retieved Ranma-chan and a couple of glasses of hot and cold water and proceeded back into the room with the senshi. Once they were in the room Setsuna showed up right behind them.

Setsuna: Hello everyone I want you to please listen to Ami she has a lot to say and it's very important to us.

Everyone turned from looking at Setsuna to looking at Ami and Ranma-chan.

Ami: Okay everyone I would like you to meet my fiancee Ranma Saotome. Please wait before interrupting...Ranma is Currently under a Jusenkyo curse that transforms him into a girl in body only. Watch hot water,(Ami pours a cup of hot water over Ranma-chan's head transforming him into a boy. The inner senshi gasp and instantly know he is Ranma.)

Rei: H-h-how?

Ami: Wait and Ranma Will explain, but let me show you the change two more times, cold water.(Ami pours cold water on Ranma changinfg him into a girl.) Hot water.(Ami then pours the last cup over Ranma-chan changing her back into a boy.) As you can see Ranma is cursed to to change into a girl with cold water and hot water changes him back. Ranma it is your turn to tell the rest.

Ranma: Well two and half years ago my old man decided to take us to a training ground in China called Jusenkyo. In Jusenkyo there our over one hundred springs and in each spring something had drowned their, and if you would take form of whatever drowned there last.

Minako: Is their a cure?

Ranma: No their is no known cure that I know of I destroyed the last known one several months ago.

Haruka: What was that?

Ranma: Jusenkyo.

Makoto: Huh! You destroyed the place where you got the curse.

Ranma: Not really I destroyed the source and the springs all dried up.

Setsuna: Amhem! I'm sorry to interrupt, but can we continue.

Ami: Well Ranma and myself planned to get married in at least a month, and I would love for all of you to show up.

Rei: Wait Ami, how long have you known my cousin?

Ami: Um, actually I've only known Ranma for two and a half months.

Senshi: Two and a half months!!(Exempt Setsuna.)

Michiru: Aren't you two moving a little fast.

Setsuna: Ahem! Tell them Ami they need to know because this affects all of us and especially you and.

Ranma: What does she mean Ami?

Ami hesistantly looked towards Setsuna. Setsuna nodded her head to shoe Ami to answer the question.

Ami: Ranma I have another form I recieved from in my past life. My other forms name is Sailor Mercury and I fight with a group called the Sailor Senshi.

The Senshi besides Ami and Setsuna gasp at Ami telling her secret.

Usagi: Ami!?!

Ranma: Sailor Mercury? Sailor Senshi? Who are they? I've never heard of them.

Mass facefault even Setsuna.

Senshi: WHAT!!!!!

Instantly Ranma was abck against the wall sweating every single person in the room was giving him a glare that promised him punishment.

Ranma: Well um... I I...had a lot of.. things happen to me over the last couple years. I had to fight and save people from wackos., Princes, the Orochi, martial artists, a demi-god, and train a lot so I never had a chance to do the simple things like watch the news or read the paper.

Rei: So you never heard of the Senshi.

Ranma: Nope never have.

Ami: Well Ranma the Sailor Senshi are a group of soldiers from the past that are here to protect the earth from evil and the negaverse.

Ranma: But Ami you can't fight!

Ami: I have and if I have to I will.

Ranma: No you can't! Not in your condition!

Ami: Oh! That's right I guess I can't fight anymore in this condition.

Michiru: What condition Ami? What's wrong are you sick?

Ami: Uh! I-I-I-I'M p-p-p-p-pr-pr-pr..(Ami was panicing.)

Ranma: Ami's pregnant.

Senshi and two moon cats that didn't know: WHAT!?!?!(Like Setsuna wouldn't know that Ami was pregnant come on.)

End of chapter

Well sorry for taking so long, but I have been busy lately at work. I was pulling eight day shifts for three weeks because lack of workers. And I was having writers block due to the extra work. But I have finished two chapters and starting to write the next. Once I have the other typed up I will post it.

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