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This story takes place six months after Saffron in the Ranma !/2 series, and after Sailor Galaxia in the Sailor Moon Sailor Star series.

A New Life

By: John Sanchez(StrykerJ)

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Chapter 2:
Telling Akane

Ami: Akane i'm going to get right to the story because you deserve it. Two and a Half months ago...


We see five girls heading up to a door of a house. From outside the house loud music playing inside.

Ami: Guys I really don't think we should be here. I have some studying to still do.

Mina: Ami! The school years over let's have some fun. You can study later. *Did I just say that. I wish she would take her nose out of those books for a while.*

Makoto: Yeah, Ami loosen up a little plus theri might be some great looking guy in their for you.

Mina: One for all of us!! (Minako, Makoto, Usagi and Rei go into a daydream of handsome young men dancing with them. Ami sweatdrops. But all daydreams don't last.)

Rei: Yeah except for Usagi! (Usagi facefaults.) She already has Mamoru. By the way Usagi is Mamoru showing up for the party.

Usagi: Yep Mamo-chan said he would show up later. Oh! Mamochan..(Usagi goes into a fantasy. Everybody else starts going into the house. Rei comes back out for a secong to yell at usagi then heads back in.

Rei: Usagi!! Snap out of it were waiting for you!

Usagi snaps out of her fantasy looks around and notices everyone went in without her.

Usagi: Ohhh!! You guys wait for me!

An hour passes and everyone got seperated. Ami was asked to dance by a couple of guys, but she backed out not liking how they acted towards her. She then proceeded to a table with refreshments on it. She poured herself some fruit punch and took a drink and set it on the table. Someone then tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to see who it was. It was a senior who just graduated.

Man 1: Hi Ami, how are you doing tonight?

Ami: I'm fine have you seen any of my freinds around.

Man 1: No I don't think I have, but if I see them I'll tell them your looking for them. It will be hard to spot them though their are people from five different schools here at this party, and it is a big house. Well i'll see you later my friends are calling me, bye!

Ami: Bye and thank you for the help!

Ami turns around to pick up her drink, but notice it's missing, so she shrugs her shoulders and proceeds to pour another drink for herself. She then drinks several cups of punch needing to cool herself down from the body heat in the room, but noticing it to start to get a lot warmer. Ami heads into another room wear it's cooler. After looking around the room she saw a bed and laid down to rest her hazy eyes.


Man 1: Dude it worked.

Man 2: Told you it would now one of us can just go in there.

Man 3: To late!

The other two turned around just to see a pigtailed boy with chinese clothes enter the room where Ami entered just a little bit earlier.

All three men: Damn!!

Man 1: Well their are still others we can just try again.

Man 2: Yeah that's the spirit.

Man 3: So who do we target next.

Just then a very small man ran by glomping some girls and landed by the punch.

Old man: Sweeto! Ah, just what I needed to refresh my thirst before I go back to those lovely young ladies.

The old man then downed what was left except for the half of a cup a young man had drunk from earlier. Once he was done he was extremely happy.

Old man: Now that's fruit punch with a bite.

All three men: Die old man!! (they shouted at once chasing after him.)

Meanwhile in the bedroom

Ranma had just stumbled in to the bedroom, after closing the door he made his way over to the bed and sat down then laid down. He rolled to the left and saw the face the face that haunted his dreams Akane. He always thought she looked beautiful sleeping. Something in the back of his mind was nagging at him, but he pushed it away. Tonight was the night he would tell her no matter what that he loved her. And what better way to tell her by waking her up with a kiss. So Ranma steeled himself and went for broke, and put his lips to hers kissing her with all his heart. Her eyes opened and she responded kindly to the kiss of her dreams. Feeling her respond he went further kissing her more passionately and pressing his body to hers. He slid his arm underneath her side and drew her in more closer. Within seconds the world was shut off to them and they didn't come back until a long time after when they fell asleep spent of their activity in each others embrace.

Next Morning

It was a bright light that shown through the window that woke up one of the figures on the bed. Ranma woke up with a groan his head hurt and the sun wasn't helping much. He tried to lift his right arm noticing something was on it. Someone was snuggled up on his right side using his shoulder for a pillow. Ranma froze Akane was going to kill him. That's when he finally noticed other things like her bare skin touching his. Her arm draped over his stomach and other parts of her nude body pressing against his nude body. Ranma tried to get out of bed as quickly and slowly as possible, but Ami just snuggled closer to the warmth. That's when she started to wake up and immediately her hand went up to her head. Ranma noticed she also had a hangover too. That's when she jumped up and away as quickly as apossible, but then is when she noticed she was naked and tried to cover herself, but failing at the attempt with just two hands. Ranma handed her one of the covers. Ami quickly covered herself then looked at Ranma. They sat there for a bit until Ranma broke the tension in the room.

Ranma: Hi, my name is.. Ranma Saotome, sorry about this.

Ami: Um.. my name is Ami Mizuno. Would you let me get dressed first before we talk about this?

Ranma: Sure!

Ami gut up with the covers wrapped around herself blushing she took her clothes and went into the bathroom to get washed up and dressed. Ami could tell she had sex last night, but she needed sometime to think so she took a shower to relieve some tension. She washed up comptemplating what just happened, while outside of the bathroom Ranma was thinking the same thing.

Ranma: *Akane's going to killl me! I am so dead. What am I going to do. Were basically dead if the fiancees find out about this.*

Ten minutes passed and Ami came out and sat down on the bed. She noticed Ranma was still not dressed, and turned around with a deep blush. He is very handsome she thought. She watched as Ranma went into the bathroom to wash up. After several minutes passed he came back out dressed and sat down on the bed. They sat their for a couple of minutes then started to talk.

Ranma: Ami do you know what happened last night?

Ami: Not really it's sort of hazy, but I do know I must have gotten drunk last night.

Ranma: I think it was the punch that's all I had last night that I can recall of. What are we going to do?

Ami: Well theri are a couple of things we can do: the first is walk away with just are names and information so we can contact eachother and tell no one what just happened, second if I become pregnant bec...(Ranma cuts Ami off.)

Ranma: P-p-pregnant?!?

Ami: Yes, Ranma if Ibecome prgnant I will contact you Ranma so that you know, and if I do become pregnant my mother will most likely want me to marry you. Even though I feel i'm to young to be a mother I will still have the baby if i'm pregant.

Ranma: If your pregnant Ami I will marry you. It's just that i'm engaged right now and if you become pregnant. It will cause major uproar with the fiancees..

Ami: Fiancees?

Ranma then tells Ami about how he's been practicing the martial arts since he could walk, the fiancees, the rivals, Herb, Toma, the Orochi, and last but not least Saffron.

Ami: Wow, that's kind of unbelievable Ranma.

Ranma: Your telling me! But it happened and I can prove it.

Ami: How is that Ranma.

Ranma: Do you believe in magic, curses, or ki?

Ami: (Ami was going to say yes but decided to at the last minute say.) Not really, Why?

Ranma: I have a magical curse, and I can project my ki. (he then raises his hand in front of Ami. Ami watched as a blue ball of ki formed into a size of a basketball than condensed into the size of a baseball.

Ami was simply amazed at what was in front of her.

Ami: What is that?

Ranma: Ki! It takes alot of training to project your ki. I've been training with my ki for a while now, but lately I have been practicing in secret and have found out I can do a lot of things with it.

Ami: Can I touch it?

Ranma: Sure go ahead it won't hurt you.

Ami reached for the ki ball hesitantly, but when she touched it a spark went through her body and then felt a warmth she never felt before. She examined the ball closely and moved away once she was done. Ranma than dispersed the ball.

Ami: What was the spark I felt?

Ranma: I don't know that was the first time that my ki did that.

Ami: Oh? You also said something about a curse.

Ranma: Oh yeah the curse.. um well it's weird so don't freak out okay. I'm one of the many that have this type of curse. I recieved it in China at a legendary training ground called Jusenkyo. I've had this curse for more than two years. The last known cure was destroyed awhile ago, so i'm stuck with it. It's a water based curse changed by tempatures of water. Jusenkyo used to have over a hundred pools of water, and in pool something drowned in it, and if you fell into a pool you would take the shape of what drowned their.

Ami: So your saying that if an animal were to fall in a spring and drown, then if someone were to fall into that spring and get out that their body would turn into that type of animal.

Ranma: Yep, that's it the curse is triggered by hot and cold water. Cold water activates it, and hot water deactivates it. I know several people who turn into animals.

Ami: I'm curious, what do you turn into?

Ranma: Well um actually I turn into a ... girl?

Ami: You turn into a girl. Can I see this curse.

Ranma: Sure, giv' me a sec.

Ranma goes in to the bathroom and comes out with two cups of water. One filled with hot water and the other hot water.

Ranma: Ready, here I go.

He pours cold water over his head. Ami watches as Ranma becomes shorter, his hair become red, and how his body changes in other proportions. After it was done she could definitely tell Ranma was female now. She stared in wonder of the transformation if it wasn't for being a sailor scout she probably would have fainted.

Ami: Fascinating, simply fascinating.

Ranma-chan then opened his shirt a little to show Ami that he was female. He then poured the hot water over himself turning himself back into a guy. Ranma started to get nervous at Ami's gaze upon him it was warm but also calculating.

Ranma: So what do you think?

Ami: Wow!! And you say you know others that change. What do they change into?

Ranma: Well my old man turns into a panda, Ryoga turns into a piglet, Mousse turns into a duck, and Shampoo turns into a ccccccat.

Ami: What's wrong Ranma?

Ranma sets the cups down on a dresser then moves back to the bed and sits down.

Ranma: I have a fear of ccc those things ever since I was six.

Ami: Allurophobia? Why are you afraid of cats?

Ranma: Well when I was six, my old man put me through a martial arts training called the Nekoken.

Ami: Nekoken, what is the Nekoken?

Ranma: Well the training was like this fill a pit with hungry cccats. Then take the trainee under the age of ten and wrap the trainee with fish sausage and drop him in the pit and close the pit.

Ami: What!!(Ami was mad at Ranma's father and for Ami to be mad at someone well took a lot of effort.)

Ranma: Well he through me into the pit and you can guess what happened, but I didn't learn the Nekoken the first time so he put me through it several more times with different types of meat. Until I learned the technique finally, but at a cost. When i'm near a ccc cat to long or near many to long I go into the Nekoken. Basically my mind shuts down and I act and think like a cat and my abilities increase. I have been told i'm pretty strong while i'm in the Nekoken.

Ami: So you don't remember anything while your in the Nekoken.

Ranma: Yep! That's basically it.

Ami: How could your father do that to you? *If I ever run into his father i'm going to give him a piece of my mind.*

Ranma: I don't know the only thing I can think of is that he wanted me to be the best martial artist ever.

Ami: But still..

Ranma: Dont worry Ami I don't go into the Nekoken to often, and thank you for caring.

Ranma smiles to Ami one of the smiles all the girls love about him. And Ami blushed at his smile her heart skipped a beat and then increased rthym. Then she smiled back and Ranma couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked.

Ranma: Well i've got to go or i'm dead.

Ami: Wait we've got to exchange addresses.

Ranma: Oh yeah, almost forgot!

Ranma goes to the desk and finds paper and a pen. He hands the items to Ami. Ami writes down her address and phone number and handed it to him. He looked at it and sets it in his pocket. He then writes his address and phone number on another paper and hands it to Ami. Ami looks at it once then looks at it again.

Ami: Ranma is your fiancees last name Tendo.

Ranma: Yeah, Akane is my fiancee why?

Ami: Oh no!!

Ranma: What's wrong?

Ami: Akane's my cousin her mother and my mother are sister's.

Ranma: I'm in so deep trouble. Akane will most likely mallet me to death.

Ami: Mallet?

Ranma: Yeah when Akane gets angry she pulls out this mallet and hits me with it. Either putting me into LEO or smashing me into the ground.

Ami: Well if I become pregnant we both have to tell her what happened. I love Akane like a sister and I would want her to know.

Ranma: Yeah, I know what you mean I llllove that tomboy a lot, but I don't think she feels the same way for me.

Ami: Well do you want to go eat breakfast i'm kind of hungry.

Ranma: "grumble" Sure, i'm hungry too."grumble"

Ami: Sounds like it!"giggle"

Ranma: "blushes" *Ami sure has a cute laugh. What am I thinking!* Well let's see if we can get something from the kitchen and i'll walk you home.


Ami: ... And that's why i'm here today Akane. I'm currently two and half months pregnant with Ranma's child. I'm sorry we didn't mean for this to happen it just did. We love you and we didn't mean to hurt you.

Akane: Ami is it alright if I talk to Ranma alone right now.

Ami: Ok, i'll be inside the house talking to Kasumi. (Ami whispers to Ranma.) Good luck.(She then walks out of the dojo to the house.)

Ranma looks at Akane while Ami is exiting the dojo and notices how calm she looks. At this time Akane is watching Ami leaves then she counts to ten and turns to Ranma. Ranma notices Akanes mood change when Ami is gone.

Ranma: Akane..

Akane: Shut up!!! Don't you dare talk!! If you do you'll regret it so be quiet!! How could you!! How could you do this to me! How could you..

Ranma: Akane I...

Akane slaps him hard and Ranma stops.

Akane: Shut up!! I don't want to hear it!! Get your stuff and get out!! Go now before I kick you out personally!!(Akane turns from Ranma and heads to her room angrily.)

Ranma moves faster than ever in his life. This hurt a lot worse than when he almost lost Akane because of Saffron, cause she came back and now he's lost her for good. Within seconds everything he owned was in his back pack or on it. He jumped out the window and onto the roof. He made his way to the front of the houseand jumped down and he set his pack down and jncked on the door. When Kasumi answered the door he gave her a hug and let go. Kasumi noticed something was wrong when she saw Ranma and his pack.

Kasumi: Oh my Ranma! I'm so sorry.(Kasumi then grabbed Ranma in a hug to him and then let go.) I'llgo get Ami so you two can get out of here. Plus I have to save Uncle Saotome from her. Ami has him backed into a corner I've never seen her mad before today.(This got a smal chucle from Ranma he wished he could see it, but he wanted out of here as fast as possible.) I'll call you later to talk okay.(She turned to go in but Ranma stopped her.)

Ranma: Wait before you go...(Ranma went to his back pack pulled a couple of things out for Kasumi.).. here is a letter for you to read to the family in half an hour. This is one for Nabiki. This one is for Akane and so is this package but I don't want you to give it to her until I say it's ok, and make sure she's with you when you read the one for the family, please.

Kasumi: Alright Ranma but may I ask what's in the box?

Ranma: It's an engagement ring I was going to give her, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

Kasumi: Oh my Ranma don't you think you should keep it for Ami.

Ranma: No it was bought for Akane I want her to have it. Oh yeah almost forgot the others(He went back to the pack and pulled out more letters.)..here their is a letter for Ukyo, the Amazons, and mom. Make sure they get it Kasumi. And before you go back in I wanted to tell you. That I love you like a sister and i'll miss not seeing you around.

Kasumi: I'll miss you too, and I love you too little brother.(Kasumi gave Ranma a hug and a kiss on the cheek and went in to get Ami.)

Several minutes pass and Ami comes out and they make their way to Juuban. Once at the Nerima station Ami makes a call to her mother and then to her friends. The first one to meet her mother for lunch and the later for a meeting at 4:30 p.m.

End Chapter Two

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