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A New Life

By: John Sanchez(StrykerJ)

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Chapter 1:

It's a misty morning in Nerima, and we see a lone young girl around her late teens walking down the street. She is wearing a beautiful long blue dress thaat reaches her ankles. The top of her dress is sleeveless, and the neck is just enough to where you can't see cleavage. The young girl has a medium build, blue eyes, and hair. Put this altogether and she looks quite beautiful, all of her except for her grim face.

Girl: (Thinking) What am I going to do? If only theyre was a different way, but he has to know. It will ruin his life, and I know how he feels inside. It's just that I can't do this alone, and I don't know what to tell my mother and friends and if I know mom she will make me go through with the marriage to him. I have to talk to him that's the only thing I can do right now.

With more speed and determination she headed toward her destination. Within minutes she reaches her final destination and knocks on the door.
* * * *

Tendo Dojo: Early Morning

It's a normal morning for the dojo. The Saotome's are sparring outside by the pond. Kasumi is cooking breakfast in the kitchen, Akane is out on her jog, Nabiki is away at college, and Soun is just getting up.

As the sparring match is just about to finish Akane comes in and heads to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Soun comes out and sits at the table and reads the morning paper. Kasumi then comes out and sets up the dishes and tea, and then heads back into the kitchen.

Minutes pass and everyone is seated for breakfast. They then begin to eat, but halfway through the meal a knock is heard at the door.

Kasumi: Excuse me. I'll go get it.

Kasumi left to answer the door while everyone else finished their meals. Meanwhile at the door.

Kasumi: Hello... Oh My! Cousin Ami how are you doing? Akane will be so happy to see you.

Ami: Hello cousin Kasumi i'm fine, but I can't stay long i'm here to see Ranma. I need to tell him something important.

Kasumi: Alright I'll go get him. (thinking as she went back in.) How does Ami know Ranma? I wonder.

Kasumi enters the dinning room.

Soun: Who was it at the door Kasumi?

Kasumi: It's Cousin Ami she's here to see Ranma. Where do you know Ami from Ranma?

Befor they could get an answer he was gone.

Akane: (Thinking) Somethings up and I'll find out as soon as he gets back.

Meanwhile back at the door

Ranma: Ami!

Ami fidgets under his beautiful eyes and gaze.

Ami: Um..Ranma we really need to talk it's important.

Ranma: Sure meet me in the dojo around the back while I get us something for us to snack on and drink, ok.

Ami: Alright i'll do that, but can you invite Kasumi too.

Ranma then heads back in grabs a tray and fills it with snacks and two drinks and heads to the dojo. People are asking him questions but he's to preoccupied to answer. He then heads back in and asks Kasumi to join them. Kasumi got up picked up her food and drink and follows him into the dojo. Once inside the dojo Ranma sits by Ami while Kasumi sits across from them.

Kasumi: Hello Ami.

Ami: Hello Kasumi. I'm sorry it's been so long since my last visit.

Kasumi: Don't worry were just happy your here. Akane misses you though she's wanted to have a friend to talk to.

Ami: I've been busy lately I just haven't had a chance to visit even today I can't stay long.

Ranma: So Ami what brings you here.

Ami: Ranma remember what I told you that day well i'm currently at two and a half months.

Ranma: What!? You don't mean.

Ami: Yes, I'm sorry Ranma.(Tears start flowing down her cheeks.)

Kasumi: Here Ami. (She hands her a handkercheif.) What's going on Ranma? Please tell me.

Ranma: I'll tell you what's going on, but I need to tell you when it started and how. (He reaches over and gently squeezes Ami's hand to give her some comfort and reassurance.) Don't worry Ami we'll help each other through this no matter what. (Ranma relaxes and starts on their story.) Kasumi the story starts right after Nabiki's graduation. Nabiki, Akane, and myself went to a party near the Juuban district. Sometime during the party we got seperated. Well someone thought it would be hilarious to spike the fruit punch. Well sometime during the party I got drunk. Hiro a guy I met at the party pointed me to a room for me to sleep in. So I went in to the dark room and laid down. That's when I noticed Ami I thought she was Akane so I started to kiss her at first she didn't respond but then she did and then things headed from there. Next thing I noticed was when I woke up the next morning with a hang over and someone snuggled up to my side using my shoulder as a pillow and a leg over my leg. I froze and then noticed other things like that we were naked. So I tried to get out of bed as quickly as possible, but Ami just snuggled closer, and started to wake up. At first I could tell she also had a hangover. Then she jumped up and away as quickly as possible, but then she noticed she was naked and tried to cover herself with her hands. I handed her the covers and said hi and introduced myself. We talked for a little while and I found out Ami was your cousin.

Ami: That's when we decided about what just happened. That if I were to become pregnant we would get married, because we were both against me getting an abortion if I did. If I didn't get pregnant we wouldn't tell anyone about what happened especially Akane, because we both love her and we know this will hurt her more than anything. And that's the reason i'm here i'm currently two and half months pregnant. I don't know what to do you two are the only ones that know. Not even my mother or my best friends know. I was hoping to get some support from Ranma when I go to talk to them. (Tears were slowly making their way down her cheeks. Ranma saw this and gently wiped them away and smiled at her to give her some reassurance that everything will be ok. She smiled back with some more hope.)

Kasumi: Oh My!! Ami this is serious you're pregnant. Oh! Akane she isn't going to take this very well.

Ranma: I know that's why I will be leaving to Juuban to live with Ami. I want to spend some time alone with Akane before I leave though to explain. Ami is it alright if you leave before me and wait for me at the Juuban station. I should be there about 2:30 P.M.

Ami: Actually Ranma that would be helpful I can get evrything ready by then. So we can talk to my mother and friends. I also want to talk to Akane she needs to hear this from me. After i'm done I plan to leave Kasumi. I really need to get ready quickly for Ranma's arrival in Juuban.

Kasumi: Alright Ami, i'll send Akane in to talk to you two in a couple minutes, and I hope everything will work out.

Kasumi then walks out of the dojo.

Ranma: Ami can I you know?

Ami: Know What Ranma?

Ranma: Can I feel ...um for ...for the child.

Ami: Ranma yes you can, but you shouldn't be able to feel it for awhile yet. (Ami was relieved that he cared so much for their unborn child.)

Ranma: Oh!(He said slightly disappointed.)

Ami: Thank you Ranma!

Ranma: For what?(confused)

Ami: For caring so much even knowing what your going to lose.

Ranma slumped even more remembering what's going to happen in just a couple of minutes. Tears started to make their way down his cheeks, but he had to do what he had to do honor demanded it and taht is all he had in life. Ami moved over to him and let him cry on her shoulder. And he couldn't let Ami take care of their child alone. This is when Akane stepped in the dojo. Ranma could sense her immediately, and justlike that that he was out of Ami's embrace turned away from Akane rubbing away the tears from his face. Akane noticed immediately how close Ranma was to Ami just a couple seconds ago, but she was willing to give him a chance to tell his story before she smashed him into a pulp. She sat down in front of them. Ranma turned around, but never looked Akane in the eyes keeping his head down.

Ami: Akane i'm going to get right to the story because you deserve it. Two and half months ago I...(Ami told Akane the same story Ranma and herself told Kasumi.) and that is what happened. I'm sorry this happened we didn't want this to happen, but it did and we can't change it and the last thing we wanted to do was hurt you the one person we both love dearly.

To Be Continued....

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