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Time period: Ranma - about year after manga’s, Ranma and Akane are nearing graduation

                        Sailor Moon - before the Sailor SS, scouts not can go super as of yet.


Other notes: Italics represent thought and quotes are speech unless noted otherwise.


Knight of the Moon

Chapter 2


--Tendo Dojo--

“YAH!” Ranma woke up with a start.  He checked himself over and silently sighed, seeing that he was ok except that he was sweating a bit.  What was that?  Akane’s food has never done that before.  He tried to recall the dream but only a few images and thoughts came through.

One was an image of a tall woman, who had long dark green hair and eyes.  The second was another woman with long dark purple, closer to black, hair and lighter eyes.  There was a third woman, she stood in tall in her full-length white dress and radiated incredible strength, compassion, and royalty.  Each of the three memories came with a set of emotions that Ranma couldn’t completely understand.  A few he could, very easily. 

All three had a deep amount of caring, but each one was different enough that Ranma could tell it wasn’t the same thing.  He was able to compare the feelings for Ucchan with the second image.  The third image came with a deep sense of honor, similar to his own honor that he held for everyone.  The last one worried Ranma a bit.  The deep amount of caring that came with it was similar to his own feelings for a certain tomboy.  He didn’t understand why he had these feelings and yet he never met the person before.

Ranma then recalled the last memory and suddenly, he felt very cold.  An enemy, of his he didn’t know, surprised them during a festival.  It was so sudden that they didn’t know what happened until it was too late and by that time, the battle was already a one sided battle.  Everyone continued to fight though, even though they knew what the result would be.  Next thing he remembered was standing in front of an energy ball as some sort of shield blocked it.  There were some words exchanged but he didn’t understand them as the shield was destroyed and the energy hitting him.  That was when he woke up, sweating.

Shaking the feeling off, Ranma got up and noticed the time was just after six in the morning.  It’s six and Pop hasn’t woken yet?  Good things Akane doesn’t know what my dreams are or she would call me a pervert and make me flatter than the ground.  He took a glance at the sleeping panda and decided he didn’t want to deal with him this morning so Ranma left the room and headed downstairs.

As Ranma was passing the kitchen, heading for the dojo, he heard Kasumi preparing breakfast in the kitchen.  It had been five days since he noticed Kasumi’s minor expressions.  He hasn’t noticed them since but still suspected that there was something wrong with Kasumi.  He suspected that she noticed and quickly started hiding them better.  Thinking about Kasumi and his dreams, Ranma left for the dojo.  Maybe a good workout would help clear his mind.


--Juuban, Ten'ou Residents--

Haruka and Michiru watched Hotaru walk away for school that morning in a depressed mood.  Silently they hoped for the best at school since she would probably be susceptible to being picked on than normal.  They didn’t get to ask her about what her dream was about since she fell asleep again shortly after calming her down and this morning, she didn’t want to talk about it.  She did say that she would say something at the meeting later today.

When Hotaru was gone, they too gathered their things and left for school.  As Haruka drove, Michiru was a little worried about everything that has happened since yesterday.  First a new monster shows up and had the ability to nearly defeat them by itself and now her and Haruka’s adopted daughter, Hotaru having a disturbing nightmare that causes her to scream out for her brother.  “Do you think it’s possible?”

“What’s possible?” Haruka asked, not taking her eyes off the road.

“Is it possible that she might have had a brother back then?”

Haruka was silent as she maneuvered around a slow driver.  “I don’t know.  I don’t remember too much from then.”  Haruka pulled into the school and the two got out and walked to their classes.  “Who knows, maybe an answer will drop out of the sky.  You know how crazy this place gets.”

Michiru snickered, “Don’t think that’s possible.  We only get yoma and new enemies creating newer and more powerful yoma around here.  Nerima is the crazy place that has people dropping out of the sky, their own personal toxic waste dump, etc.  I think we don’t need anything more to deal with.”  Haruka nodded in agreement as they separated for their classes.



The Tendo Dojo was beginning to come alive as people started to wake up from their deep slumbers and begin their regular routines.  Akane was up and jogging, Soun was half asleep with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, Nabiki was hitting the snooze button with a small hammer, and Genma, now human, was looking for his son for their morning spar.

When Genma looked in the Dojo, he was surprised to see his son sitting in a meditative pose, his eyes closed with his back to the door.  He then started to sneak up on his son to teach him a lesson about letting his defenses down.  Just as he was about to deliver the strike Genma saw his son’s image blur for a moment and then he registered that his legs had been kicked out from under him.  Hitting the floor, Genma rolled to the side, expecting another attack and took a stance, but saw that his son was still sitting on the floor.  Before he could reprimand his son for not advancing, Ranma spoke up, “I’m not sparing with you this morning Pop.  I felt you coming in before you even opened the door.”

“Show some respect for your father boy!  A martial artist should sacrifice everything for the art, unless you are too much of a girl to fight me today.  Oh, how embarrassing.  My own son is too much of a girl to practice with his own father,” Genma cried.

Kasumi’s call of breakfast interrupted the Genma’s charade.  Ranma silently got up and started to walk to the door not acknowledging his father.  Just as he was about to pass him, Ranma turned and faced his father as he tried to cry in embarrassment.  “Guess what old man, that trick hasn’t worked on me since you used it after I was cursed for the first time.  Be a man and stop acting like a spoiled baby.”  Then with a casual touch to Genma’s shoulder, Ranma walked out.

Genma was infuriated.  Not only does his own son refuse to spar with him, he insults his own acting skills.  On top of that, he acts like he wasn’t even in the room.  Genma then turned to exit the dojo and get the jump on his son for his insubordination when he found out he couldn’t move.  He grunted and heaved as he tried to move his legs and growled in frustration when he couldn’t move any of his joints.  “NGGGHHHH!” Genma tried screaming then found that his mouth was also frozen shut.  Finally something clicked.  When did he learn shiatsu?  Genma, for the first time in his life and having plenty of time it seemed, used his head and tried to think how this developed.


Ranma walked to the dining table and sat in his usual spot.  Nabiki more awake than before was drinking her coffee and Soun was reading his paper.  Akane then came down the steps dressed for school.  When she spotted Ranma at the table, dressed in his white sleeveless Chinese shirt and black pants, she made no intention to acknowledge him.  Ranma noticed and was beginning to get tired of this attitude.  “Where’s your father Ranma?” Kasumi asked happily as she brought out the food.

“Don’t worry about him Kasumi.  He will be late to breakfast this morning.  He has a lot on his mind at the moment and doesn’t need to be bothered.”

“Ok,” Kasumi smiled.  Ranma didn’t notice what he saw last night.  “Help yourself everyone.”  Nabiki perked up considerably and warily watched Ranma as she ate.  Something was up and she could tell.  There was no way on earth, unless it was easy money that could stop Genma from coming to the table and getting his belly full.

“So Ranma, you decide on a college yet?  Akane is going to be going to Tokyo University,” Nabiki said nonchalantly.  She wasn’t even bothered by her younger sisters glare.

Before Ranma could say anything, Soun spoke up with pride, “Why he’ll be attending Tokyo University as well so he can be with his fiancée.  Three people sighed at the table, unnoticed from the other two at the table and each other.

“Dad!  I don’t need him with me at college.  I can take care of myself.” Akane yelled, not caring that it was right in Ranma’s ear.  Ranma didn’t say anything as he continued to eat.

Soun then turned on the water works, “I’m only thinking of my girls well being.  Her fiancée should be there to protect her all the time.”

“I don’t need his protection Dad.  I’m a martial artist too.”

While this was going on, Ranma caught the slight change in Kasumi’s attitude as Father and Daughter argued back and forth.  What is it?  Is she tired of all this fighting as well?  Unfortunately, he was looking at her too long and didn’t notice that the fighting had stopped.

“You PERVERT!  Stop staring at my sister.”  WHAMWHAMWHAM!  Akane screamed as she pulled out her mallet and made Ranma as level as the ground he was sitting on.  She turned around and left for the door, leaving Ranma as she muttered, “Jerk.”

Kasumi stared at Ranma as she watched him peal himself off the floor.  She was so surprised and distracted that she missed her father leave to go find Genma for a game of shogi and Nabiki leaving for school.  When Ranma got up, he stared at her as if asking, “What’s wrong?”  She quickly hid her face from him as she started collecting the dishes.

Sighing, Ranma also got up and grabbed his stuff for school and ran out the door so he wouldn’t be late.  As he left, he thought back to what might cause him to be late and got a little angry with Akane.  That’s one, Akane.  I’m tired of being beat up for no reason.  Ranma was a little shocked that he thought that, but as he thought it out, he figured that was his feelings.  The two haven’t been able to set aside any of their differences.  Even after the disastrous wedding, things have only gotten worse.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  Ranma then picked up the tempo as he neared the school.  He needed to talk with his guidance counselor about college this morning.


Ranma was sitting with Akane during lunch, quietly eating.  Both weren’t saying anything to each other.  Everyone at Furinken was a little worried.  They knew that Ranma and Akane liked each other but they just wouldn’t admit it.  Of course there were some that thought that this could be the sign of an impending break up and that would mean that Ranma and Akane would be free to see anyone they choose.  Two girls saw this and leaped at the opportunity.

“Hi Ranchan.  I made some okonomiyaki for you sugar.  Eat up.”

“Nihao Airen.  Shampoo make too good ramen for Ranma.  After you eat, take Shampoo on date?”  The two chefs then noticed each other.  “Ayia, what spatula girl doing here.”

“I made some lunch for Ranchan.  He doesn’t need your potion-laced ramen.  And besides, I’m his cute fiancée.”  She made her point by latching onto Ranma’s right arm, stopping him from eating.

“What you talk about?  Shampoo use no potion.  Let go of Airen so he take Shampoo on date.”  Not to be out done, Shampoo then grabbed Ranma’s other arm.

Ranma had enough.  True, he hadn’t said anything to stop them from chasing him, but he couldn’t because there wasn’t a way out of it without destroying anyone’s honor.  Ranma knew that if he didn’t do something though something was going to happen, “Shampoo, Ucchan, let go of me.”  Ranma started struggling to get free but ended up causing a small pile with him included.

“RANMA!” Akane fumed, mallet at the ready as a small red aura surrounded her.  Uh-oh!  “How dare you play around with Ukyo and Shampoo like that right in front of me?  RANMA NO BAKA!”  Ranma was then sailing via Mallet Airlines again as he disappeared into the sky.  She then turned her nose and walked back into the school.


Ranma silently pulled herself out of the pond that was in some park.  Shaking the water out of his hair, Ranma looked around to see if he might recognize the area from all his frequent hammer miles.  Not recognizing the area, Ranma started walking for the parks exit, ignoring the stares of the people that saw him fall into the pond and come out a girl.  That’s two.  Before exiting the park, Ranma took a quick moment to dry her clothes as best she could while they were still on.

As Ranma was walking down the street trying to figure his way home, he was going over in his head his dilemma with Akane, Ucchan, and Shampoo.  Why do they always have to fight over me?  I don’t mind the attention but this is getting ridiculous.  I need to end it all, but I can’t destroy their honor as well, especially the Tendo’s.  They had provided me my first home and I need to make up for it.  What am I going to do?

Ranma’s thought process was then immediately interrupted as he walked into someone and knocked him down.  “Oof!”  Ranma then snapped back to reality, “Oh, I’m sorry sir.  I wasn’t looking out where I was going I…” Ranma stopped as he then recognized whom he bumped into.

“That’s ok, I wasn’t paying too much attention myself…” The man looked up into the face of the person that he bumped into and was just as surprised to have run into him as well.  “Ranma, what are you doing here in Juuban?”

“What am I doing here?  What are you doing her, Dr. Tofu?”


“Well, I think you have a very strong resistance to damage now,” Dr. Tofu said as he did a quick examination of Ranma, who was now male again.  During the examination, Dr. Tofu told his story in how he had left Nerima to put his patients at lower risk of injury when a certain person dropped in.  As he traveled, he searched for a cure to his “problem” but had come up empty.  He was here now with another practice set up as he visited his old professors for help.

“I don’t see any damage from the mallet that sent you this way.  What happened?”  Dr. Tofu then indicated a chair next to his desk as he grabbed a pot of tea and cups.

Ranma accepted the cup of tea and took a sip, “The same thing that has been happening the past few years doc.  I don’t seem to understand her anymore.  We are still fighting even a year after the wedding disaster.  But I can’t really do anything due to reasons of honor.”

Dr. Tofu nodded his head in understanding.  “How do you feel about the Tendo’s Ranma?”

“Well, I care for them.  I care for Akane greatly, it might have been love at one point but it’s gone now.  I still care for her though.  Nabiki, I’m not too sure.  I do worry about her because of what she does, but she also keeps the roof above our heads, so I usually let her take photos of me to sell.  Kasumi,” Ranma didn’t notice the doctor’s glasses fog up “is like the mother I never had until I finally met my mother in person without my curse.  Then there is…” Ranma finally started noticing Dr. Tofu.  Crap!  Dr. Tofu’s glasses were completely fogged up and was now putting sugar cubes and pouring tea into a potted plant and was beginning to “drink” from the potted plant.

Just as Dr. Tofu was about to take the big gulp, a point on Dr. Tofu’s body lit up inside Ranma’s mind.  As soon as it appeared, Ranma was compelled to touch it.  Quickly, he moved over to Dr. Tofu’s side and made to press the point on his body.  Almost on autopilot, Ranma touched the spot with precise ease and a delicate touch.  As soon as he touched the spot, Dr. Tofu’s glasses cleared up.

“What am I doing with a potted plant?” Dr. Tofu scrambled the plant away from his open mouth, as he was about to pour the plant into his awaiting mouth.  Finally composing himself, Ranma took a seat in front of Dr. Tofu and patiently waited.  “What happened there?”

“Uh, I don’t know how to put this, but you seemed to really space out at the mention of Kasumi.”

Dr. Tofu nodded his head when he noticed something.  He was acting normal even though Ranma said her name.  “Kasumi,” he said quietly.  Ranma just watched him.  “Kasumi,” said louder.  “I’m cured!”  Dr. Tofu then grabbed Betty and started to do a little dance with his skeleton.

A small sweat drop appeared as Ranma resigned himself as he watched Dr. Tofu dance around with his skeleton.  Well, at least he can’t possibly hurt anyone when Kasumi is around.  But, I wonder…  “Hey Doc?  DOC!” Ranma yelled.

“Hugh?  Oh I’m sorry Ranma.  I just got lost in the moment.  Ha ha ha ha.”  Dr. Tofu, embarrassed at his antics scratched his neck at the base of his ponytail.  “Oh, did you want something Ranma?”

“Doc, you ever think of going back to see her?” Ranma asked meekly.

Dr. Tofu went silent for a moment and turned to look outside the window.  “I ask myself that question every day Ranma and I guess I’m not too sure how she feels about me now.  I wonder if she has forgotten or found someone else or…  What’s so funny Ranma?”

Ranma had fallen out of his chair, laughing.  “Forgotten?  Found someone else?  Come on Doc.  You know she doesn’t get out too much because of her responsibilities at home.  She only really left for groceries or to visit you.  In fact, I’m just guessing here, but I think she misses you.”

“But you said she has her duty at home.  I don’t think I could get her to leave if she still has to worry about that.”

“Nabiki is already at college and soon, Akane and I will also be gone.  The only people left is Pop and Mr. Tendo.  Heck, Mom is probably planning on dragging Dad home once I leave for college.  I think she would be more than willing to take a night off regularly or even a day to spend time with you.”  Ranma gauged Dr. Tofu’s facial expression and could tell he was winning him over.  Now to make the sale.  “In fact, she will be free next weekend since Mom is visiting.  If you want, you could meet her somewhere between here and home.”  Dr. Tofu’s face lit up as an idea formed.  Sold!

Dr. Tofu looked at his patient and friend with a new eye.  Gone was the obnoxious, insensitive, chronic-foot-in-mouth boy and stood in his place a caring, sensitive, random-foot-in-mouth young man.  “Deal!” Dr. Tofu took Ranma’s hand and gave it a firm shake while a smile plastered both of their faces and began to make preparations for the meeting.

After making necessary plans for the date, Dr. Tofu decided to come forward with what has been bothering him, “So tell me, who are you.  You’re not the Ranma I remember leaving in Nerima.”

Ranma sighed loudly as he quietly thought about the question, “Tell you what Doc, I don’t know.  After all the beatings, toxic food, fiancée feud’s, kidnappings, fighting, arguing, etc.  I’ve gotten tired of it all.  Even the fighting, oh I’ll still fight to help or protect someone, that’s what a martial artist is supposed to do, but I suddenly have an urge to change gears on my life.”

“How so,” Both were seated again sipping their tea.  Dr. Tofu was listening raptly, hearing the desperation in the voice.

Ranma looked around, expecting someone to be listening on them before answering, “I thinking of being a healer.”  SPPFFF!

“What?  Healing?  Are you sure, I mean, what about teaching martial arts at the dojo?”  Dr. Tofu then noticed that he wasn’t talking to a man but a woman, “Oops, sorry Ranma.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ranma quickly wiped herself off with a towel that Dr. Tofu handed him.  “Yeah I’m serious Doc.  I still love to practice martial arts and I enjoy teaching but I want to try something different.”  Ranma suddenly looked very seriously at Dr. Tofu, “Doc, you’re the first one that I’m about to tell a secret of mine.  You are the only one that I can seem to trust that won’t bring my honor into it.  I’ve grown tired of the fighting, all of it.  I’m going into healing for myself and it’s something that I’m interested in.”

Dr. Tofu just stared at Ranma as he explained before shaking his head clear.  What he said makes sense I guess.  He isn’t giving up the art, just reapplying the skills.  “Okay Ranma, I can accept that.  What about your folks and the Tendo’s?”

“They don’t know yet since I haven’t decided where I should go.  I talked with my counselor and asked her and… Crap!”  Ranma took a quick look the time and realized if he left he would just make it for the last period.  “Uh, can I use your phone Dr. Tofu?  I was supposed to meet my counselor after school and knowing my luck, something will happen and I’ll be delayed.”

Dr. Tofu nodded as Ranma got up and made his phone call.  While Ranma was on the phone, Dr. Tofu did some thinking about what Ranma told him.  Hmm.  I might be able to help Ranma a little if he doesn’t mind.  In fact, I know that a few of my colleges might be interested in having him as an apprentice.  Dr. Tofu’s thoughts were interrupted with Ranma’s return.

“Thanks Doc.  I’ll be able to meet my counselor tomorrow morning instead.  My counselor has found some schools for me to think about.”  Ranma took his seat again and silently stared at his hands.  “I haven’t told anyone else this since I wouldn’t be left alone for a minute.  Pop and Mr. Tendo would be constantly hounding me about having to join the schools and/or having to stay with my “fiancée.”  I’m going to be telling them soon.  Probably shortly after I decided where I’m going.”

Dr. Tofu’s expression turned serious for a moment, “Ranma, I can tell that you are serious about doing this.  You’ve grown up and I’m proud to see that.  There are a lot of things that you need to think about still, but I might be able to help you with some of it, like where to go.”  Ranma became very interested in what Dr. Tofu was saying.  “You might want to ask your counselor about Mizuharo University here.  It has a good medical school and I have some connections with the school and if you have the grades, I think you can get in.  If your also interested, I might introduce you to some friends who practice the old forms of healing like acupuncture, and herbalism.  What do you think?”

Ranma just stared in surprise.  This wasn’t something he was expecting but he wasn’t about to turn it down, “Gee, I mean.  Thanks Doc.  I wasn’t expecting this at all.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.  I’ll give you a call after school.”  Ranma then noticed the time and decided that he better head back before people start questioning why he was gone so long.  “Thanks for the tea and help Doc, but I need to leave before people get curious to where I am.”

“No problem.  Here’s my number and let me know as soon as you do.”  Dr. Tofu said as he walked with Ranma to the door.

“I will.”  Ranma then started running down the street towards the station for a quicker way home.  Ranma stopped and turned a few feet from the steps and said, “Don’t forget about next weekend,” and then turned and disappeared.  Dr. Tofu smiled at the happy thoughts that he was having about next weekend as he went back inside.


Hotaru was scared as backed up against the wall, stopping her retreat.  The most powerful senshi with the ability to destroy planets was being harassed by a group of boys.  She could pull her transformation pen out and transform, but that wouldn’t help the situation.  Besides people would know whom Sailor Saturn was.  No, she would just have to survive like she always had.

“Where are you going to go freak?  You have nowhere else to run.  Everyone knows about you and we all think the same thing, you are a freak and don’t belong here,” the leader of the group taunted.

“Yeah!” other boys in the group yelled.

“You’re a nerd, a teachers pet, and you a weakling.  The simple fact that you can barely run in gym and do other sports without tiring even with your “ability” means that you are a serious freak.”


The kid was about to say something else when felt a tapping on his shoulder, “What do you want.”  As he turned around expecting to see a face, instead he saw a chest with the arms crossed in front.  Looking up, he found himself on the receiving end of the coldest stare that he had ever seen.  Everyone else in the group turned to see what stopped their friend and could only be a little afraid at the older boy standing behind them with a very mad expression.

Hotaru looked up and saw her tormentors visibly shaken as the older boy towered over them with a very angry look.  She was glad that he was glaring at the boys instead of her with that look.  Something was bothering her though.  Something about the older boys eyes that reminded her of someone that she knew.  She shook her head to clear it as the boy began talking.

“What do you think you’re doing?  Do you like picking on girls for fun?” the man said.  When the boy didn’t answer, and it seemed that he wouldn’t for a while, the man bent down to a couple inches from his face, “I would suggest that you apologize to the young girl right now before your folks find out that their proud son is nothing but a school bully.”  That got a reaction.

“U-U-Um, I-I-I’m s-sorry.  BYE!” the older boy exclaimed as he got his voice came back before turning and running away as fast as his legs could take him.  Seeing their leader run, the group lost their confidence and ran immediately when the older boy glared at each of them.

Hotaru stared in surprise as the boy that was harassing her, turned around and apologized to her.  It might not have been sincere and been under duress, but it was still an apology.  She smiled when he turned tail and ran as fast as he could with his group behind him.  Her smile faltered as she turned and saw the older boy looking at her with an inquisitive look and found the ground interesting to look at.

“You ok miss…”

“Hotaru, Hotaru Tomoe.”  Looking up, she felt her nervous as the boy looked at her with a caring expression, something that she only really got from her teachers and fellow Sailor Senshi.  “Yeah, I’m ok.  Thank you sir.” Hotaru bowed.

“Ranma Saotome,” Ranma bowed back smiling.  “You don’t have anything to fear from me.  I won’t hurt you.  Why were those boys teasing you like that any way?”  Ranma had gotten turned around trying to follow the Dr. Tofu’s verbal directions to the train station and was trying to find his way there when he heard a commotion coming from the side.  Following the voices, he found a group of boys teasing a girl and decided to put a stop to it.

Hotaru fell silent.  She wanted to answer Ranma’s question, but feared what his reaction would be and didn’t want to damage anything that might have been started already.  She sighed in resignation as she decided not to lie and looked him over for something and found it, a small scratch on his arm.  She reached out and touched the wound and invoked her healing ability.

Ranma waited patiently for Hotaru to respond when she reached out and touched his arm and noticed it was a scratch from falling in the lake.  Before he could say anything, he noticed a glow form over her hand and the wound close up and disappear.  Ranma looked at where the wound was with surprise.  It wasn’t ki that he felt, but something different and familiar somehow.  “You did that?”

Nodding her head, Hotaru waited for the inevitable bantering about being a freak from Ranma.  Her head snapped up when Ranma suddenly started laughing.  Taking the laughing the wrong way, Hotaru’s eyes started watering.  Just as she turned to run, the boy’s hand was on her shoulder.  “What do you want?  You want to keep laughing in my face.  Just leave me alone.”

Ranma immediately regretted laughing out loud in front of her when he noticed that she was beginning to cry.  Collecting himself, he stopped her before she took off running, hoping that he could explain himself.  “Hotaru-chan, I’m sorry for laughing.  Let me explain, please.”

Hotaru reluctantly turned and faced Ranma.  It was the sincerity she heard in his voice that convinced her.  She washed her eyes as Ranma squatted to her level, as he looked apologetic to her.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by laughing, but I couldn’t help myself.  You’re ability has to be one of the greatest abilities I’ve ever seen Hotaru-chan.  I laughed because I felt that the bullies were the dumbest group of baka’s that ever lived if they think your ability to heal with a touch is bad.  Heck, I could have used you and your ability a couple years ago in a couple of my fights.”

Hotaru listened to Ranma’s explanation and another set of tears started, tears of joy.  There was someone else who didn’t think of her as a freak.  Unable to contain herself, she grabbed Ranma in a death grip as she cried in his shoulder.

Caught by surprise from Hotaru’s hug and crying, Ranma did the only thing that he could think of, he hugged back.  Almost naturally, he also started to try to calm her down by rubbing her back and saying soothing words.  He didn’t mind when she started to cry harder on his shoulder and just continued comforting her.  He was grateful that they were out of the view of the public since he didn’t want to be causing a scene.

Calmed down, Hotaru pushed herself away from the comfortable hold that Ranma had her in.  Ranma looked at her puffy face and just smiled as she tried to compose herself, “Feeling better Hotaru-chan?”

“Y-Yes.  I’m sorry; it’s just that there aren’t many people that will accept my ability so easily.  You’re the first one out my group of friends to be like that.”

“Hotaru-chan, It’s ok.  I know what it’s like to be different and not have many people you can call friends.”  Seeing her looking more normal, “Now, can you help me find the train station?” Ranma smirked as he scratched the back of his head.  “I’m new in this town and got turned around.”

She snickered at Ranma’s silly look as he tried to simply say he was lost, “Sure Ranma-san.  You weren’t that far away, it’s only a couple blocks from here.”  Hotaru reached up and took Ranma’s hand and started to lead him towards the train station.


A couple blocks away, another group of four girls were talking amongst themselves as they walked on the sidewalk.  “Hey,” a girl with long blond hair, interrupting the current conversation, “Who’s that with Hotaru?”

“Hmm?  I don’t know, Minako.  I haven’t seen him before,” a girl with short, bluish black hair stated.

“He looks like my old sempai,” the tallest girl of the group said.

“Makoto, you always say that when you see a cute guy,” Minako bantered.

“Um, guys, where is Hotaru leading him anyway?” the girl with blonde hair done up in two balls on her head with tails dropping from them.

“I don’t know, lets go find out,” Makoto said with hearts in her eyes.  A sudden beeping destroyed her dream state as they began to move towards Hotaru and the stranger.

“What’s wrong Ami?”

Ami, the girl with the short, bluish black hair, was opening up something that looked like a large compact.  “It’s another yuoma,” was all she was able to say as a small swirling portal opened up and dropped a humanoid like creature out of it.

It was less than six feet tall with black pants and shoes and a blood red shirt.  In its right hand was a simple looking box that the creature pointed it at a group of people that were sitting at a street side café.  Suddenly a strange light appeared out of it and started to hit the people.  As soon as the light hit them they began to fall to the ground.  Sensing their cue, the four girls disappeared into an ally.  Shortly, four flashes of light appeared from the alley but no one took notice as they were trying to run from the yuoma.

Ranma and Hotaru were about a block away from the train station when the yuoma appeared.  “Why me?  Why does this sort of stuff always happen to me?” Ranma cursed under his breath as he felt the evil radiating from the monster.  Making a quick decision as he watched the yuoma attack people, Ranma scooped up Hotaru in his arms and jumped back over the building they just passed and walked to an alley entrance, “Stay here Hotaru.  I need to deal with this thing before too many people are hurt.”  Ranma then jumped up to the roof.

“Wait!” too late.  In the alley, another flash of light could be seen if people were paying attention.  Soon, Sailor Saturn was standing with her friends on a roof overlooking the yuoma as it stole energy from the people.  Hotaru took a quick glance over the area looking for Ranma and hoped he was ok.


“STOP RIGHT THERE!” Sailor Moon called out, causing the yuoma to stop and look up.  “A PUBLIC CAFÉ IS FOR MEETING NEW AND OLD FRIENDS, NOT FOR…”  “HEY UGLY!” a voice interrupted Sailor Moon’s speech.  The yuoma and the Sailor Senshi all turned and found the boy that was walking with Hotaru earlier crouched on the roof, several houses over.  The monster instinctively pointed to himself.

Ranma crouched on the roof looked over the monster.  It wasn’t anything special like he fought back in Nerima and deemed it quite dull.  Especially with that bald head of his, “YEAH YOU BALDY! YOU GOING TO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO HOME OR AM I GOING TO HAVE TO STOP YOU MYSELF?”  Ranma smirked as the yuoma but the box in a small pouch on his side and gestured for Ranma to come forward.  “I ACCEPT.”  Ranma then simply rolled off the roof and lightly landed on his feet and started calmly walking towards the yuoma.


“How dare he!” Sailor Moon fussed.  “He stole our entrance.”

“We better get in there and save the guy before he gets in trouble,” Sailor Jupiter stated.

“Guys, I just took a reading and that is one of the same type of new yuoma we fought recently.  Sailor Saturn, are the Outers coming?  We are going to need them,” Sailor Mercury directed to the smallest of the group, Sailor Saturn.

“Right after I transformed.  They should be here in a couple minutes.  We better stop Ranma before he gets hurt,” Sailor Saturn said turning to jump down and help the man that had helped her earlier.

“Too late guys, the fight has started,” Sailor Venus was about to jump down when she saw that the man was having no trouble fighting the yuoma.  “What is going on?”


Ranma was having the time of his life.  He rarely got a chance to fight like this ever since he surpassed his father in skill several years ago.  The only challenge he got was from Ryoga whenever he decided to appear from his lost wandering.  The yuoma was actually matching him speed for speed.  Ranma then decided to continue testing the defense as he jumped into the air, challenging the yuoma to meet him in the air; he wasn’t disappointed.

As soon as the yuoma jumped up to fight Ranma in the air, the yuoma was in for a rude surprise as the enemy suddenly was beating it.  A mere human, was defeating it.  Seeing that it was about to land, it made a note not to fight it in the air again and went into a vicious punch combo trying to get past the humans defense.

Ranma smiled as he saw the attack and called his own, “KACHU TENCHIN AMAGURIKEN!”  Ranma’s fist’s blurred and started to pummel the yuoma beyond belief as hundred of punches made contact.  When the attack ended, Ranma put a twist into the end and kicked the yuoma into the air.

Caught by surprise at the speed of the human, the yuoma was helpless as it was pummeled.  Suddenly it found itself kicked into the air and kicked and punched as the human met it in the air and executed its unbelievable agility in the air.

Ranma was having so much fun that he nearly missed hearing the sound of the train arriving to the station.  Deciding to end this so he didn’t have to wait for the next train, Ranma used his leverage to kick the yuoma higher into the air and propelled himself to the ground.  Twisting around, Ranma landed on his feet and looked up at the now descending yuoma.  Finding his center, Ranma focused himself for one of his basic attacks.

The falling yuoma tried to determine what happened as it felt itself falling from the air.  A mere human had defeated it after a few minutes of simple combat.  Deciding to report the information back, the yuoma silently closed its eyes as it made a mental connection with its master and relayed what happened.  That was the last thing it did as a ball of golden ki smashed into it and disintegrating it.


The scouts gaped in shock as the saw a man beat the living daylights out of it without breaking a sweat.  Then he destroyed it with that blast thing of his.  “Who is this guy?” was the common thought shared between them all.  They were brought back to present as the boy turned to them.

“Hey, Sailor Senshi, can you look for a little girl with dark purple hair and light purple eyes that goes by the name Hotaru Tomoe and tell her that Ranma sends his thanks for the help.”  Ranma then jumped over the next building and roof hopped to the train station.  Leaving a shocked Senshi on the roof, unsure what they should do.  Soon, they all turned to Sailor Saturn.  Sailor Saturn caught the look given by her friends and new that she would have to do some explaining.


In another dimension, a man and woman conversed with the information that was just mentally projected to them by their creation.  A smile crossed both their lips at the implications that this could mean for them; a quest for revenge finally over and final defeat complete.  Laughing as they left the main room, they left their capes on the chair in the room.  It was white with gold trim and a golden crest with a sword intersecting a crown and the symbol of Serenity just above the base of the sword.


***Author’s Note***

I know this is a little shorter than what I usually do, but I needed to end this.  More will be coming as well as revisions as I finalize the timetable for this story.  For those who are wondering, “Is this going to be as long as “Lines of Destiny”?”  All I can say is that I am not planning it to be.  For a couple reasons, one of those chapters is like 4 of mine. And I might only be going up to chapter 15.  So don’t worry.  Keep watch for updates or if you want, email with your desire to join my mailing list.