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Time period: Ranma - about year after manga’s, Ranma and Akane are nearing graduation

                        Sailor Moon - before the Sailor SS, scouts not can go super as of yet.


    Ages: Hotaru: 13 years old

Inner Senshi: 17 years old

Outer Senshi: 18 years old

Akane/Ranma/Ryoga: 18 years old

Mamoru: 19 years old

Setsuna: *looks* 23 years old


Other notes: Italics represent thought and quotes are speech unless noted otherwise.


Knight of the Moon

Chapter 1


--Just after Ranma destroys the top of Phoenix Mountain--

Sailor Pluto was calmly guarding the time gate as she usually did.  Guarding time so that others wouldn’t try to change to natural course of time.  Just as she as about to relax for the evening and go home, a tingling feeling ran down her neck, a sign that time is being changed.  Quick to see if the future is changed, she looked into the future.  What she saw surprised her, Crystal Tokyo was still there.  Nothing was missing, the King, Queen, and the Sailor Senshi were all there, yet she was still uneasy by the feeling that she just had.  Not seeing anything wrong, Sailor Pluto teleported back to the Ten’ou residents where she was staying.  If she had continued watching, she might had noticed a man in white armor with an old symbol on his cape and chest plate come up to the group as Sailor Saturn ran up and jumped into the person’s awaiting arms, while the others smiled as two people, once separate, were once rejoined.


--2 years later, about 3 ½ weeks left before school is over for break--

Night has fallen over Tokyo signaling the end of another day.  Families have finished their dinners and are spending time with one another, like all families do.  But over in Nerima Ward, there is a family that is anything but normal and not everyone is spending time with one another.  One person is missing after having a sudden departure via mallet.

Kasumi Tendo hummed happily as she finished cleaning all the dishes from the last dinner.  Turning around, Kasumi held a radioactive container as she meticulously punched a specified code on a panel that was installed on a new addition of the kitchen.  Hearing the audible beep, the door to the room suddenly started to swing open on it’s own.  As the door opened, Kasumi smiled warmly as the six-inch reinforced steel safe opened quietly.   When it was completely open, Kasumi slipped in as she started looking over all the other containers marked with either a radioactive symbol or a biohazard symbol, trying to find a place for the newest addition to the collection.  Finding a place, Kasumi left the bomb proof and radioactive protected storage shed and tapped another button on the panel, which closed and locked the door.

Kasumi turned to the stove and put on a kettle of water, knowing that Ranma would need it when he arrived home.  Then, with professionalism, she covered the food she set aside for him and placed it in the fridge, keeping it fresh.  Her smile never left her face as she left the kitchen as she took note of where everyone was.  Akane was up in her room, finishing homework and Nabiki was on the couch, watching the news; there apparently was another monster attack in Juuban Ward.  Finally, Soun and Genma were trying to cheat each other at shogi, both doing a terrible job.  Kasumi fetched the two men some drinks, knowing that they would be looking for something soon.  After bringing them the drinks, Kasumi sat down and started planning out the meals for tomorrow.

Just as she was about to start thinking what to have for dinner tomorrow, she heard the front door open.  Getting up, Kasumi went over and saw Ranma, now a girl walking in, her head hung down, “Hello Ranma-kun.  There is hot water for you on the stove and I set aside food for you.  I’ll heat it up for you.”

Ranma just stood there and stared at Kasumi for a moment, watching her face.  His subconscious kept nagging at him that something was wrong.  Shaking her head and smiling, “Thanks Kasumi, I would appreciate it.”  Kasumi nodded as she left for the kitchen.  Ranma then walked into the dining room and sat down, not bothering to say anything to his father.  When Kasumi came in, she set the kettle beside him and the plate of food in front of him.

Ranma took the kettle and silently poured it over his head, becoming a man again.  Setting it down, he silently started eating, at a normal pace.  Why can’t Akane cook like this?  Ranma took some more bites.  I didn’t mean to insult her cooking, I was just telling the truth.  If I lied she would have tried it and instantly died from it.  But then there is her temper.  Does she like being angry at everything?  Even the smallest thing I do will set her off.  I’m at the end of my rope and I don’t know how much longer I can go on.

Ranma finished his dinner with that thought and got up and took his dishes into the kitchen.  He then noticed Kasumi getting up, “Don’t worry about it Kasumi, I’ll take care of these dishes.  Thanks again for everything.”  As he said that, he noticed a small change about Kasumi.  Ranma still didn’t know what he kept noticing.  When she was getting up, she didn’t seem happy but it changed to relief when he said he would take care of the dishes.  But Kasumi always seems to be happy.

Ranma put the dishes away after making sure they were clean and touched up the kitchen before leaving.  “I’ll see you in the morning everyone,” Ranma called.  Getting “Goodnights from those downstairs, Ranma left for his room.  There, he grabbed his blanket and pillow and jumped up to the roof.  ; The weather was forecasted for a clear night; zero chance for rain.

Lying down on his blanket, Ranma enjoyed the warm breeze as he watched the night sky.  Following his tradition, from all the nights gazing from his training trip, Ranma started identifying all the constellations in the night sky, viewable in the spring.  Finished, Ranma then gazed at the moon as his thoughts started trying to go over what could be wrong with Kasumi.  He didn’t understand it, she seemed happy and enjoyed doing the housework.  But what he saw tonight made him rethink it.  He was still trying to understand it when he finally dozed off with the moon over his head as a shooting star passed by.


In the Juuban Ward, another person was staring at the same night sky, going over her thoughts.  She saw the shooting star and just sighed to herself.  Hotaru Tomoe, aka Sailor Saturn, was resting under the night sky.  She and her guardians, Haruka Ten'ou, Michuri Kaiou, and Setsuna Meiou, aka Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto respectively, had finished defeating another monster that had invaded the city.  It was a little more difficult for the other scouts to handle, so they were called in to help.  When they got there, they noticed that the monster wasn’t very powerful but it didn’t sit still long enough to give anyone time to hit it, yet it was able to get in several hits on the other scouts, using its speed to its best advantage.  It even took advantage of the scouts lengthy attack sequence to get a few more hits in and disrupting their attack.  Sailor Moon especially was battered since her attacks took the longest.  Tuxedo Mask hadn’t been much help when he arrived.  Starting his speech after sticking the monster with one of his roses like he usually did, he was repeatedly hit all over from the monster as it took advantage of the lowered guard while he talked.

Since Neptune and Uranus had quicker attacks, they were able to corral the monster enough for Saturn to set up a barrier wall to allow Sailor Moon to fully power-up.  On the other side, the rest of the scouts were slowly beginning to get hits in as they covered on another as the other was powering their attacks.  When Sailor Moon was ready, Saturn dropped the wall, just as the monster was hit on both sides by a deep submerge and a world shaking, stunning it for Sailor Moon to hit it fully and destroying the monster.

Now, they were all home, healing up from the battle, agreeing to meet tomorrow to talk about the latest monster.  But something was bothering her as she thought about the monster.  The way it moved reminded her a lot about someone back in the Silver Millennium.  Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she sensed that someone was standing next to her.  Looking to her right, she saw an older woman with long green hair and green eyes looking at her questioningly.  “Is something wrong Hotaru?” Setsuna asked, sitting down next to the child.

Shaking her head, “No Setsuna, not really.  I was just trying to remember someone from back in the Silver Millennium.  The way the monster moved reminded me about someone I once knew, and I can’t seem to remember who it was.”  Hotaru looked back up to the sky and stared at the moon again.

Setsuna listened to what Hotaru said and thought about what she said as she gazed at the moon with her.  She too, couldn’t help figure out why the movements of the monster bothered her.  She at first thought it was the fact that it was attacking them smartly, not allowing them to use magic by attacking during their power up and dodging before the attack could hit.  Now that Hotaru was feeling the same thing, she was a little worried what this could mean for the future.  When she tried looking ahead, her future self stopped her saying only one sentence, “It’s a secret,” and left with the same silly grin that the character Xellos had after saying that line.

“Well, I’m sure a smart girl like yourself will figure it out eventually.  Come on, Haruka and Michuri have been wondering where you’ve been,” Setsuna got up and held out her hand, which Hotaru accepted as they walked back home together.  Back at the house, Hotaru decided to turn in for school tomorrow.  Her guardians watched her go up stairs with concerned glances from the living room as Setsuna sat down in another chair staring at them.  “The last monster stirred some memories and she is having trouble trying to figure them out,” Setsuna answered before they could ask.

“What?” the two chorused.

“How could the monster we fought tonight break free memories from the Silver Millennium?” Haruka asked.

“Don’t know but they did.  Something about the way it moved and fought, I think.”

“The way it moved and fought?” Michuri asked, disbelieving.

“Well, for once the monster fought smartly.  It knew what it could and couldn’t do.  When we tried to power up our magic attacks, it moved in and disrupted it then jumped away before someone could hit it.  You should know Haruka, you are the best regular fighter of the scouts yet you had trouble.”

“That true.  The thing moved faster than anything we’ve fought before.  It seemed to dance around us.  We were lucky to restrict its movements some by getting it in the empty warehouse.”

“Yes, but what does this mean?  Is there another enemy that is going to appear?”

“I… I don’t know,” Setsuna said quietly.  Haruka and Michuri were wide eyed.  It was rare that Setsuna wouldn’t know if something minor would be happening, but it was unheard of if she didn’t know if another enemy was going to appear.  “Before you ask, I was blocked by my future self.  I can only assume from past experience that yes, another enemy is approaching.  Who though, I couldn’t tell you except that the enemy might know the scouts very well.”  It was quiet as they thought that possibility over.  If the enemy knew the scouts well, then tactics might have to be changed to gain an advantage.  “Let’s get some sleep.  The monster took more out of us than we realized.  You two have school and I have to get to work tomorrow.”


--The Silver Millennium--

In the royal capital of Saturn, Skye, people were generally going about their business.  At the center, not too far from the royal palace though, the Saturn Military Academy, one of the best in military strategy and producing soldiers and the best in training healers, was busy with activity as it was graduation day for the latest group of graduates.  The coliseum was filled to capacity with teary parents as they came all over the planet or Solar System to see their children graduate.  Attending as they usually do was the King and Queen of Saturn.  Though this time, they are among the teary eyed parents.  Today, their son and daughter were graduating from the Academy.  Logan and Elaine Somerled, twins and children of the King and Queen.

“Will the graduates of SM 1.02 please rise,” the dean of the academy announced.  Quickly, all the graduates that were seated on the ground floor rose and waited for the announcement.  “It is my privilege and honor, to present to you, people of Saturn, the Class of SM 1.02.”  A roaring cheer and applause echoed through the coliseum as they all rose to their feet.  The graduates, following a tradition tossed their hats high into the air in celebration.

Back at the palace, a party was being held for the graduates as was also normal.  It was able for people to meet the graduates and possible get the work that they wanted whether you were going to sign up with a royal army or find a known healer to learn under, or not.  Currently, the party was broken up into two groups, the adults and the graduates.  Within the graduates, it was broken down again into two main groups, the men and the women.  Both though were centered on the main attraction of that group, Logan with the men and Elaine with the women, still dressed in their formal military academy uniforms.  Both groups curious as what the children of the King and Queen were going to do.

“So Logan,” a graduate asked, holding a glass of wine.  “What are you hoping to do?”

The man known as Logan smiled as he took a sip from his wine.  He was about six feet tall, not too brawny with broad shoulders.  His hair was jet black and cut short giving him an appearance of a drill sergeant, yet the image was destroyed looking into his calm light blue eyes.  “I’ve already been accepted for training as a knight.”


“What planet?  Saturn?

“When did this happen?”

Logan held his hands up to silence the group as they started asking all at once.  “Slow down guys, I can perfectly able to answer your questions, but I can’t when they are asked at once.  To answer your questions, from those I could understand from everyone else’s I was accepted shortly before graduation.  I was able to get an early review so I can go to the planets training center shortly after graduation.  As for which planetary knights, none.”

Everyone was silent at that statement.  They didn’t understand, he said he was accepted but every planet had knights.  Suddenly, recognition dawned on one of them.  “You mean?”

“I don’t want to boast, but yeah.  I was accepted to become a Planetary Knight of the Moon.”  Those that finally understood gasped.  “Just so you know, I tried to join the Saturn Knights.  But the damn reviewer thought I had better potential and shoved me in front of a reviewer from the moon that he knew.”

“Congratulations Logan.  We always knew you had the potential, but never that much.”

Logan smiled at his group of friends before him.  “Thanks for the support guys.”

“What’s your sister going to do?  Any ideas?”

“Well, since you asked, she wants to be a healer.  Under who, she isn’t sure yet, though there are plenty of people that want to teach her.  I have a feeling it will be under one of the Profs from the academy.  They are the best and that would be the ones to go for.”

“That’s true…” he was interrupted as the Logan’s father, the King, broke from the group to talk to everyone.

“Welcome new graduates.  I have to say it is an honor to meet you.  Though we do this every year for the graduates, it means even more to us to have our son and daughter being among you.  Now, this is supposed to be a party and celebration.  Not a talking gallery, maestro, if you would.  Soon, a lively tune started up from the orchestra that was in a large balcony.  Soon the groups dispersed as the couples took to the dance floor.


“So Ella,” Logan asked his sister later that night.  The party had ended and everyone was going home by own power or others as they were unable to from drinking too much or already asleep, or both.  “Have you decided where you are going to go yet?”  The woman in question turned to face her bother.  She had light purple eyes and dark purple hair, almost black, which reached about mid-back.

“Don’t call me that Logan.  You know I don’t like that nickname.  If you don’t I’ll just have to let all those women know where you are going to be in a few days.  The result would be a mad dash to see their favorite person before he goes,” she smiled nicely; too nicely.

“No, please.  I’m sorry.  I won’t be able to leave the palace or even my room until then.  I noticed that they didn’t take it too well when you told them,” Logan recalled to all the dances he had to go through with their lustful stares.

“I see.  It almost resulted in creating a ballroom swimming party from the tears that were about to burst in them.  I don’t know what you did to them, but they have it BAD for you brother.  In fact, I noticed that your eye’s lingered a little longer on a couple of them than normal.

A blush came to his face and decided to fight fire with fire.  “I’m not the only one.  The guys were just as bad looking at you.  I had to have a couple servants place a few spittoons out for all the drool.  Plus, you’re eyes lingered as well sis.”  She returned the blush as they both said, “And we both know what they wanted.”  Soon they broke out laughing as they transcended the stairs to their rooms for the night.


--Four years later--

The royal family of Saturn was again watching the commander congratulate the newest Knights of the Moon into their ranks.  Everyone one that was involved with the moon was there this time.  Each planet King and Queen was in attendance.  Queen Serenity and her Sailor Senshi were there to congratulate the new knights.

  Elaine smiled at her twin brother as he stood there ramrod straight, with his sword, the weapon of all knights, attached to his hip.  She knew how hard he worked for this, though all he wanted was to be a Knight of Saturn.  His hard work paid off a little too much as he was redirected to the moon.  She knew he didn’t mind, in fact, from what he told her.  He is put in a better place to try to help people.  She herself was already helping many people as a healer of Saturn.  She had finally accepted to learn under an Academy Professor that she enjoyed learning under and was already employed as a healer with Saturn’s Royal Healers.  Going throughout the solar system, helping those that are in need.  Her thoughts were then brought to the end of the ceremony.

“You are about to join an elite rank of Knights.  You came here because you are the best of the best.  Earlier today, Queen Serenity granted each of you the power of the Knight with the power of the Silver Crystal and it is time for you to join those ranks.  Now, it is my please to present to you, Queen Serenity, your newest knights.  “Knight Guard Power!”

All the new knights raised their weapons into the air and shouted, “Knight Guard Power!”  The area was covered in a blinding light as the knights gained access to their powers for the first time.  When the light diminished, everyone gasped at the sight before them.  100 men and women were dressed in white armor that covered their chest, upper arms, and legs (very similar to the Parns armor from Record of Lodoss) allowing the most protection for the most movement.  Attached to the shoulders was a white cape with a black boarder.  A crown with a sword, pointing downwards, intersected it with the crescent moon, placed just above the hilt, was seen in the center of the cape and on the breastplate; the crest of the Knight’s of the Moon.  Like on Saturn, the crowd erupted in applause and cheers.


--A few years later--

Elaine was sitting alone on the outside veranda at another party that was on the moon as she gazed up to the Planet Earth.  The party wasn’t anything special, but now that she was Sailor Saturn, it was required that the Sailor Scouts attend certain parties and this was one of them.  It happened about a year after her brother became a knight when the sigil of Saturn appeared on her brow.  Realizing that this would allow her to have greater healing powers, she accepted the position.  Shortly after though, people started to distance themselves from her.  It took her a while to fully understand why.  They feared the power that Sailor Saturn had and the prophecies that came with it.  The power to destroy planets was in her hands and she was soon known as the Bringer of Death, something that she was never known as before Sailor Saturn.  The prophecy wasn’t any better that Sailor Saturn would only appear when need for her was near and it only added to her being known as the Bringer of Death.  She was so depressed that she never sensed the person come up behind her, “Elaine, you ok sis.”  Twirling around, Elaine saw the one person she never expected to see here, her brother.

She grabbed him and silently cried into his shoulder, slowly getting his uniform wet.  Unsure what else to do, he hugged back, rubbing her back to calm her down.  After a few moments, Elaine was able to look back at her brother and didn’t find pity, which she hated from everyone else, but unconditional love and support from her brother.  “Thanks.  I needed that.”  Elaine spent a couple minutes composing herself to hide her tears.  “What are you doing here though?  Aren’t you supposed to be on the system edge?”

Logan smiled at his twin sister lovingly, “Just got rotated back for a couple weeks and I figured you could use support.  Mother and Father send their support as well, even though they don’t seem to show it very well.  They seem to hardly talk about you.”  Elaine silently nodded hearing this.  It was some relief to know that her parents cared, but they still didn’t show it.  It seemed that the only one not afraid of her was her brother.  “I’m sorry you have…”

“Don’t say it brother,” Elaine interrupted him.  “I don’t want any pity, especially from you.  The people fear Saturn’s power and overlook the help that she does for the people.  It is my job to bring that part of Saturn out to the open.


--1 year later--

Sailor Saturn was running through the rubble of a war zone with the rest of the sailor scouts, including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Bodies laid everywhere and they tried to help as many as they could, but that was not their objective.  The Knights of the Moon had a patrol going through this sector when they were suddenly attacked.  Caught off guard, all the patrol was able to do was send a distress call.  Quickly, the Knights in the area converged and engaged the enemy.  The knights put up a good fight for the residents to escape but they were being taken out too quickly.  Noticing this, the commander called for assistance and the Queen sent the Sailor Scouts, hoping for the best.  They were too late.  Hundreds of knights and residents were dead from the assault.

Sailor Saturn was in shock.  She had seen plenty of dead bodies before, she was from Saturn, but what she saw made her stomach queasy.  Residents and Knights were strung up on posts or rope as they were apparently sacrificed, savagely.  In the center of the destruction though, it appeared that a whirlwind of death came through as mostly the enemies were fried crispy or sliced then fried.

Over the silence, the scouts heard someone whimpering.  Mercury reactivated her visor and found that someone was still alive, barely.  Rushing over, the scouts found the position and started to unbury the survivor from the rubble.  What they found shocked them; brining Saturn’s to see what surprised them.

What she saw brought tears to her eyes.  Her brother was bleeding profusely from his wounds as he quietly cried, his tears mixing with his blood.  Holding back her tears, Saturn knelt down and healed her brother so they could move him out of the rubble.  When he was laid down, Saturn finished the healing and grabbed him in a hug, returning the support he gave her a year ago when she needed it.

When Logan was more composed he told them what happened.  They arrived shortly after the first call came in.  When they arrived, the people were already in trouble and the Knights tried to stop it.  Slowly, they were being taken out as they were getting exhausted but the enemy kept coming.  Near the end, it was the command squad that was left, including Logan.  As they tried to escape though, they were ambushed again and their commander and half the squad were taken out.  Taking command, the few remaining decided to turn and fight to the end and jumped back in.  It wasn’t long before Logan saw the remaining knights be taken out by numbers.  He then froze when he saw what they were doing: bloody sacrifices to some person or being and it triggered something in him from what he remembered.  When he woke up he was alone and under the rubble, bleeding and dying and that’s when they found him.

Trying to determine what happened, Mercury’s computer found something, “Oh my!”

“What is it Mercury?” Mars asked, wondering what startled her fellow scout.

“There is an overwhelming power residue in this area and from my readings, its Sir Logan’s.”

Everyone was silent for a few moments when Uranus stated that they should report back.  Using the Sailor Teleport, they teleported back to the Moon Palace.


Elaine was waiting for her brother outside the Queen’s chambers.  After the scouts reported in, the Queen wanted to hear his report as well.  She was very worried about him.  His usual happy attitude was gone and replaced with a shell.  Her thoughts were broken when Logan came out of her room with a solemn look.  “Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Why wouldn’t she accept it back?” he muttered.

“What?” Elaine didn’t hear what he muttered.

“I’m sorry sis,” he answered back so she could hear as he faced her.

“What for?  You haven’t done anything.”  She was really worried now.

“I know how much pride you had when you knew I was a knight, but I’m sorry I can’t do it anymore.”  Tears were starting to break their damns, but Logan stood firm.

“What can’t you do anymore, brother?  I don’t understand.”

“I can’t stand to fight anymore Elaine.  I just can’t do it.  I tried to have the Queen remove my powers because I just quit the knights.  But she wouldn’t do it.  I have to go now sis.”  Logan then broke away from his sister and left her in shock.  She didn’t see him again for several years.


--8 years later--

Elaine was at another ball, but this time it was an anniversary of the Silver Millennium.  She was dressed in a light purple dress and was standing on the side.  She gazed around and saw Princess Serenity dancing with Prince Edmyon.  She then saw Sailor Uranus, dressed in a tux, dancing with Sailor Neptune.  Pluto was near the Queen talking about something while the other scouts were talking with others and getting a dance from a gentleman that asked.  She sighed, hoping that someone would take notice and not care about who she was but who the real person was.

As if answering her wish, she noticed a new person walk in and so did everyone else.  He wasn’t dressed in the fanciest outfit to date; in fact it was the opposite.  The newcomer wore a simple white silk shirt with black pants tied at the ankles and black slippers.  In his right hand was a metal staff that he walked around with and on his head he wore a large hat weaved from bamboo that came over his eyes.  Over his right shoulder was a cloth that was rolled and tied at the other end.

While he seemed to be searching for someone or something, she noticed that he had a golden emblem of a mythical dragon on his back.  People backed away from him as he walked around when he turned around and seemed to face her and started to walk her direction.  As he walked over to her, Elaine noticed that the stranger actually glided over as his movements told of someone that knew martial arts, yet she didn’t sense any magic coming from him.

“May I have this dance?” the stranger asked when he was close enough.  So surprised that a total stranger would ask her and that she was actually asked, she didn’t recognize the voice.  Soon, they were the only ones on the dance floor since people seemed to back away from the total stranger and the Senshi of Destruction.  Queen Serenity smiled at the two with Pluto knowingly.

When the music ended, the stranger turned to her again, “Thank you for this dance Princess Elaine.”

Coming down from the high, “How do you know my name?  I don’t even know who you are.”

“Everyone knows who Sailor Saturn is Princess.  Sailor Saturn, the great healer who’s healing only is second to the Queen.”  Elaine thought about that a moment and had to agree.

“That still doesn’t tell me who you are stranger.”

“Don’t you recognize my voice, or my staff?”  Elaine started thinking before some recognition started to come.  “I’ll give you a hint Ella.”  Instant remembrance.

“LOGAN!” she yelled as the stranger took off the hat revealing the short hair and light blue eyes that she knew him by.  Everyone gasped as they heard about the only knight that survived a brutal assault on the edges and then disappeared after resigning.  He was never heard from until now.  Elaine was so happy to see her brother after so long, she hit him, “You idiot!  Do you know how worried Mother and Father were when I told them that you disappeared?  Do you know how I felt?”

Logan just held his head down, “No, but all I can say is that I’m sorry.  I needed to leave and I knew that you would stop me or follow me if I didn’t leave then.”  Elaine listened to his apology then grabbed his arm and dragged him outside to the veranda.

“So what happened after you left?  I tried to find you, but I couldn’t find a trail.” Elaine asked quietly.  Inside the party was quick to get going again.

“For a while I was on Earth,” Logan nodded to the planet in the sky, “healing.  From there I left and trained under other healers as I came across them, including some on Saturn.  It was during my time on Earth that I discovered what I did back then.”

“What happened?”

“I was trying to calm my soul.  The healer I met on Earth helped me face the evil that was plaguing me.”  Logan was silent for a few moments, “Sis, I did something that never happened to me before.  I lost control.  Queen Serenity doesn’t give us that much power overall.  But over time as we use the power and grow with it, it grows as well.  So theoretically, a knight can have the power equal to that of the Senshi.  Not as much as you, but at least as strong as Mercury or possibly Mars.”  Elaine gasped.  She never truly understood the importance of the knights but this answers part of it.  It creates a small army of Senshi and that alone will deter most enemies.

“You know me sis, I pick up on things ten times faster than normal thus I grew faster than the rest and never realized it.  When I lost control, I unleashed that power and it consumed me.  Friend or foe, I didn’t recognize them.  All I cared about was taking out as many of those bastards as I could, regardless of those that got in the way, and many people that could have been saved were taken out.  To try to prevent from that ever happening again, I started to train as a healer and have been since then.”  Logan then caught a glimpse of someone walking back inside, apparently having overheard their entire conversation.  “I’ll talk to you later sis.  There are two more people that I need to talk to tonight.”


During that night, Logan and Queen Serenity had a long talk, only Pluto having an idea of what they were talking about it but she didn’t say anything.  After that night, the Senshi found themselves being assigned a trainer: Logan Somerled, Knight of the Moon.  Every day, Logan would improve the Senshi’s abilities as far as combat or healing.  Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus didn’t quite agree with the new trainer and decided to ‘let him know’ about the situation.

It was a one sided battle, for Logan.  The three Senshi were unable to touch him as Logan danced around them.  They learned fast that he wouldn’t allow them to do magical attacks as he disrupted the power-up as soon as they tried.  Then to make it even worse, Logan’s training as a healer meant that he could immobilize with a touch and soon, the three Senshi were unable to move any of their arms as Logan just smiled sweetly at them.  After that experience their opinions changed and agreed to the training.

The real surprise came when Logan was teaching healing ideas; those interested though were Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto.  He had everyone’s attention when he performed a healing idea that was only talked about and never seen, by using his ki or chi to heal a small cut on his arm.  Saturn thought this would be a great help for her instead of having to rely on her healing magic.  As the training continued, the Senshi were able to put their training to use as peace continued on.  


However, as all good things, they don’t last forever.  The alarm was too late as it struck, killing many in the first moments.  More died as they tried to prepare themselves for battle, eventually knights and everyone that could fight started putting up a defense.  But the blow had been dealt and it was only a matter of time until the defenders fell.

The knights were the first to be taken out, only a few were still standing as they stood with Logan protecting the Queen.  Around them, the Senshi were taking hits as they tried to prevent the inevitable and slowly, Senshi started to fall.  As the Senshi fell the knights and others attempted to take up where the other left off.

Saturn was injured, badly.  She was one of the last to fall though, using the Silence Glaive to cut down the enemy at a distance and utilizing her new training to most effectiveness.  She didn’t know what happened to the other senshi or her brother and hoped that they were ok.  She suddenly felt a large power-up and saw a dark ball of energy flying towards her.  Unable to do anything to protect herself, she instinctively brought up her arms.

A sudden gust of wind came out of nowhere and she realized she wasn’t dead.  Looking up, she saw her brother, trying to block the attack with a magic shield.  She could tell that he was tired and wounded; the blood over various areas and the amount of heavy breathing he was doing worried her.

Logan’s shield flickered but held as he turned his head to her, “Sorry I couldn’t protect you and the others more sister.  Take care of yourself Elaine.”  Without warning, his shield was suddenly broken and his body was engulfed in magical fire, killing him instantly.

“NO!  BROTHER!” Elaine yelled as she tried to get back up.  Logan’s burned body fell in front of her and she scooted up to his body, holding his charred body close ignoring the sickening smell as tears flowed freely.  She was so distracted; she didn’t see the second attack and fell on her brother’s chest.  Soon after, a silvery white light filled the area.


--Back in Juuban, normal time--

“NO!  BROTHER!” Hotaru screamed as she sat upright in her bed crying.  Suddenly, her room was flooded with light as Michuri and Haruka came in and held onto Hotaru lovingly as they tried to calm her down.  By the door, Setsuna was very disturbed by what she heard.  For what she remembered, Hotaru didn’t have a brother.  If she did, he wouldn’t even be here since the Queen only sent the Sailor Senshi forward in time.  She made a mental note to look more into the history of Saturn.


***Author’s Note’s***

Hey what do you think?  A new story is out and another unfinished story has been started.  I decided to try this out after reading “Lines of Destiny” and “First Knight.”  Both kick ass stories.  I don’t think mine will ever be as famous, but you never know.  This is all at the moment, all 7 pages of it, and I need to go to bed.  Other chapters of this and my other works are soon to follow.  I know that I have the ages the same/similar to Lines of Destiny, but they were too good to not use for this story.