**Disclaimer: I do not have any right to be using the names and anything else that is part of the anime series Ranma 1/2 and the movie The Matrix. I am a crazy college student that gets weird ideas in my head on changing things here and there with different stories. I also have zero cash, so coming after me with courts would be a loss instead of a gain.

**As far as timeline goes. The Ranma verse will be the same except for a few modifications in the story line. It will start out the same way, and continue the way Takihashi had written out, as I said, except for a few modifications along the way. The matrix story line is made up for 1991 to 1999 and it will finally start to merge with the Ranma cast after the Movie has ended for a few months.

**Standard quotes will signify talking, italics will be thoughts.

System Interface


The matrix is the most advanced form of virtual reality ever designed. It is the ultimate form of entertainment allowing people to live lives that they could only dream of doing. Except, it is a dream. It's not only a dream, but also a 'governor' over humans. This is how the designers wanted the matrix to be when first created not as form of entertainment to be sold to the masses. They wanted to control people to use then as a form of energy to keep themselves alive. The designer's aren't human you see; they're machines.

Machines with the latest version of artificial intelligence (a.k.a. AI) to allow them to work independently instead of having people input commands, allowing the machines to grow and evolve. These very machines that we created to make our live easier have turned against us, the creators, and have turned us into slaves to be used as batteries. But, like everything else in the world there is still no such thing as the perfect machine.

Inside the matrix, there are those that are special. They are special because they can see that the world they live in is false in some way. So, they 'wake-up' from their dream and learn the truth about their lives then turn around to help others see the truth so they can be woken up. They are known as the resistance, people who are fighting against the machines to wake people from their dreams and accept reality.

It is these special people that the machines fear most, a resistance movement that fights against the machine's agenda. In response to this threat, a program was developed to run inside the matrix, sentient programs with one purpose: to hunt down and destroy the resistance any way possible. This is where we pick up the story from.

The machines are testing a new form of deterrent to allow people to accept magic into their lives thus keeping them in the matrix. They estimated that majority of the people doing amazing feats would be magicians and martial artists. Magicians were already taken care of thanks to investigative reporting and the occasional ex-magician that tells a bunch of the magician secrets. For martial artists, they decided to have a little fun and created a small place called Jusenkyo.

Date (In the matrix): September 1991

Place: Tendo Dojo: Nerima, Tokyo

Inside the household, a man has the day's mail on the table and a postcard with a panda on it in his hand, crying. "Soun, Bringing Ranma from China. Genma," it read. Reading it over several times, still crying, Soun put the card down and went to go tell his daughters the good news. [I hope this is sounding familiar.] To the machines, this is the first step in making cutting a large percentage of people from waking-up from "Wonderland."

A little later in the day and it's now raining. A buxom redhead with her hair tied in a long pigtail is running down the street in a red Chinese shirt with black pants and black slippers and is carrying a large backpack. Behind her, is a full grown panda running after the redhead on two feet?! The girl turns to face the panda and a short battle ensues. The battle ends with the panda being knocked down by the smaller girl. "I've had it with you Oyaji. I don't have time for this, I'm going back to China." The girl turned 180 on her foot and started to walk away from the seemingly unconscious panda. As she was leaving the panda grabbed a nearby metal pole, tore it from the ground, and slammed it into the head of the girl, knocking her unconscious for real.

Back at the Tendo Dojo a loud yell is heard from inside, "FIANCÉE!" Inside, Soun is sitting at the head of the table with three younger girls sitting around the table. The eldest is wearing an apron and has long brown hair. The second oldest, is wearing shorts with a muscle T-shirt and has short brown hair. A look of calm surprise with a little bit of a calculating thought slipped in for good measure. The youngest, with long black hair, is dressed in a yellow gi and has a look of pure detest written all over it.

{I'll skip ahead a little since you all know Ranma's introduction to the Tendo's. If you don't, then why are you reading this?}

Shortly after Akane has declared war on the pervert in the bathtub...

"I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this," a young boy looking exactly like the red-haired girl from before except for being a boy and having black hair, bowed to everyone in the living room.

{Skipping some more here, to just after Ranma is tossed into the koi pond.}

"Oh my, now he's a girl," Kasumi said, for once completely surprised. Everyone else is in shock as well. The rest is history...

Outside this little scene, deeper in the matrix, a sentient is watching over the progress of their latest project. "Initial results, applicable. Test subjects, 0x12fadfae9087defa and 0xdeaffad73008bad4; have been introduced into modern society. Test family has accepted fully to 90% upon first encounter. Results better than rated. Expect 100% acceptance the next cycle. Set chronometer to examine subjects again in 30 cycles when next part of program is started. Next item in queue, search for subject 0xfeedbed45609c41e and make sure he arrives to allow program growth. On a side note, develop better anti-virus program prevent his registry from being corrupted."

Overwhelmed with the success, the sentient program left immediately to follow through with his next task. At the end of the 'day' however, the 10% of disbelief was currently searching for an answer to what she saw. Nabiki Tendo was not the one to just plain accept things at first glance until she knew the real story. She is currently reading over her daily mail from her informants and others she dealt with, but her mind is not on what she is reading. It's currently on the new guests, more specifically Ranma. Okay, we have two 'guests' that have a curse to change one into a panda and the other into a terribly cute redhead. Ranma is now engaged to my little sister, and those two have hit it off, literally. Plus the two guests seem to have a black hole for a stomach, definitely a strain on the finances and Ranma is the key for making up that loss. But why did I pass him over? He is handsome when he wants to be, and definitely cute. If I was engaged to him, he might be willing to help me out, but now... probably not. Oh well, that has never stopped me before.

Glancing over to the guidebook explaining the springs next to her, more thoughts pop up. Something isn't right about this curse thing and I intend to find out. Starting up a browser, Nabiki starts a general search on magical curses. 5,000,000 pages dealing with magical curses, this might take some time.

The story continues as we all remember except for a few details. Nabiki has started to keep a close eye on Ranma and his father, then all the people that start hunting for Ranma. Everything that he, or his friends do that is technically impossible, such as curses, jumping ten feet up without help, and roof hopping, she takes note of it in a separate notebook. After each day, she adds some of the things from the list into her search, attempting to narrow down her search a bit. Her success swings both ways; sometimes it cuts down the number sometimes it adds to it.

Unknown to her, a small program hidden in the matrix mainframe has noticed some of her search inquiries and has taken note of it. After so many, it sends it to the closest resistance ship in the area, which happens to be a hovercraft of future looking design. The captain sees the report and decides to find the person that is doing the searching and the one that is the subject of them. Hmm, looks like potential candidates for the cause. The captain then leaves the terminal to tell the rest of the crew. On the screen is a name, Nabiki Tendo.

At the expected time, the same sentient program is making his observations. Test subject, 0xfeedbed45609c41e has been integrated into the project. Current progress is 1% of population being exposed normally. Current expected growth will be .2% a week, this is not acceptable. Start phases 3-5. Once integrated, expected growth will be 1.25%: within acceptable parameters for long term plan of program.

In the matrix world, in the Chinese countryside, a girl with long purple hair is moving up and down the Chinese coast looking for transportation to Japan. Farther inland, an old woman balancing on a wooden staff is anxiously waiting word from her great-granddaughter. In one of the northern mountain regions of Japan, an old terror is starting to move again after 20 years.

Over the next 2 years, Nabiki is constantly searching for her answers to explain the things that she sees, now a long list is included: Demi-Gods, princes that glow and shoot energy projectiles from his hands along with Ranma and Ryoga, demons, etc...

Inside the matrix, more specifically, sentient program headquarters a meeting is taking place with 3 sentient programs from Japan, Takahashi, Miyasha, Hakube, and those that are in charge of the headquarters, Smith, Jones, and Briggs (These are the same three that we see in the movie). They are sitting around a rectangle table staring at each other. Folders are placed in front of each one, labeled "Jusenkyo Project."

"What is the current status of the project?" Smith asks.

"The project is a incredible success," Takahashi answers with a calm voice that would make Nabiki's cool voice seem warm and friendly.

"The project has implemented in 90% of the subjects a counter-argument to things that would make the matrix program seem false," Hakube picked up.

"The final results can be seen in the report before you. In short, subject loss do to the outsiders has dropped to nearly nil in the project town." Miyasha finished.

"Can we start implementing this elsewhere?" Jones asked, emotion never changing.

"It's possible," Miyasha answered. "But, it will take more planning to implement them into the western culture. It was much easier to implement in eastern countries since their beliefs and ideals keep these things more open."

Hakube then spoke up, "Plans are in the works to try and implement a person from the project into another region. Once an agreement can be made, we can start to move the members of the project around."

"Excellent, expect to hear word of potential areas to send the 'people' to areas of most need. You will be contacted with the information next cycle. You mentioned that one in the project is a potential?" Smith spoke up.

"Yes," Takahashi answered. "A Nabiki Tendo for some reason, is not fully accepting the project. We sense that she will be a target for the outsider's. Steps are being put into motion so that doesn't happen."

"Good. Have you had any luck in finding the one that the outsiders are searching for?"

"We think, a Ranma Saotome and a Ryoga Hibiki. Fortunately, we have not seen outsider activity around these two. We decided that it is time to move on and utilize resources elsewhere."

"Do so, we seen the report and have come to the same conclusion about them. However, we have other plans for them. We want to use them to upgrade the sentient program abilities. Mr. Saotome's ability to adapt to any situation is uncanny and Mr. Hibiki's ability to disappear and reappear anywhere is of value for us when hunting the outsiders."

"We have thought the same thing and I was about to suggest we look into it. A program that will allow our programming to gain these abilities is currently in the works. We estimate 7 years to create and implement, and at least another year to complete."

"Why so long?" Briggs asked.

"It's unfortunately terribly complicated, the report will be forwarded to you today. The main part of it is fear of destroying the program interface with the subject. We have already attempted to do this with standard procedures with Mr. Hibiki. Results were disastrous. You know that Mr. Hibiki is passing through our connections at will, how this happens we still can not determine. In short, after one session Mr. Hibiki's interface program and registry was deteriorated even more. We dare not attempt this on Saotome for fear of doing the same thing with him. As it is, we are using 52 times normal in resources to try and keep Mr. Hibiki in the project area."

"I see. No other problems." Seeing no answer, "Good, you may begin with the programming. We are done here." With that the 3 Japanese sentient programs left the room.

Back in Nerima, another meeting was about to take place outside the school. Nabiki was just leaving the school from some turning over her business to her associates. She was just passing the gates when a voice came from behind her, "Nabiki Tendo, I have been looking for you for some time now and I have the answers that you are looking for." She turned and was facing a woman in a dark dress and trench coat with dark sunglasses.

**Author's Note's**

This is all I have now. I know there really isn't a story here, but this is only the explanation to explain things will start moving next chapter. Until then, keep reading.